Best Wrist Rest for Gaming

Our 6 Top Rated Wrist Rests For Gamers

The Ultimate Guide to Wrist Rests for Gamers: Our 6 Top Rated Picks

Best Wrist Rest for Gaming

So, you’ve outfitted your PC with everything you’ll need for the ultimate gaming experience: a super-fast GPU, a ton of RAM, and more pixels on your monitor than there are sand in a desert. But what good is all of this if your Friday night gaming marathons are always cut short by aching hands or pain that prevents you from pressing another key?

Medical experts say that using a keyboard and mouse without wrist support, combined with poor typing posture, can cause a variety of health problems, the most well-known of which is carpal tunnel syndrome.

This isn’t to say that typing and gaming have to be detrimental. You may safeguard your hands and give your muscles a break by getting a wrist rest, which allows them to feel comfortable in any keyboard position. That’s why I am here to help—in this post, we’ll look at the top 6 keyboard wrist rests on the market so you can decide which one to get to give your hands, wrist, and arms comfort while you’re gaming.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Wrist Rest for Gaming?

Before I dig deeper into the details you need to know when shopping for a wrist rest for gaming, let’s run through the pros and advantages of using a wrist rest for gaming. Some of these may be obvious for you, but most should be things you didn’t even know could be beneficial for the longevity of your gaming comfort and experience.

1. It gives your hands and wrist surface area to rest on.

As its name suggests, a wrist rest attachment is extremely beneficial for your wrists and hands. It supports the forearm and allows you to keep your wrist in a neutral position, requiring less stabilizing activity from those muscles.

2. It allows you to tilt your keyboard to more obscure angles.

For gamers who love tilting their chair and peripherals, a wrist rest will give you more room to do just that since your wrists and hands will have a better time adjusting to the new angle with less stress and aches.

3. They can complement the aesthetic of your setup even further.

Besides the physical benefits of wrist rests on your body, they can also be a cool accessory to add and complement to your current setup’s aesthetic.

What I Should Consider When Shopping for a Wrist Rest for Gaming?

Since wrist rests for gaming are a rather simple accessory to add comfort to your gaming experience, there aren’t that many factors to look out for and consider when getting one. Nevertheless, it’s still important to mention a few factors so that you know what you’re getting into when buying a wrist rest.

1. The type and make of the wrist rest.

The most essential factor to consider when buying a wrist rest for gaming is the type and make of the wrist rest. There are several types of wrist rests, from wooden, leather, plastic, and even rubber ones. Most common wrist rests are made of rubber since they’re soft, plushy, and have the most comfortable texture and feeling amongst the other types of wrist rest.

2. How easy it is to clean the wrist rest.

The second thing to consider is how easy it is to clean. Of course, there won’t be any ratings, numbers, or any direct data to see how easy a wrist rest is to clean, but reading reviews online like this very list should give you an idea of whether a wrist rest will be a headache to clean or not.

The reason why this is important is that a wrist rest for gaming can easily accumulate dirt from dust, sweat from your hands/wrist, and more. This is especially evident with rubber wrist rests where dirt and other material can easily stick to.

3. The size of wrist rest that you are getting.

Lastly, it’s important to know what size of wrist rest you are getting. As a general rule of thumb, your wrist rest should be the same size as your keyboard, and as there are different sizes of keyboard, it can be overwhelming to see the choices out there.

For starters, you have your 100% full-size keyboards, then your 80% Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards, and so on. The summary is to check your keyboard’s size first before committing to a wrist rest as a wrist rest that is too small or too big for your keyboard’s size may cause more harm than benefits.

The Top 3 Common Myths About Wrist Rests for Gaming

Best Wrist Rest for Gaming

1. I don’t experience any wrist, hand, or arm pain while gaming. Therefore, I don’t need a wrist rest.

This is perhaps the most common myth regarding wrist rests. Even if you are not feeling any pain right now, prolonged gaming sessions may eventually lead to problems later on like carpal tunnel syndrome. Getting a wrist rest won’t be a guaranteed protection against these problems, but you are less likely to have pain and aches around your arm and hands if you use one—regardless whether you feel anything right now or not.

2. Any kind of wrist rest will do, they’re all the same.

Unfortunately, not all kinds of wrist rest will suffice. There are cheap ones, yes, but they will typically come at the cost of comfort. Their build quality is often subpar with their materials being too weak that you’ll find yourself replacing them after a few months or even weeks of purchasing.

With that said, it’s important to invest in wrist rest brands that are reputable for their quality and durability. Although wrist rests relatively come cheap, who wants to keep buying the same thing over and over again just to see it break after a month or so?

3. Wrist rests are only useful for gamers who play using a mouse.

This is a misconception as wrist rests are also great for gamers who use the keyboard too. This is especially so for first person shooter games that require heavy usage of the WASD keys. Having one hand hovering around the WASD region of the keyboard does cause strain on the wrists and this leads to discomfort over time. A wrist rest for the hand will help to alleviate the strain and provide some comfort when gaming.

The Top 6 Wrist Rests for Optimal Gaming Performance

Now that you know the ins and outs of wrist rests for gaming, let’s go over some of the best wrist rests on the market that have solid comfort, durability, and quality.

1. The Best Price to Value Ratio: HyperX Wrist Rest

The Best Price to Value Ratio: HyperX Wrist Rest

HyperX Wrist Rest

  • Minimalist Design
  • Superb Quality
  • Stable and firm during use

Before getting the HyperX Wrist Rest, I wasn’t really using any wrist rest. In fact, I thought that they were unnecessary accessories that didn’t really provide any support. But when I started getting aches within the area of my wrist and hands, that’s when I knew I had to get one, and luckily enough, I came across this gem.


  • Minimalist design
  • Superb quality
  • Stable and firm
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable to use


  • Does not support other keyboard sizes

The reviews of this wrist rest seemed positive so I went for it and it was definitely love at first sight. The height for me is perfect, lower than the 3M but I like it better that way so that my wrist won’t have an awkward angle while typing and gaming. On top of that, the base is grippy and stitching along the edges adds to the aesthetic.

The back edge of the rest slides just “under” the front edge of the keyboard, giving it that seamless and integrated look. Again, the height is spot-on and the depth is great, giving you this feeling of smooth travel each time you move your hand or wrist.

My only gripe with the HyperX Wrist Rest is that it doesn’t support other keyboard sizes, which in my case is a 60% keyboard. Nevertheless, I can assure you it’s still a WONDER to use even if it’s oversized for your device.

For the price, I really think this is a great accessory that even casual gamers would want to pick up, and for anyone who’s planted at the keyboard for hours like me, it’s going to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

2. The Premium Option: Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The Premium Option: Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

  • Mute and Understated Design
  • Memory Cushion
  • Waterproof

The next wrist rest that I tried for a few weeks is the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest. Despite their reputation for RGB and flashy aesthetics, this wrist rest is surprisingly mute and minimalistic in design.

However, it doesn’t make a magnetic fit to any of their keyboards I have like the Razer Blackwidow v3, but it is a more universal size that seems to fit well with any keyboard I have tested it on which is a plus. The material is not pleather but sort of has pyjamas-like cotton feel to it accompanied by a very strong cooling gel underneath the tightly stretched fabric.


  • Mute and understated design
  • Memory cushion
  • Waterproof
  • Top tier build and quality
  • Heavy and stable


  • Expensive

On top of all that, it has respectable weight in it and does not move freely around my desk while typing. Its construction is a hard plastic frame with 6 large thick rubber feet. The padding raises about an inch over the plastic frame so that your skin never comes into contact with the plastic that could cause chafing.

Thanks to this premium construct, there are no signs of wear or even slight damage to the black-on-black razer logo on the center after 2 weeks of use. I am thoroughly impressed with the high-quality construction of this wrist rest and it honestly surpasses the free ones that come with the higher-end Blackwidows and Huntsmans.

However, it is worth noting that for its asking price, there are definitely better wrist rests that offer more for less.

3. The Wallet-Friendly Option: Gimars Wrist Rest Pad

The Wallet-Friendly option: Gimars Wrist Rest Pad

Gimars Wrist Rest Pad

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Comes bundled with a rest for your mouse
  • Provides all the support required

For those on a tighter budget, the Gimars Wrist Rest Pad may be a more suitable option. If you’re looking for a quick fix for your wrist aches, then it’s a formidable choice for its cheap price, included mouse rest, and compatibility with most keyboard sizes.

It certainly doesn’t have any outstanding features to write home about, but during my time of use, I can say that it gets the job done for its price.


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Comes bundled with a rest for your mouse
  • Stays put on most desks


  • May be too tall and stuffed for some people

For its material, it has a memory gel foam wrist rest with a rubber backing, just like the rest of the wrist rests in this list which makes it appealing since its price is very pleasing for its features. It is also held together by a thin layer of fabric that is both pleasant and incredibly flexible.

The included mouse rest is a nice touch, although I didn’t really find myself fond of it because it is too tall and hard to be of any comfort. The same problem is somehow present with the wrist rest itself.

Although its memory foam is soft to the touch, it is unfortunately too thick and tall that it forced me to resort to an awkward typing angle. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that it’s well worth the minuscule asking price.

4. Best Leather Option: Bailey Full Size by Castle

Best Leather Option: Bailey Full Size by Castle

Bailey Full Size by Castle

  • Leather finish
  • 3 color variations and sizes
  • Dense and firm wrist rest

If you’re perhaps looking for a wrist rest to set yourself apart from the rest of your friends—something elegant, refined, and pricey. If you want something this sophisticated, then the Bailey Full Size by Castle is right up your alley. During my weeks of testing, its genuine cowhide leather can resist anything, even my rage-quit tantrums, sweat, and ranked queue tears.

Another good thing about its leather is that it changes and softens relatively quickly, making it quite adaptable to different situations.


  • Leather finish
  • 3 color variations and sizes
  • Known for its stability
  • Premium feel


  • Not as comfortable as others
  • More suitable for typing than gaming
  • Expensive

This wrist rest is also the heaviest I’ve seen thus far, weighing in at 17.6 pounds. With a rough rubber base, you can rest assured that the Bailey will stay put. The Bailey’s interior is lined with a thick layer of high-density padding (1 inch thick), giving it an extra hard feel.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll like the fact that this wrist rest is made of 93 percent recycled materials.

As good as it looks, it is not the most comfortable wrist rest out there. As it is made of leather it will be very hard and tough in your first few months with it, but as mentioned earlier, it will soften over time.

Its trademark is definitely its one-of-a-kind appearance thanks to its matte finish and embossed logo that gave it its premium look. It’s also the only wrist rest in this list with three different colorways: dusk (black), stone (white), and woods (green) (brown).

Despite being built for typical full-size keyboards, the Bailey is considerably tall. Even though its leather was hard and really difficult to appreciate during its first few days, it has really grown on me and has quickly become one of my favorite luxury accessories whenever I want to make a statement. Mechanical keyboards will work well with it, but other keyboards may need to be lifted to maintain a neutral and healthy wrist position.

If money isn’t an issue and you want to be classy and flashy, the Bailey Wrist Wrest by Castle is the way to go. It’s perhaps the most durable and premium-looking leather wrist rest I’ve used, but at the cost of comfort and function.

5. Best Mid-Tier Option: Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Best mid-tier option: Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

  • Stealth look
  • Available in 2 styles and 3 sizes
  • Mouse pad offerings are available

I’m going to admit that I’ve always been fond of Glorious Gaming products, and this one is not an exception. The Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest is an impressive wrist rest for its price, all thanks to its stealth look, different color variations, and plethora of keyboard size support.

I was also pleasantly surprised by its build quality with no compromises that allowed me to have one of the most comfortable and delightful gaming sessions in a long while.


  • Stealth look
  • Available in 2 styles and 3 sizes
  • Mouse pad offerings are available
  • Comfortable feel
  • Perfect elevation level


  • Has reports of being flimsy
  • Can show some signs of wear after 6 months

Right at the moment I put my wrists on it, I immediately noticed Glorious’ craftsmanship that is unrivaled. The high-quality foam inner, which delivers a medium level of firmness, is at its heart, with the corners of the frame strengthened with dual-lock stitching, indicating that this wrist rest is built to stay.

Just from these alone, I could already tell that there were no cut corners here. An anti-slip rubber base is also located beneath the wrist rest, ensuring that it remains steady and secure even during the most hectic of bouts.

My hands and arms were also able to navigate the keyboard with ease and without irritation thanks to its silky cloth on the exterior. The material is also easy to clean, which is vital because after you’ve purchased this wrist rest, you’ll never want to stop gaming.

I’m personally not a fan of huge logos on my stuff, so when I saw that it has a “stealth” variation, I was all in for it. Given that Glorious Gaming is a smaller company, their items are generally more pricey, but I am happy to announce that this is reasonably priced for its offerings.

On top of that, this wrist rest also comes with a one-year no-questions-asked warranty that guarantees a free replacement on the off chance your wrist rest has quality defects.

6. Portable Option for Laptop Gamers: Kensington Ergosoft Wrist Rest

Portable Option for Laptop Gamers: Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist Rest

Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist Rest

  • Portable and easy to bring along
  • Perfect size for laptops
  • Smooth and soft to the touch

Fret not, laptop gamers! I didn’t forget you at all. As I was also an avid laptop gamer and user myself, I figured that getting and testing one would be timely for this review. Meet the Kensington ErgoSoft: A gaming wrist rest that was created with compact devices in mind, namely laptops, which means it doesn’t take up too much room.

Because of this, I didn’t need to make any changes to my current setup or even move anything to accommodate it. Unfortunately, some mechanical keyboards and gaming laptops may find it too thin.


  • Portable and easy to bring along
  • Perfect size for laptops
  • Smooth and soft to the touch
  • Contoured shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Cheap materials
  • Flimsy feel
  • Unstable due to its contoured shape
  • Too low for some laptops and keyboards

The supposed purpose of Kensington ErgoSoft wrist rest is to provide comfort and simplicity of use for first-time wrist rest owners and laptop gamers. Thankfully, it does those with okay results.

The combination of a soft faux leather outside and a cushioned gel interior allows for a comfortable typing experience while still offering adequate support. There is also a distinctive curved form that adds more padding to the area where my thumbs rest.

As expected for its price though, the structure of its back is strengthened with a non-skid material that’s of lower quality than the material used in other wrist rests on this list. The overall comfort that it provides is subpar too.

I often find myself being disappointed with its cushion too as it isn’t plush and refined as I would’ve liked. Its contoured structure makes it very unstable too, where every move and keyboard input I make results in the wrist rest wobbling ever so slightly.

In summary, if you use a laptop and consider yourself a casual user who only needs something to get the job done, the ErgoSoft is the wrist rest for you. It’s not perfect, in fact, it has a lot of flaws and annoying quirks that can be improved, but they’re definitely tolerable and manageable especially if you’re just a casual gamer like me.


Shopping for a wrist rest for gaming isn’t a chore. It’s quite straightforward as choices in the market aren’t really saturated, after all, it is still an optional accessory for gamers who occasionally feel pain and ache around their hand and arm area.

If you’re looking for a wrist rest that’s suitable for most keyboard sizes and will fit right into the budget, then the HyperX Wrist Rest is your best bet. It’s comfortable, the right size, and the price is very competitive for its features.

For gamers who are looking for a more premium and expensive choice, the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest might entice you. It’s expensive, but it’s got everything you can wish for in wrist rest.

Here’s to more comfortable gaming sessions with your wrist well supported!

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