Green Dragon OSRS complete guide.

An Indepth Guide – OS Runescape Green Dragons (2024)

Introduction to Green Dragons

Green dragons – the easiest dragon to slay in all of Runescape. Green Dragons can be found mostly in the Wilderness. Outside of the Wilderness, they are found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon, a cave system underneath south of Feldip Hills.

OSRS Green Dragons
Killing Green Dragons in the Wilderness, OSRS.

They have 100 hit-points, and are aggressive. Their max melee hit is 8, and 50 for their dragonfire attack. Their attack speed is 6, and hit at an interval of 2.4 seconds.

Their weaknesses are stab and ranged attacks (also when a player uses a Dragonbane weapon, either the Dragon hunter crossbow or a Dragon hunter lance).

The combat level of Green dragons are either 79 or 88.

OSRS Green Dragons.
OSRS Green Dragons.

Updated 2024 Guide for hunting green dragons

In 2024, the strategies for hunting Green Dragons in Old School RuneScape have evolved, with various locations and tactics that players can employ for successful hunting trips.

The Wilderness continues to be a popular area for encountering Green Dragons, although it comes with the risk of encountering player killers (PKers).

Key locations for Green Dragons in the Wilderness include south of Venenatis, west of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress, north of the Graveyard of Shadows, and south of the Lava Maze. Each of these locations offers different challenges and densities of Green Dragons, so players can choose based on their comfort with Wilderness levels and proximity to escape routes.

The Wilderness Slayer Cave is another notable spot for hunting Green Dragons in 2024. It houses a concentration of Green Dragons that are the level 88 variant, offering a unique challenge and rewards. Access to this cave is a mark of a more experienced player, and it’s advisable for those who are ready to take on tougher opponents.

In addition to these locations, the Corsair Cove Dungeon remains a viable place to fight standard Green Dragons. This location can be accessed via the Myths’ Guild basement and requires players to have access to the Myths’ Guild, typically achieved by completing specific quests.

Elvarg, a boss enemy in RuneScape, represents a more challenging fight than standard Green Dragons. Elvarg has higher HP and a stronger dragonfire attack. Successfully defeating Elvarg is a requirement for completing the Dragon Slayer quest, which is pivotal for unlocking further quests and wearing certain armors.

Brutal Green Dragons, found exclusively in the Ancient Cavern, are considered the toughest variant of Green Dragons. They require higher combat stats to take on, as they have more HP and use both Melee and Magic attacks. Accessing the Ancient Cavern involves completing part of the Barbarian Training mini-quest.

Green Dragons Slayer Guide

Green dragons are assigned as Slayer tasks, and require Slayer Level 1 to kill. They give 100 Slayer XP per kill. 

You get Green dragons as an assignment from Slayer Masters Krystilia (Edgeville Jail), Vannaka (Edgeville Dungeon) and Chaeldar (Zanaris Throne Room).

Read on to find out the fastest way to get to and kill Green dragons.

How to get to Green dragons

Green dragons are found at either the Wilderness, or at the Corsair Cove Dungeon.

To access Green Dragons at the Corsair Cove Dungeon, players would need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Getting to Green dragons at Corsair Cove Dungeon.
Getting to Green dragons at Corsair Cove Dungeon.

Enter the western side of the dungeon, known as the Myths’ Guild basement. You can do so via the Mythic Status at the centre of the guild, or by going through the batteries guarded by Ponts the Bridgemaster – located west of the ogresses.

There, you can find 2 Green dragons, and 1 baby Green dragon.

The more popular and more accessible spot would be the Wilderness.

Most players would pick the Wilderness as a popular spot for training on Green dragons. This is because it is easier to get to and from a bank. 

These Green dragon hunting spots are:

OSRS Dragon Hunting Spots.
OSRS Dragon Hunting Spots marked out in red circles all over the Wilderness in OSRS.
  • Between Level 12 and 14 Wilderness: West of the Dark Warrior’s Fortress
  • Between Level 20 and 24 Wilderness: South of Venenatis
  • Between Level 24 and 26 Wilderness: North of the Graveyard of Shadows
  • Between Level 35 and 37 Wilderness: South of the Lava Maze
  • Revenant Caves: Entrance at Level 17 Wilderness and Level 40 Wilderness.
A Runescape player having a heyday at slaying them Green dragons.
A Runescape player having a heyday at slaying them Green dragons.

But keep in mind that as it is the Wilderness, you run the risk of getting Player-Killed. So prepare an escape mechanism, and sufficient food and potions to fend them off.

Green Dragon Hunting Equipment Guide

Gearing up to hunt Green dragons doesn’t have to take any additional effort on your part – most melee equipment and armor work well.

However, note that you always need a dragonfire protection. And the only essential equipment you’ll need is a dragonfire protection shield.

The Essential – A Dragonfire Shield

There are a few shield options to choose from. 

Cheapest: Anti-dragon Shield

The cheapest dragonfire protection would be the Anti-dragon shield. You can get this by speaking with Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle during the Dragon Slayer quest. If you need it replaced, simply speak with him again to get it for free.

OSRS Anti dragon shield equipped.
OSRS Anti-dragon shield equipped.

Expensive: Dragonfire Shield/Ward

If you have gold pieces to spare, you can opt to go for the upgraded variant of the Anti-dragon shield. Either the Dragonfire Shield (Melee) or the Dragonfire Ward (Ranged). Both occupy the shield slot of your character.

Dragonfire Shield (Melee) – Provides additional defence bonuses as compared to the Anti-dragon Shield.

Dragon fire shield being charged
OSRS Dragonfire shield being charged.

Dragonfire Ward (Ranged) – Provides additional defence bonuses as compared to the Dragonfire Shield, with an additional +15 for your ranged attacks. Overall, the stat bonuses from the Dragonfire Ward is higher than the Dragonfire Shield. This shield is also a good pick up if you’re opting to use Ranged as your attack style against the Green dragons.

Dragonfire ward equipped.
OSRS Dragonfire ward equipped.

Dragonfire Charges

Both the Dragonfire Shield and Dragonfire Ward absorb the dragonfire attacks of all dragons. And while doing so, it accumulates charges.

Dragonfire shield charging up.
Dragonfire shield absorbing dragonfire and charging up.

Each dragonfire breath it absorbs grants the shield 1 charge. And each charge increases the Melee and Ranged defensive bonuses of the shield by +1. The maximum is +50 to Melee and Ranged defenses. This is an additional bonus that stacks on top of the base stats of the shield.

During combat, you can utilise 1 Dragonfire charge from the shield to unleash a blast of dragonfire at 1 target. This deals around 25 damage. There is a cooldown of around 2 minutes for this attack method.

Recommended Weapon – Dragonbane

Dragonbane weapons are a special type of weapons that deal higher damage to draconic creatures – and this includes the Green dragons.

There are 2 types of Dragonbane weapons available – the Dragon hunter crossbow, and the Dragon hunter lance.

Having a go at the Rune dragons with Dragon Hunter Lance weapon equipped.
Having a go at Rune dragons with Dragon Hunter Lance weapon equipped.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

To equip the Dragon hunter crossbow, your character needs at least level 65 Ranged. Utilising it to fight against draconic creatures grants the player an increase of 30% in accuracy and damage.

Bolts are the ammunition used by crossbows, and the Dragon hunter crossbow is no different. You may use all types of bolts except the Long kebbit and kebbit bolts.

OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow
OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow in action against the King Black Dragon.

How to get the Dragon Hunter Crossbow

You can obtain this weapon as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric, after slaying the Great Olm. As it is tradeable, you can also purchase it off the Grand Exchange – albeit at a hefy cost of around 90 million gold pieces (price is accurate as of 7 November 2020).

Chambers of xeric osrs great olm.
Chambers of Xeric osrs, killing the Great Olm.

Dragon Hunter Lance

The other Dragonbane weapon is the Dragon hunter lance – a melee weapon that similarly grants the player an increase of 20% in damage and accuracy towards draconic creatures.

To equip the lance, your character needs at least level 70 Attack, along with completing the firemaking, fishing and smithing sections of Barbarian Training & the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.

Equipping Dragonlance in OSRS
Equipping the Dragon Hunter Lance in OSRS.

How to get the Dragon Hunter Lance 

You can either create this lance yourself, or purchase it off the Grand Exchange for around 72 million gold pieces (price is accurate as of 7 November 2020).

To create the Dragon hunter lance, use a hydra claw (obtained from slaying the Alchemical Hydra boss found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm, level 95 Slayer level required) on a Zamorakian hasta.

Slaying the Alchemical Hydra.
Slaying the Alchemical Hydra in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

The Zamorakian hasta is made by bringing a Zamorakian spear (a drop from K’ril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon), speaking with Otto Godblessed and paying him 300,000 gold pieces.

Green Dragons Drop Table

100% Drop Rate

Item NameQuantityRarity
Dragon bones1Always
Green dragonhide1Always


Item NameQuantityRarity
Steel battleaxe1Common
Steel platelegs1Common
Mithril axe1Uncommon
Mithril spear1Uncommon
Mithril kiteshield1Uncommon
Adamant full helm1Uncommon
Rune dagger1Uncommon


Item NameQuantityRarity
Grimy irit leaf1Common
Grimy harranlander1Common
Grimy avantoe1Uncommon
Grimy cadantine1Uncommon
Grimy marrentill1Uncommon
Grimy tarromin1Uncommon
Grimy ranarr weed1Uncommon
Grimy kwuarm1Uncommon
Grimy lantadyme1Uncommon
Grimy dwarf weed1Uncommon

Gem Drops

Item NameQuantityRarity
Uncut sapphire1Rare
Uncut emerald1Rare
Uncut ruby1Rare
Nature talisman1Very rare
Uncut diamond1Very rare
Rune javelin5Very rare
Loop half of key1Very rare
Tooth half of key1Very rare
Rune spear1Very rare
Shield left half1Very rare
Dragon spear1Very rare

Other Misc. Drops

Item NameQuantityRarity
Mithril ore2 (noted)Uncommon
Law rune9Uncommon
Death rune15Uncommon
Blood rune5Uncommon
Nature rune10Uncommon
Looting bag1Uncommon
Ensouled dragon head1Uncommon
Mysterious emblem1Rare
Slayer’s enchantment1Rare
Clue scroll (hard)1Rare

OSRS Money Making Guide: Hunting Green dragons

This money making method in OSRS involves you hunting Green dragons in the wilderness. Note that there is some player-kill risk involved. 

Slaying Green dragons in the Wilderness OSRS.
Slaying Green dragons in the Wilderness OSRS.

Depending on your equipment and combat level, this method easily nets you a profit of 330,000 to 1,000,000 gold pieces per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

You will need to input around 20,000 to 100,000 gold pieces worth of consumables.

Ie. Burning amulet(5), Extended antifire(4), Super combat potions, Prayer potions and some food.

How to get to the Green dragons

  1. Use your Burning Amulet to teleport to the Bandit Camp at Level 17 Wilderness. 
  2. Run South-West, and you will find the Green dragons roaming about there. They are located at level 12 to 13 of the Wilderness. 
Run South-West from the Bandit Camp to the crater filled with Green dragons.
Run South-West from the Bandit Camp to the crater filled with Green dragons.

This method utilises the Green dragon crater at the lower level Wilderness (Level 12). This is because you will be able to go back after you die and pick up your untradeables if you get pk-ed.

Killing the Green Dragons at a higher level Wilderness (albeit with more of them around) will cause you to lose your untradeables if you get pk-ed and die. They will turn into coins and be picked up by your killers.

Steps for Money Making with Green dragons

  1. Kill the Green dragons using your preferred method of hunting – either melee or ranged.
  2. Pick up only the more valuable loot – Dragon bones, Green Dragonhide (and of course the gold pieces).
  3. Pick up other drops only if they are worth more than the Green Dragonhide. These would be the Rune Daggers, Nature Runes, Ranarr Weeds & Kwarms, some gems. Not forgetting the Ensouled dragon head, and Hard Clue Scrolls (1 in 128 drop/64 with Ring of Wealth).
  4. The key here is to maximise the space in your limited inventory.
  5. When your inventory is filled, use the Max cape (or your preferred means of teleportation) to teleport back to your bank. Choose the one at Warrior’s Guild, Crafting Guild or the Fishing Guild.
  6. Empty your loot from your inventory and your loot bag. 
  7. Top up on your food, super combat potions, prayer potions and anti-fire potions. 
  8. Use your Burning Amulet to teleport back to the Bandit Camp and run straight to the Green Dragons area.
  9. Rinse and repeat till you run out of potions or food to continue.
Potential loot after 1 hour at Green dragons
Potential loot after 1 hour of killing and looting at OSRS Green dragons.

What equipment to use

To get a higher profit rate, here’s the set of equipment that we recommend you use:

Recommended Equipment setup

  1. Proselyte Armour (For Prayer Bonus – Protected Items upon death are Dragon Hunter Lance & Dragon Fire Shield)
  2. Weapon: Dragon Hunter Lance (Increases accuracy & damage by 20% when fighting dragons)
  3. Dragon Fire Shield
  4. Amulet of Torture, Berserker Ring
  5. Dragon boots
  6. Fire Cape
  7. Barrow’s Gloves
  8. Helmet of Neitiznot (Replaceable at 50,000 coins from Mawnis Burowgar)
  9. Rada’s Blessing 4 (For Prayer bonus)
Proselyte Armour setup for Green dragons.
Proselyte Armour and equipment setup for efficient slaying of OSRS Green dragons.

Recommended Inventory setup

  1. Looting Bag
  2. Max Cape (For teleports). Alternatives to this would be a Strength, Crafting or Fishing Cape or any other teleport methods of your choice. Do keep in mind that all teleports will work below Wilderness Level 20.
  3. Divine Super Combat Potion
  4. Prayer Potions
  5. Extended AntiFire
  6. Burning Amulet (For ease of teleporting to dragons in Wilderness)
  7. Some food
Recommended inventory set up for Green dragon slaying.
Recommended inventory set up for Green dragon slaying.

If you lack the funds to go with the recommended set up, you may refer to the budget set up:

Budget Equipment Setup

  1. Adamant Helmet
  2. Amulet of Glory (4)
  3. Black Dragonhide Top
  4. Black Dragonhide Bottom
  5. Climbing Boots
  6. Rune Gloves
  7. Dragon Scimitar/Abyssal Whip/Dragon LongSword
  8. Ring of Dueling
  9. Anti Dragonfire Shield
Basic equipment set up for OSRS Green dragons.
Budget equipment set up for OSRS Green dragons.

Budget Inventory setup

  1. Combat Potion
  2. Antifire Potion
  3. Teleport Tablet
  4. Looting Bag
  5. Some Food

Steps to maximizing your gold/min at Green dragons

  1. Increase your Green dragon kills per hour by picking up the drops in rotation. As it takes a couple of seconds for the dragon’s drops to appear, you should not wait – but instead, move on to kill the next dragon.
  2. It is recommended that you pick up your drops only after coming back to the same spot.
  3. Consider turning on auto-retaliate to save time on the extra clicks.
  4. Completing the Elite Wilderness Diary will also allow you to automatically turn all dragon bones from your Green dragon kills in the Wilderness into notes. This allows you to extend the time you spend with the Green dragons as you will use only 1 slot for the dragon bones.
  5. Equip an Amulet of Avarice while slaying Green dragons – this will automatically note all the drops you get from the Green dragons.
Items dropped are automatically noted.
Items dropped are automatically noted when equipping the Amulet of Avarice.

How to Evade the Player-Killers in the Wilderness

As this method involves being in the Wilderness, there is always a likelihood that a group of player-killers may chance upon you and decide to hunt you down.

If this happens, it is always recommended to immediately teleport away to a safe location of your choice. You would not want to engage as you risk getting skulled, and dying while skulled means you lose your progress and your entire equipment set.

If a Tele Block spell (Magic Level 85) is cast upon you, do not panic. From your Green dragon crater, run South to the Dark Wizards. As the Dark Wizards are aggressive, there is a high chance that they will attack the PKers.

While they are distracted, either kite them till the 5 minutes of Tele Block is up, or continue running South till you are out from the Wilderness.

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