Top 8 best eye drops for gamers

The Best 8 Eye Drops for Gamers: How To Prevent Eye Strain

The Best 8 Eye Drops for Gamers in 2023

Top 8 best eye drops for gamers
Top 8 best eye drops for gamers – a comprehensive guide to the brands of eye drops in the market today.

Eye strain is a common problem for gamers. Because of extended periods staring at a screen while grinding ranked games or a legendary item in your favorite RPG, dry and irritated eyes can be a frequent hassle that you face every day.

If so, then it’s probably time to start taking care of your precious eyes that you use for gaming with eye drops. They’re cheap solutions to help alleviate eye strain while gaming and to keep you focused on grinding rather than rubbing your eyes.

With that being said, let’s check out 8 of the best eye drops for gaming and gamers in 2023.

Why should I start using Eye Drops for gaming?

Before shopping for eye drops, it’s essential that you know the benefits of using eye drops regularly during gaming sessions. 

They keep your eyes lubricated.

When your eyes don’t produce enough moisture on their own, lubricating eye drops help to replace it. They provide relief from dryness and inflammation while also boosting comfort. 

They help heal irritation and eye injuries.

Eye drops also enhance surface healing, boost comfort by minimizing the sensation of a surface scratch, and flush out any contaminated or dangerous particles in an injured eye. They keep the eye moist, preventing additional damage.

They reduce burning and stinging during allergy season.

Eye drops relieve the burning and stinging of the eyes that allergies cause. This can make the difference between utter pain and modest comfort during allergy season. When used correctly, medicated eye drops lower the risk of systemic side effects from the medications utilized.

What should I look out for when buying Eye Drops?

Buying eye drops may seem like a straightforward process until you find yourself standing in front of infinite shelves of alternatives. Does it make a difference whatever type and brand that you choose out of all the options?

Yes, it very certainly does. Different sorts of drops are used to treat different issues, such as allergies vs. dry eyes. And choosing the wrong ones could aggravate your problems.

While there aren’t that many technical factors to look out for when buying eye drops, but there are still a few ones to keep in mind to ensure that you’re purchasing a safe product that won’t damage your eyes.

The most important factor to look out for is the type of eye drops that is best suited for your eye. Here are 3 popular categories that most eye drops can be group into, bringing you a short-term relief for your eyes while gaming.

1. Artificial Tears – and their chemical composition.

All eye drop manufacturers try to imitate real tears in their products, but it turns out that this is a very difficult task. As a result, manufacturers utilize varying combinations of chemicals to get this effect – but this may be problematic for people with sensitive eyes.

Artificial tears containing preservatives can be beneficial because they are frequently less expensive. However, for some people, they can aggravate dry eyes. Preservatives can also cause allergic reactions to some people and they might irritate the eyes in others.

When shopping for preservative-free eye drops, keep in mind that they won’t come in a traditional eye drop bottle. Instead, you’ll frequently find them in single-use vials. You remove the cap, place the droplets inside, and then discard the vial. They are also more pricey than other types.

2. Allergy Drops – and their chemical composition.

When it comes to itchy, watery, red eyes caused by pet dander, pollen, molds, and other common allergies, these are the drops to use. When you have an allergic reaction, your body produces a lot of histamines. That’s what causes the stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. 

The main component of allergy eye drops is an antihistamine, which prevents histamines from doing their job and so alleviates allergic symptoms. Mast-cell stabilizers, which are newer allergy eye drops, function by preventing your body from producing histamines in the first place.

3. Anti-Redness Eye Drops – and their chemical composition.

These also known as decongestant drops, and they can help you get rid of the redness in your eyes. However, use caution. These drops can irritate your eyes and make the redness worse if you constantly use them for more than a few days. Another issue is that if you use them frequently, your eyes become accustomed to them and may become red when you stop using them. 

This is known as the rebound effect. For gamers with dry eyes, it’s best to stay away from this type of eye drop. Antihistamines are sometimes included in anti-redness drops, which can help with allergy irritation.

Even so, the amount of time you may use them without causing eye strain is restricted. Allergy drops are usually a better option. A vasoconstrictor is an active ingredient in these drops that causes the blood vessels on your eye’s surface to constrict. The redness will fade away as a result of this.

Other considerations to take note of when choosing an Eye Drop for use.

1. Users of Contact lens

For gamers who wear contact lenses, it’s advisable to check whether the eye drops that you are interested in are compatible with a contact lens.

Contact lens lubrication is critical for comfort, and it can also become dry and uncomfortable over time, resulting in red, dry, or irritated eyes. Choose a contact lens-safe eye drop that will lubricate and soothe your lenses. If you think you have an eye infection, see your doctor right away.

2. Eye symptoms which eye drop to use

Lastly, it’s important to know the symptoms your eyes are displaying so that you know which eye drop would be best suited for your needs. Although I mentioned that there are 3 popular types of eye drops, there are many others that cover a specific niche of people. You can self-diagnose and research about how your eyes feel, but it’s always best to see a doctor or a medical professional for accurate results.

Common misconceptions about using Eye Drops

Although eye drops are a widely accepted form of short-term relief for eye strain, there are still a few misconceptions floating around that stop people from using one. 

1. I don’t really see or feel the benefits of using Eye Drops as a gamer. So why should I bother? 

The benefits of utilizing eye drops may not be felt by you, but they are definitely felt by your eyes. Eye drops are used to lower eye pressure and prevent glaucoma-related blindness; they should not interfere with or improve vision. Speak to an eye doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your drops; don’t stop using them without first consulting an expert.

2. I already use Eye Drops regularly, do I still need to take breaks in between gaming sessions?

Yes. Even though eye drops help with moisturizing your eyes, you should still take breaks from time to time as prolonged periods in front of a screen can cause headaches or body pain. Not only that but sitting down will also cause problems for your body.

As a rule of thumb, it’s optimal to stand up and walk around for 15-minutes after 1 hour of gaming.

The 8 Best Eye Drops for Gamers in 2023

With all that knowledge introduced to you, let’s go through some of the best eye drops you can buy to protect your eyes and to have safe gaming sessions in 2023. 

1. Best Overall Eye Drops for Gamers: SYSTANE Gel Drops


Best Overall Eye Drop for Gaming

  • Small drops will last you a long time.
  • Feels like natural tears.
  • Convenience of a drop with a protection of a gel.

I never thought that there were eye drops that felt like real, authentic tears, but this one from SYSTANE downright blew my mind. I’ve used them for a week and they have been fantastic drops that fit any use case scenario, not just when I’m gaming for long hours.


  • Small drops will last you a long time
  • Feels like natural tears
  • Ideal for any use case scenario
  • Reliefs burning and irritation of eyes due to dryness


  • May blur your vision temporarily when first applied.

These drops’ texture is thick, more gel-like than liquid-like, as the name suggests, making it a good choice if you want to ensure long-lasting moisture while reducing how often you need to use it during the day. In related news, I’ve also been using them regularly before I go to bed and they’ve been keeping my eyes moist flawlessly throughout the night.

These SYSTANE Gel Eye Drops are also incredibly hydrating and gentle—so much so that they didn’t even sting the first time I use them, and they fulfill all of the fundamental moisturizing eye drop requirements. If you want to stock up on many bottles to keep on hand at all times, they work swiftly, last a long time, and ring in at a very budget-friendly price.

My only real gripe would be it temporarily making my vision blurry for a short moment, but it’s not really a big deal as it goes away after a few seconds. If your blurriness lasts for more than a minute, please consult a health professional immediately.

Get your SYSTANE Gel Drops today.

2. Eye Drops for Contact Lens Wearers: Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief Eye Drops

Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief Eye Drops

Best Eye Drop for Contact Lens Wearers

  • Safe to use for contact lens wearers.
  • Quick to relieve eye discomfort.
  • Hydrates your eyes all day.

Contact lenses are a fantastic technological advancement that allows people with poor vision to go without glasses, but they may be a pain to care for, clean, and wear, especially if your eyes are dry or sensitive.


  • Safe to use for contact lens wearers
  • Quick to relieve eye discomfort
  • Hydrates the eyes well


  • Contains preservatives that sensitive eyes may not like

As an avid fan of wearing contact lenses myself, I know exactly how this feels so when I saw these Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief Eye Drops that were meant to be for contact lens wearers, I knew right away that I had to try them. During my 2 weeks of testing, I can confidently report that these are indeed safe to use for contact wearers.

These eye drops are swift to get rid of eye discomfort and even keep my eye moist for a long time. They are also safe to be used while wearing your contacts, as well as rewetting and eliminating irritating particles. They won’t affect your lenses either, because they don’t include any medicinal components.

The only downside to these Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief Eye Drops is that they contain preservatives that some people may not like, especially those with sensitive eyes who could get irritated by said preservatives. Nevertheless, these drops from Clear Eyes are still the best and safest drops for people who love wearing contact lenses daily.

Get your Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief Eye Drops today.

3. Best Value for Money Eye Drops: Visine Red Eye Comfort Redness Relief Eye Drops

Visine Red Eye Comfort Redness Relief Eye Drops

Best Value for Money

  • The most wallet-friendly option.
  • Relieves red eye from irritation.
  • Fast-acting eye drop for quick relief.

When you only need a quick fix for red eyes, nothing beats Visine—the original “get the red out!” brand. I am pleasantly surprised with how good they actually are despite what the price may tell you. Visine’s redness-relieving drops help immediately away from a variety of red-eye causes, including screen misuse, weariness, and allergen exposure.


  • Wallet-friendly option
  • Fast-acting eye drop for quick relief
  • Can be reapplied in a six-hour window
  • Relives red eye from irritation


  • Lasts for a shorter time than other eye drops

You can use them up to four times each day, but only for one or two days at a time—the dreaded rebound effect can occur if you use them more than that. Although I didn’t experience any during my short time of use, I heavily advise to not use them more than three times to not have any complications later on.

It’s worth mentioning that whereas most vasoconstrictor eye drops use Naphazoline HCl, Visine uses a different decongestant, Tetrahydrozoline HCl. They’re both vasoconstrictors, but if you’re allergic to Naphazoline or have another reason to avoid it, Visine may be a good choice.

The only downside of these drops is that they don’t really last a long time. I noticed that their effects only stayed for around 2-3 before I had to reapply them again. For the price though, I can totally forgive Visine for this and call it the budget king of this list. 

Get your Visine Red Eye Comfort Redness Relief Eye Drops today.

4. Eye Drops for Gamers with Eye Itchiness: Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Allergy Eye Drops

Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Allergy Eye Drops

Best for Gamers with Eye Itchiness

  • Extremely effective against itchiness.
  • Able to treat multiple types of eye allergies.
  • Long standing history of over 150 years.

As someone who’s gaming in front of a screen for more than 5 hours a day, eye itchiness can be a tough enemy. Although itchy eyes can be caused by seasonal or environmental allergens, they can also be caused by dryness or contact irritation from being too stagnant with what you’re looking at, ie. a brightly lit screen.

Whatever the cause may be, you’ll probably need a redness reliever and an antihistamine if your itchy eyes are also inflamed and red. Both are present in high enough concentrations in Bausch & Lomb’s Opcon-allergy A’s Eye Drops to combat the worst irritation and redness. 

During my time of testing, I had a pleasant time with the eye drops as they can be used up to four times each day to combat allergies of all shapes and sizes. It fully eliminated my eye itchiness and redness and I could go for hours of gaming without worrying about my eyes itching anytime soon.


  • Very good against itchiness
  • Is able to cover and treat multiple types of allergies


  • Susceptible to the rebound effect
  • Can be a hassle to use for contact lens wearers

Of course, there are major drawbacks to be aware of. Because they contain a decongestant, learn to use them sparingly. Their shorter periods of relief can be inconvenient too if you wear contacts like I do, since they must be removed every time you reapply the drops. A little of a nitpick, but still a great deal for those who have itchy eye problems.

Get your Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Allergy Eye Drops today.

5. Eye Drops For Gamers With Watery Eyes: Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief Eye Drops

Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief Eye Drops

Best For Gamers With Watery Eyes

  • Excels at treating watery eyes.
  • Also good for treating other symptoms other than watery eyes.
  • Provides up to 12 hours of soothing comfort.

Despite the fact that allergies and irritation can make your eyes water, there aren’t many eye drops that specifically target watery eyes as a symptom. Perhaps it’s because dryness is frequently the cause of irritation, implying that you need more hydration, not less. Personally, I don’t get to deal with watery eyes that much since eye itchiness is more of my problem, but I still decided to get one of these to test out.


  • Excels at treating watery eyes
  • Also good for treating other symptoms other than watery eyes
  • Provides up to 12 hours of soothing comfort


  • Contains Polyvinyl alcohol which might not be suitable for some users

I finally got to try them out when one night, I had a very bad episode of watery eyes. Since I didn’t want to look like I’ve been crying all day, I gave my eyes these drops and the results were amazing. The Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief eye drops didn’t just only get rid of my watery eyes, but they also relieved them of fatigue. It was as if I had a new pair of eyes at that point!

I went to dig deeper into the chemical composition of these eye drops, and I understood that it could be the Polyvinyl alcohol that played a role in drying up watery eyes. That said, these eye drops might not be a product that is suitable for everyone due to presence of the alcohol content (Polyvinyl).

The Clear Eyes eye drops can also alleviate grittiness, burning, and dryness symptoms – which is also nice as an all rounder eye drop. With a vasoconstrictor and three other components to ease irritation and restore the equilibrium of your natural tears, you can be confident that these drops will have your eyes looking normal in no time.

Get your Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief Eye Drops today.

6. Eye Drops for Allergies: ALCON Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops

ALCON Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops

Best Eye Drops for Allergies

  • Treats the allergy by tackling its source.
  • Effective for up to half a day long with a single drop.
  • Fast acting and long lasting relief.

Everybody hates allergies, especially us gamers who can’t even play comfortably when our eyes are irritated that we can’t see what’s on the screen. How do you know though, if your irritated eyes are caused by allergies rather than anything else, such as pink eye or a stray irritant?


  • Treats the allergy down to its source
  • Lasts half a day long
  • 0 risk of rebound
  • Can be used daily
  • Fast acting relief that is long lasting


  • May be considered mildly effective for some users.

Several health experts explained that allergic conjunctivitis causes both eyes to become red and itchy in response to an allergen, whereas an infection causes eyelash crusting, mucus production, and sometimes swelling around the eye (only in one eye).

Once you’ve determined that you have allergies, the next step is to figure out how to treat them. I’ve determined that mine is caused by my cats’ fur, so when I saw that these ALCON Zaditor Antihistamine eye drops can help with that, I was excited at its possibilities.

During my testing, I found these drops to be one of the best solutions for my eye irritation due to allergies. The Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops proved to be a potent approach to treat all the itching that’s bringing me red-eye on a daily basis.

You can use these eye drops, which include antihistamine ketotifen, making it suitable for daily usage. It excels at targeting allergic eye relief, allowing you to wave goodbye to your red eyes because there’s no risk of rebound (eyes becoming redder the more you use the eye drops).

Of course, you can also use them preemptively (which I regularly do now) so that you won’t ever need to deal with eye allergies ever again.

Get your ALCON Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops today.

7. Eye Drops for Gamers with Dry Eyes: Rohto DryAid Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops

 Rohto DryAid Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops

Best Eye Drop for Gamers with Dry Eyes

  • Tackles dry eyes very effectively.
  • Provides non-blurring dry eye relief with great comfort.
  • Minimal danger of rebound effect.

I don’t get dry eyes as often as watery eyes, but I still decided to try the eye drops from Rohto DryAid out to see what it’s all about. According to most eye experts, the best course of action for dry eyes is to get to the root cause of your redness.


  • Moisturizes your eye adequately, tackles the problem of dry eyes
  • Can be reapplied whenever you want
  • Minimal danger of rebound effect
  • Apply 1-2 drops for up to 12 hours of relief


  • Does not alleviate allergies or itchiness

So if your eye redness is caused by extremely dry eyes, it’s a good idea to address that issue first. Rohto DryAid’s eye drops superior anti-dryness formula targets three levels of your eye’s tear film with their proprietary Liquid shield technology to improve your eye’s moisturization.

What I really loved about the eye drops from Rhoto DryAid is that they hydrate and moisturize my eyes evenly without leaving it too watery. Might I add that during my short time of use, I have never experienced rebound hyperaemia, and as dryness is one of the leading causes of red eyes in the first place, I didn’t need to reapply the eye drops as often.

Get your Rohto DryAid Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops today.

8. Eye Drops Trusted By Esports Pros: Polpharma HYLO Fresh

Polpharma HYLO Fresh

Eye Drops Trusted By Esports Pros

  • Made in Germany.
  • Gaming centric eye drops designed for gamers.
  • No burning sensation, leaves your eyes feeling refreshed after gaming.

This product may sound weird, but it claims to be the eye drop made for gamers. Vouched by esports pros, especially the Germans, it can be hard to not include the Polpharma HYLO Eye Drops in this list. It’s specifically designed to help gamers and their eyes feel better especially after long gaming sessions.


  • Gaming centric eye drops that helps gamers’ eyes feel refreshed
  • No burning sensation
  • No preservatives
  • Vouched by your favorite Esports Pros


  • Expensive option
  • Dropper can be a hassle to use – it can get quite frustrating especially after a tiring game

Although it sounds gimmicky and almost like a marketing ploy by the team at HYLO, they are actually renowned for their high quality eye drops. So I decided to give these a shot on my eyes anyway.

The Polpharma Hylo Eye Drops claim to have no preservatives added, no phosphate, and none of the other chemicals that may irritate your eyes more than heal it. And after using these eye drops for a few days, I can definitely confirm on that.

It left my eyes with a silky smooth after feeling that is perfect for a gamer like me who often feels lethargy in my eyes, especially after long brutal sessions of ranked games on Dota2.

My only gripe with this is its rather expensive price and its dropper can be tough to utilize (squeeze) at times. It’s good as eye drops can get, but certainly not the most wallet-friendly option or even the logical option for first timer users of eye drops.

Get your Polpharma HYLO Fresh today!

My Top Eye Drop Picks for Gamers

Eye drops for gamers are slowly starting to become essential for how they can cure the common problems of gamers who sit in front of their gaming devices for prolonged sessions. Although shopping for one may seem easy and a no-brainer task, they come in all forms and shapes. 

If you want the best possible eye drops that will suit the majority of your symptoms and will fit right into your budget, then the SYSTANE Gel Drops would be my top pick for you. Not only is it cheap, but it also feels like natural tears and a single drop will last you for a couple of hours.

As an expensive and rather specific alternative, the gamer-marketed Polpharma HYLO Fresh can make for a great choice, but it still falls short because of its high price point and its not so user-friendly dropper.

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