The 12 Best Building Games In Roblox For 2024 (+ Tips)

When you think of building games, the games that come to your mind immediately are usually The Sims 4, Cities: Skylines and Planet Coaster. Rarely would a game on Roblox be thought of, and we’re here to change that.

Roblox is special as it offers their version of these games on the Roblox platform, and the aforementioned Triple-A games do not offer what Roblox has – a FREE multiplayer building game experience. Not forgetting to mention, the library of building games on Roblox is constantly growing every day. So you can always look forward to new ways to build on Roblox.

The building mechanism in Roblox is already familiar to avid gamers of this genre. From the select-and-drop style of Roller Coaster Tycoon to the dragging of walls in The Sims, gamers will be able to pick up the games in Roblox quickly, and get started on their building experience.

Having a friend playing by your side is always a refreshing experience in game. The exchanging of quips and tips while as you both begin afresh. And playing a building game in Roblox allows for this experience through their multiplayer aspect.

And at the end, players can get a higher sense of achievement by showing off their creative building creations to both friends and strangers in Roblox.

Let me now showcase the 12 best building games in Roblox that really stood out amongst all the building games that I’ve played. Get ready to have hours upon hours of gameplay excitement as you go about building your dream creations in Roblox!

1. Retail Tycoon 2

Roblox’s Retail Tycoon 2.

Retail Tycoon 2 is a store management game in Roblox where the aim of the game is to build and expand your store, maximizing your store’s profit over time.

You get to be the owner of your own store, turning it from a humble mini mart to an enormous flourishing shopping mall.

The parking lot outside your own Superstore in Roblox’s Retail Tycoon 2.

Upgrading various parts of your store such as the parking lot and the store’s signage helps to increase the number of patrons you will attract at any given time. You are also tasked with managing the inventory of your store, ensuring that your shelves are always stocked up while remaining wary that idle stocks may be a detriment to your profits.

Cruise through your store in Roblox’s Retail Tycoon 2 and ensure that your store’s inventory is all well stocked.

And once you have enough profits, you can then focus on designing your store, making it look the best it can be.

Designable aspects include the various shelves and decorative items can aid in theming your build. This is especially handy if you have built a megamall with dozens of sections offering different goods.

Standouts of Retail Tycoon 2:

I appreciated the simple building mechanics as it gives me more time to focus on the management aspect of the game. The game is also sufficiently challenging in the later stages as it gets more complexed when you eventually build up into a bigger retail front.

Take your Retail Tycoon 2 experience to the next level:

You can now take your Retail Tycoon 2 gameplay to the next level. Start by selling more interesting items, such as a variety of military equipment, which includes guns, ammo and vehicles. You can also elevate your store’s shopping experience by creating custom music playlists – which improves customer satisfaction rates and gives you a different gameplay experience overall. The foot area of your store can also be expanded by acquiring more land for development.

Choose from these elevated experiences in Retail Tycoon 2 and game like a pro when you purchase a any of these passes with Robux today.

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2. RoCitizens

RoCitizens in Roblox (Image by RoCitizens Wiki)

RoCitizens is another building game in Roblox that is hugely popular. It’s a roleplaying game with no clear end game objectives. Players play it to have a taste of the rich life – from big houses to fancy cars, and even a highly accomplished career, the world is your oyster in RoCitizens.

RoCitizens presents players a robust map with its own avatar model and customisation system. The game map in RoCitizens is impressively big with many events happening at any given moment, and the mini-map function allows you to have a bearing of yourself and others.

The vast gameplay map in Roblox’s RoCitizens.

Building involves selecting from a list of tastefully-prepared blueprints for the exterior design of your house, thereafter being granted the freedom to design the interior with the various furniture items on the catalogue.

Select your dream house’s exterior blueprints and build it in Roblox’s RoCitizens.

Standouts of RoCitizens:

What sets this game apart from the rest is the numerous quests you can do for some extra cash. You will find that you usually will have to explore the far reaches of the map, so it would be best to save up and buy a shiny fast car.

The vastness in Roblox’s RoCitizens almost feels like an open-world game.

From the town centre to the countryside, the different landscapes of the map and the varying elevations make it exciting for adventuring with your friends while completing quests to amass money for your materialistic goals in the game.

Take your RoCitizens experience to the next level:

You can now take your RoCitizens gameplay in Roblox to the next level. Start by earning double wages and gaining that much needed head start as compared to your peers. You can also wear any item of clothing from the Roblox catalog (unlimited) on your RoCitizens character with the Catalog Access pass.

Or, if you are looking for a real solid advantage in your game play, you can also consider the Premium pass – this grants your character $500 for every 10 minutes of game time (even if you are AFK). Premium pass holders also gain vanity benefits such as a Golden nameplate and a special green chat color.

These unique advantages in RoCitizens await you, blessing you with a huge gaming advantage when you purchase any of these passes with Robux today.

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Robux + Free Virtual Item

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  • Unlock more content and embark on a richer gameplay experience in Roblox!

3. Playville

Roblock’s Playville is a very cutesy themed family-friendly roleplaying game, targeted towards a younger player base. The goal in Playville is to build your dream life, raise your ideal family and pets, ride on cute animal mounts throughout the city and build and live in your dream house.

How the neighbourhood looks like in Roblock’s Playville.

The colourful map and surroundings of the quaint town creates an environment where the players become a close-knit community, so be ready to be invited to your neighbours’ houses every now and then.

Building in Playville is simple – you select a blueprint of a pre-built house, and you decorate the interior with the style that you desire. The furniture is affordable as well so you can get right into decorating the various rooms without having to complete quests offered in the town centre for extra cash.

Standouts of Playville:

Design the interior of your own dream house in Roblock’s Playville.

You can even adopt a cute unicorn as a pet and even a baby to care for to enhance your roleplaying experience.

Drive through your town centre in Roblock’s Playville – the place where all the main events are happening.

The neighbourhood containing the player lots and the town centre where the main events take place are separated by a loading screen, which I find allows for a much smoother experience for myself and other players playing on mobile devices.

4. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 in Roblox has everything you’d expect in a theme park builder game, and more. Reminiscent of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Theme Park Tycoon 2 allows you to construct a theme park from the ground up, while being exposed to all the business elements that makes or breaks a theme park’s success.

Apart from being just a builder, you’ll also be managing the challenges of attracting new customers with fair ticket prices, balancing your theme park’s a variety of food offerings and merchandise, as well as your park’s attractions and rides. The ultimate goal is to achieve a profitable balance sheet at the end of the day.

Standouts of Theme Park Tycoon 2:

The selling point of this game is the coaster builder. Players have the ability to customize their own roller coasters by adding as many twists and turns as they like to their coaster, increasing its thrill factor.

Like the boss of your own theme park, you have your say in anything. And this includes being able to open incomplete rides to the public. This adds on a mischievous factor to the game, letting players have the choice to wreak havoc on their otherwise peaceful park and its oblivious park goers.

With the huge variety of customisation options and natural scenes, players can easily theme their park exactly the way they envisioned it. The best part of Theme Park Tycoon 2 is being able to get into the ride that you have built and experience it in a first-person mode with your bunch of gaming friends.

5. Lumber Tycoon 2

Roblox’s Lumber Tycoon 2 breaks the mould when it comes to a standard Roblox tycoon game. Instead of mashing on buttons and then going AFK as your enterprise rakes in the money, players must put in the hard work for this game.

Chop wood and sell it for cold hard cash in Roblox’s Lumber Tycoon 2.

In Lumber Tycoon 2, players have to think critically and find the most efficient way to process their lumber stash for the greatest cash output in the game.

Players start off with an axe to chop wood and sell for money. In the game, there are 20 types of wood that players can chop for cash. And eventually, as time passes by, players would have accumulated enough cash to scale up their operations and start automating these tedious tasks.

You can build a lumber mill to process the wood into planks, which command a higher selling price. There is also an option to get a truck to transport the lumber to be sold – thus speeding up the selling process.

Buy a blueprint for your ideal building structure at the Blueprints store. (Roblox’s Lumber Tycoon 2)

Standouts of Lumber Tycoon 2:

Apart from felling trees for money (albeit not in an eco-friendly manner), players have the option to buy blueprints for any of the structures that they intend to build as their base. The different grades and quantities of wood are required and then consumed to actualize these blueprints.

Use the wood that you chopped and collected to build your ideal base. (Roblox’s Lumber Tycoon 2)

There is even an in-game economy where other players will offer to buy the rarer woods at a premium. So be on a lookout for these rare trees and harvest the lumber immediately before someone else does!

Lumber Tycoon 2 also comes with an in-game tutorial for new players to get the hang of things. Now go and chop some trees, build your base, and watch your money pile grow higher and higher.

6. Restaurant Tycoon 2

In Roblox’s Restaurant Tycoon 2, you get to build and manage your own restaurant, and it even lets you get in on the action by working as a host or hostess, wait staff and even the restaurant’s chef.

Your very own restaurant in Restaurant Tycoon 2, in Roblox.

By working as a restaurant crew, it lets you increase your personal skill levels and this helps to hasten the dinner service. This is especially helpful if your hired staff are lacking in efficiency and there’s a long line of customers waiting to be served.

Customize how the interior of your restaurant in Restaurant Tycoon 2 looks like – from the walls to the flooring.

Building in the game is easy to pick up, selecting the wall or roof modules you want and placing them on the plot accordingly. The game gives you a variety of building styles to choose from as well to suit your restaurant’s ambience.

For myself, you can see from my screenshot below that I have chosen to go with modern furnishing and a plush interior. Such a setting would be perfect for serving haute cuisines to customers with deep wallets.

How I chose to customize my restaurant in Restaurant Tycoon 2 – a modern furnishing touch with plush furnishing options.

As you play the game, it becomes oddly satisfying watching your staff operate the restaurant like the cogs of a machine.

Standouts of Restaurant Tycoon 2:

How Restaurant Tycoon 2 really stands out from other typical tycoon games is it lets you become worker in your own enterprise. You get the chance to jump into the heat of the action, reduce labour costs and grease up your money generating restaurant further.

And by experiencing the hustle and bustle of being a restaurateur, you not only gain the satisfaction of serving customers (while keeping them delighted), you also gain more experience as you bring more profits to the table.

7. My Restaurant!

My Restaurant is a simplified version of Restaurant Tycoon 2, with a saccharine theming of the game. The goal of the game is simple and direct – serve food to your paying customers while keeping them happy. Amass a lot of money and renovate your restaurant to become the best there is.

Your role in My Restaurant! can play out in different ways – you can either be part of the restaurant crew. So just like how it is in Restaurant Tycoon 2, you can take on different roles in the restaurant and level up your skills to complement your core staff crew.

Or, if you’d like to remain as a boss, you can leave the day-to-day operations entirely in the hands of your hired crew. Your job is now to focus on the expansion of the restaurant – expand the floors, increase seats and seating capacity, hiring of new staff and also improving the kitchen equipment to speed up work.

FIll up your restaurant with adequate tables and chairs to cater to a larger group of customers. (My Restaurant!, Roblox)

Standouts of My Restaurant!

At a glance, you can tell the experienced players apart from the height of their restaurants – yes, height! The higher floors would cost more money to unlock, but you also earn more for every customer served on the higher floor. One way to maximize revenue would be to reserve premium furnishing for the higher floors.

One of the many players’ restaurant in My Restaurant!, which has many high floors already unlocked.

My Restaurant! goes beyond just allowing you to change up the interior decoration of your restaurant. You also get to impact the efficiency of your staff by purchasing the pricier stoves and sinks. This may leave a deep hole in your pockets initially, but you will witness the return on investments within the next 30 minutes.

How a typical meal service looks like in your busy restaurant in My Restaurant!, Roblox.

There are unlimited floors for you to unlock in My Restaurant! – so let your imagination run wild with the different seating plans and themes for every new floor that you’re designing. Its like running many differently themed restaurants in the same tycoon game.

8. Adopt Me!

In Adopt Me, players get to choose between being a parent or a baby in the game. Its selling point is in the name itself – a roleplaying experience about being the adopter (parent) or be adopted (baby). This game can be considered a successor to the various ‘Adopt and Raise’ games that can be similarly found on Roblox.

One of the first things you’d notice about the game is its flamboyant graphics. This being most prominent in the town centre where all the adopting activities take place. You can even set up a shop there to earn some extra income from the residents visiting.

The colorful and flamboyant graphics in Roblox’s Adopt Me!

Both teams, the parent and the baby, starts in their house, which can be customized to any design that they like. This is done by selecting a blueprint of the house and furnishing it to any liking. Go the extra mile and impress your neighbours by furnishing the interior with the medley of items in the catalogue.

The wide range of furniture that you can customize your house with in Roblox’s Adopt Me!

Standouts of Adopt Me!

Other than the typical building aspect of the game, a large part of the game play revolves around the parents taking care of the babies, and the babies taking care of the pets. (Yes, there are pets in this game too!) An in-game currency called Bucks is earned when the baby’s or pet’s needs are taken care of. These include feeding them, keeping them entertained, going camping, keeping them clean, amongst others.

I also personally loved the niche items that can be found in the furniture catalogue. They are not commonly found in other building games and are quite unique to Adopt Me!.

Using these unique items, I managed to piece them together and build a unique looking hotel to host families who wish to roleplay their adoption journey on my property.

9. RoVille

RoVille is essentially an open-world multiplayer simulation game where players depict the lifes of their Roblox characters, and work towards living their dream lives in a game.

When I first entered Roville, I was happily surprised that it was quite similar to the gameplay in The Sims 4. Particularly, the ability to interact with the furniture and actually live in the house that you built in a first-person perspective.

You get to choose the type of jobs to work as (or simply just start and run a business), which dream house to live in, and how to furnish your ideal home, and even how you’d want to customize your cars.

Let’s also not forget the multiplayer dimension that elevates all of that with player-to-player interaction. So, despite being a free game, the amount of in-game content that RoVille provides is so much.

Standouts of RoVille

Although the furniture selection may not be as comprehensive as Bloxburg (the next game that’s on this list), it compensates for it by providing a colossal map. This map is probably a roleplayer’s dream come true – it’s so huge that a joy ride along the perimeter, in one of the fastest cars in the game, already takes up 5 minutes!

One of the newest editions to the map is the RoVille school. Here, you can either work as a teacher to earn some extra cash, or roleplay as a student. RoVille even has a nightclub to dance the night away with your friends.

I have to add that the graphics in RoVille is amazing. One of the things I particularly enjoy in the game is to cruise down the street in my car. Along the way, I got to admire the houses in the neighbourhood and also patronised other players’ businesses.

10. Welcome to Bloxburg

It only makes sense to have Bloxburg next on the list after the introduction of RoVille. When it comes to building and customisation, Bloxburg is RoVille on steroids.

Bloxburg boasts the most comprehensive list of furniture and building items, with the option to customise the colour and design of these items. This greatly enhances the overall building experience in the game.

The full suite of building options in Bloxburg, it’s an endless scrolling experience to find your perfect furniture.

Building aside, there are 3 other big aspects of the game that adds on to the gameplay experience. These aspects are work, skills and other game functions in Bloxburg (ranging from house parties to character moods and more).

Cooking is 1 of the trainable skills in Bloxburg.

The full range of skills that you can train your character in Bloxburg are: Athletic, Cooking, Crafting, Gaming, Gardening, Intelligence, Music, Painting, Programming and even Writing. And maxing any of these skills at level 10 rewards the player with a trophy that can be displayed or sold off for money.

Standouts of Bloxburg

Though the map is nowhere near as exciting as Roville’s, you will notice that many players have built schools, hotels, apartment blocks and even cities on their plots. It is apparent that Bloxburg’s roleplaying aspect is meant to be contained within a player’s plot of land. And as you walk around the map, you get to explore the different designs and creativity of each player.

With the different prompts for various actions or activities that you choose to do, Roleplaying in Bloxburg is by far the most interactive. Even preparing a meal requires you to go through the various steps to complete your dish!

How my amazing mansion in Bloxburg currently looks like.

Building my dream mansion in Bloxburg has been arduous but it was well worth the effort. I am now a proud host to countless pool parties and sleepovers to come.

11. Build A Boat For Treasure

Roblox’s Build A Boat For Treasure tasks you with getting your boat from the starting point to the end, where the treasure is. Your goal is to complete all the stages and reach the treasure without dying. It may sound easy, but along the way, your boat is subjected to various dangerous obstacles which will damage your boat chunk by chunk. The stages also get progressively tougher as you progress further on.

Ensure that your ship is robust and durable enough to withstand the obstacles along the way to the treasure. (Build A Boat For Treasure, Roblox)

Aesthetics is not important when you’re just starting out as you only have a limited number of blocks to work with. A tip for new players is to reinforce every corner of your boat as it will collide into hazards along the way. If you’re with a friend, pool your resources together by teaming up and building a tougher boat.

A weird looking design for the ship, but it gets the job done! Design your own ship and make sure it reaches the end point containing the treasure. (Build A Boat For Treasure, Roblox)

Once you have familiarised with the obstacles, redesign your boat to get further down the course and earn more coins. Unlock more building blocks by purchasing the loot chests, with a chance of getting rare items like motors or rocket boosters.

There’s no harm in opting for a non-conventional design as it might get you further down the course than you think.

Standouts of ‘Build A Boat for Treasure’:

The critical thinking aspect of the game really stood out to me. It’s a game where looks don’t matter as long as it reaches the end, it works. The increasing difficulty of the puzzles also kept me on my toes.

12. Cruise Ship Tycoon

One of the most unique games on the list, Cruise Ship Tycoon, offers players a chance to design the interior of your ship while hustling to manage the resources needed to operate a cruise as you transport your guests from one island to the next.

Chart your sailing course and make sure you have enough resources to make it to the next port of call. (Cruise Ship Tycoon, Roblox)

If you are feeling more hands-on, you could even manually steer the ship to the next port. Make sure you manage your fuel well, as it will cost you if you need to tow your ship back to the nearest port.

Design every single aspect of your cruise ship in Cruise Ship Tycoon, Roblox.

Standouts of ‘Cruise Ship Tycoon’:

Different room modules, activity rooms and restaurants can be placed throughout your ship to facilitate your guests’ needs. Design the decks with furniture to increase the guests’ satisfaction rate. Happier guests would mean more income for you! Also ensure that the crowd traffic flow from the different parts of the ship makes sense by placing the stairways in sensible locations.

Design the layout of your ship for maximum profits in Cruise Ship Tycoon, Roblox.

Once you’ve outgrown your starter ship, purchase a bigger ship and be one step closer to being the cruise ship mogul that you’ve always dreamt of!

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