Roblox Best First Person Shooter

The 15 Best FPS Games in Roblox in 2024

The Ultimate FPS Showdown: Ranking the 15 Best First Person Shooters on Roblox

One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide variety of games that users can create and play on the platform. Among the many genres of games available on Roblox, first-person shooter (FPS) games have always been a favorite among players.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide array of games (in all genres) that users can create and play on the platform. Among the many genres of games available on Roblox, first-person shooter (FPS) games have always been a hot favorite among players.

In this post, I’ve stringed together a list of the 15 best FPS games that you can find and play on Roblox. From the fast-paced to the more tactical and strategic FPS games, there is surely something on this list that interests you!

So whether you’re a hardcore FPS player, or just looking for some fun and relaxation shooting game, I’ve got your back. Read on to discover the full list of the best FPS games on Roblox.

1. Arsenal by ROLVe Community

Arsenal is a first-person shooter and fighting game created by ROLVe Community’s talented developers. It’s based on the Arms Race game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As a first-person shooter, elements such as PvP, abilities, precise gunplay, and cosmetic items are present. It’s also worth noting that Arsenal boasts one of Roblox’s largest game communities, with over 3.2 billion visits and an average of 30k daily players.

In the game, for every round, players must get kills or assists until they reach 32 kills (or 16 kills if the game modes are not Standard, Gun Rotation, Competitive, Laser Tag, Automatics, and Railgun Royale).

At the 31st kill, the Golden Gun is utilized, while the Golden Knife is used for the 32nd (and final) kill. The golden knife is a gold version of the player’s equipped melee, with the exception of the fisticuffs, which are already gold.

When the player with the Golden Knife gets a kill with it (no help is allowed) and the game ends, the Golden Knife kill sound effect from Team Fortress 2 plays. Both the golden rifle and the golden knife turn the player murdered with them into a solid gold statue in the position in which they were killed.

The game mechanics are certainly one-of-a-kind, but it’s also a lot of fun and entertaining. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re an FPS game enthusiast.

Why play Arsenal:

The FPS gameplay of Arsenal, a Roblox game. Players use various weapons to eliminate opponents in multiplayer modes, with customization options available for personalization.

1. 1v5 clutch rounds that put you at the edge of your seat.

If you’ve ever been put in a tight situation where you had to go 1v5, it’s one of the most stressful yet adrenaline-pumping situations you’ll ever experience, one that not even triple-A games can match and deliver.

2. Overwhelmingly fun and chaotic.

A lot can happen during an Arsenal game, which can be puzzling at first, but it’s all part of the fun once you understand the basics. Imagine a swarm of players rushing at you from all sides, a rising sea of bullets coming your way, and your teammates shooting back in every direction. It’s complete chaos, but the good type of chaos!

3. It features one of the largest gaming communities in Roblox.

With 3.2 billion visits and a daily player count of 30k, this game is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has no downtime in terms of servers, player count, player assistance, or anything else.

If you enjoy competing against a large number of players while simultaneously making new acquaintances, Arsenal is the game for you.

Play Roblox’s Arsenal here.

2. 🔥 Zombie Uprising by The Real U.S.S.F

If FPS and zombie games are your thing, then Zombie Uprising is the perfect combo for you in Roblox. In Zombie Uprising, you are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world that is filled with horrifying zombies and unknown monsters. Your job is to find the remaining humans who are still alive and team up with them to slay and kill zombies.

Of course, these humans are other players who share the same fate just like you. Since the fate of mankind lies in you and your team’s hands, it’s important that you all do your part in killing zombies. Thanks to the game’s in-depth weapon system where you are able to attach mods to your guns and 70 weapon levels, you won’t be going out in the open without the right gear.

The beloved guns like AK-47 and M4 are all here but are accompanied by crazy ballistics like an RPG and cluster grenades. These can all be unlocked by getting cash from quests, zombies, and then using that cash to buy weapons from the store.

That’s not all—you can also play with your friends and form an unstoppable team with them to save humanity from the wrath of zombies!

Why play 🔥 Zombie Uprising:

1. An authentic zombie survival FPS experience.

Not a lot of games in Roblox can deliver the vibe and experience that Zombie Uprising gives. From the dark and lifeless lands to the zombie-infested areas, it’s easy to get lost in its horrifying world—especially when you factor in that the first-person POV adds to the scare factor.

2. In-depth weapons system.

Your beloved weapons can be upgraded up to 70 levels and you may attach mods to them as well. These mods can do everything, from increasing the damage of your bullets to adding AoE explosions to every shot.

3. Playing with friends makes the game easier and gratifying.

If you’ve got friends who also love zombie survival and FPS games, then you should definitely ask them to try Zombie Uprising out. Zombie Uprising is a game that heavily emphasizes teamwork and forming groups to eradicate hordes of zombies. Even if you think you’re strong enough, having several extra hands to help you fight isn’t a bad thing.

Play Roblox’s Zombie Uprising here.

3. KAT! by Fierzaa

Knife Ability Test, or KAT, is a unique first-person shooter that revolves around throwing knives at people. It appears simple and uninteresting at first, but it quickly becomes one of the most enjoyable and addictive FPS games available in Roblox.

Players are placed in a lobby with other players in KAT, where chaos and war ensue. Knives are flying everywhere, and everyone is terrified—it’s difficult not to laugh and enjoy yourself while playing. Though some people play KAT for the sake of competition, the majority use it as a stress reliever and a way to interact with other players.

Of course, in-game currencies and cosmetics are there, as they are in all Roblox games. Players can upgrade their knives and use them to kill others, but it’s up to you whether you want to grind or relax. Other game types include Murder, in which players can hide from the Murderer, who will kill them if they are discovered. It’s simple but thrilling, especially in a crowded lobby with people you know and love.

Why play KAT!:

1. The game is a different approach from the traditional guns and weapons in FPS games.

It’s clear right away that KAT isn’t your ordinary first-person shooter. There are no firearms to shoot or recoil patterns to remember, but there is plenty of fun to be had. When players are being slain left and right, it’s hilarious to see them roll over and just stare blankly at you.

2. The game’s art and design style is quirky and cute.

The art style of KAT isn’t too dark and “adult” too. It features a cute and anime-ish vibe that gamers of all ages will appreciate and welcome.

3. All the in-game cosmetics are worth grinding for.

KAT has a good amount of cosmetics and grindable things. Though these don’t increase your damage or assist you in killing other players in-game, they do allow you to show off your sense of style and in-game fashion. What sets this game’s cosmetics apart from the rest is that it totally changes the way you look and feel in-game.

Some weapons feel lighter than others while some give you this utter confidence that you can just one-shot someone with one knife. It’s definitely the placebo effect in action but still cool nonetheless.

Play Roblox’s KAT! here.

4. Bad Business by Bad Business

Bad Business is an FPS game heavily inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game relies on fast-paced action, brutal characters, and accurate aim in order to be played at its fullest potential. Bad Business doesn’t have any story modes or free roam modes as it features several game modes which you can pick from. These game modes are very similar to COD’s style, which are Domination, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and more.

Needless to say that if you are a big COD fan, then you’ll definitely love Bad Business. Sure, it doesn’t have COD’s graphics or gun mechanics, but it’s still a lot of fun to play especially when you’re trying to max out your guns. Speaking of guns, the weapons in this game can be leveled up and be attached with mods. These mods change how your gun works and are fundamental in making them stronger.

The goal in Bad Business is to lower your gun’s Time-to-kill (or TTK) and you can achieve this by having the perfect combination of guns and mods. Strafing, running, and crouch jumping are present in this game as well—solidifying its identity as a COD-inspired FPS for Roblox players.

There is also a competitive rank system present in the game for players who want to take the game seriously and outshine everyone in the leaderboards.

Why play Bad Business:

1. It’s an excellent COD-inspired FPS game in Roblox.

There are tons of COD clones and COD-inspired FPS games in Roblox, but this one takes the bag for being one of the best ones out there. With its smooth movements, complex weapon systems, and game modes like Team Deathmatch and Free For All, COD players will feel right at home in Bad Business.

2. The gun mechanics are above average for Roblox standards.

Let’s face it: gun mechanics in Roblox can be awkward sometimes. There are times where bullets feel soft or like a toy, while there are also times where they don’t even shoot. But do not worry: Bad Business has got the formula right and its gun mechanics feel right and play nicely. Guns actually feel satisfying to shoot and bullets have this “weight” that makes them feel impactful.

3. Engage in shooting in a competitive landscape with its rank system.

As a COD-inspired FPS game, there is a rank system that may encourage you to play better in your games. It’s a highly skilled-oriented game and it will take a lot of practice to master some gun mechanics and movement controls, but it’s worth the price when you’ve finally reached the rank that you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Play Roblox’s Bad Business here.

5. Phantom Forces by StyLiS Studios

Phantom Forces is one of the most popular and oldest FPS games in Roblox. Released in 2015, it has been visited 1 billion times and is being played by 10,000 players daily. It’s a team-based shooting game played in an online arena.

Despite its simplistic appearance, it provides a high skill level comparable to games like Battlefield. To succeed, players must master the geography of each place and map, as well as the mechanics of each weapon and other movement and strategic features. Each team must work together to take down the other, and it won’t be as simple as what you might think.

With 16 vs 16 modes in 27 different places throughout the world, the games are quick, chaotic, and entertaining. In seven different game modes, you can utilize a vast and ever-expanding arsenal of weaponry, including knives and guns. As it is more similar to Battlefield than COD, games can get super intense and confusing most of the time.

You are faced with 16 other players in a lobby which, on its own, already sounds ridiculous, but add the fact that you need to focus on the rain of bullets coming your way and the thunderous sound of grenades—it’s an all-out war.

Why play Phantom Forces:

1. An impressive adoption of Battlefield-style games.

If COD or CS:GO type of FPS games aren’t your thing, then Battlefield-arena style games just might do the trick. This arena FPS type of game closely resembles games like Battlefield V and even Star Wars: Battlefront which has a lot going on for them. With a total of 32 players in one lobby, it’s easy to get lost in its intense and heated battles.

2. The perfect game to play for those with a big circle of friends.

You and your squad will definitely enjoy Phantom Forces because of its huge lobby and player limit. While some games in this list only have 5v5 or 10v10 modes, Phantom Forces has a gigantic 16v16 game mode which in total, allows 31 other players to join you in a messy war. So, if you’ve got that many friends, then this is the best FPS game to have fun in.

3. Tons of unique and distinct maps to choose from.

There are a total of 13 large maps in Phantom Forces which all have their own style, places to hide, sniper spots, and more. For example, the Lakeside map has small houses wherein players can camp or hide as they wait for an enemy to come. It’s these little things that make every map feel different and distinct from each other.

Play Roblox’s Phantom Forces here.

6. Energy Assault by Typical Games

So far, we’ve covered COD, CS:GO, and Battlefield style of games. It’s only natural that we also mention a Halo-style FPS game for the Xbox and Halo fans out there! Enter Roblox’s Energy Assault: a futuristic arena FPS game where you wage war in different maps using your plasma guns, plasma swords, and railguns.

Energy Assault takes place in a futuristic setting that is far from our world. You and 7 other players are thrown into a distant future where jetpacks, plasma guns, Star Wars-like swords, and more are used to wage war with the enemy faction.

There are a total of 6 modes, 15 maps, 36 guns, and hundreds of cosmetics that Energy Assault has to offer. Guns like the SCAR, XM8, and sawed-off are present with the game’s futuristic twist. As for the game modes, Capture the Flag, Hill Control, and Free for All.

One of the more popular modes is Capture the Flag where a 4v4 battle occurs and your goal is to capture the enemy’s flag and return it to your base. There are also flying vehicles present in the game which all can be used to ram into enemies or to dodge enemy attacks.

Though it is not as complex and difficult as Phantom Forces and Bad Business, it’s still a fun game that requires little to no skill to master.

Why play Energy Assault:

1. It’s a stress-free arena shooter.

Competitive shooters with sophisticated weapon systems and ranks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, Energy Assault is beginner-friendly as its gun mechanics are easy to learn as well as its maps. The game is forgiving for its easy controls, low recoil, and basic map structures.

2. Great for Halo fans.

Energy Assault will surely be a treat to any Xbox and Halo fans out there who are looking for a great futuristic FPS game. It’s got the suits, the guns, and even the vibe of some maps that it’s hard to not fall in love with it.

3. VR support for players looking for a more immersive experience.

If you got a VR headset lying around, then don’t hesitate to give Energy Assault a shot. Imagine being in the forefront of a Halo-like battlefield, flying around with your hoverboards and shooting enemies. Totally an unreal experience!

Play Roblox’s Energy Assault here.

7. SHOOT OUT! by Manic!

Shoot Out is extremely similar to Arsenal in that it’s a gun game, where you’ll strive to get eliminations to get through a set of weaponry on your route to victory. Game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Search and Destroy, and Capture the Flag are present here.

Where it sets itself apart from the rest of the Roblox FPS games is that it’s set in the old west, with a lot of extremely antique weaponry that you get to use. You can also play in third person, as well as roll around to dodge fire. It adds a bit more strategy to the game, and rewards dynamic movement!

There are numerous factions/classes in Shoot Out that players can choose from. There are the Samurai, Untamed Beast, Roman Gladiator, just to name a few. Each of these classes has its own set of weapons and perks that players can strategize with and use to claim their win.

For example, the Cyclops Warrior class uses a Forged Steel Sword as its weapon and has the ability to teleport around the battlefield. The Untamed Beast uses a gun to shoot its enemies with and has a Hog companion who also takes part in battles. It’s the little things like these that make the game fresh and different from the rest.

On top of that, there are also never before seen mechanics like bullet deflection using swords and shields, and death effects so you go out in style. Shoot out is a breath of fresh air in the FPS game genre and it’s a formidable opponent to Arsenal which essentially, has the same gameplay as Shoot Out.

Why play SHOOT OUT!:

1. Wild west vibe that gives it a nostalgic feel.

If you’ve ever played games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fallout New Vegas, then you might be familiar with what a wild west vibe is. It’s basically old western America where cowboys and gangs used to rule the desolate and barren lands of the west. If you’re into that kind of theme, then Shoot Out will definitely deliver.

2. Huge variety of unique classes with their own trump cards.

Each class has its own abilities and weapons that set them apart from each other. The Untamed Beast class, for example, uses an AK-47 for its weapon of choice and can call a companion or a pet for its ability.

3. Teams can try out different combinations of classes to see which works best.

As each class has unique playstyles, it’s optimal that a team has at least 2 swordsmen and 3 gunners. This way, your team won’t be stuck with melee-only solutions when it comes to damaging foes. Of course, this will depend on your enemy’s team setup as well, but it just adds to the fun and complexity of the game that isn’t present on other FPS games.

Play Roblox’s Shoot Out! here.

8. Counter Blox by ROLVe Community

Counter Blox is an adoption of the Counter Strike style of games that have been pioneered by one of the best devs in Roblox, ROLVe Community. In Counter Blox, you can pretty much expect the same gameplay and game mechanics as you would from Counter Strike. You are dropped in a 5v5 map and your goal is to defuse the bomb (if you’re on the counter-terrorist side) or plant the bomb and let it explode (if you’re on the terrorist side) to win a round. A typical Counter Blox game is won by the team who reaches 13 round wins first.

Each side has its unique set of weapons. For example, the terrorists have access to the infamous AK-47 while counter-terrorists can buy the M4A1-S from their shop. Speaking of shops, each player is given a starting amount to buy guns, armor, and weapons with. This amount of cash can increase or decrease per round depending on whether you win or lose. Just like Counter Strike, its gun mechanics are also difficult to master. There are definitely recoil patterns and spray patterns to memorize, as well as certain weapons to buy for specific rounds. Lastly, the map selection in Counter Blox is plentiful, which are mostly direct copies from Counter Strike. Places like Mirage, Dust II, and Vertigo are present and are to be seen here.

Why play Counter Blox!:

1. One of the best CS:GO inspired game in Roblox.

Some games have tried to mimic CS:GO’s style, maps, and mechanics, but Counter Blox has got to be the best one so far. With almost a 1:1 copy of the maps as well the guns and skins, it’s almost like playing a free copy of CS:GO directly in Roblox.

2. Very competitive scene and atmosphere.

As this is a CS:GO style FPS, just expect that players won’t go easy on you. This isn’t a bad thing though as this means that games will really demand you to give everything you’ve got. There are unranked and deathmatch queues where you can practice your aim and skill, but ranked games are where the real fun and competition begins.

3. Strategizing and talking to your teammates is a must.

Most games that we’ve featured so far are FPS games that you can get away with without opening your mic or typing in the chat. However, things are different in Counter Blox. You have to be constantly giving your team information such as the whereabouts of the enemy or the bomb as well as their remaining HP. This encourages you to speak, meet, and make more friends online which is a huge plus!

Play Roblox’s Counter Blox here.

9. Strucid by Frosted Studio

Strucid is regarded as the best Fortnite clone in Roblox, and for good reasons. It has everything that Fortnite is supposed to be: structure building, quirky skins, legendary weapons, and more. If you’re not familiar with Strucid or the Fortnite style of FPS games, it’s a battle royale where you and 99 other players are dropped off on an island and fight to the death. The last man standing is declared as the winner or the “Victory Royale”.

Just like Fortnite, Strucid gives you an Axe that you can use to harvest materials with. These materials can range from wood to steel and you can use them to build structures to protect you from gunfire and enemies. There is loot scattered everywhere on the map and these can vary from common items and guns to legendary weapons like the Orange Scar and RPG.

The overall game’s design language is also colorful, easy to the eyes, and saturated as well. As opposed to other games on this list which take a rather mute tone in color, the maps and graphics in Strucid pop with life and vivid colors which makes it easier to spot enemies in.

Why play Strucid:

1. Fortnite gun and building mechanics are present in the game.

If you’re a fan of building and FPS games but your device or PC just can’t handle Fortnite, then Strucid is an excellent alternative. It’s basically Fortnite that can run on any device, so expect the same gun mechanics and building mechanics. You can build small structures like a pyramid to shield you from foes or megastructures to make it hard for your enemies to chase you down.

2. The cosmetics and skins are really unique.

Fortnite has always been known for its unique skin designs as well as different approaches to skins. This is also present in Strucid where skins like John Wick and Ninja are available for purchase.

3. High skill ceiling in the game that rewards players rightfully.

The building mechanics can get really difficult as the more people there are, the harder it will be to sustain your building. The secret? Be quick and always build with steel! This, however, will take hundreds of games for you to master as hotkeys and controls for this game are all over the place. Once you get it down though, it really feels satisfying and rewarding to build a 3-story structure in a matter of seconds.

Play Roblox’s Strucid here.

10. POLYBATTLE By Moonlight Interactive

POLYBATTLE is yet another Battlefield clone but, as the name suggests, in its full low poly Roblox form. It’s an arena shooter that shares the same game modes as the franchise but has a wide variety of unique maps that aren’t limited to World War 1 or 2 ones.

There are still the beloved Battlefield maps like Strike at Karkand where 32 players drop in and cause mayhem and warfare. There are also 7 different classes that all fill different roles on the battlefield (no pun intended). For example, the medic is a healer that can resurrect downed teammates and give them booster shots. The Sniper class specializes in staying in shadows and assassinating front liners like the Special Forces and Assault.

Because of the interesting class system, teams are encouraged to mix and match certain classes to make the most out of their lineup. Since there are 16 players in one team, teams can assign certain people to pick medic, sniper, etc. It’s total chaos and warfare, but the type that is entertaining and mind-blowing!


1. A low-end device-friendly copy of Battlefield.

Not everyone has the high-end PC to run Battlefield, so knowing that there is a game like POLYBATTLE in Roblox is assuring. As you can deduce from the game’s name, it features low poly characters and maps which opens the game to a much bigger demographic as any type of device can play the game smoothly.

2. Its battlefield maps heavily differ from each other.

As a Battlefield adoption, there are numerous maps to choose from. The good thing is that they’re not just copy-pasted. Some maps heavily differ from each other. There are maps that are set in WWI and WWII, while some take place in the present time like the Vegas map that takes place in downtown Las Vegas.

3. The game’s class system gives rise to a diverse set of teams.

The class system can make games and teams really flexible with their setups. If you feel like your team lacks healing, then you can freely turn into a medic mid-match to fill that role. Want more guys in the front line? Then you can switch to a Special Force or Assault and fire away!

Play Roblox’s POLYBATTLE here.

11. BIG Paintball! by BIG Games™

Big Paintball is a breath of fresh air as it isn’t specifically inspired by any triple-A titles like COD or Battlefield. It’s everyone’s beloved paintball game that is in FPS form!

In Big Paintball, the goal is to score for your team by tagging your enemies with paintballs. You and 9 other players are dropped in a small map where you are given nerf guns which all have paint as bullets. Players can get killstreaks as they rack up consecutive tags and these can contribute to the overall score used to win the game.

Players are also able to use abilities once they get a certain amount of tags, but these are limited to bigger maps like Nuketown that can really give justice to the ability’s damage and AoE effect.

Why play Big Paintball:

1. Non-competitive environment where you and your friends can relax.

Most of the FPS games featured in this list are competitive games that require you to be at your best form all the time. Fortunately in BIG Paintball, the main goal is to just have fun while tagging your friends with paint! It’s the perfect way to detox from all the other games that have stressful ranked queues.

2. Try out the different weapons that give players different advantages.

There are several weapons in BIG Paintball that serve different purposes. For example, ARs have a mid-range fire rate but do a decent amount of damage. Meanwhile, SMGs have a very high fire rate but do minimal damage. It’s up to you to pick which of these factors you value, but since Big Paintball doesn’t rely on TTK but rather on tags, ARs are the best all-around pick for every type of player.

3. Learn to time your abilities in battle.

The abilities in Big Paintball have the power to turn the battle in your favor when you use them correctly. Abilities like the Nuke can annihilate a whole map worth of players, so using it when your team is lacking on points may just help you get the edge to win.

Play Roblox’s BIG Paintball here.

12. Military Combat Tycoon by Entelechy Entertainment

Military Combat Tycoon is yet another FPS game that takes inspiration from the Battlefield arena-style type of games, but with a twist. Each kill gives the team money that you can all use to expand your team’s reach and purchase vehicles, weapons, armor, abilities, jets, and more.

It’s basically Battlefield on steroids. Once you rack up enough kills, your opponents won’t stand a chance as your artillery of nukes as well as a collection of tanks and jets will rain fire on their bases. Speaking of bases, as you expand yours, you’ll be able to recruit more people to fight for your side and secure the victory.

This is easier said than done as games can last from 20 minutes to 40 minutes due to their complexity and scope. Weapons-wise, everyone’s beloved AK-47, M4, and SCAR are all here as well as RPG launchers and mortar grenades. Your team will only be declared the winner once you destroy and capture the enemy’s whole base.

Why play Military Combat Tycoon:

1. The base expansion feature can create one-sided battles which are fun to watch.

Once you amass a big enough base with the right amount of soldiers to fight alongside you, the game is basically over as long as your opponent doesn’t expand at the same rate as you do. One-sided battles aren’t fun for your enemies but are certainly a blast to see especially when your tanks run over their soldiers and buildings while your jet shoots their homing missiles as their vehicles.

2. Over 300 items to purchase and place in your base.

This scope basically means you won’t run out of stuff to put in your base to help you fight and protect it. From drones to automatic homing missiles, the only thing that’s stopping you is your money and your expansion rate.

3. Wide variety of activities to do besides shooting.

Although Military Combat Tycoon heavily relies on you shooting your enemies dead, there are other things to do like staying at the control center to oversee everything that’s happening. You can even lead a battalion of fighter jets and command them to follow you as you drop some bombs and missiles over your enemy’s base.

Play Roblox’s Military Combat Tycoon here.

13. Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day by United States Armed Forces [USA]

Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day is an obvious copy of the legendary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. What sets this apart from the other games in this list is that this is the only game that does not have a multiplayer mode but rather, focuses on the story of COD.

All the beloved COD characters like Price and Ghost are here, as well as the notorious General Shepherd. As the game’s focus is on the story, it shares the same plotline and narrative as the original COD:MW. Guns like KAR98 and MX9 are present as well as some classics like the Desert Eagle and AK-47 who make their presences known in the story’s climax.

If you’ve played the original game on your Xbox or PS3 back in the day, then you’ll be all familiar with what you’ll see in Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day. The only downside is that once you finish the story, there may be little to no incentive of playing it again since there is no multiplayer mode where you and your friends and duke it out.

Why play Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day:

1. You can relax while playing, with the game’s focus on its storyline.

As all of your enemies in this game will be NPCs and AI, you don’t have to really pay attention to your aiming skills because the game is relatively easy. Most enemies won’t be even moving when you’re shooting at them as the game really wants you to pay more attention to the story rather than combat.

2. Tried and tested plot that has been enjoyed by hundreds of millions.

If you’re still skeptical about this game’s story mode, then just remember that its inspiration, COD:MW, is one of the most popular games and best-selling games of all time—proving that its story was one of its strongest selling points. You can expect the same in Call of Roblox and all types and ages of players should appreciate the depth of its narrative.

3. Its maps and areas embrace its source material closely.

The maps and areas are crafted with care as well. Maps that take place in the Middle East have this foggy, sandstorm look that inhibits your vision while maps that are set in post-Chernobyl Russia have this distinct dark and barren look that really sets the tone for what’s to come story-wise.

Play Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day here.

14. Combat Warriors by SwenzjeGames

Combat Warriors is an FPS game that centers its attention on melee combat and fighting. It still makes use of ranged weapons, but not what you may expect.

For its selection of melee weapons, there are swords, maces, clubs, bats, and more which can all be unlocked once you accumulate enough cash. Of course, not all weapons are made equal. Swords will hurt more than bats, but maces will hurt more than swords.

These weapons can be enhanced by leveling them up, so you’re not trapped with the same stats all throughout the game. Its ranged weapons, on the other hand, range from throwing knives to a bow and arrow. It’s a more traditional take on weaponry but it’s what makes it feel and look different from the oversaturated selection of COD, CS:GO, and Battlefield style of FPS games in Roblox.

Gameplay-wise, there’s a 1v1 duel mode where you can invite your friend or match with a stranger to test your skill. There is also an arena mode where you can go crazy with your weapon and deal massive AoE damage to enemies around you.

Why play Combat Warriors:

1. A distinct take on the FPS game genre.

As Combat Warriors doesn’t really make use of any guns or “futuristic” weapons, it’s truly a breath of fresh air that takes a traditional style of FPS and combat. You are instead given melee and ranged weapons that take skill to master and have different DPS’.

2. Mortal Kombat style of execution.

The MK style of execution can be seen in this game. You can execute someone as long as they’re low enough in HP and a unique animation will take place depending on your weapon. And of course, this all takes place while you’re in first-person mode.

3. The game requires skills, having the best weapons isn’t enough.

Even if you have a legendary katana or the best-ranged weapon, the game will still need you to know what you’re doing. You have to know when to block, dodge, light attack, heavy attack, and roll. Because of this, only the best and deserving ones can really make use of the game’s S-tier weapons such as the Katana.

Play Roblox’s Combat Warriors here.

15. Entry Point By Cishshato

For those who have a knack for stealth FPS games like Hitman, then Entry Point is the one for you. Entry Point heavily relies on you sneaking up on your enemies and stabbing them or killing them with a silenced weapon.

There are a total of 15 missions in Entry Point, each having its own goals to complete and high profile people to kill. These can range from presidents to mafia leaders who secretly control the country. Your goal is to eliminate them without leaving a trace. This can be done by making use of knives, silenced weapons like Silenced 9mm and M4A1-S. However, you’re not limited to the assassin type of playstyle. It’s really up to you, but the game encourages you to play it slow and quietly so that it would be easier for you to eliminate the target.

If you do want to go Rambo and do the noisy route, then expect a lot of heat and enemies to be coming for you. As it is a stealth game, maps have distinct areas where you can hide and wait for enemies to leave. Once you take down an enemy, you can get their clothes as well as keycards to gain access to certain game areas.

Why play Entry Point:

1. One of the few stealth FPS games in Roblox.

There aren’t a lot of Hitman-style games in Roblox since the majority of its player base prefers the loud and chaotic scenes of COD-style games. Luckily enough, Entry Point is one of the few ones that are actually good for how it’s able to keep the stealth and assassin vibe while also giving players the choice to go all out with their mission.

2. Players can be creative with how they finish missions.

Entry Point gives its players the liberty on how they choose to finish missions. There aren’t any direct instructions like “Go to this place to complete the mission”. Rather, quests are structured like “Eliminate Target A” with no other details. This may seem vague to some, but this means that it’s totally up to you on how you would approach eliminating your target without being spotted by guards and witnesses.

3. There are 15 unique missions that escalate in difficulty.

There are a total of 15 different missions which all take place in 15 separate maps. This means that no mission is like the other, and you won’t ever face repetition. Some missions will require you to be patient, while others may suggest that going with the loud and proud approach is key. Of course, the later you are in the game, the harder these missions will be.

Play Roblox’s Entry Point here.

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