The best ethernet cable to get for gaming

10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023

10 of the Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023.

Gaming over Wi-Fi can be frustrating, especially with the unstable nature of Wi-Fi. Even if you have a optic fiber internet connection, there are times when Wi-Fi just won’t cut it. If you want the most responsive, smoothest, and quickest internet speeds for gaming, there’s no other option but to go for an Ethernet cable connection.

In this article, I’ll be going through the 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023. Let’s take your gaming experience to the next level with blazing fast internet.

What are the advantages of using an Ethernet Cable for Gaming instead of using Wi-Fi?

Before you choose which Ethernet Cable to go for your gaming needs, let us first understand the advantages of using the Ethernet, and why it’s important to invest in a good Ethernet cable for gaming.

1. It almost doubles your internet speed as compared to using Wi-Fi.

As compared to a wireless connection, an Ethernet connection cable provides you with significantly better internet speed. You can easily accomplish 10Gbps with Ethernet, especially with the newer twisted pairs. Some can even reach speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second.

The reason for this is that they have a one-to-one link. Fiber optic cables can be used to increase the range even further. Instead of using the traditional method of transmitting data, these cables use light for instant transmission of data.

2. Using an Ethernet Cable provides you with top-notch security over the internet.

An Ethernet connection has stronger degrees of security than Wi-Fi, which is vulnerable to attacks. You always have control over who uses the network with an ethernet connection. When employing an ethernet, hackers will have a difficult time obtaining your information. As a result, security breaches can be avoided.

3. An Ethernet connection provides consistent uptime and reliability.

Ethernet connections are extremely dependable. This is due to the lack of interference from radio frequencies or degradation. As a result, Ethernet connections experience fewer disconnections and slowdowns in the long run. There are also no bandwidth limitations because the bandwidth is not shared across multiple connected devices.

4. An Ethernet connection minimises latency and delay between your device and your router.

It’s not just about raw bandwidth when it comes to connection speed and quality. Another important factor is latency. In this context, latency refers to the time it takes for traffic to travel from one device to another. In the networking and online gaming sectors, latency is commonly referred to as “ping”. If you want to minimize latency as much as possible—for example, if you’re playing online games and need to react quickly—you’re usually better off with a connected Ethernet connection. Yes, there will be other delays that affect your device and the game server along the Internet line, but when it comes to gaming, every little bit helps.

The top 10 best Ethernet cables for gaming ever.

What are the main technical factors to consider when buying an Ethernet Cable for gaming in 2023? 

Just like other products, an Ethernet Cable or connection has several factors that you may want to consider before buying. These factors will usually depend on your needs for gaming and casual internet use.

1. The Ethernet Cable’s length and size.

You can get a 75-foot ethernet cable up to a 500-foot ethernet cable, depending on the size of your space. The reason is that you should purchase a cable that is somewhat longer than you require because you may need to reroute it or relocate it further in your room at some point. However, if you are sure that you won’t be rerouting or relocating anytime soon, then a short cable should suffice. 

2. The Type of Ethernet Cable.

There are several types of Ethernet cables. If you run a small business, you’ll need a Cat5e network that transmits 1 gigabit per second at a frequency of 100 MHz. The cable reduces interference while transmitting data, but it is not insulated. If you have a large business and need a higher bandwidth transfer, Cat6 cables are a good option as they offer even greater speeds at lower latency. 

3. Whether Ethernet Cable shielding is required.

What is the significance of shielding? When your data is at risk of noise and magnetic energy interference, shielding is required. As a result, if you’re putting up an ethernet connection in an environment with a lot of interference, you’ll need a shielded cable like Cat6a. For the average user, an unshielded cable will be fine as long as your data transmission is low or not a priority. It doesn’t lessen interference because it isn’t shielded, but it does neutralize electromagnetic interference.

4. The Ethernet Cable’s brand and price.

When shopping for ethernet cables online, you can compare the same product from many vendors. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the best cable at a reasonable price. Ethernet cables are relatively cheap products that usually go for $9 to $15, so anything higher than that may be an unnecessary luxury. 

5. The strength of the Ethernet Cable (Solid or Stranded).

Each conductor in solid ethernet cables is made up of a single piece of solid copper, whereas stranded ethernet cables are made up of multiple inter-twisted wires. To avoid breakage, solid cables should be utilized where there is little or no movement predicted. Stranded cables, on the other hand, are flexible and can be relocated regularly. Solid cables are usually utilized for longer lengths, such as from a patch panel to a surface mount box/faceplate, whereas stranded cables are used for patch cables that span long distances.

Choose the top 10 best Ethernet cables for gaming ever.

How to choose the best ethernet cable for gaming?

Shopping for an ethernet cable shouldn’t be a chore as most gamers like you are average users who can get away with Cat6 type of cables. Since the most important aspect of online gaming nowadays is ping (displayed as ms in other games), you would want to look for an ethernet cable that will be able to cover your download and upload speeds to decrease your ping.

For example, if your internet connection can go up to 500MB/s, then purchasing an ethernet cable that is only able to cover 200MB/s is not advisable. That’s about 300 MB/s of bandwidth that you’ll miss out on. As a general rule of thumb, always look at how much bandwidth or speed a cable supports, then pick the ones that have plenty of room for your internet connection’s speed. Most cables nowadays support at least 1GBps or 1000MB/s, but there are the more expensive ones that can reach up to 40GBps.

2 Common misconceptions about using Ethernet Cables to play games on.

1. I need a top-of-the-line Ethernet Cable to play games and stream movies.

This misconception has no definite answer as it will depend on your situation and use case scenario. 

For the average gamer, no, you won’t need a fancy, fully-decked out Ethernet Cable to play your games on. As a gamer, the most important thing for you is to lower your ping, and the easiest ways to do that are: 

  1. Be physically located near the game’s servers (guaranteed way of having lower ping/delay between game actions). For example, choose an Asian server if you are playing from Asia.
  2. Have decent Fiber internet connection speeds from your service provider (most online games nowadays will run smoothly at 15MB/s).
  3. Choose to use an ethernet cable that supports your internet connection’s speeds that is at least Cat5/6 type. 

As you can see, having a good ethernet cable isn’t only the factor that affects your ping in online games. Even if you have the most expensive ethernet cable out there, it’s still important to have decent internet speeds and to be located in the region of the game’s servers. 

However, if you are doing more than just gaming, where a blazing fast internet is required (such as live hosting), then yes by all means choose an expensive, top-of-the-line ethernet cable. It will definitely make a compelling choice for a very smooth internet experience.

2. I can game on any Ethernet Cable that I find.

Yes, you can game on any ethernet cable you find, although your experience may vary. As long as the cable is Cat5 or Cat6 and supports up to 1GBps of speeds, you should have a smooth and fast gaming experience. If your cable is anything less than those specs, you may encounter some hiccups here and there, but in theory, they shouldn’t be anything game-breaking (no pun intended).

Pick the top 10 best Ethernet cables for gaming ever.

The 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023

Now that we’ve gone through the ins and outs of ethernet cables, it’s time to discuss the 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023—from price to performance champ to the expensive and luxurious cables that are made for gamers who want the best speeds and latency.

1. The Best Bang for Your Buck: DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable

DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable

The best bang for your buck.

  • Cat 8 type for future-proofing.
  • High data transfer speeds of up to 40GBps.
  • Great price-to-performance ratio.

Before writing this list and getting a new ethernet cable, I was rocking a measly Cat 6 cable which gave me 80 MB/s down and 20 MB/s up. That isn’t bad at all, but then, I decided to get this price to performance monster of a cable and boy, was I blown away by the results. 


  • Top-notch build quality.
  • Price-to-performance king.
  • High data transfer speeds of up to 40GBps.
  • Cat 8 type for future-proofing.
  • 18 months warranty.
  • Waterproof.


  • Only 6ft in length.

For reference, my current speeds are advertised to reach a maximum of 150 MB/s down and 50 MB/s up. This meant that with my former ethernet cable, I wasn’t getting the full potential of my internet speeds. With this cable, however, my connection stays at 145 MB/s down, virtually eliminating all the lag and stutter I used to have while gaming. Furthermore, this cable has also changed the way I browse the web on my PC.

No longer do I have to wait for pages to load and 4k YouTube videos to buffer. This is definitely a gamechanger and I highly recommend this ethernet cable to everyone who’s fond of price to performance products. 

Get your DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable and open up your doors to faster internet speeds whilst gaming today.

2. The Cheapest 25ft Length: Huakan Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Huakan Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Lowest price for 25ft length cable

  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Cat 7 type for even faster speeds and lower latency 
  • Support for 10 GBps speeds

As someone who has ethernet cable-compatible devices all over my home, I can really make use of a cable this long. Luckily enough, I found this Cat 7 cable which was affordable, flexible, and most importantly, can reach sections of my house that wasn’t possible with short-length cables. 


  • Best price for quality 25ft cable.
  • Flexible design.
  • Gold-plated connectors.
  • Cat 7 type for even faster speeds and lower latency.
  • Well shielded.
  • Slim profile.
  • Support for 10 GBps speeds.


  • Not backward compatible with CAT 5 type.

It’s genuinely amazing for its price and offerings. Although it’s only Cat 7 and can only get me around 120 MB/s down, it’s still more than enough for what I do. There aren’t as many stutters and ping issues compared to sticking with WiFi, which completely changed how I use my PS5 in the living room.

No longer was I in the days where I would have to make do with occasional signal drops and lag. Thanks to its flexibility, the cable is also easy to manage and hide, making its connection appear seamless and invisible to my friends who come over. 

Get your Huakan Cat 7 Ethernet Cable and take your gaming to the next level with blazing fast internet speeds.

3. The Best-Braided Ethernet Cable: Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

The Best Braided Ethernet Cable

  • Nylon braided
  • PVC covering
  • Future-proofed Cat 8 type with 40 GBps speeds

I think that we can all agree non-braided and flimsy cables suck. They feel cheap and you typically find yourself replacing them after a few months of use. This is why I sighed a breath of relief when I discovered this braided ethernet cable by Obrbram that was also Cat 8!


  • Nylon braided.
  • Lengthy at 50ft.
  • PVC covering.
  • Future-proofed Cat 8 type with 40 GBps speeds.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Universal compatibility.


  • No warranty.

Aside from being durable and an astonishing 50 ft, it was also capable of insane speeds that could match my internet plan’s true internet speed. It’s also tangle-free, meaning that I didn’t need to constantly find my way into an octopus of messy cable management.

The icing on the cake for me is really its length that allowed me to install this ethernet cable from my living room all the way to my 2nd floor. I no longer have to suffer from weak WiFi connections from floors above and I can game with confidence and reassurance that I won’t be dropping out of my WiFi anytime soon, thanks to this cable.

My only gripe with this cable would be its lack of warranty, at somewhat of a hefty asking price. But that’s probably understandable for a cable with this amount of durability and length.

Get your Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable, and never have to worry about messy tangled up wires anymore.

4. The Cutting Edge & Overkill Choice for Gamers: Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Cutting Edge & Overkill Choice for Gamers

  • Insanely fast transfer speeds of up to 40GBps
  • Cat 8 with 2000MHz max bandwidth
  • 50 ft in length

This is yet another Cat 8 50 ft ethernet cable, but with a premium price tag that screams luxury and cutting edge. And to be fair, it actually delivers. For a gaming ethernet cable, it has everything I can ask for. It’s Cat 8, extremely flexible, 50 ft, and has a whole plethora of features that I didn’t even know ethernet cables could have like waterproof and flame-resistant capabilities.


  • Waterproof.
  • Flame-resistant.
  • Thick and sturdy.
  • 50ft length.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Insanely fast transfer speeds of up to 40GBps.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Cat 8 with 2000MHz max bandwidth.


  • Expensive.
  • Non-braided which is disappointing to see for its price.

To test whether it was worth the price, I plugged this cable into my main PC and gave it a shot for a few days, and to my surprise: I was blown away by the results. Sure, it’s expensive and definitely overkill, but this was the only cable that gave me 150 MB/s down—my internet plan’s true (or at least advertised) internet speed! And yes, even though it seemed like a small boost, I could tell the difference between how long my ping in-game was and how responsive my inputs were.

That isn’t to say that other cables on this list can’t achieve what the Zosion Cat 8 can do, but that this one stands out for its durability, speed capabilities, and what I almost forgot to mention is its lifetime warranty that’ll assure your peace of mind for its longevity.

Get your Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable and experience one of the fastest internet speeds hands down.

5. The Reliable & Cheap Ethernet Cable: Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6

The Reliable & Cheap Ethernet Cable

  • Support of up to 10GBps speeds
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Cat 6 type which makes it just about perfect for gaming

I’ll be bluntly honest, I was pleasantly surprised with this particular Ethernet cable from Amazon Basics. For its price, it’s a given that it doesn’t have any standout features. In fact, its aesthetic and design isn’t anything I would write home about, but it gets the job done.

I used this cable for around a week, and I can confidently say that it’s a safe (and cheap) option for gamers who may not have the luxury to dish out double digits on an Ethernet cable.  


  • Wallet-friendly price.
  • Support of up to 10GBps speeds.
  • Flexible.
  • Gold-plated contacts.
  • Cat 6 type which makes it just about perfect for gaming.


  • No extra protective features other than PVC jacket.
  • Only 1-month warranty.
  • Meager 250MHz bandwidth.

With that being said, I also set my expectations rightfully so that I won’t be disappointed. For starters, it’s only Cat 6, so my speeds were subpar. Next, its bandwidth capabilities were only a pitiful 250MHz which meant that occasional lag spikes were an occurrence.

Nevertheless, I can still recommend this to everyone, especially a beginner to casual gamers who are just looking for a cable that can let them game without resorting to WiFi.

Get your Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Cable and get a solid Ethernet connection at one of the lowest price.

6. The Midrange Champ: Veetcom Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Veetcom Cat8 Ethernet Cable

The Midrange Champ

  • 100 ft length
  • 2000MHz max bandwidth with 40 GBps speeds
  • Universal compatibility

The next cable I tested was the Veetcom Cat 8, a midrange monster that arguably comes close as the price to performance champ, but unfortunately fell a bit short in some areas.


  • 100 ft length.
  • 2000MHz max bandwidth with 40 GBps speeds.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Waterproof.
  • Quadruple shielded.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Can still be costly for other buyers.
  • 0 locking tabs in connectors.

For its pros, it’s a staggering 100 ft in length, a maximum bandwidth of 2000Mhz that can support 40GBps in speeds, and has lifetime warranty. Its manufacturer even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if anything were to go wrong with my first month of usage, I can just send it back whenever. 

The good news is that during my short time with it, I didn’t face any issues and I can even say that I had a pleasant experience with it. My speeds were close to my internet plan, no lags and hiccups, and I could essentially route it to any part of my house because of its overkill length of 100 ft. The few cons that I would rave about is its price.

Yes, it is midrange priced, but it may still be a little expensive much for some gamers. If you’re willing to dish out that much, you’ll be getting an amazing cable with very handsome features and support for its longevity.

Get your Veetcom Cat8 Ethernet Cable here.

7. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing: Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing In White

  • Clean aesthetics, comes in white
  • 50 ft long
  • 10 GBps speeds that are perfect for gaming enthusiasts

I’m a huge fan of white and clean setups, so when I came across this cable by Jadaol that’s all white, it was hard to resist. Although its clean aesthetic is its prime selling point, its speed capabilities and 50 ft long length cannot be ignored. I tested this on my home’s 2nd floor and I am pleased to share that I had a great experience with it.


  • Clean aesthetics thanks to its white color.
  • 50 ft long.
  • 10 GBps speeds that are perfect for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Relatively thin, making it easy to hide under carpets.
  • Well-shielded.
  • Durable.
  • Tangle-free.


  • No warranty.
  • Reports of poor performance after several months of usage.

Apart from the pros I listed above, it’s relatively thin which made it easy for me to route and manage, and also tangle-free—a sweet bonus for an already handsome feature list! As expected though, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

It doesn’t have any type of warranty, it can feel cheap despite its robust construction, and although I didn’t experience any hiccups on my end, there are numerous reviews stating that this cable shows signs of poor performance after a few months of usage. 

Get your Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable today and game like a pro, lag-free.

8. The Cheapest 50ft Length: Matein Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Matein Cat7 Ethernet Cable

The Cheapest 50ft Cable Length

  • Cheap for 50 ft. length 
  • Cat 7 with universal compatibility
  • 10 GBps speeds with 600MHz bandwidth 

Finding long cables that go for cheap ain’t no easy task, but luckily for us, the Matein Cat 7 cable has got our back. It took me a while to actually scour the web for a cable with this many features that retail at a cheap price, so needless to say that this was a lucky find!


  • Cheap for 50 ft. length.
  • Cat 7 with universal compatibility.
  • 10 GBps speeds with 600MHz bandwidth.
  • Flat cable that can run smoothly along edges and under carpets.
  • Made with bare copper inside.


  • Build quality can be improved.
  • It’s too thin that it could be easily damaged.
  • For a Cat 7 wire, higher speeds could’ve been supported.

What I like about this cable apart from its price is that it’s already 50 ft in length with Cat 7 capabilities. I had no troubles routing this to any part of my home and also had a fantastic time gaming on it. My only worry is its “meh” build quality. If I’m buying something, I want it to last for years to come—unfortunately, this cable is just too thin that it doesn’t give me the reassurance that it’ll last for more than a year.

However, I didn’t really come across any damage or build quality issues during my time of use, but I do want to clarify that I only tested this cable for a few days. Its speeds are just average too, coming in at 135 MB/s. For a Cat 7 cable, I expected more. But for this low price point? Not a bad cable by any means!

Get your cheap 50 ft Ethernet Cable today.

9. The Cheapest Ethernet Cable There Is: SF Cable 0.5ft Cat 6

SF Cable 0.5ft Cat 6

The Cheapest Ethernet Cable There Is

  • Sub $2 price makes it accessible to everyone
  • PVC jacket for protection 
  • Cat 6 type 

This cable is hard to recommend for a plethora of issues, but it’s still the cheapest cable around so I’ll throw it in here anyway. The SF Cable is a sub-dollar cable catered for gamers who are really on a tight budget.


  • Sub $2 price makes it accessible to everyone.
  • PVC jacket for protection.
  • Cat 6 type.
  • Made of 24AWG copper wires.
  • Gold plated RJ45 plug.
  • Variety of color choices.


  • Subpar build quality.
  • 0.5 in length.
  • Only 500MHz bandwidth and its speed capabilities aren’t displayed.
  • Will struggle because of interference and instability issues.

I was intrigued by its price and rather lackluster features, so I gave it a shot and used it for 3 days. My experience? Not that great at all, but I was still able to game and use the internet anyways, so I guess it still counts as a cable that almost anyone can afford.

For starters, it’s a Cat 6 type cable, so speeds were okay. Its length was also very short, coming in at only 0.5. ft. This meant that I had to move my PS5 and put it right beside the router so that I could test it.

So what was it like to game on it? It struggled a lot. Because of its Cat 6 type and the fact that it’s so thin and poor in quality, I often got lag spikes along with frequent disconnections which made some of my games unplayable.

Nevertheless, I was still able to access the internet, watch YouTube on it fine, and do some light online gaming with it. So if you feel like you only need a barebones type of cable, then feel free to try the SF Ethernet Cable out.

Get the SF Ethernet Cable here.

10. Ethernet Cable Below $10: UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable Below $10

  • Well-established cable manufacturer
  • Top-notch security and protection features
  • Cat 7 with 600MHz bandwidth and 10 GBps speeds

Here is yet another budget option for gamers who are looking for a relatively cheap cable with a respectable spec list. This was the last cable I tested and it’s safe to say that I had a fun time with it.


  • Perfect price for its specs
  • Well-established cable manufacturer
  • Top-notch security and protection features
  • Cat 7 with 600MHz bandwidth and 10 GBps speeds
  • Universal capability
  • Long-lasting durability
  • 32AWG copper wires


  • Only 3 feet long
  • Could have supported higher speeds 

Thanks to its Cat 7 type and long-lasting durability, I was able to game smoothly with minimal lag and hiccups. I was also surprised to know that for this price, it’s gold-plated with a plethora of security and protection features that prevent interference from affecting my gameplay. 

My only issue with this cable is its rather short length of 3 ft. I tested this out with my PS5 again, was it worlds different from the previous cable I tested (SF Cable). My ping was stable, my speeds were lightning fast, and I could actually play online games without disconnecting from time to time.

Something else that I learned is that UGREEN is a reputable manufacturer of cables which gave me peace of mind and assurance that this cable will last me long.

For sub-10 dollars, you won’t find anything better than this one.

Conclusion: Which Ethernet Cable should I get?

From this list of 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023, we can discern that ethernet cables come in a variety of styles and lengths. As a result, anyone should be able to find the proper cable from these options. If you’ve read the list thoroughly, you should be able to pick which one best suits your needs and budget as I covered every possible scenario for different types of consumers out there. 

If you’re in a jiffy and would like to know which ones I would recommend, it’s going to be the price-to-performance king of ethernet cables, the DbillionDa Cat8. At its low price, you’re getting a Cat 8 cable that’s capable of 40GBps and 2000MHz of bandwidth. You won’t find anything else that comes close at this price range. 

An expensive alternative to consider would be the Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet cable – a true luxury. But it’s a cable that will surely last you years thanks to its cutting edge technologies like 26AWG copper cable and shielded copper wires. It’s also 50 ft long, making it an optimal choice for gamers who have their devices further away from the router.

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