Guide to Luck of the Dwarves Runescape

Luck of the Dwarves: A Guide to Runescape’s Best Luck Ring

What is the Luck of the Dwarves?

The Luck of the Dwarves provides your Runescape character with all that luck enhancing benefits as well as being a handy source of unlimited teleports to Miscellania, Varrock Grand Exchange and Keldagrim.

It’s the best luck enhancing ring in the game, considering that it doesn’t cost 2.1B for a Tier 4 luck ring. It comes with duo purposes – granting you better luck as well as teleports. The other Tier 4 luck ring out there is the Hazelmere’s signet ring. The only added bonus that this ring provides is a chance at doubling your character’s drops on top of granting tier 4 luck enhancements. But it comes at a hefty price tag of 2.1B.

The Effects & Benefits of the Luck of the Dwarves

Runescape's Luck of the Dwarves - a tier 4 luck enhancement ring

While equipping the Luck of the Dwarves, your character immediately becomes blessed with the tier 4 luck enhancement effect. There are a total of 4 tiers of luck bonuses, and when equipping the Luck of the Dwarves when slaying, skilling or doing treasure trails, your character immediately unlocks the maximum level 4 luck chance in receiving the associated unique or rare rewards.

Other than the Luck of the Dwarves, here are other Tier 1 to Tier 4 luck enhancers in Runescape:

1Ring of LuckNilRing of Luck
Strung rabbit foot
Pontifex observation ring
2Ring of WealthLuck PotionRing of Wealth
Pontifex shadow ring
Collector’s insignia
Leprechaun hat
3Ring of FortuneEnhanced luck PotionRing of Fortune
Collector’s insignia (charged)
4Luck of the DwarvesNilLuck of the Dwarves
Hazelmere’s signet ring

To have a better chance of getting better rewards from bosses, slayer monsters, certain skilling activities and treasure trail rewards, consider equipping any of the items from these 4 tiers.

We’ll analyze the full benefits for each of the following activities – killing bosses, killing slayer monsters, doing skilling activities, receiving loot from the Treasure Trail clue scrolls and other luck enhancement benefits outside of these categories.

Enhancing luck-based rewards from bosses

When equipping the Luck of the Dwarves, you get the following 4 bonuses:

  1. An increased chance at receiving rarer drops and of higher quantity from the Rare drop table.
  2. An increased chance at receiving loot from the Super Rare drop table.
  3. A chance to receive the Vecna skull and Hazelmere’s signet ring.
  4. An increased 1% chance of receiving a unique drop from the bosses mentioned below.
TierBoss Monsters
1King Black Dragon & Giant Mole
2All from Tier 1
Chaos Elemental, Commander Zilyana, Dagannoth Kings,
Exiled Kalphite Queen, General Graardor, K’ril Tsutsaroth,
Kalphite Queen and Kree’arra
3All from Tier 2
Abomination, Corporeal Beast, Gregorovic, Helwyr,
Kalphite King, Nex, Queen Black Dragon, Twin Furies,
Vindicta and WildyWyrm
4All from Tier 3
Araxxi, Barrows: Rise of the Six, Beastmaster Durzag,
Nex: Angel of Death, Solak, The Magister, Telos, the Warden,
Raksha, Rex Matriarchs, Vorago and Yakamaru

Enhancing luck-based rewards from all Slayer monsters

When going about slayer tasks and killing Slayer monsters, the Luck of the Dwarves gives a 1% increased chance of getting rare or unique drops from them.

In addition, when killing Edimmu in the Edimmu resource dungeon in Prifddinas, the Luck of the Dwarves increases the chance of an elite Edimmu spawning. This comes in handy when hunting for blood necklace shards or the edimmu pet – both only dropped by the Elite Edimmu.

Enhancing luck-based rewards from doing Skilling activities

It pays off to equip a Luck of the Dwarves when you are planning to work on levelling your skills – the increased chance of getting a random reward will help to offset any material costs incurred when skilling.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Improved chance of finding clue scrolls when skilling.
  2. 2% increased chance of receiving a metamorphic geode.
  3. In Pyramid Plunder: Increased chance of finding jewelled golden/diamond statuettes, Pharaoh’s sceptres, Black ibis outfit pieces and Sceptre of the gods.
  4. In Flash Powder Factory: Increased chance of finding Rogue outfit parts, from 1/5000 to 1/500.
  5. Opening Shade chests: Improved loot
  6. Menaphite gift offerings: Improved chance of better loot and improved quantity of loot.
  7. Kingly implings: Improved loot
  8. Excavation: Improved chance of finding a tetracompass piece

Enhancing luck-based rewards when doing Treasure Trails

When killing monsters throughout Runescape, Luck of the Dwarves increases the chance of getting clue scrolls by 1%.

The ring similarly also gives a 1% increased chance of getting a rare reward from completing treasure Treasure Trails of the following difficulties levels – Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master.

And lastly, when opening the Giant Oyster after a month of being fed, the treasure provided will have a 1% increased chance of being a rare one.

Enhancing luck-based rewards outside of these 4 main categories

The last slew of benefits bestowed upon players who equip the Luck of the Dwarf ring include:

  1. A 3% increased chance of getting rare rewards from Triskelion Treasures’ crystal chest.
  2. An overall 1% increased chance to access the rare drop table, and to obtain improved loot from it.
  3. Increased chance of rolling for the Vecna skull and Hazelmere’s signet ring on the rare drop table.
  4. Anachronia Agility Course: Increased chance of receiving rare rewards

How would I know that my Luck of the Dwarves ring is working?

To tell whether the ring has indeed impact your drops or not, you can look at the chat box after a kill, or after opening up a Treasure Trial casket.

The chat box should show these messages:
Your Luck of the Dwarves shines brightly and you receive: # x item.

Your Luck of the Dwarves shines brightly and within your casket you find: # x item.

Combat ability boosts from equipping the Luck of the Dwarves

Luck-based bonuses aside, the ring also provides the wearer some damage bonuses during combat.

It grants a 17.3 max hit increase in strength, ranged and magic.

Making the Luck of the Dwarves

The skills required for making the Luck of the Dwarves are:

  1. 91 Crafting
  2. 87 Magic
  3. 107 Invention (Skippable if you do not intend to craft the Alchemical onyx from scratch)

Materials required:

  1. 1 x Alchemical onyx (Onyx, 50 fortunate components, 50 refined components, 10 precious components)
  2. 1 x Gold bar
  3. 1 x Cosmic rune
  4. 20 x Fire rune
  5. 20 x Earth rune

The Alchemical onyx is first created from its components – 1 x Onyx, 50 x Fortunate components, 50 x Refined components and 10 x Precious components at an inventor’s workbench.

The Alchemical onyx is smelted at a furnace with a gold bar to create an Alchemical onyx ring. This process grants 4115 crafting experience.

The level-6 Enchant spell, requiring a Magic level of 87, can then be cast on the Alchemical onyx ring, turning it into a Luck of the Dwarves. This process grants 97 Magic XP.

Making money through making & selling Luck of the Dwarves

Based on the current Grand Exchange prices, as of 28 June 2023,

Alchemical Onyx Ring: 67.2M

Luck of the Dwarves: 75.4M

A possible way to make money off this process would be to buy off Alchemical Onyx Rings off the Grand Exchange, enchant them, and sell the Luck of the Dwarves for a profit of around 7.8M per ring. Not too bad for a good 5 seconds of enchantment work.

Freeing up the ring slot while still gaining the luck bonuses with Hand of Glory

In combat, a better equipment boost would be other rings that grant better stats and effects for all round combat. These include the Ring of death, Asylum surgeon’s ring, an Upgraded onxy ring, the Sixth circuit ring, and any upgraded specialty rings like the Berserker ring.

How then, can one harness the power of the luck bonuses while freeing up that ring equipment slot to equip other rings?

The answer lies in using the Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves) on the Archaeology monolith to unlock the relic power that grants the exact luck bonuses from the Luck of the Dwarves. This can only happen after achieving level 83 in Archaeology.

To create a Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves), a Luck of the Dwarves ring needs to be used with a hand of glory – an item found while excavating the Infernal Source, Everlight, Kharid-et or Warforge dig sites. Do note that this process consumes the Luck of the Dwarves, and this process is irreversible. You also lose out on the teleport functions of the ring.

But if you wish to gain the enhanced luck from the ring while freeing up a precious ring slot, this method lets you have 2 active ring effects during combat.

So, should I get Luck of the Dwarves?

So now it boils down to the big question – is the Luck of the Dwarves worth the huge price tag? My answer is – it really depends on how much money you can spare. My answer to most players would be a resounding no.

This is because, it’s definitely not a priority gear to get as the luck bonuses on all the drops that the ring provides is really minimal. The main reason why players get the ring, is to unlock the chance of getting the Hazelmere’s signet ring, a ring that costs 2.1B.

If you’re behind on your equipment, it would be best to prioritise getting up to speed with your armour and weapons instead of splurging on a Luck of the Dwarves.

Here are some suggested armour and weapons that you should be saving up for, instead of a Luck of the Dwarves ring:

  1. Tier 90 weaponry for all 3 combat styles (Melee, Ranged, Magic): Noxious staff, Noxious scythe, Ascension crossbows. These 3 weapons will set you back 700M.
  2. Tier 90 power armour (degradable) – Malevolent Set. The full set will set you back 55M.
  3. Tier 80 power armour (Non-degradable) – Anima Core of Zaros Set. The full 3-piece set will set you back 110M.
  4. Cinderbane gloves – Tier 85 power gloves, the best gloves in Runescape that can be used with any combat style. This sets you back 85.6M.
  5. Amulet of Souls – Great for survivability. This costs 66.9M
  6. Invention skill – Levelling up this skill will unlock perks that you can add on to your existing armour and weapons. This increases your damage output significantly.

But if you are bathing in money, and have a pile of excess cash not knowing what to do with it, by all means, go get the Luck of the Dwarves. And who knows, you may get the Hazelmere’s signet ring as an item drop some day.

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