Best Roblox Star Wars Games

15 Must-Play Star Wars Games in Roblox in 2024

15 Must-Play Star Wars Games in Roblox for Every Star Wars Fan

Best Roblox Star Wars Games

Roblox is a large online platform where kids can build and engage in “immersive 3D worlds,” as its creators define them. In some games like the adventure and town genre, players are offered the option of creating their own avatar (player) and are given a small sum of digital money with which to rent a residence.

Money is needed to furnish and decorate the house, and the prices can mount up quickly. A wide range of costumes is also available for purchase, which is a big plus for many young kids who want to make their avatar seem as hip as possible. Roblox itself isn’t a standalone game, it is a marketplace composed of community-created games that vary from genre to genre and have different types of players.

In this article, I will be discussing the 15 best Star Wars games in Roblox for our diehard Star Wars fans out there. Roblox actually has a healthy amount of Star Wars-themed or galactic-themed games that give you this Jedi vibe, so you won’t be disappointed with this selection.

1. [STAR WARS] Coruscant by |GAR| Grand Army of the Republic |

Be the Jedi or Sith you’ve always wanted in [STAR WARS] Coruscant: a role-playing adventure game where you are free to explore, chat with people, and meet your favorite Star Wars characters like Yoda and Darth Vader.

As a role-playing adventure game, there isn’t really any “goal” to achieve in this game, but rather you are encouraged to socialize and explore the beautiful map that resembles the planets and areas from the movies.

You can also equip titles under your character’s name like “Jedi” or “Cadet”, depending on your role-playing mood. There are also certain actions like attacking or shielding, but it won’t damage other players—it’s just for pure cosmetics.

Speaking of cosmetics, you are free to dress up as any Star Wars character you want in Coruscant as well as wield your favorite weapons like the Jedi lightsaber or Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber.

Why play Roblox’s [STAR WARS] Coruscant:

1. You get to relive the Star Wars world under a relaxing atmosphere.

As a role-playing adventure game, your only goal would be to meet new people and to role-play as your favorite Star Wars characters. No combat, no grinding, no stress. Just pure reenactment of the scenes and epicness you love from the Star Wars universe.

2. Wide variety of cosmetics to equip and toy with.

From lightsabers to characters like Yoda, you won’t run out of options when it comes to cosmetics. You can basically combine any character with any weapon. Just imagine Darth Vader with a green lightsaber. The sky’s the limit with this game.

3. Maps are beautifully crafted to match the films’ vibe.

The game world and maps are well-made, with details like and NPCs carefully placed to make sure that they pay homage to the movies. Even if you play on a server with a few people in them, the game will still feel alive because of its Stormtroopers and other NPCs.

Play [STAR WARS] Coruscant here.

2. Star Wars: Space Battle by DrEgguin

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Star Wars: Space Battle which is an all-out 8v8 dogfight in space, but Star Wars themed. In Star Wars: Space Battle, your goal is to eliminate enemies using your spaceship. Of course, that’s easier said than done because maneuvering and controlling these spaceships are difficult, on top of the already chaotic gameplay.

It’s a game that can get messy real quick with 8 enemies and NPCs shooting at your way, but when you successfully evade their attacks and even launch a barrage of bullets back at them, it just feels satisfying. The team that gets the most kills before the time ends is officially declared as the winner.

As you win games, gain gold, and experience, you can buy better ships that have more powerful guns and faster top speeds. A good spaceship won’t be enough though as skill still takes the cake when it comes to owning other players in Star Wars: Space Battle.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars: Space Battle?

1. Be a part of intense galactic fights.

If you’ve watched the Star Wars films, you know how intense and epic these galactic and space fights can get. That’s exactly the kind of experience you’ll get when you play Star Wars: Space Battle as you maneuver around your enemies and lock your laser beams at them.

2. High skill ceiling that keeps you playing.

Because of its difficult movement commands, Star Wars: Space Battle will keep players who want to get better at their toes as the game is relatively made to have a high skill ceiling.

3. Get lost in the vast emptiness of space.

Although there isn’t any dedicated free roam or adventure mode for this game, it’s still breathtaking to fly around the universe of Star Wars and see planets like AhchTo in the backdrop.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars: Space Battle here.

3. Star Wars: Heroes vs Villains by Sheer Cold Creations

If you’ve played games like Star Wars: Battlefront I and II before, then you’ll definitely love Star Wars: Heroes Vs Villains. This game is directly inspired by Battlefront’s Heroes vs Villains game mode where 6 players are thrown into an arena to battle it out.

You can either choose to be on the side of heroes and play as Jedis, or be on the side of villains and play as Siths. Either way, you’re sure to be playing as one of your beloved Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more.

The objective is to be the team with the most takedowns before the time ends. Each unique character has its own weapon and skills that you can use to take down your opponent. For example, Darth Vader has his signature move “The Force choke” which you can use to stun your opponents briefly.

The premise of the gameplay is quite simple and even first-time players of Heroes vs Villains will have fun right off the bat. There are also several maps and levels where these brawls can take place like the Deathstar and Endor.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars: Heroes vs Villains?

1. See which character fits your playstyle.

As the game allows you to play a plethora of Star Wars characters, you can expect that not all of them will play the same. Some wield guns like Han Solo, while others will wield the infamous lightsabers.

2. All of the signature moves and weapons you missed from the films.

From the force choke to blast guns, there isn’t a missing piece of weaponry from the films that the devs didn’t miss to put.

3. Quick games for quick fun.

Games in Star Wars: Heroes vs Villains are fast-paced compared to other Star Wars games on this list because of the nature of the game. You’re bound to die a lot, especially when you’re just starting out and seeing the different moves and weapons of each character.

And as you die, the more kills the enemy team will get and the faster the games end. If you like quick bursts of fun, then this game is going to be a blast for you.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars: Heroes vs Villains here.

4. [STAR WARS] Legacy by Star Life Community

Star Wars Legacy is a free-roam fighting game with a sprinkle of adventure and role-playing that is heavily based on Star Wars lore and universe. The game features a robust character creation where you are free to make a character based on Star Wars’ most notable figures like Yoda and even R2-D2.

There are numerous classes to play as, such as the Messiah, the Protege, the Prodigy, and many more. Each of these classes has its own quirks and abilities, and have their pros and cons as well.

For a Roblox fighting game, these classes are relatively balanced and easy to learn, so don’t worry about having a class that’s subpar compared to others.

Why play Roblox’s [STAR WARS] Legacy?

1. Create your own Star Wars character that has its own identity.

If you want your own creation and character in a Star Wars-themed game, then Legacy is an excellent game to do just that. Sure, there are tons of cool existing characters in the lore, but who doesn’t want to create their own story?

2. Unique classes with different skills and abilities.

The classes in Legacy vary from each other as they have different playstyles and abilities, suited for every type of fighting-game player.

3. Smooth controls that even noobs can master within minutes.

Legacy is also a departure from fighting games with complex move sets and skills. Here, the controls are pretty straightforward and easy to learn.

Play Roblox’s [STAR WARS] Legacy here.

5. Star Wars: Battleground by The Galactic Empire

Star Wars: Battleground is another Battlefront-inspired game, but this time, it’s from Battlefront’s Galactic Assault game mode. Star Wars: Battleground is a large-scale, ground-based, linear game in which two teams of twenty compete in objective-based combat. The mode spans all three Star Wars eras, with one faction attacking and the other defending.

Every Galactic Assault map includes numerous stages with objectives that are suited to the map’s design. Using Battle Points acquired throughout gaming, players can spawn as a hero, Reinforcement, or vehicle during a match. Some vehicles, on the other hand, are only available during certain phases.

There are also several objectives in the game that contribute to gaining points for your team. These objectives range from escorting vehicles, planting and detonating bombs, to capturing flags.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars: Battleground?

1. This is a game where anything goes.

In a game of Star Wars: Battleground, there are a total of 40 players doing something that contributes to the chaotic atmosphere of the game. There will be guys shooting at you as well as players who will try ramming you with their spaceship, while there will be others who will put up a fight in melee range. It’s certainly one of the best approaches to a Star Wars Roblox game out there.

2. Brawl it out with your friends or strategize together.

Since Star Wars: Battleground needs 40 players to start, you can technically fill a lobby with just the people you know and have the best Star Wars battles of your life.

3. You get unlimited potential in terms of combos and synergy.

As Star Wars: Battleground is a massive multiplayer battle arena with different varieties of characters and weapons under its belt, there are potentially limitless ways you can combine abilities to form one powerful attack.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars: Battleground here.

6. Star Wars: Clone Wars by @Sky_CW

Star Wars: Clone Wars is a role-playing game that is set during the time of Clone Wars in the Star Wars franchise. For those who’ve watched the animated TV series, you’re going to love this game for how much attention to detail they’ve provided to 18 maps like Raxus, as well as the variety of things you can do like living your life as a Mandalorian or Stormtrooper.

As a role-playing game, there are tons of socializing features such as emotes, actions, the ability to equip and play as different Star Wars characters, and many more. As this is set during Clone Wars, you can expect characters and NPCs like Obi-Wan, Captain Rex, and Ahsoka to appear. You can ride spaceships and venture into interstellar travel as well.

But if space travel isn’t your shtick, you can just relax and talk to the thousands of people you meet about your common love for the franchise.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars: Clone Wars [RP]?

1. It’s based on the highly coveted Clone Wars TV series.

For all the fans of the TV series, you’ll definitely have a blast playing this Roblox version of the show as it features the ensemble of characters as well as your favorite areas like Raxus and Dathomir.

2. Meet new people and make new friends in this vast open world.

Talk about your common love for the franchise and explore the world together with the thousands of other players you meet in Star Wars: Clone Wars [RP].

3. Destress and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Star Wars.

If combat or action games aren’t your cup of tea, then role-playing games like these may be your next favorite genre as it is the perfect place to just traverse maps, talk to people, and appreciate the Star Wars lore.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars: Clone Wars here.

7. Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles II by @bovril_enjoyer

Fan of fighting games, Star Wars, and lightsabers? Then look no further with Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles II. In this fighting game, your goal is to kill your opponent using your lightsaber and abilities through a 1v1 or Free For All. Think of games like Tekken or Street Fighter, but Star Wars-themed.

You can play against strangers or invite a friend to see which one is the strongest Jedi or Sith in the galaxy. If you want to reenact the most epic battles in the franchise like Anakin vs Obi Wan, you can do that as well.

For it is a fighting game, there are certain combos and moves you can master to really set yourself apart from new players. Of course, these will take effort to master, but once you smoothly surprise your opponent with the untapped power of the Jedi or Sith, it’s gratifying and full of fun.

Why play Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles II?

1. Test your fighting games skills with Star Wars’ weapons and characters.

For those big into fighting games and Star Wars, you can showcase your fighting games prowess by mastering combos and taking full advantage of your lightsaber to defeat your enemy.

2. Reenact your favorite duels and scenes from the franchise.

Got any battles from the Star Wars franchise that you can’t get out of your head? Then give this game a shot and see which character would reign supreme in a 1v1!

3. Intense battles that put you at the edge of your seat.

Lightsaber duels in this game can really give you this feeling of adrenaline and intensity, especially when you’re 1 HP and still putting up a fight. Nothing gets better than clutching a win against a Jedi or Sith who’s almost had you.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles II here.

8. [STAR WARS] Battle of Hoth By The Galactic Empire GRW

Roblox’s [STAR WARS] Battle of Hoth is a Battlefront-inspired arena shooter that directly copies the Galactic Assault game mode of the game. Essentially, you are thrown into a planet along with 39 other players split into 2 teams with the goal of destroying the other teams’ resources, ships, and base.

In Battle of Hoth, you can choose your favorite characters from the franchise like Anakin, Palpatine, and even R2D2 to command into battle. The team who destroys all of the other teams’ base wins, but kills also contributes as players who are killed are punished with death timers that may hamper their chances of defending their base. You are given weapons and have skills depending on the character you picked, but the game is pretty balanced so it doesn’t really matter which character you play as long as you have fun.

Why play [STAR WARS] Battle of Hoth?

1. You get to participate in an intense war between factions.

In Battle of Hoth, you will be thrown on a battlefield that is similar to an all-out galactic war that you see in the films. With a swarm of bullets coming your way and spaceships crashing down like raindrops, it’s easy to get immersed in this beautiful yet messy war.

2. Synergize with your allies to create the ultimate team.

As teams will be composed of different characters with varying types of weapons, you can synergize with your allies well to see which combos and weapons work best when it comes to incapacitating your enemies.

3. Drop dead Gorgeous maps that pay attention to detail to the films and series.

The maps in this game are beautifully crafted as well, with planets like Kamino, Theed, and Endor playable to all players.

Play Roblox’s [STAR WARS] Battle of Hoth here.

9. Lightsaber Battlegrounds By The Jedi Order

Lightsaber Battlegrounds is yet another fighting and lightsaber-centric Star Wars game, but this time, it’s set in a battleground where you can combat up to 30 different players. Of course, you won’t be fighting 30 players at once, but you’ll be dropped in one huge map and come across strangers and enemies that are also out to get you.

With moves like Force Push, Force Freeze, Force Choke, and many more, you have a lot of skills under your artillery to kill anyone on sight. If you are the one who’s unfortunately being forced choked, then don’t worry—you have unlimited respawns.

There are also a wide variety of characters you can choose from like Anakin Skywalker or his alter ego, Darth Vader. There aren’t strict rules on forming alliances and teams in-game, so if you’ve got friends who are willing to play this game with you, you can essentially team up and slay noobs who don’t suspect an alliance.

But there only can be one winner, and that’s the player who gets the most kills before the time ends wins the game.

Why play Lightsaber Battlegrounds:

1. Partake in forming of alliances with strangers or friends.

If you don’t feel confident going in alone, then you can call a friend or interact with a stranger to form an alliance and clean out the lobby from your enemies in teams.

2. You battle it out in an all-out chaotic battle arena setting.

There’s going to be a lot of stuff going on in a game of Lightsaber Battlegrounds, so if you’re into the chaotic type of fun, then give this game a shot.

3. It is set in hellish Star Wars maps and areas.

As it is a fighting game, it is set in dark and hellish Star Wars planets like Korriban and Moraband. However, it’s worth noting that it isn’t open-world. You are restricted to one area of that planet where the battleground is located.

Play Roblox’s Lightsaber Battlegrounds here.

10. Ilum 2 By The Jedi Order

Roblox’s Ilum 2 is one of the Best Star Wars-themed role-playing games in Roblox for how you are able to choose which side you can loyally vow yourself with. Live your life as either a Jedi or a Sith, or be a temple guard or a Mandalorian, whichever floats your boat.

In Ilum 2, factions like the ones mentioned above play an important role. As factions like Jedi or Sith get stronger, their overall influence in the game world can be seen and interacted with. There’s more to this game than mindless role-playing as well.

You can mine materials, build your own home, build your own spaceship, and many more. Think of it like Minecraft, but Star Wars! If building and mining sound too tedious to you, then you’re free to just socialize with other players or roam around its plethora of planets.

Why play Roblox’s Ilum 2?

1. You can be a Jedi, a Sith, or anything you want from the Star Wars universe.

You can pledge your loyalty to the Jedi, the Sith, the Mandalorian, and many more factions.

2. It’s one of the best role-playing experiences in the Star Wars genre.

Because of these complex allegiances to factions, Ilum 2 provides one of the more refined role-playing experiences around in Star Wars Roblox games.

3. It contains beautiful game worlds that you can’t miss out on.

Ilum 2 also pays homage to the big and beautiful planets from the Star Wars series like the Death Star. If you saw it from the franchise, then it’s probably here.

Play Roblox’s Ilum 2 here.

11. STAR WARS: ARMADA By The Galactic Empire

Roblox’s STAR WARS: ARMADA is an epic Star Wars Spacewar game, featuring some of the franchises’ most iconic factions, spaceships, and characters. This game gives you the choice to side with the Rebels or the Empire, where you can play as a pilot wreaking havoc across the galaxy.

In this game, the goal is to destroy the opposite faction’s ships, bases, planets, and more. STAR WARS: ARMADA is made with the culmination of Star Wars dogfighting in mind, meaning it’s one of the best space exploration out there and space combat games period. Apart from driving a ship, you can also land on planets and shoot NPCs and players alike.

Why play Roblox’s STAR WARS: ARMADA?

1. It’s a realistic approach to Star Wars dogfighting.

Although it may seem like it is not, STAR WARS: ARMADA has a touch of realism to it for how players can land on planets, board and destroy other ships, and many more. If this were other dogfighting games, players will just be greeted with an invisible wall when they try to do these.

2. You get to play as part of the Rebel or the mighty Empire.

You can choose between two factions in this game: The Rebel or The Empire. Both of these factions feature notable characters like Sabine Wren and Palpatine.

3. Engaging in strategizing and planning are a core part of the gameplay.

Shooting mindlessly into nowhere isn’t necessarily the best game plan. That is why talking to your teammates and assigning which player does this and does that is important to victory. And if game strategizing is up your alley, this game is definitely one you shouldn’t miss!

Play Roblox’s STAR WARS: ARMADA here.

12. Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Outer Rim By @Boztek

For fans of the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian, this is for you all. Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Outer Rim is a Mandalorian-inspired bounty hunting game where you hunt an NPC for rewards like gold and cosmetics. If you think that’s easy, then think again since you’re going to start with essentially nothing.

You will need to train hard and mold yourself into a full-fledged bounty hunter that can adapt to various styles of hunting like assassination, heists, and many more. You may also join guilds to hunt bounty with other players, build your reputation for better rewards, and prove that you are the best bounty hunter in the galaxy in Roblox.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Outer Rim?

1. The game pays homage to The Mandalorian TV series.

The Mandalorian is one of the best Star Wars TV series out there, so if you’re a huge fan of that show, then you’ll definitely love this game.

2. You get to enjoy RPG elements that are baked into the gameplay.

As a bounty hunter, you’ll need to grind for better items so that you could hunt easier and faster. This is where its RPG elements come in and where you may find yourself grinding for said items and rewards.

3. Guilds in the game make hunting more fun and engaging.

You are also able to join guilds where you can meet expert hunters and ask for their help with difficult quests and hunts.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Outer Rim here.

13. Star Wars Tycoon By Electronic Publishers

What is a list of Roblox Star Wars games without the ever popular Tycoon remixed version of it. And yes, there is even a Star Wars variation of it!

In Star Wars Tycoon, you get to experience what it’s like to be a merchant and a businessman in the Star Wars universe. As with any tycoon game, you start with nothing but your business mindset and basic mining tools. You will be tasked to mine Kyper crystals which you can sell for a little bit of cash in the beginning, but once you’ve accumulated a healthy sum, this is where the real tycoon aspect starts.

Cash is mainly what’s used to buy things for your house, stores, and many more. Of course, you won’t be buying a straight-up building right away, but you’ll be buying the components and materials that make up these establishments.

Once you’ve constructed your first store, customers from around the galaxy will start flocking and patronizing your products as you prove to be one of the best merchants in your galaxy and eventually, the universe.

If micro managing is what you like to do in a Roblox game, then this Star Wars Tycoon game is definitely for you.

Why play Roblox’s Star Wars Tycoon:

1. You get to build your dream business in a galactic setting.

Being a tycoon master in a Star Wars-themed universe is different. You’re not only serving humans, but also other species with different likes and interests from other facets of the universe. This aspect pushes you to build your dream business while also keeping in mind the wants and needs of your buyers.

2. Star Wars Tycoon is a viable way to destress and relax.

Although tycoon games can get stressful once you reach the endgame, they’re typically relaxing and peaceful at the start. Star Wars Tycoon isn’t any different. Managing and being the owner of several intergalactic businesses is a fun way to take your mind off the action and adventure games that can be stressful at times.

3. Get a sense of satisfaction as you watch your empire grow and flourish.

Once you’ve spread your businesses’ influence on a planet, you’ll never run out of customers around the universe who will keep coming back for your products. Just remember to keep quality control and management in check! Even aliens can be picky.

Play Roblox’s Star Wars Tycoon here.

14. BabyYoda The Mandalorian Star Wars By @monky6021

This Roblox game is a whole new gaming concept that not even big game companies have thought of. In BabyYoda The Mandalorian, you play as Yoda with the goal of eliminating 99 other players on a barren planet. If that sounds familiar, it probably is because it’s essentially a battle royale with Fortnite mechanics, just in Star Wars fashion.

As a third-person shooter and battle royale, you’ll want to mine materials that you can use to create buildings and shields to protect yourself from other players. You can also pick up loot which is all Star Wars-themed, from lightsabers to plasma guns.

The ultimate goal here is to eliminate as many players as you can while being the last man standing. For expert Fortnite players and Star Wars fanatics, you’ll find yourself right at home with BabyYoda The Mandalorian.

Why play Roblox’s BabyYoda The Mandalorian?

1. It’s a Star Wars-themed battle royale action.

Battle Royale games have always been easy to recommend for how basic their concept is and how fun it can get especially with friends. This is not different in BabyYoda as your goal is to become the last man standing while making use of your lightsaber and plasma guns to kill enemies.

2. You get an overdose of Baby Yoda (in a good way).

As the game name implies, everybody plays as Baby Yoda. This may look confusing at first, but it’s absolutely funny and adorable how everyone is literally a cute Yoda but with the battlehunger of a raging Sith.

3. Claim victorious with your friends.

There’s also a squad game mode in BabyYoda The Mandalorian where you can play with your friends and come on top as the best set of Baby Yodas in the galaxy.

Play Roblox’s Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Star Wars here.

15. Death Star Tycoon By Tycoon Typhoon

Death Star Tycoon is another Star Wars-themed tycoon in Roblox, but this time, it is set in space rather than on a planet. In this game, you start with a rather slow spaceship with basic materials and weapons at hand. You can mine asteroids, rocks, space junk, and many more to build your very own Death Star.

It doesn’t have as much variation with materials and things you can build as the game really only allows you to work towards your own Death Star, but it’s still satisfying to slowly build an empire that has the power to disintegrate planets. As you mine more stuff, you can also invest towards a better and faster spaceship that can mine materials faster.

Why play Roblox’s Death Star Tycoon?

1. Indulge in a Star Wars tycoon game, set in space.

Most tycoons, to begin with, are set in either Earth or land which can get old pretty quick. Thankfully, Death Star Tycoon takes place in Space where you have the liberty to roam around the galaxy in search of materials for your very own Death Star.

2. Its building system is straightforward.

Compared to other tycoon games, Death Star Tycoon is pretty easy to grasp and understand. Your goal is to mine materials to build a Death Star, and that’s about it. There’s really no business aspect to it, just empire building to threaten other planets with.

3. Explore the vast emptiness and beauty of the Star Wars universe.

If mining is getting a bit grindy for you, you can just set it aside for a moment and enjoy the beauty of the planets, galaxies, and stars around you.

Play Roblox’s Death Star Tycoon here.

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