Top Roblox Spider Man Games

15 Best Spider-Man Roblox Games in 2024

The 15 Best Spider-Man Games in Roblox

Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite when it comes to comic book superheroes, so it isn’t a surprise to see that Roblox harbors a diverse list of fun Spider-Man games. As it contains a huge selection of online games, Roblox is a platform that houses games in any genre you can think of. From horror, RPG, town and adventure, and of course, Spider-Man games like the ones featured in this list!

These games are created by a community of passionate Roblox gamers who want to showcase their creative prowess to the world. What’s most compelling about games in Roblox is that most of them are free and won’t require you to spend a single cent for the whole experience!

And guess what—some even come close to the quality of games you’d typically see on mainstream consoles, making Roblox one of the best online gaming markets and platforms around. In this list, I will be walking you through the 15 best Spider-Man games I have played and tried out for the past few weeks.

These games embody the experience of being everyone’s friendly web-slinging neighbor, Spider-Man, and will take you to virtual worlds you’ve never even thought of before. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Spider-Man Simulator by isCreator

As the name suggests, Spider-Man simulator is an adventure-fighting game where you relive the life of Peter Parker as he stops crime and unravels the beauty of New York City – all in the realms of Roblox.

In Spider-Man simulator, you are thrown into the city with only basic abilities such as your web-shooters and web slingers available to you. You can upgrade these abilities once you finish the quests that are scattered throughout NYC.

These quests can be found from civilians who need your help and they can range in difficulties, such as easy ones like helping a cat get off a tree and hard quests like defeating one of the Sinister Six. As you finish quests, you accumulate cash and experience which you can use to upgrade your suit, your abilities, and more.

There are also a healthy amount of Spider Man suits available in this Roblox game which is reminiscent of Spider-Man on PS4 and PS5. Some of the suits I’ve unlocked and tried are the Iron-Spider Armor, Miles Morales Suit, The Amazing Spider-Man Suit, and many many more! The icing on the cake is that this game’s web-slinging and traversing experience is smooth and interactive.

Not a lot of games, even on consoles, can formulate Spidey’s web-slinging experience into something tolerable, but it’s surprising to see that Spider-Man simulator successfully integrates that aspect of the superhero into this interactive Roblox game.

Why play Spider-Man Simulator?

1. Relive the life of Peter Parker in New York City.

As Spider-Man, it is your great responsibility to protect the city of New York from all crime and threats. You get to face the daily problems of NYC’s citizens such as robbery and theft, but also face the daunting Sinister Six members like the Scorpion, Doc Ock, and the Green Goblin.

2. Witness all of Spider-Man’s iconic suits.

As you progress in through this Roblox game, you will get the opportunity to unlock different suits for Spider-Man. These suits range from his iconic Iron-Spider suit to his black Venom suit from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

3. An interactive experience of the Spider-Man world.

This game successfully brings to life the abilities and the experiences of Spider-Man into Roblox. From web-slinging to his coveted Spider-sense, you basically have everything in your arsenal to defeat crime and protect the city that you dearly love. It’s so easy to forget that the character you are playing is in Roblox, as this game could be a standalone Spider-Man game in itself.

Play Roblox’s Spider-Man Simulator here.

2. Swingin SpiderMan by Necro_las

Swingin SpiderMan is a fun time killer for those who only love Spider-Man games and the genre as a whole because of his dazzling web-swinging. There’s no story, no quests, no level-ups, and no real city to explore here, but it’s an entertaining enough game to keep you occupied for hours.

Spidey’s web-swinging is the main focus of this game and that means that your experience will heavily depend on how well you can master its controls. The better you are at controlling Spider-Man’s web-swinging, the more fun and smoother experience you’ll have.

The good news is that it shouldn’t take you long as the learning curve isn’t really that high. It only took me about 20 minutes to get the gist of the web-swinging and the controls, and I spent almost 2 hours because of how fun and stunning the mechanics are of this game’s web-swinging!

It’s definitely not like the Spider-Man game on PS4, but it’s close enough to make you feel like you’re Spider-Man. It’s also an online multiplayer game, which means that you can invite your friends over and swing around the city as Spider-Man like there’s no tomorrow.

Why play Swingin SpiderMan?

1. The best web-swinging experience on any Roblox Spider-Man game.

Because this game’s main focus is web-swinging alone, the devs made sure that it will be enjoyable and easy to learn for all types of players: and it is! Even for a noob like me, it only took 20 minutes before I was out and about swinging around New York City (the Roblox version of it).

2. A fun time killer that isn’t tied to any RPG elements.

Games with a level system or quests can be tiring, I know. So if you’re the type of player who just wants to lay back, watch the sunset as you web-sling your way to the basic yet colorful rendition of New York City, then this Roblox game is designed specially for you.

3. Show off your web-slinging skills to your friends.

As an online multiplayer game, you can even bring your friends over to your game session and swing around to see who’s got what it takes to be the best Spider-Man there is. It’s a fun and free Roblox Spider-man game that anyone can swing by and swing off together on.

Play Roblox’s Swingin SpiderMan here.

3. Typical web swinging game by MultipleStuds

Typical web-swinging game is an action-adventure game where you can play multiple variations of Spider-Man—from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, and even Venom! This combines the free roam city element and web-slinging mechanics of the two games I’ve just shared with you above, and this translates into a well-thought-out world where New York City and its citizens feel alive and authentic.

In this Spider-Man game, you start out with everyone’s beloved Peter Parker whose duty is to protect the people around him from crime, theft, and the wrath of the Sinister Six. That’s not all though as besides those threats, you may also encounter otherworldly threats like Loki and even Thanos!

It has your basic RPG elements like quests, experience points, and money that you can use to purchase from the plethora of Spider-Man variants and suits you can play as. Some suits that you can buy and play with are the Venom Suit, the Spider-Gwen Suit, the Spider-Noir suit, and even more.

The whole game generally has this Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse vibe that suits it perfectly as Roblox’s graphics accompany the cartoon feel of that film.

Perhaps the best part about this Roblox game is that not only can you play as the web-slinging hero himself, but also his most iconic villains like Doc Ock and the Green Gobin with each of their own, easy-to-learn controls.

Why play Typical web swinging game?

1. See the bustling metropolis of NYC from Spider-Man’s perspective.

As Peter Parker (or other Spider-Man characters), it is your right and freedom to protect the city and witness its beauty like the coveted Statue of Liberty and Empire Building which are all amazingly rendered in this high-quality Spider-Man game in Roblox.

2. Play as the hero or wreak havoc in NYC as the villain.

If being everybody’s friendly neighbor Spider-Man is getting exhausting for you, then perhaps switching it up and being the one who causes the chaos could reignite your desire to play? From Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and even Venom play as your favorite villains and be the one to fight Spider-Man himself! All this and more, happening right in this Roblox game.

3. Embrace and experience the ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ vibe.

If you, are someone like me, who absolutely love the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, then you will love this game. The feel, the vibe, the art, and even the soundtrack it uses is just reminiscent of the quirky style of the film. Live out our wildest Spider Man dreams in this Roblox game.

Play Roblox’s Typical web swinging game here.

4. Be Spiderman! By MusicalGamer365

Be Spiderman! Is a web-swinging game with no real objectives whatsoever. There isn’t a storyline or a quest chain to finish, it’s just you and the city of New York alone. You can do whatever you want, really. Swing around, spawn some mobs and kill some bad guys, you name it. It doesn’t have the best swinging mechanics around. At times, it’s clunky and iffy, but it gets the job done.

If you ever get bored just swinging around and being Spider-Man (as the name suggests), you also have the freedom to invite your friends over. You can duke it out in a free-for-all Spider-Man PvP to see which one of you deserves to be called the best Spider-Man alive, or just chill at the edge of a rooftop and watch the sunset from there.

You can also choose from a number of Spider-Man suits to wear while you web-swing, like the Tobey Maguire suit, the Amazing Spider-Man suit, and the more recent MCU Spider-Man suit.

It’s fun, it’s mindless, but it’s definitely a thumbs up to those who just want a simple game to relax in.

Why play Be Spiderman! ?

1. Destress as Peter Parker in the beautiful backdrop of NYC.

Sometimes, you just want to take your mind off competitive or typical grindy Roblox games that test your patience. Look no further with Be Spiderman! as this game offers relaxing gameplay that doesn’t ask much from you. It’s a fun way to swing around NYC as Spider Man and a means to escape from your troubles.

2. Indulge in chaos with a complete free-for-all PvP clash with your friends.

If destressing isn’t your thing, then you can also enjoy an all-out battle with your friends whom you can invite over and have them play as Spider-Man too. Use your web skills and outmanoeuvre them in the quest of being hailed as the best Spider-Man in your group. This Roblox game will provide you with the fullest Spider Man PvP experience that you’d ever experience.

3. Simulate and reenact your favorite Spider-Man scenes.

As you and your friends have the liberty to change your character model into virtually anyone from the Marvel Universe, you can simulate your favorite Spider-Man movie scenes and be the hero that you’ve always wanted to be.

Play Roblox’s Be Spiderman! here.

5. The Spidey Verse ! by Senor_Habanero

This Roblox game is a free roam type of Spider-Man game, but with its own tricks and quirks that keep it unique and different. As Spider-Man in this game, you shoot webs, learn new moves and complex combos, and be stunned by its web-swinging mechanics that are smooth as butter.

The main attraction of this game is how you can learn new moves and combos, similar to the PS4 game, which all have different damage and effects to enemies. You can discover new combos as you level up and use them to be the Spider-Man that villains are scared of.

My main gripe with this game would be its lackluster storyline. As a free roam type of game, it is heavily dependent on you seeing a civilian with a quest marker on it.

There isn’t really an objectives panel or a map where you can see where these quests are, so during your first few hours, you may find yourself playing tag with these missions.

Nevertheless, it’s still an entertaining and unique take on a Roblox Spider-Man game that you will enjoy if you love exploring the big metropolis of NYC.

Why play The Spidey Verse ! ?

1. Master the moves and tricks of Spider-Man.

One of the iconic features of this Roblox game is being able to learn different moves and combos that complement your already strong web skills. This is similar to the PS4 Spider-Man game which also makes up this sophisticated system.

2. Breathe in the colorful and huge NYC metropolis.

The rendition of NYC in ‘The Spider-Verse !’ is perhaps the biggest one yet. It isn’t procedurally generated, but instead, it is filled with a lot of iconic NYC buildings and easter eggs that make the game exploration fun and rewarding.

3. Immerse yourself in its stunning web-swinging mechanics.

Compared to other Spider-Man games in this list, the web-swinging mechanics of this Roblox game is smooth, well-thought-out, and complemented with animations that are responsive. It isn’t a clunky mess that takes you out of the game, but a beautifully designed system that encourages you to web-swing like there’s no tomorrow.

Play Roblox’s ‘The Spider-Verse ! ‘ here.

6. Spider-Man Unlimited by blingmcqueen

Taking inspiration from Ultimate Spider-Man and PS4, Spider-Man visits a cell-shaded New York full of places like Spider-apartment, Man’s the Daily Bugle, and Central Park as you web sling, scale walls, beat villains, and unlock outfits while feeling like you’re in a virtual comic book.

Set up shop in New York City and live up to your superhero moniker, Spider-Man. Miles Morales, Spider-Cop, Venom Suit, Iron-Spider, and Far From Home are among the many suits that are available to be picked up with the gold and experience you earn from quests.

Speaking of quests, this game has a solid storyline that players can choose to follow. You begin with an average Peter Parker who is just figuring out how his newly-found web skills work, but as you progress in the story, you are bound to meet iconic characters like Aunt May, Mary Jane, Flash, and more.

It isn’t just a free roam mess with no real objective, it’s a Roblox game that has an actual start and finish which I personally loved about it. More Roblox games should definitely follow this format as it heavily reminded me of the PS4 and even PS2 version of Spider-Man.

Why play Spider-Man Unlimited?

1. See New York from a different lens.

This game heavily borrows the art style of the game Ultimate Spider-Man thanks to its cell-shaded design that is akin to early 2000s PS1 games. It’s unique, it’s colorful, and perhaps the New York with the most personality I have seen yet.

2. Partake in the journey of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man Unlimited is the few Spider-Man on this list with an actual storyline that you can follow. That alone already makes it one of the best games as there are characters and villains you’ll repeatedly encounter and build a yearning for.

3. Play as different variants of Spider-Man.

This game also has various versions of Spider-Man from your favorite comic books, films, and games throughout the years. Of course, Peter Parker is at the forefront of all, but other Spider-Man such as Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and even Far From Home and Raimi’s Spider-Man are here!

Play Roblox’s Spider-Man Unlimited here.

7. Spider-man by TheNetflixDragon

As basic as its name may sound, it’s actually one of the most unique Roblox Spider-Man games around. It’s not adventure nor free-roam, but a tycoon game where your ultimate goal is to build your spider lair or empire.

It’s a tycoon dropper style where you start from scratch and eventually build droppers, conveyors, and structures that will net you profit. It’s essentially your average tycoon game, but with the name of Spider-Man plastered right on top of it.

What makes this tycoon game particularly special is that everything happens in the Spider-Verse, meaning you’ll be managing your business and netting profits from the citizens of NYC while also meeting iconic Spider-Man characters like Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

The endgame of your business is to get enough money to expand and build your dream Spider-Man base (or spider lair) in NYC to cement your legacy as the masked hero.

Why play Spider-man?

1. A different approach to Spider-Man games.

Most Spider-Man Roblox games are either action-adventure or free roam ones, so seeing a tycoon dropper in the list is refreshing and definitely takes the cake for being the most ambitious one yet. Manage businesses and build your empire as Peter Parker to show NYC who’s the Spider Boss.

2. Expand your presence and take over the city.

As NYC is your playground, you let your influence and presence be known by building and managing establishments, droppers, and conveyors around the city. These are meant to help you earn money which you can use to reinvest into even more establishments.

3. Beat bad guys while managing businesses.

It’s not every day that you see Peter Parker being a business mogul, but in this game where he is one, he still doesn’t forget that he is NYC’s protector and hero. During your downtime, you can freely roam around the city and stop crime. Who said that you can’t be a businessman AND a superhero?

Play Roblox’s Spider-man here.

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming by GameDesignerReece

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a role-playing game that is inspired by the film of the same name, hosted completed on Roblox. There are no real storyline or quest lines attached to the game, but rather just a fun and casual free roam game where you and your friends can hang out, meet new people, and more.

Imagine it as a town and adventure game but with the theme of Spider-Man: Homecoming. As it is a role-playing Roblox game, you can “morph” or change essentially change your model to different characters of the franchise.

Of course, there are the different versions of Spider-Man like Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but there’s also Aunt May, Agent Fury, Happy, Uncle Ben (yes, he’s still alive in this one), and even villains like Venom and Mysterio.

You can replicate your favorite Spider-Man scenes or have casual hangouts in the beautiful city of NYC while also having the liberty to meet new people who may also be into Spider-Man and the role-playing genre. Or you can just also web-sling alone and pretend to be a lone wolf Spider-Man, it’s all up to you and your imagination.

Why play Spider-Man: Homecoming?

1. The perfect hub for Spider-Man fans to meet and gather.

As a role-playing game, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the perfect game for Spider-Man and even Marvel fans to meet, converse and interact with each other while partaking in fun activities like web-swinging and battling.

2. Be stunned by the huge roster of characters available to play as.

Contrary to its name, Spider-Man: Homecoming does not only let you play as Spider-Man or characters from its universe but also from the Marvel Universe in general. Iron Man, Captain America, Thanos—you name it, they’ll all be here waiting for you and your friends!

3. Replicate your favorite MCU scenes with your pals.

The core mechanics of a role-playing game is embracing the characters you’re playing as, so if you have a character, in this case, Spider-Man, and a scene of him that you dearly love, then you can invite your friends and ask them to replicate it with you.

Play Roblox’s Spider-Man: Homecoming here.

9. The Amazing Spider-Man by AmazingSpiderMan2012

If you’re a fan of battle arenas and free-for-all brawls, then you’ll love this Spider-Man game. In The Amazing Spider-Man, you’ll be thrown into the staple metropolis that is NYC and will be facing other players who can play as Spider-Man characters as well.

Use your unique abilities to show who’s the strongest of them all and capitalize on your spider-sense to dodge moves and weave out crashing waves of webs upon your enemies.

As a battle arena game, you can choose a variety of Spider-Man characters to play as, ranging from the already obvious ones like Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and villains like Venom, Doc Ock, and Goblin which all possess different skill sets. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses.

But of course, who can resist playing as everybody’s favorite webbed hero? As expected from a free-for-all fighting game, things can get chaotic at times but that’s where the game truly shines.

When you see Doc Ock trying to catch you with his claws and Goblin shooting bombs at you, you just feel the adrenaline rush and the intensity that no other Spider-Man game can deliver.

Why play The Amazing Spider-Man?

1. A chaotic battle-arena where anything goes.

This game is a place where anything and everything can happen. Doc Ock vs Goblin? Sure. Spider-Man vs Spider-Gwen? Yup, also possible.

2. Master and be dazzled by the different combos and skill sets of each character.

As there are tons of characters to play and choose from, you’ll also be bombarded with different combos that you can tinker and master if you want to get good. Not every Spider-Man game has this complexity, but it’s definitely a welcome feature.

3. Team up with your friends and show everyone who’s the boss.

There isn’t a dedicated game mode for team brawls, but you can set up a truce with your friend, team up, and show the entire lobby who they should be afraid of. It’s actually funny when you gang up on one person as a group of three or more as their reactions are priceless and often the best part of this game.

Play Roblox’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ here.

10. ‘4 Player Superhero Tycoon’ by Small Games Entertainment

‘4 Player Superhero Tycoon’ is a multiplayer fighting game in Roblox where you compete with other teams of 4-player heroes to show who’s the strongest defender of the universe! As a 4-player game, you can invite up to 3 friends to play with you or get matched with other players.

Once you’ve formed a team, you and your teammates are given the freedom to choose from a big roster of Marvel superheroes and villains such as Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor, and of course, Spider-Man himself! There’s only one variation of Spidey in this game (Peter Parker), but his iconic skill set of being able to web-swing and use his spider-sense is everpresent.

After locking in your hero or villain of choice, you are thrown into a huge arena with 3 other teams. The goal is to defeat them using your hero’s unique skill set while also making sure your teammates are alive to score points for you. The team that has members that are last standing wins the game.

It’s a pretty simple concept and it wonderfully works as you can form teams that you’ve never even thought of before. Imagine seeing Thanos, Iron-Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man working together. Weird, but totally crazy!

One way to think of this game is a battle royale but situated in an arena instead of a huge map. There are occasional crates that drop from time to time that contains healing potions, powerups, and more that can help you and your team secure the victory.

Although the huge roster of heroes to choose from is one of its greatest assets, the action and intensity of games are where the real fun lies. As Spider-Man, it’s so easy to dodge attacks with your spider-sense and to slow enemies with your webs.

Compliment that with your team’s unique abilities and you have a chaotic battle-royale-esque superhero fighter game!

Why play ‘4 Player Superhero Tycoon’?

1. Outmaneuver everyone as Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man, you get the privilege of being sneaky, quick, and nimble with your movement. Add the fact that you have web-swinging skills that allow you to be as mobile as heroes who can fly! Who doesn’t like all the web slinging action in Roblox?

2. See unexpected team compositions.

With a huge roster of heroes and villains alike, you can expect to see characters you’ve never thought of seeing work together. Thanos and Iron-Man, Thor and Wolverine, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man, you name it.

3. Get to play with strangers with the same Marvel passion as you have.

As this is solely a multiplayer game, you are forced to play with either your friends or strangers which is totally one of the best parts. You get to meet new people who share the same passion for comic books and films with you and you get to strategize with them to topple enemy teams and whatnot. Go from strangers to gamer friends in Roblox – it’s a Spider-Man game that gives you all that action and more.

Play Roblox’s ‘4 Player Superhero Tycoon’ here.

11. Gladiator Simulator by Crossed Inc

If you’re a big fan of RPGs, then you’ll definitely love this game. Gladiator Simulator is an open-world RPG set in the Marvel Universe. Once you boot this game up and get greeted by its NPCs and characters, everything is suddenly familiar as these characters are heroes you’re already familiar with.

In Roblox’s Gladiator Simulator, you are free to change which character you play as, from favorites like Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and yes, Spider-Man. There are also villains that you can play as well, like Thanos, Red Skull, Loki, and more.

As a Roblox RPG, you begin with virtually nothing. You work your way up by completing the unique questlines that revolve around plots that again, are reminiscent of Marvel films. For one, there is a quest that requires you to visit Tony Stark to upgrade your stats. It’s very subtle, but it’s a direct nod to the Marvel Universe that keeps the game close to the fans of the franchise. As you complete these quests, you gain gold and experience which are all vital to making you stronger and powerful.

There are also enemies and mobs you can defeat to get gold and XP, although they’re just generic ones and not Marvel-themed. The areas and map aren’t also completely tied to the Marvel universe. Don’t expect to see New York City, The Avengers Tower, or Thanos’ home planet Titan anytime soon though.

This is because, in essence, this game is just like any other RPG in Roblox, just with Marvel characters slapped right onto it. It is online multiplayer though, so you can meet new people or invite your friends over as you explore the game world and unlock its secrets.

Overall, Gladiator Simulator is a fun experience that allows Marvel and Spider-Man fans to play as their favorite superheroes accompanied by the RPG element that makes this game grindy with hours of content to unlock and witness.

Why play Gladiator Simulator?

1. The best RPG experience in Roblox featuring Spider-Man.

There aren’t many Roblox RPGs that revolve around the Marvel universe, so having a game like Gladiator Simulator that features Spider-Man and his web-swinging skills is a breath of fresh air.

2. Indulge yourself in quest lines that are reminiscent of Marvel films.

If you’re huge into the story and lore of the Marvel Universe (specifically the MCU), then you’ll definitely appreciate the path this game took with its quest lines. Although not every quest is Marvel or Spider-Man related, there are some that stand out, like a quest where Spider-Man needs to pay Tony Stark a visit for a stat upgrade.

3. Hours of content to unlock, play, and immerse yourself in.

As one of the few Roblox RPGs on this list, this game stands out because of the RPG nature that gives it hours of content and entertainment value. The action-adventure and “web-swinging” games on this list may only last you a couple of hours, but this game will satisfy those who want something to play for months on end.

Play Roblox’s Gladiator Simulator here.

12. Spider by RoyStanford

Spider is a horror game in Roblox where 5 survivors try to hide from 1 highly infectious spider that will suck their blood up and eat them alive. The game chooses which of the 6 players are assigned as the 5 survivors and 1 Spider, so every game session of Spider is not the game.

Its Spider-Man aspect comes alive with the ability to play as, you guessed it, Spider-Man! As a survivor, you can play as the webbed masked hero and hide with other players. Consequently, you may also play as Spider-Man as the Spider.

Spidey definitely looks weird and funny as the Spider, but it adds to the horror factors since most players won’t ever imagine Spider-Man being a villain and a murderer. As for its core gameplay, each game session has a time limit of 10-minutes and when a survivor gets to live by the 10-minute mark, they win.

However, if the Spider manages to kill every survivor, they lose. The survivors aren’t all helpless either as they can find tools and objects on the map to incapacitate the Spider for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, the Spider-Man custom will not give you extra abilities or skills. It kinda reminds me of how Among Us plays, except it’s not really trying to be an “impostor” type of game but rather a horror one.

Why play Spider?

1. A chilling horror game with a simple concept.

5 survivors, 1 spider, with 10 minutes on the clock. That’s all there is to its core gameplay. No fuzzy mechanics, no vague instructions. It’s the perfect Spider-Man game on Roblox for you to jump right into the action.

2. Jumpscare other people with your Spider-Man custom for Spider.

Once you manage to get your hands on a Spider-Man custom for the Spider, you can assure that you’ll give someone a jump scare or two as the horror of seeing Spider-Man in the literal body of a spider won’t be easy to forget.

3. A fun and interactive game to introduce your friends to Spider-Man.

If your friends aren’t big fans of Spider-Man or Marvel-themed games on Roblox, you can introduce them to the franchise by inviting them to play this easy-to-get-into horror game and using your Spider-Man avatar. It’s subtle, but it’s sure to get their attention.

Play Roblox’s Spider here.

13. Spider-Man SIMULATOR by Spiderman Simulator

Spider-Man SIMULATOR is yet another action-adventure game where you play as Spider-Man and protect the suburbs and urban metropolis of New York City. In this game, there is a storyline and questlines you can follow to progress and further increase your power as the webbed superhero.

What makes this game different from other Spider-Man simulators on this list is its huge focus on customization and cosmetics. As a simulator, you can basically do whatever you want with your Spider-Man avatar. You can color him green, red, black—you name it.

You may also purchase other suits that give you unique abilities and skills from your ordinary suit. A cool example of this is with the Iron-Spider suit which enables Spidey to scale walls faster thanks to the extra arms of the suit. The game map is relatively huge too, with lots of details given in the vehicles, which you can also drive, but why would you need to as Spider-Man?!

All in all, Spider-Man SIMULATOR is your average action-adventure and free roam experience with an emphasis on customization that gives it an edge over its competition. Definitely fun and well worth the try!

Why play Spider-Man SIMULATOR Spiderman Simulator?

1. A combination of free roam and dress-up Spider-Man.

So far, we’ve featured free roam action-adventure games that focus on the story and gameplay. This game also got those while also having an in-depth cosmetics experience that allows you to basically create your own version of Spider-Man.

2. A huge rendition of NYC with little details taken into account.

Not every Spider-Man game on this list has a map of NYC with this much detail and attention. With civilians, vehicles, and even helicopters being in the backdrop, it gives this game a feeling of depth and structure that no other Spider-Man game has.

3. Be the strongest Spider-Man of all.

This game also has little bits of RPG built into it, with each quest giving you gold, experience, and skill points that you can use to power up Spider-Man. Level up and show your friends how strong Spider-Man can really get.

Play Roblox’s Spider-Man Simulator here.

14. Infinite 2: Spider-Man Swinging Test by Dubem101

Infinite 2: Spider-Man Swinging Test is a fun little Roblox game with no real endgame, objective, or storyline. It’s just an infinite web-swinger where you are dropped in a barren wasteland of what looks like a post-apocalyptic NYC.

The core gameplay of Infinite 2 is to master the ways of Spider-Man with web-swinging. Needless to say that the mechanics of the web-swinging is near perfect and are realistic. You can actually see Spider-Man attach to buildings, trees, and any structures that are high enough. You also won’t be able to web swing if there aren’t any said structures around you.

There are also a few tricks that you can do like a point launch where you jump with super speed and essentially fly at super-sonic speeds. It’s definitely not the most “Spider-Man” thing ever, but it’s totally possible since you are Spider-Man, after all.

There are also other suits and versions of Spider-Man that you can play as like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. What’s sweet with this feature is that each version and suit have different speeds and flexibility.

Miles Morales seems to take the cake for being the swiftest and nimble of them all, so if you’re looking for the best Infinite 2 experience, then Miles is definitely my recommendation.

Why play Infinite 2: Spider-Man Swinging Test?

1. A relaxing web-swinging simulator to embody the Spider-Man experience.

RPGs and action-adventure games can be tiring, so it’s cool to know that games like these take emphasis on the web-swinging aspect of Spider-Man that really makes you feel like you’re one with the hero.

2. Each Spider-Man version has different speeds and stats.

Not every version of Spider-Man is built the same. Some, like Miles Morales, are nimbler and swifter than Peter Parker thanks to his slim profile.

3. Realistic and defined approach to the web-swinging genre.

Unlike other web-swingers, this game actually aims to provide a sense of realism by making sure that Spider-Man attaches to buildings and structures with each swing. You also can’t web swing without these structures, keeping things grounded and somewhat similar to PS4 Spider-Man.

Play Roblox’s HEROES: Infinite 2- Spider-Man Swinging Test here.

15. SpiderMan Tycoon by TrbabaGG19

SpiderMan Tycoon is a Roblox tycoon factory game where you build businesses, empires, and factories to keep a stable income and spread your influence around New York City. In some aspects, it is similar to the other Spider-Man tycoon on this list, but there are key differences that keep this game different and fresh.

First, its main focus is the tycoon genre itself, meaning free roam and adventure isn’t really anywhere to be seen. Think of it as your average tycoon and business game where growing your money is the name of the game.

You start from scratch and use your Spider-Man branding and image to build factories that will generate more income and ultimately give you the money you need to become the version of Spider-Man who chose to become a businessman instead of a superhero.

You can even manufacture guns in this game, which is funny because as Spider-Man, you are basically the supplier of criminals and bad guys. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun time killer for those who want to get into the tycoon genre but also love the Spider-Man franchise.

Build your empire, accumulate wealth, and show NYC who’s the real Money-man AND Spider-Man.

Why play SpiderMan Tycoon?

1. Be a business magnate while being Spider-Man.

It’s not every day that you see Spider-Man hustling for cash and being a businessman rather than an Avenger. It’s surreal to witness him in this game as someone who’s building factories and buildings, but it’s also a unique take that gives emphasis on the “multiverse” of possibilities in the Marvel universe.

2. Expand your reach by building and investing.

As a tycoon factory game, there will be no eliminating evil bosses or saving the world. This game is all about the money, and the only way you can get it is by building establishments and factories that manufacture day-to-day objects like plastic, containers, boxes, or odd ones like guns and gold.

3. Rise up and cement your name in the leaderboards.

This game also has a dedicated global leaderboard where your stats and money can be seen. Be the richest and best Spider-Man there is while flexing your achievements to new players and amateurs in Roblox.

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