12 Epic Survival Games On Roblox, 2024 Ranked

Roblox is a free platform hosting thousands of games for millions of players worldwide. The Roblox game engine gives freedom to developers in their game creations – games like first-person shooters, battle royales and even city builders.

You cannot fathom how big the Roblox community is, its most popular game ‘Adopt Me!’ has almost 200,000 unique visitors per day. And the Roblox platform as a whole has over 1,000,000 active players online at any given moment. These numbers keep growing day by day too.

With such a huge selection of games of all genres on the platform, players tend to hop between the different fuss-free mini games that Roblox offers – and one of the most popular game genres is the survival games.

Here, let’s take a closer look at my personal list of the 12 best survival games on Roblox. 

These survival mini games tend to draw new players in as there is novelty in playing the Roblox equivalent of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) or Dead by Daylight. Its low-commitment and high entertainment value is what keeps players coming back again and again for more rounds of survival games in Roblox.

1. Build a Boat to Survive

Build a Boat to Survive is a building-survival game hybrid, where the goal is to survive the obstacles on the river course with the boat you built – or any vessel which can protect you from the elements along the way.

Craft your boat and put it to the test – can it survive the harsh river waters? Then, see how you fare amongst other players in Build a Boat to Survive.

It is not your typical survival game in which every player fends for themselves, rather you can opt to work together with other players to combine resources and assemble an impenetrable design to get you to the end of the course for the maximum reward. 

The beauty of this game is that there is no win or lose, rather you get to try over and over to find what is the best strategy to adopt while earning more coins to purchase more materials for your next run. Hence, it gives you a platform to be creative while challenging yourself to build something bigger and better before your next attempt at the course.

2. Natural Disaster Survival

I’m proud to say that the Natural Disaster Survival was the game that first got me hooked on Roblox. It’s such a simple concept; survive the random disasters that befall the map.

Every round in the Natural Disaster Survival game has a different survival objective. Will you be able to survive the round and win the game?

But this novelty never wears out as no 2 games are the same. Every game requires a different strategy for survival, and that keeps me on my toes even until today. Simple games like these tend to top my list of the best games to play in Roblox.

During the game, players must adopt different methods to escape the various impending disasters. Thunderstorms and acid rains are best avoided by hunkering down indoors – though your luck might run out and you could be placed in map like Arch Park with only a tiny shack for shelter. So you see, the strategy to survive differs for every game as there are so many factors that make every new game an entirely different gameplay.

What’s most impressive is the realistic physics of the game. One striking feature is how structures crumble and collapse into its individual pieces when disaster strikes, with the full on effects of gravity coming into play. While we’re on that topic, it’s best to avoid the top of skyscrapers!

Observe the realistic physics of a crumbling ferris wheel in Roblox’s Natural Disaster Survival game.

In total, there are 12 different disasters and 21 unique maps – my favourite disaster being the flash flood as it has the lowest survivability rate, and I do love a challenge in my Roblox games.

Some of the unique maps include ‘Launch Land” which has interactable buttons to launch the space shuttle, and ‘Prison Panic’ which has the option to be ‘incarcerated’ in a locked cell. These unique standout features make the gameplay experience more enjoyable.

3. Survive a Plane Crash

Survive a Plane Crash by Virtual Valley Games in Roblox

Though slightly gruesome, Survive a Plane Crash has a high entertainment value. Players like you board a turbulent-free flight at the start. (But do not be deceived and use this buffer time to plan your escape!) As the flight progresses, this is when things start shutting down, ending off with the engines entirely dead. And as the plane begins to nose dive with no working engine, you have to plan your survival!

There’s a roleplay aspect to this game as well, having the ability to unlock various roles like being the captain, a stewardess or even a first-class passenger with Robux. These different roles allow you to access different parts of the plane which are normally restricted to the common economy class passengers. You might find items like parachutes and trampolines which can greatly aid in your survival.

Every player on the plane will affect the chances of you surviving the crash. Once the plane starts nosediving, it’s complete anarchy! You will be given the ability to fight (or even kill) whoever comes between you and your escape route, so finding a weapon beforehand would be ideal.

It’s crazy madness as it’s every player for him or herself, grabbing items that will ensure their survival.

Hence it is definitely wise to make friends during your flight, and gang up on those passengers who are wreaking havoc with your newly found weapons!

4. Roblox Titanic

Roblox Titanic by Virtual Valley Games in Roblox

The game plays out exactly like the movie (and the actual tragic event), where the Titanic gets its hull severely damaged by a huge undetected iceberg. Of course, you would want to get on a lifeboat to escape the sinking ship, but this requires a lot of coordination with your peers.  

Titanic allows you to take on various roles, some unlockable with Robux. These roles include the captain, crew member, coal worker or the various class passengers. These different roles present you with different responsibilities and privileges which can aid you escape while leaving the other passengers behind.

This game gives you the choice of being a martyr or a self-serving scoundrel. When the ship starts sinking exponentially faster, you have a choice to make. To be the saviour and work together with everyone else to get as many people safely on lifeboats – or be the self preserving coward who takes the lifeboat for yourself…

The Titanic is sinking! Plan your escape – are you everyone’s saviour? Or will you be the self-preserving coward and escape alone?

What truly impresses me is the sound effects and the game’s realistic physics. You will feel fully immersed in this entire experience, especially in its first-person mode.

5. Project Lazarus

In this thrilling zombie-survival game, Project Lazarus requires you to have fast reflexes and efficient teamwork in order to win. This first-person shooter puts you through endless waves of zombies, with the challenge of utilising your ammunition effectively and unlocking more advanced guns for quicker clearing of the hordes of zombies.

Once you have enough money in Roblox’s Project Lazarus, it’s time to upgrade your gun to something better, like an M14 perhaps.

During gameplay, you may get yourself killed during a wave with a large horde, so it is wise to always stick with your teammates so that they can revive you immediately. Fortunately, you will respawn in the next round as long as your teammates are still alive. But there’s a penalty, you’ll be starting the next round with just a pistol.

More sections of the map will be unlocked as you progress further into the game, thus giving you the chance of finding the upgrader which can transform your gun into an overpowered hunk of metal.

Shoot them zombies with your upgraded weapon for the ultimate pleasure in Roblox’s Project Lazarus.

Don’t get too complacent as the zombies can be evasive and incapacitate you and your teammates from blind spots like behind you. Work well with your team to overpower the zombies, have your backs covered, and you will be on the leader board in no time!

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6. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising by The Real U.S.S.F in Roblox

Like Project Lazarus, Zombie Uprising is a zombie-shooter game which offers more depth in weapon choices and zombie variation. Endless waves of zombies will spawn within the map, earning you cash for all the zombie waves that you decimate. 

Realistic shooting animations start with the guns in Zombie Uprising, that are really heavy. They are almost comparable to notable first-person shooters like Apex Legends and CS:GO – hence, do watch your recoil when you’re emptying your clip on the zombie bosses! 

If you’re in search of better gun designs and mechanics, look no further than the shop which offers many types of killing instruments such as overpowered mini-guns and even rocket-propelled grenades.

This is especially important as different zombie types require different methods and weapons to kill them effectively.

With all the cash that you have obtained, you can now upgrade your guns with mods like far-ranged optics or extended high capacity magazines to improve your zombie-killing rate. 

And once you’ve levelled up to 25, test your skills and try the Apocalypse mode where the zombies are severely brutal, but with comes with an incentive of giving more cash per kill.

7. Flee the Facility

Flee The Facility by A.W. Apps in Roblox

Playing Flee the Facility always gets my heart pumping no matter the time of the day. This game is an exhilarating 4 versus 1 survival horror game, where you either play as a survivor or the hunter that kills the survivors.

Your main goal as a survivor is to hack three computers which then opens the exit for your escape. Be sure to work together with your 3 other teammates as the quicker you find the computers scattered around the map, the quicker you get to escape. 

Just like Dead by Daylight, failing the quick-time prompt while hacking gives away your location to the hunter, so be sure to hide after it happens. The added challenge is that the hunter moves a lot quicker than you, requiring you to be elusive and find grates to crawl away to safety. 

Watch as I nimbly ducked and crawled to safety, away from the hands of the hunter in Roblox’s Flee the Facility.

What I enjoy most about this survival game is sabotaging my other teammates by closing the doors on them during the escape. The doors in Flee the Facility takes time to open, and this leaves them vulnerable to the hunter who might be stalking the survivors from behind.

8. SharkBite

Sharkbite by @DJ_BLADEMASTER in Roblox

SharkBite is a concept I’ve not seen anywhere else – you either play as a survivor, spawning in with a boat of your choice, or as a shark with the aim of killing every player on the map. 

Before the round commences, you can choose to team up with other players while getting into the same boat. This could be a highly beneficial move if one of you is better at shooting while the other can focus on manoeuvring the boat. Good marksmen are preferred in this game as incapacitating the shark is the main goal for the survivors.

Escape the clutches of the shark, otherwise, you’ll end up wasted in Sharkbite.

By working together with the other players, you can win the round more easily, and obtain more coins. With more coins, you get to unlock faster boats and better guns to give you the upper hand against the monstrous water beast. 

If your boat is in sight of the shark, pray that you are evasive enough to dodge its bite – otherwise you’d end up in the water like me and have no chance of escape!

9. Island Royale

BANK! Island Royale by @LordJurrd

Some liken this game to Fortnite as Island Royale offers everything you’d expect from a battle royale-type game. At the start of the round, players get air dropped into an island with weapons and various resources scattered around the map. Just like any other battle royale game, find all the best weapons to survive the final face-off. 

Pick up useful items that will aid you in your victory in Roblox’s Island Royale.

The map gets smaller as time passes by, with the forcefield killing you if you’re not within the demarcated area. Once the remaining players are concentrated within the final circle, get ready to face decked-out players. Good luck to you if you have not been spending your time looting the best weapon and equipment.

Be the last player standing in Roblox’s Island Royale.

If you’re good at defensive speed building, it will play to your advantage in the final rounds when the opponents are all congregated in the final circle. Otherwise, build to gain the high ground against your opponents and snipe them down from above! 

Island Royale is fast paced like Apex Legends, so find a dynamic team to play with and refine your team synergy – successfully doing so will be a winner, winner, chicken dinner for you and your squad!

10. Flood Escape 2

Flood Escape 2 by Crazyblox Games in Roblox

Flood Escape 2 puts you on a parkour map, where you must reach the safe located at the top of the map where the rising waters cannot reach you. Some maps may not be as straightforward as they seem, leaving you confused as to which way you should take. Taking the wrong route upwards will waste away precious time that you need to complete the course. And once you fall behind and the water level rises too much, it becomes too late to survive. 

Escape to the top of the map before you suffocate from the rising waters.

The liquid rises exponentially, so do not be deceived by the seemingly slow rate of the rising liquid and use whatever time you have left to reach the next checkpoint. Most importantly, do not fall off – that will make you lose the entire round! 

You can work together with friends by splitting up to find the right way up or rescue each other if one gets caught by the liquid. During the last desperate moments however, most of us will choose to save ourselves – so do not be too dependent on your companion.

11. Survive the Killer

Survive the Killer! by Slyce Entertainment in Roblox

Survive the Killer is basically a deadly game of tag with the killer – and being tagged in this scenario means getting yourself killed! Your only chance of escaping is either by hiding or waiting until the exits open at the 1-minute mark.

What’s unique is the game has incorporated terrifying movie-killers into the game – Chucky, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and many others!

The game has a similar gameplay to Escape the Facility (reviewed above), and the best scenario is that everybody works together by distracting the killer while saving those incapacitated.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a bullet proof strategy as the killer comes with an immense speed. And once you’re within sight of the killer, you’ll be hunted down with no means of outrunning him. Scary!

Kite your killer by using the objects around you as a form of distraction in Survive the Killer!

The game makes it fair for those incapacitated by freezing the timer for you to be saved when the killer camps within your vicinity. Don’t be despair when you are immobile on the ground, as surprises always happen last minute. And when you think it’s all over for you, who knows, someone might save you and give you another fighting chance to hide or escape. What’s important is to not give up and always be on the move!

12. The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava by @TheLegendOfPyro in Roblox

This Roblox survival game, The Floor is Lava will get you scrambling to the highest point in the map in an attempt to escape the rising lava. This game presents you with an additional challenge by having the lava damage and destroy whatever it touches, putting you in a precarious position no matter where you are on the map. No position is safe except the one that is higher than where you currently are.

The variety of maps and how the lava interacts with the environment makes each round very unique. A platform where you stood to survive in a previous round might have already been burnt to dust in the next. Thus, it is always good to move around the map to avoid falling into the lava with the crumbling structures.

Avoid the lava at all costs in Roblox’s The Floor is Lava!

This game gives players of obbys (obstacle-type games) an added advantage as they can parkour to a safer spots on the map easily. The lesser-skilled players will be fighting over the only unsubmerged platform, pushing the unlucky ones into the lava. In essence, you’re not only competing with the environment, but technically with the other players who are vying for that one and only survival spot.

Be sure to earn plenty of coins as there are jump or speed boosts to be bought which will greatly assist you in rounds where there are sporadically placed structures.

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