15 Best Roblox VR Games to Play Right Now

The 15 Best Roblox VR Games to Play Right Now

Kazan, Russia – August 25, 2021: Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. A smartphone with the Roblox logo on the screen surrounded by gamepads.

As Virtual Reality (VR) Games continue their rise to the mainstream, it also finds their way to the most popular games and platforms in the world like Roblox where a huge community of gamers gets together to create some of the best and most engaging forms of VR activities you’ll ever see.

From open-world sceneries to simple rhythm games and even high-intensity shooters, there is no running out of options for VR games in Roblox—all you have to do is just click, download, and live your reality in these vibrant worlds. If you’re down for just that, then you’ve come to the right place as I have compiled the 15 Best Roblox VR Games you will find and experience on the platform! Let’s start your VR journey with a bang, shall we?

1. Cook Burgers by Sssqd

Cook Burgers in this VR enabled Roblox game - have a go at running the day to day operations of your own burger joint.
Cook Burgers in this VR enabled Roblox game – have a go at running the day to day operations of your own burger joint. (Image by Roblox’s Cook Burgers)

Not a lot of people dream about cooking burgers in a fast food restaurant, but once you’ve actually tried it out yourself in a VR setting, it’s actually loads of fun! In Roblox’s Cook Burgers, that’s exactly what you do. In contrast to its lackluster name, it’s actually a relaxing yet immersive experience of what it feels like to be preparing food at a fast food chain like McDonald’s.

The moment you pop your VR headset in, you will be greeted with a customization screen in Roblox that allows you to play with the look of your character, which in this game is a chef. After customizing, you have dropped into the game right away with a brief tutorial on the mechanics of cooking burgers, managing the restaurant, and more. I don’t want to spoil the whole shtick of the game as it’s something you should experience for the first time yourself, so just think of Cook Burgers as one of those popular flash games back in the day like Diner Dash but in VR.

Cook & serve customers in Roblox's Cook Burgers as you have a go at managing your very own fast food establishment.
Cook & serve customers in Roblox’s Cook Burgers as you have a go at managing your very own fast food establishment. (Image by Rolox’s Cook Burgers)

Besides cooking burgers, you will also be making use of forklifts to manage inventory, serve food to customers, and of course, build your very own variation of a burger! If you have always been curious about what it’s like to be working at McDonald’s, then Cook Burgers is the perfect game to satisfy that curiosity with its great blend of management, cooking, and fun.

Why play Roblox’s Cook Burgers?

Master your VR abilities and assemble your own burger in Roblox's Cook Burgers.
Master your VR abilities and assemble your own burger in Roblox’s Cook Burgers. (Image by Rolox’s Cook Burgers)

1. Feels what it’s like to work at a fast food chain.

Working at McDonald’s or any fast food chain isn’t everyone’s dream or cup of tea, but trying it out in a VR Roblox game is much more fun than you would think. Flip burgers, manage inventory and serve those juicy burgers straight from the kitchen to your customers.

2. It goes beyond a cooking simulator game.

Despite its name, Cook Burgers isn’t all about cooking. You’ll also be managing your food’s stock and inventory in ways like waiting for food shipments to arrive. You’ll also get to be a waiter by serving food from the kitchen to your customers, so be ready to be quick with your actions to not keep your hungry patrons waiting!

3. You get to enjoy its chill vibe while relaxing in the game.

Cook Burgers also happens to be one of the best VR games to get into if you’re a first-timer in VR gaming as the game is generally chill and relaxing. It isn’t trying to be a competitive fast food manager, but rather just a fun sneak peek of what it’s like to cook burgers and own a fast food restaurant.

Play Roblox’s Cook Burgers here.

2. Ragdoll Simulator by Frobulate

Have tons of VR fun with Roblox's Ragdoll Simulator.
Have tons of VR fun with Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator. (Image by Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator)

Have you ever dreamt of skydiving? Or perhaps bungee jumping? Then you no longer have to dream as Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator will serve as your full-on rag doll playground with full VR support. Like many of us, I have also wondered how insane it would be to be freefalling as a rag doll from 30,000 ft from the air.

With Ragdoll Simulator, I got a taste of what and how a Roblox game would look like in VR. Of course, it won’t be as intense as the real thing, but being in a Ragdoll playground with some of the best physics engines there is in Roblox should keep you entertained for hours on end.

Besides fulfilling my skydiving dreams, Ragdoll Simulator is also the perfect hub for you and your friends to meet as it supports multiplayer in VR. This means that your friends who also have VR headsets can jump into the action with you in Roblox. I had a solid 2-hour session with my squad of doing nothing but wrestling, throwing each other from 30k feet above, and many more.

There are also anti-gravity mechanics that can simulate the feeling of other planets’ gravity which is a nice detail to have for space geeks like me. Finally, there’s also combat in the game, but it’s not really its focus and thus, not as fleshed out and intense as supposed to other fighting games in Roblox.

Nevertheless, Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator does exactly what it promises: it’s a physics simulator where you can do basically anything that you want with your squad. Start a boxing match 30k feet in the air, make a trampoline that launches you to the heavens, and everything else you can think of, in VR.

Why play Ragdoll Simulator?

Go on crazy VR adventures as a rag doll in Roblox's Ragdoll Simulator.
Go on crazy VR adventures as a rag doll in Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator. (Image by Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator)

1. Experience free-for-all physics and rag doll madness.

Hop in with your friends and do whatever the heck your mind desires with some of the best physics and ragdoll engines around in Roblox—all happening in VR.

2. Fulfill your skydiving and free fall fantasies in a VR landscape.

If you’re like me who’s got a lifelong dream of being able to freefall from a plane that’s thousands of feet above the sky, then Ragdoll Simulator is the perfect and only place to get a taste of what that would feel like.

3. Experience the best ragdoll physics in a Roblox game.

Besides its wacky premise, the physics itself is actually impressive for a Roblox VR game. You can virtually interact with any object in the world and it would react to you in a realistic manner that only a number of Roblox games like Ragdoll Simulator can simulate.

Play Roblox’s Ragdoll Simulator here.

3. OPPOSER VR [Alpha] – Roblox by OVR

Take your Roblox VR experience to the next level with OPPOSER VR.
Take your Roblox VR experience to the next level with OPPOSER VR. (Image by Opposer VR, Roblox)

Picture this: COD/CSGO in VR, but in Roblox. Actually, you no longer have to just picture it as this very concept has already materialized in the form of OPPOSER. This VR FPS and combat game quickly grew as one of my favorites as it reminded me heavily of the two games that I just mentioned.

In Roblox’s OPPOSER VR, the gameplay is all about shooting just like in COD. You have guns, melee and secondary weapons, and even jetpacks that make combat exhilarating and intense for a Roblox VR game. Although there aren’t real game modes that exist within the game, you can join lobbies and roleplay a free-for-all scenario as the game does have HP bars and an ammo system that works as you would expect for an FPS game.

Whether it’s throwing a grenade into random strangers or waging war with your friends, there’s a never-ending list of things to do in OPPOSER VR. The arsenal selection in this game isn’t as diverse as other shooters in Roblox, but beloved guns like the Gloc 9 and AK-47 are present. There are also SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, and other gun types and classes that keep the game refreshing, immersive, and fun.

If you’re into FPS in a VR setting, then Roblox’s OPPOSER VR is the place to be. It’s one of the most polished FPS experiences in VR while also offering gameplay that’s interactive, realistic, and familiar to triple-A titles like COD and Battlefield. Although official game modes like team Deathmatch, capture the flag, or search and destroy would be a lovely addition in the future, it is still lots of fun for what it currently is.

Why play OPPOSER VR?

1. One of the more refined FPS experiences in Roblox VR.

Diehard FPS genre fans out there will be pleased to know that OPPOSER VR is one of the best FPS experiences you can get in Roblox VR thanks to its realistic gun physics and effects.

2. Create your own campaign and story the way you want.

Since the game still lacks any official matchmaking or game modes, the best way to enjoy it at the moment is to roleplay with your friends to create immersive and realistic campaigns.

3. Its in-game physics experience is top notch.

Similar to Ragdoll Simulator, OPPOSER VR is also equipped with a physics engine that will respond realistically to your movements that add more depth and realism to its gameplay. Magazines will fall off after being shot, and bullets make precise and realistic sounds, just to name a few.

Play Roblox’s OPPOSER VR here.

4. Self-Driving Simulator [VR, Non-VR] by Nexus Development

Engage your visual senses in a self driving simulator in Roblox.
Engage your visual senses in a self driving simulator in Roblox. (Image by Roblox’s Self Driving Simulator)

Driving is a therapeutic hobby for a lot of us, maybe it is in real life or in video games. One can’t deny that overseeing beautiful landscapes while going 60 MPH is a stress reliever. That is why when I found out about Roblox’s Self-Driving Simulator VR, I was stoked.

As you can probably tell by its title, Self-Driving Simulator is an immersive driving experience in Roblox. It’s both compatible with VR headset users and even non-VR users, but we’ll be focusing on its VR experience for now.

As a driving sim, it plays perfectly smooth and realistic. You get to be in the front seat with a first-person POV of the steering wheel and the road which makes it amazing for roleplaying or just practicing your driving skills in general. In addition to that, there are also a handful of cars to choose from.

There are Teslas, supercars, sports cars, and other classes of vehicles that you’ll typically see in games like GTA 5. The driving mechanics and physics itself aren’t anything to write home about, but they’re good enough for a driving sim in Roblox and in VR.

It certainly still has achieved its purpose of being a fun game to boot up whenever you’d want to destress and relax. Rev your engine and drive along the beautiful in-game highways or just go with the flow and chill while you vibe with the relaxing atmosphere of Self-Driving Simulator in VR.

Why play Self-Driving Simulator?

Feel like you're in an actual car - All thanks to the VR simulation from Roblox's Self-Driving Simulator.
Feel like you’re in an actual car – All thanks to the VR simulation from Roblox’s Self-Driving Simulator. (Image by Roblox)

1. It’s the perfect game to relax and destress.

Drive along the scenic highways while you tune in to your favorite LoFi playlists in VR. You’ll feel like you’re in an actual car ride.

2. Wide selection of cars to choose from.

Immerse yourself in the front seat of a Tesla, a Ferrari, or perhaps, even a Lamborghini! Pick your favorite 4 wheel drive and ride away, in true VR style. You won’t have to fork out actual cash to own the vehicle, when you have this amazing VR car driving experience.

3. It’s a fun solo game, and even more fun with friends.

Playing with friends or without friends, Self-Driving Simulator is still extremely fun as it’s the perfect ground to imagine and roleplay yourself driving a Tesla and other types of cars. It’s a fun Roblox game that is perfect for all automobile lovers.

Play Roblox’s Self-Driving Simulator here.

5. Slap Battles by Tencelll

A virtual slapping competition in Roblox that gets your adrenaline pumping.
A virtual slapping competition in Roblox that gets your adrenaline pumping. (Image by Slap Battles, Roblox)

Looking for a casual, yet competitive game to play on Roblox? Entering into this list is Slap Battles. As the title suggests, you battle other players in this multiplayer game with a palm as your only weapon. Its straightforward mechanics makes this game one of my favorite casual games to play on Roblox, especially if you’re looking for a competitive scene.

I had to come up with strategies that allowed me to accumulate more slaps because I really wanted to try out the Thanos Glove that has the time reversal ability, a solid yet situational ability. In this game, gloves are the core aspect of the game.

Every glove has different stats, namely power, speed, and if applicable, an ability you can activate by pressing E on the keyboard. As for its VR experience, I felt disoriented at first because players try their best to avoid getting slapped into oblivion. But once I got the feel of the game’s physics, I was able to get in the groove and accumulate 315 slaps.

This allowed me to unlock the Flash Glove, which has a unique teleportation ability – imagine being able to appear right next to your target and give them a tight slap! All in all, Slap Battles is a fairly casual game that can offer an oddly satisfying face slapping gameplay.

Why play Slap Battles?

It’s the most intense slapping battle you’d find on Roblox VR. (Image by Slap Battles, Roblox)

1. A fusion of casual and competitive gaming.

While you may be diving head first into a competitive slapping arena, you can still experience the Roblox game in a casual manner.

2. Experience satisfaction from slapping players to oblivion.

Giving your opponents a solid slap feels fulfilling and rewarding. And breaking your previous high score on that slap counter just makes it all the more satisfying.

3. Develop strategies with various abilities.

One way to truly unlock your Roblox character’s slapping prowess is to maximize the potential of your gloves. This unlocks even stronger gloves as a reward, which lets you slap harder! Mix and match various equipment strategies as you please to level up your Roblox slapping game.

Play Roblox’s Slap Battles here.

6. VR Hangout by Splite Studios

You may be familiar with VR-supported social games such as VRchat and Rec Room. These games have one thing in common – the ability to engage in social interaction with other players.

But what if you encounter limitations such as incompatible hardware or the lack of access to a certain device? VR Hangout by Splie Studios definitely solves those problems. Because VR Hangout is a Roblox game, you have cross-platform support and hardware leniency that allows you to play this game on most devices.

Welcome to VR Hangout. If you’re feeling exhausted from external factors such as school and family matters, or if you’re itching to socialize with friends and other people, you may want to check this game out. The game mechanics are fairly simple – do whatever it takes to have fun. That’s basically it.

This game allows you to have access to certain minigames, such as basketball, piano, and ping pong. I personally tried out playing basketball in VR Hangout with some friends, and although it’s no NBA 2K, it still gets the job done with its casual-esque physics, keeping the fun factor in this game.

Why play VR Hangout?

1. A way to chill, unwind, and socialize.

You can engage in meaningful conversations with new people everyday, or play casual games with your friends. Experience all this and more, through a fully virtual world in Roblox.

2. Tons of stuff to do.

Play a variety of games within this main Roblox game. From playing piano, ping pong, basketball, to even “whack-a-noob”.

3. Redefining the term “social distancing”.

Physical distance is not an issue in this Roblox game. You get to immerse yourself in a virtual hangout area regardless of how far the distance between you and your friends is. Log in any time and start socializing and hanging out in VR fashion today.

Play VR Hangout here.

7. (NEON) Spray Paint! by SheriffTaco

Ever think of a game that allows you to express your creativity? Look no further, as Spray Paint! by SheriffTaco is exactly what you might be looking for in the context of creating arts. I have to admit though – I’m not the most creative person out there, but I have witnessed some players creating their arts that are simply on the next level. You’ll be surprised as to what this game has in store for you.

The game mechanics are straightforward. You find a spot to draw or paint, and from that point, you can start creating your art. Difficulty-wise, it entirely depends on your skills. Other features include the ability to adjust your brush size and utilizing the eyedropper.

If you think you have what it takes to create an excellent piece of virtual art, this game should be a piece of cake for you. Playing this game with VR equipment even makes the experience better as it feels like you’re actually drawing something with a brush on a canvas. Having a VR controller makes your outputs even more detailed, as you have full control over your drawing path.

Why play Spray Paint?

1. Limitless potential for creative outputs.

Show off your creative skills in this game by virtually drawing or painting on any surface. The sky’s the limit to what you can create in this game.

2. Tons of tools to utilize.

From adjusting your brush size to choosing from a plethora of colors from the color palette, this Roblox VR game allows you to create the ideal piece of art that you have always wanted to.

3. Enhanced precision with VR capabilities.

The full VR support that this Roblox game renders just makes the entire VR experience more immersive. This allows you to create a more detailed piece of art in this game than ever before.

Play (NEON) Spray Paint! here.

8. Energy Assault by Typical Games

Another shooter game making it into this list is Energy Assault. Like the previously mentioned OPPOSER VR, Energy Assault provides an experience like you would encounter in Call of Duty and CS:GO.

When I first played Energy Assault, the first thing that came into my mind was Gun Gale Online, a story arc featured in the anime Sword Art Online. This is due to the intense competition designed into this game, with game modes such as Hill Control, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Artifact, and Capture the Flag.

Playing Energy Assault on VR was a blast for me. Everything felt immersive during my gameplay, from the physics to the gun selection. Being a competitive-natured game, you have to focus even more during your gameplay with VR in order to be able to detect opponents and have a good aim in order for you to get ahead.

I also have to mention that the maps in this game are designed for you to play in a more strategic manner, as there are a lot of places for players to hide. If you’re looking for another VR-capable shooter on Roblox, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Why play Energy Assault?

1. Competitive FPS experience like its similar titles.

The whole plethora of weapon choices, movements, and the level of competition surely make this a respectable VR shooter game in Roblox.

2. Even more immersive with VR.

Take your first shooter experience to the next level with VR. Don your VR goggles and easily spot your enemies on the battlefield with your increased peripheral vision. Then, come up with better shooting tactics for a swift & decisive victory.

3. Express yourself with great customization access.

You get to customize everything – from weapon skins to your Roblox character outfits.

Play Roblox’s Energy Assault here.

9. Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke

Ever wondered how it feels like to experience a natural disaster? If yes, brace yourself when playing this game as you only have a very limited amount of time in order to prepare for succeeding disasters.

When I played this on VR, I initially thought this game was simply another Minecraft clone. I was wrong. Instead, I was greeted by an incoming tornado which the game warned me about once the disaster had already started.

I initially did not know what I was doing, so I faced this disaster unprepared. It blew me away (literally) as I was also unfamiliar with the tornado’s path and the map’s “safe spots”. Because I experienced this on VR, I learned to become more alert because being eliminated by that disaster was very immersive.

In this game, you have one goal – to survive. As I mentioned earlier, you only have 30 seconds to prepare for the succeeding disasters so be sure to choose your “safe spot” beforehand and hope that you won’t succumb to the disaster. Once you’re successful, you’ll move back to spawn and the game selects a random map followed by a random disaster.

Why play Natural Disaster Survival:

1. Experience various types of natural disasters in a safe environment.

From deadly viruses to earthquakes, you get the opportunity to try your best to avoid these in order to survive in this fast paced Roblox VR game!

2. Explore a huge variety of maps.

This Roblox game keeps things fresh by introducing various maps, with different types of buildings, obstacles and environmental factors. It’s almost like a brand new experience whenever you log into this game.

3. It provides a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

The main goal of this game is straightforward – survive, and this in itself keeps you and other players on your toes as you try to overcome the challenge that lies ahead. It’s guaranteed to get your heart racing as you navigate the complexities that this game offers you.

Play Roblox’s Natural Disaster Survival here.

10. Shrek in the Backrooms by The MonkeyMan Fan Club

Speaking of thrill, this next entry will surely take your craving for a thrill to the next level. Entering this list introduces the first horror genre entry, starring our favorite green ogre, Shrek. The twist is that Shrek is the enemy here and you have to incapacitate him one way or another.

I found it hard to even start playing this game because I do not like jumpscares, more with the immersive experience VR provides. In fact, this is actually one of the Roblox games that I personally wish I did not have to play with the VR headset on. Basically, this game features Shrek as a creepy monster that will appear at a location where you least expect him.

Once he appears, you have to make sure that Shrek does not catch up to you, otherwise, you’ll be greeted with an unsettling face of Shrek occupying the majority of your vision, similar to Baldi’s Basics. Fortunately for you, you’ll be bestowed with the resources (such as a rifle and a flamethrower) to fend for yourself and to try your best at incapacitating Shrek.

Like Baldi’s Basics, the objective is to escape the room with a code. In this Roblox game, however, there are more levels for you to clear.

Why play Shrek in the Backrooms?

1. This Roblox game is not for the faint-hearted.

Before you start this game, make sure you’re mentally prepared for a thrilling experience with Shrek chasing you, especially with VR. It will be one that is filled with tons of jump scares and danger lurking around the corners of the map.

2. Get merrier fun with other players to join you.

Team up with your best friends, or the pubs and take down the formidable Shrek together. With the resources implemented in the game and players to utilize them, these should aid you in incapacitating Shrek. Games are always more fun with friends!

3. Outgun more than just Shrek – he isn’t the only enemy.

Shrek is accompanied by more monsters hunting you and your team. You will not only have to outgun an orge, but also his accompanying minions that are dead set in hunting you down. Are you up for this challenge?

Play Roblox’s Shrek in the backrooms here.

11. ALONE IN A DARK HOUSE by umamidayo

Building the topic of a thrilling Roblox VR gaming experience, next up on this list is ‘Alone in a Dark House’. This horror-inspired game will remind you of Phasmophobia, wherein you enter an unsettling premise and gather clues in order to find out the residing entity. The good thing with this game is that you can play it in single-player mode or multiplayer, much like the main inspiration of this game.

When I first played this game, I honestly wasn’t ready to play solo, so I had to invite some friends in order to make me feel like I’m not totally alone inside the house.

However, after clearing this game with friends, it feels a bit unsatisfying because it definitely eased up the whole gameplay. So I decided to do another playthrough, but this time I did it solo. The VR experience definitely changed for me as it felt like I was indeed being watched by the entity residing in the house, making the gameplay more challenging.

Not to mention, whenever the entity spots me, the whole experience becomes even more thrilling as the entity will not stop chasing you, which will only seldom happen when you’re playing with a party.

Why play Alone in a Dark House?

1. You get a horrifying good time in full Roblox VR.

Having a well-constructed plot and a thrilling setting is a must-play for horror fans. And this Roblox game gives you exactly that. Experience horror theatrics that are befitting of a Roblox VR game in Alone in a Dark House.

2. Immerse yourself into a single player or team up with friends.

You get to share this horror VR experience with your friends. What better way to forge stronger friendship bonds (or in this case, severe them) than a game of horror VR together.

3. Pit your detective skills while being watched by an entity.

Your main task in this Roblox game is to gather clues and piece them together in a limited amount of time. Not forgetting the apparition that will not stop chasing you down.

Play Roblox’s Alone in a Dark House here.

12. Destruction Physics by quinowenryanjen

Want to unleash your stress because of a bad day at school or work? Ever wanted to go to a rage room but do not have the energy to go there? Welcome to the virtual rage room, Destruction Physics! I was personally looking forward to trying this out with VR and having an immersive experience of destroying things and structures. Allow me to share my experience in this section of the article.

In Destruction Physics, you enter a map that looks like a fairly normal neighborhood. You are then greeted with a breach charge, a sledgehammer, a pistol, and a sticky bomb. What’s great about this is that you can enter the houses on the map which have features you can interact with such as a light switch and some doors.

However, you do want to maximize your arsenal in order to destroy structures, and that’s what’s very satisfying in the VR experience. You feel like you’re actually wrecking walls with your sledgehammer and shooting some window panes with your pistol, witnessing the realistic physics as these parts crumble. If you want to create your own structure for you to destroy, that’s also possible with building tools.

Why play Destruction Physics?

1. Experience very satisfying realistic game physics in full VR.

From watching structures get destroyed to walls that slowly crumble in front of your eyes, this Roblox game immerses you fully in this true VR fashion.

2. You have a ton of tools at your disposal.

From breach charges, sledgehammers, to even a pistol, any tool befitting for destruction are readily at your fingertips to deploy! Choose your poison and get the destruction going.

3. Build first then destroy later.

Design the most satisfying destructible structure, and then watch it get destroyed by yours truly. This VR Roblox game will surely scratch your itch for damaging and wrecking havoc.

Play Roblox’s Destruction Physics here.

13. Club Iris by Infamous Productions

Ah yes, the (in)famous Club Iris. This is honestly a tricky one for me because of various controversies arising on Reddit and YouTube. Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, many people came up with ways to battle social distancing. Club Iris is no exception because typical hangout spots had to be closed in order to control the spread of the virus.

However, some Roblox players may have taken this *too* far. Because most Roblox players know about Club Iris, I will focus on the VR experience instead.

With my VR headset on, Club Iris feels like an actual nightclub. The club has these flashing ballroom lighting that makes you want to dance at the center of the club. I also noticed that many players like to chat a lot, which is the whole point of this Roblox game – to socialize. You can also utilize its voice chat feature if you prefer to speak with your mouth instead of typing.

Overall, there are not many objectives to this game aside from plain socializing, and with the support of VR, it definitely creates an immersive nightlife experience.

Why play Club Iris?

1. This game provides you a simulation of your typical night out with friends.

Hop into a virtual bar with your friends, and mingle with new people! This and more, done in the comforts of your home. Simply hook up your VR goggles and dive right into this immersive social experience.

2. It’s a virtual place specially designed for you to chill and unwind.

Indulge in good ol’ socialization and dancing to ease off the stresses from your day-to-day. Unwind and forget about your troubles when your VR googles goes on.

3. Roleplaying is possible in this game.

Role play as anyone (or anything) you wish. The skies are the limit to who you can become. Simply doll up your Roblox character and get into character immediately.

Play Roblox’s Club Iris today.

14. VR Islands by Lovecraft Dev

VR Islands is yet another social game but with even more things to do. From the title itself, you are placed on an island filled with players doing random stuff, such as paintball and cooking. Since this is another casual game without any main objective, I am going to focus more on the VR experience and the community.

As I set foot on the island, I was greeted by random players doing random things. For instance, I encountered players playing paintball, while a player was on a rocket ship flying to space, and so I eventually engaged in their minigames.

The whole experience was amusing and entertaining for me because the physics of the game were unrealistic, and that’s just one of the reasons why VR Islands is a go-to game for simple player-to-player interaction. The community is honestly very chill and friendly, as they were inviting me to participate in their paintball minigame.

With this, I recommend VR Islands if you want to simply have fun with the presence of other Roblox players using a VR headset and experience the randomness of this whole game.

Why play VR Islands?

1. This island makes for a perfect hub to meet new players.

Interact with new players through brief conversations or play mini-games with them on your very own virtual Roblox island!

2. The game has a funny and unrealistic game physics.

Imagine sending players flying through the air with your gravity gun, or even sending them to a flame to cook them. This game takes the conventional laws of physics and tosses them out of the window. It gets really creative to what a Roblox world without the law physics would look like.

3. There are tons of things to do for your entertainment.

From playing paintball to sending players to space, this Roblox game’s randomness will keep you on your toes and hungry for more. It’s a VR game that is sure to make your day!

Play Roblox’s VR Islands here.

15. Ro-meet: Chat with Robloxians by CodeAttribute

Last but not the least, we have yet another social VR game making it into this list. When I first tried Ro-meet, one thing came to my mind. Ro-meet is literally Omegle on Roblox. The game mechanics are fairly simple – get matched with a Roblox player for a chat.

Depending on how your conversations go, it is possible to make friends through this game. Whenever you or the other player does not like the flow of the conversation, either one of you could opt to stop the conversation and get matched with another player.

Similar to Omegle, you can also utilize the voice chat feature if you prefer to speak through your microphone. You can also buy and select your background appearance, share player reactions, and even video messages!

As for the VR experience, it’s honestly nothing extraordinary as it’s focused on one-on-one social interactions, although playing Ro-meet with VR makes you feel like you’re physically interacting with one another.

Why play Ro-meet?

1. A VR platform in Roblox to make new friends.

You get to learn more about your friends through a platform that is designed for socializing. Bring back the good old days of online chatting with this Roblox game. Make new and fruitful conversations with your new friends in Roblox easily, in VR!

2. Keep skipping to be matched with a new friend.

You have the option to skip other players if you’re not clicking in terms of common interests. This lets you narrow down and find someone whom you can hold in-depth conversations with.

3. Experience immersive one-on-one conversations with VR support and voice chat.

Engage in a virtual conversation without the need to show your actual face. With functions like voice and even video chat, this Roblox game takes chatting in VR to the next level.

Play Roblox’s Ro-meet here.

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