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15 Best Roblox Games in 2024

15 Best Roblox Games in 2024 [+ Reasons Why I Love Them]

Powering Imagination. This is their tagline, and it’s worth knowing why.

You see, Roblox is not just a game. It’s a gaming platform where anyone could have the power of game creation and play. Since its release in 2006, the users of Roblox have had the freedom to enjoy games built from a massive network of imaginative minds. Everyone knows Roblox. But does everyone know about the hidden gems the gaming platform has up its sleeves?

Over the years, we have witnessed games that allowed us to live in simulated cities, run from serial killers, and even survive the wilderness as an animal. With such variety, finding the best is a hard task. But worry not, because we did the job for you. Here are 15 of the best games you can find in Roblox, plus reasons why we love these games so much!

Here are our top picks that made this list: The Mimic, Retail Tycoon 2, Robloxian High School, Defusal, Survive the Killer, Doors, Universal Roblox Theme Park, Natural Disaster Survival, Epic Minigames, Brookhaven, Outlaster, Roblox Fashion Show, Guess the Drawing, Word Bomb, Club Iris.

The Roblox games featured in this article vary from genres of real-world simulation, tycoon, horror, survival, adventure, and many more!

1. The Mimic by @MUCDICH

The Mimic is a horror game patterned after a mix of Japanese history and lore. It was created in January 2021 and has since then produced four books (or storylines) where the goal is to finish the uncertain worlds without being defeated by the entities that lurk within it.

Here, you will find character designs like no other, as well as maps that can be as intricate as they get. The game difficulty can be adjusted to accommodate all players, but it definitely won’t be able to promise a fright-free Roblox game experience!

1. A Roblox game that tells a story

As you play the game, you encounter pieces of information that may hint at the origin of the story. These may come subtly, or explicitly such as notes found on the map. Nevertheless, all pieces of information needed to complete the books all build up to a cohesive storyline.

2. Storylines are unique throughout the game

The Japanese origins of the books featured hook the players into finishing the game. Who would imagine that being in a high school setting, for example, can feel so life-threatening? The intricate stories are really worth praising.

3. Enchanting visuals that capture your attention

The game design completely complements the whole narrative of the game. It definitely adds up to the chill factor: the somber sounds, dim settings, and character designs are just amazing. It makes you think twice about looking away in fear as you play!

Play Roblox’s The Mimic here.

2. Retail Tycoon 2 by Secondhand Studios

In Retail Tycoon 2, you get to build your own store and manage it! Since October 2010, hundreds of millions of users have already played this game, and for good reason: when they say you get to build and manage your store, they mean it.

From a single-floor store to a multi-story building, you have all the power in your hands to unleash the millionaire inside you! This is why it’s part of this list of Roblox games.

1. You can get super rich!

From humble beginnings, there’s no forgetting that the ultimate goal is to build a retail empire. Limits are endless if players keep an eye out on their stores and customers. Before you know it, you may be this Roblox game’s next tycoon.

2. This game is just like running a business

There are always strategies to maximize profit – this game is not all money, it’s also brains. Choosing to sell goods with the highest profit margin is always the best way to run the business. From real life to a Roblox game, it’s the same principle!

3. Build to your heart’s desire

Roblox’s Retail Tycoon 2 lets you build your store any way you want. It allows you to choose how to decorate it and buy your own commodities. You have full control over it, so might as well pour your heart out while you’re at it.

Play Roblox’s Retail Tycoon 2 here.

3. Robloxian High School by Robloxian High School Group

Play an all time favorite RPG Roblox Game - Robloxian High School (Image by Robloxian High School Group).
Play an all time favorite RPG Roblox Game – Robloxian High School (Image by Robloxian High School Group).

Robloxian High School is a roleplaying game in Roblox set in a high school. It was created in August 2016 and in no time has exploded as one of the biggest games in Roblox. In this game, you get to go to school classes, eat at the cafeteria, go to the school gym, and more – you also get to go to parties in pretty houses!

Dance like how you did in High School.
Dance like how you did in High School.

1. Live out your dream high school life

May it be the A+ student you want to be, or the cool girl you can’t avoid but look at in the hallway, you can be anyone you want in this high school. Just choose your tasks wisely and immerse yourself in the community. For sure, this Roblox gaming experience will bring you high school moments you will never forget.

2. There are interesting events

One thing about high school is that the events always bring the liveliest memories. You can make them here in Robloxian High School such as their annual egg hunts and other minigames to really liven things up. What better way to experience this than with your high school friends?

3. Amazing avatars

The game is popular for its possibilities for avatar design. Do any hairstyle you want with any outfit, not just for you, but even for your pet! In this high school, there are no rules!

Play Roblox’s Robloxian High School here.

4. Defusal By Polygon Interactive

Looking to spice up your circle’s game night? Defusal is the way to go if you’re looking for one among the Roblox games.

Played in 2-4 players, Defusal is a game whose objective is for the Expert/s to help the Defuser to defuse the bomb correctly according to the Bomb Defusal Manual. The parties do not see each others’ screens, so they’re playing blindly and really have to talk to each other about what they see on their screens.

It was created in August 2019 and is one of the lesser-known Roblox games on the gaming platform. However, we believe that its thrilling gaming proposition is enough to make it to this list.

1. A game that requires actual teamwork

Communication is really important in finishing this gaming without losing.

If the Defuser or the Expert/s fails to get the message across properly, the bomb won’t be defused – the Manual has very specific instructions to defuse the bomb. A good communication strategy is a key to making sure the bomb is safely defused.

2. Keeps your brain working

Bomb Defusal keeps your mind alert (in real life, we assume that it would also do the same thing!). The tasks to defuse the bomb vary, with some of them requiring logical exercises to obtain the correct code. But do not worry, because there are different difficulty levels if you find the current task too hard.

3. Pressure-filled fun that makes the game so thrilling

This game will put to test how you and your friends will do in pressure-filled situations but in a fun way. There will be times when you would panic as if there’s a real threat! That is how we know it’s a good Roblox game, right?

Play Roblox’s Defusal here.

5. Survive the Killer By Slyce Entertainment

This is a survival game that would not only test our gaming skills but our pop culture knowledge as well! Its objective is simple: you either get to be the survivor or the killer in fast-paced rounds of varying game designs.

Survivors are allowed to save their teammates, but their team loses as soon as they are wiped out. Survive the Killer was created last January 2020 and has quickly been one of the best Roblox games since.

1. The game features our favorite horror characters

While playing the Roblox game, you would just find yourselves fangirling over the villains trying to kill you (unless you are the villain). It has Jeff the Killer, Sawblade, Slenderman, and way more all in one game! Halloween fanatics should try to play this game at least once.

2. Scare others & be scared – all in 1 game

When surviving gets too boring for you, you can always be the killer!

Roles are chosen randomly, and each time you will really be forced to prove that you’re THAT type of player. Either way, winning gets you points and allows you to level up in-game.

3. It’s a light horror game on Roblox

Although it’s a horror game, it’s not really that scary! It’s a light, fun-filled game that you could casually play without the fear of having to sleep with the lights on.

Well, unless if the characters bring back your Halloween phobias.

Play Roblox’s Survive the Killer game here.

6. Doors By LSPLASH

Doors is a horror game whose objective is to reach Door 100 without dying to the Entities that await each door. To open doors, there will be mini puzzles. Think of them as like escape rooms.

Created in March 2021, this Roblox game is quickly rising to be one of the top horror Roblox games today.

1. Coherent Gameplay

Unlike the other horror game on this list, Doors makes use of various doors (rounds) that are consistent in design. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it gives a solid cohesive gameplay experience. It’s worth trying if you’re up for the challenge.

2. Creative Game Design

Aside from the entities of each round, the game’s parameters are also set in the form of recurring entities, which is a smart move. Recurring entities guide players and warn them if they are playing too safe – they are called Hide, Rush, Timothy, Jack, Glitch, among others. Keep an eye out for them to know what to do.

3. Doors?!

A successful Roblox game that centers around doors is a complete milestone for the creators of this game. Who would have thought that something as simple as doors would scare us? We now know who to blame.

Play Roblox’s Doors here.

7. Universal Roblox Theme Park By Universal Roblox Park & Resort

The design of this Roblox game just feels so well-thought and fancy. It’s really like going to an actual theme park! Universal Roblox Theme Park was created in October 2016 and here, you will get to go to the Wizarding Village, Jurassic Kingdom, or the other rides that you would find in the real Universal Studios!

1. Free rides for everyone

Unlike the actual thing, here you can get on the rides for free! Just fall in line (yes, there’s a line too) and when it’s your turn, just sit back and relax. The graphics of the game are really top-notch and it shows while you are on one of their rollercoaster rides.

2. Get lost in the vastness of the map

Go around in circles trying to find the way out. Universal Roblox Theme Park is a spacious map with a lot of cool rides to look at, so there’s a chance that you may have to look closely at the in-game map. If you’re still lost, maybe a quick visit to the Wizarding Village would help pass the time!

3. Cool swanky in-game purchases

Wands. Yep. Harry Potter wands. And other things too, but yeah. The in-game purchases are really cool in this game. It’ll make you want to keep this secret hidden from your friends because you cannot find as cool purchases in other Roblox games.

Play Roblox’s Universal Roblox Theme Park here.

8. Natural Disaster Survival By @Stickmasterluke

The March 2018 game’s in-app description perfectly describes how to play this Roblox game (and how chaotic it is): “Quickly, run around in circles! Your life depends on it!” Death by lightning, flood, tsunami, earthquake, you name it, this game’s got you. In an infinite number of rounds and disasters, you can repeatedly enjoy anticipating the next end of the world in Natural Disaster Survival.

1. It’s [somewhat] useful in real life

Ever heard of Disaster Management? This is somewhat like this, with recognizing risk and how to survive it – hide under a sturdy building, stay in open fields, it depends on what disaster will strike! In real life, the same principles apply, right? Just that we are no longer in pixels and that you only get one chance to survive!

2. Consider it your online cardio workout

You really will have to run in this game. This may be good or bad news, we don’t know. You may not be, but your Roblox character will definitely run out of breath after playing this game multiple times. We’re all here for fitness and survival!

3. You get to watch the world end… multiple times

If you’re that type of person, well… This game is for you. Unleash your inner sadist nature in a Roblox game that’s all for fun.

Play Roblox’s Natural Disaster Survival here.

9. Epic Minigames By @TypicalType

In Epic Minigames, players get to enjoy up to 120 minigames. Whenever they win a game, they earn coins which they can use to buy cool in-game items! This game, created in July 2015, is really addicting!

It’s no wonder why 1.8+ billion Roblox gamers have chosen to play this game despite a wide selection of Roblox games.

1. Interesting array of minigames within the game

You never really know what game you’re playing next, which adds to the fun of it. From survival to obstacle courses, to free-for-all fights, the selection proves to be too many to be predicted. We have our own favorite minigames, but we’ll let you decide which ones are yours.

2. Cool pets!

Aside from upgrading your character’s look, you can also have your partner pet in this game. These are bought using coins or dropped for free randomly. From skeleton cats to oven monsters, all you have to do is pick one that resonates with you!

3. There’s a secret room

Pretend you didn’t hear it from us. But there’s an in-game secret room that you can unlock. Shh – we’ll leave you to find out what’s inside that secret room.

Play Roblox’s Epic Minigames here.

10. Brookhaven By @Wolfpaq

Brookhaven smoothly demonstrates what a roleplaying game should be. In this world, you can go to typical locations such as schools and churches.

Beyond this, you can also go to the mountains or the lake to appreciate the view, alone or with friends. The perfect balance of sceneries and topographies is worth appreciating as you relax in this game. Brookhaven is a Roblox game created in April 2020.

1. It’s simple roleplaying

This game is popular among gamers who just want to peacefully drive their own cars and go around town. Nothing complicated, just simple roleplaying where you get to do whatever you want to do – and there are quite a number of options in this game anyway.

Therefore, if you feel like you are one of those gamers we’re talking about, then try this game out.

2. There’s no in-game currency

The way the Roblox game is monetized doesn’t allow players to hustle hard for in-game currency.

Robux can be used, but even then, new players already get their cars – what more is there to buy?

The game is pure gameplay and chill vibes, and we respect Brookhaven for that.

3. There are fun activities in the game

If you’re too bored to chill in your minivan, you can always go at night to enjoy a campfire with friends.

You can also go paragliding and enjoy the view of the game. It’s definitely adventurous and will cater to gamers who consider that fun.

Play Roblox’s Brookhaven here.

11. Outlaster By Peak Precision Studios

Outlaster is a game of teams, led by captains, to take on a competition of challenges. The winning team gets to avoid elimination for that respective round, while the losing team has to eliminate one of their members. This Roblox game is based around the reality TV show series, Survivor.

As the game progresses, all players will be merged and compete individually until it reaches a sole survivor. Outlaster was created in July 2020.

1. The game design is highly commendable

The massive stages for the challenges make you feel like you are in an actual competition. Set in various environments, the game design gives off a tropical vibe. This totally helps with the feeling of suspense and fun you will feel in the Roblox game!

2. It’s fun to play with friends

Pair up with your friends and win the games. Though, it’s no guarantee as only one will win. Regardless, playing the challenges as a team with your friends is a way to build rapport.

3. Reality show drama baked within the game

The elimination process can be quite dramatic, as there will be a spectacle of dramatically revealing who gets voted out. There are also a lot of twists within the game, so you should watch out for that. All we can say is that this Roblox game really gives off the reality show drama that we see on television. Make Survivor come alive, and relive it in this fascinating Roblox game today.

Play Roblox’s Outlaster here.

12. Roblox Fashion Show By Wavy Crown

Every round is a fashion challenge because themes can get quite unpredictable. This exciting dress-up game was created in June 2020. Although dressing up is quite normal in Roblox games, Roblox Fashion Show has a pretty consistent gameplay that is just so fun for the players. Oh, have we mentioned that they have a LOT of wardrobe options? From tops to bottoms, to outrageous hairstyles, you surely won’t run out of options to express your fashion taste and try to win the round.

1. Puts your fashion to the test

This one is for the fashionistas out there! Show your creativity and flexibility as you dress up to the themes and impress the judges with your outfits. Prove to them that your fashion taste never runs out of ideas.

2. You judge their fashion as well!

Players can also be the fashion judges of their fellow models. As they walk up the runway, simply vote if their outfit was a yes or a no. The cumulative score from the judges will determine who wins the round.

3. Rise up to the top

Winning a game grants you scores that would also allow you to have labels in the Roblox game. Be recognized for your fashion taste. You deserve it!

Play Roblox’s Fashion Show! here.

13. Guess the Drawing By @GFSFF

Guess the Drawing’s game mechanics are pretty self-explanatory based on its title. You guess the drawing. Moreover, you get to draw and have your drawing guessed as well. This fun Roblox game was created in June 2019 and is for the artists, or for those who want to hone their inner artists. The prompt is given to the assigned artist and what will the other players do? That’s right. You guess the drawing.

1. A game we’re all familiar with

We’re sure you have encountered a similar game somewhere else, but that’s exactly the point. The game is everywhere because the game is simply fun. Familiarity helps with the iconic status of the game, and we’re glad that it’s here in Roblox!

2. Avenue for creativity

There are a lot of ways to draw something, more so to guess. This tests the gamers’ creativity as they showcase their talents to other people.

3. Laid-back game

Simply looking to pass the time or rest from too much action? This Roblox game is for you. Of course, we had to include a game where you could just let your imagination run free without the risk of dying from a tornado or a monster!

Play Roblox’s Guess The Drawing here.

14. Word Bomb By OMG

Word Bomb is a time-paced Roblox game where players are asked to think of a word that contains specific letters while a bomb ticks faster and faster.

If the bomb explodes while it’s your turn, you lose a life. Each player gets two lives. The last man standing wins. This does not only test your knowledge of words but also your typing skills and reaction time! Word Bomb was created in December 2018.

1. The ultimate test of vocabulary

Under pressure, you will have no choice but to trust the first word that will come to mind. This is the ultimate test of vocabulary because Word Bomb forces you to recall words possibly hidden in the deepest trenches of your brain. However, when things get tough and no word comes to mind, the developers also said that referring to a search engine or asking for help from a friend is not considered cheating!

2. Forces you to make up new words!

Sometimes, players will just type whatever combination of letters they think of, hoping that it’s a real word. Try thinking of one in 6 seconds that contains this: ZQO. Exactly. Suddenly, “words” like “Zqout” become our lifeline.

3. You get to learn

The best part of all this is that although there is a challenge, players also get to expand their vocabulary. They learn from their mistakes, and they also learn from the players they are with. It’s a mutual learning experience that happens for everyone, and this Roblox game does it perfectly!

Play Roblox’s Word Bomb here.

15. Club Iris By Infamous Productions

Club Iris was created in August 2018 and has since then created a wonderful community of party players. The Roblox game is really just about enjoying the features of Club Iris – its music, dance floor, hotels, and even the VIP section.

P.S.: Put on your best outfit before entering this Roblox game.

1. Socialize in the club

Club Iris is a fun place for social gatherings. Walk up to a player and hit up a conversation, why not? The game’s culture is very light and upbeat, striking up a conversation and making friends won’t be too daunting to do.

2. Massive dance floor

Get ready to bring out those dance moves because the dance floor will really pull you to show it off to the whole club. The in-game dance moves plus the background music create a party that only Club Iris can offer. Come on, we know you want to shake off some dust and get in the groove!


Who brings swords to the club? In Club Iris, that’s apparently perfectly normal. I mean… why not? Nobody’s being violent, it’s just pure fun… with swords.

Play Roblox’s Club Iris here.

And there you have it, our top 15 favorite games in Roblox this year. Let us know which games you like in the comments section below!

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