9 Best Roblox Strategy Games of All Time (2024 Updated)

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Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system! Here, users can program games or play games made by other users. And if it’s not enough to just play, you can go the extra mile and create your own game on Roblox.

Roblox has been around for 12 years (started in 2006), so there are years of games in various genres to suit your tastes. Whether you want to race cars, explore a fantasy world, or create your own adventure, there is something for everyone. The updates and improvements that the game platform underwent over the years has resulted in the refined end product you see today.

What’s more: Roblox is completely free to play! Most of these games are user created, and they may be inspired by some existing AAA games. You may very well find yourself playing a very dedicated bootleg of an expensive video game title you may otherwise have passed on. 

And if you love strategy games like me, you’ll find a wide variety of strategy games to enjoy. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best strategy games on Roblox.

Best Real-Time Strategy (RTS) war games in Roblox

Roblox’s real-time strategy war games offer gamers an opportunity to explore history in a highly interactive and engaging way. From the American Revolution to World War II, the games place a decent emphasis on historical accuracy. They also offer players the chance to play with friends and learn together. As such, these games have also accumulated a decent community willing to help new players.

1. Rise of Nations by Hyperant

Think world domination meets war time strategy planning and city management – all meshed into 1 huge melting pot of war games. This is exactly what Rise of Nations brings to the table.

Rise of Nations by Hyperant
Rise of Nations by Hyperant

Rise of Nations Gameplay

Players first choose a country they’d like to represent and play the game as. Once done, each player will have their own territory with cities already established. These territories and cities are predetermined by the game, and differ in size and quantity (as reflected in reality), as such, players have an asymmetrical start.

Choose your country carefully, and consider the territorial benefits that will lead you to victory.

For example, players who choose USA get to play a large territorial country with a wealth of natural resources at its disposal. USA is also surrounded by weak neighbours compared to it.

This does not necessarily give bigger countries an advantage, as they are more likely to be attacked by surrounding countries (for example, Russia); an inexperienced player may also struggle with managing too much territory. But of course, small countries would be picked off too easily, so choosing the right country can make a big difference in your success. 

As the main goal of the game is world domination, you will be wanting to be at war with all the neighbouring countries that you can overpower. You can also become allies, and adopt a team-up-and-conquer strategy.

Declare war on your enemies, and conquer their cities before they conquer yours.

Before declaring war, you must first go through standard diplomacy procedures by justifying a war against the country, usually by Conquest. It takes some time for this diplomatic request to complete, after which you may officially declare war on your target country. 

Win the war by commanding your army to overrun enemy cities. You can order your cities to generate military units to aid in the war. Some of these units have prerequisite buildings; for example, tanks need a factory to be built. It takes time, money, and sometimes special resources for buildings and military units to be generated. Special resources are more sparse and harder to obtain – so you should trade any unwanted resources for them.

After taking over cities with your units, those new cities may have unrest, meaning their citizens are too unhappy to do anything productive. It will then take time for the citizens to settle down and become useful to you, generating even more armies for you.

When a country loses all of their cities and units, you can make peace with them and force them to pay you tribute with all of their treasury, and annex all of their cities. With these profits you should have enough resources to win another war or so, and inch your way towards world domination! 

These are the basics of the game, but there are many more nuanced aspects of the game to manage. These include but are not limited to: 

1. Terrain: The type of terrain your armies are on affects their moving speed. Some terrains cause attrition, which kills your armies over time. Declaring wars on countries separated from you by dangerous terrain may be unwise. 

2. Technology: Improves your armies’ power, your economy, and your political power. Similar to units, some technologies have prerequisites to be researched. 

3. Policies: You can implement and maintain policies by spending political power. Policies tend to have economic benefits, but sometimes drawbacks, for players to min-max. 


A complex strategy war game that gets you thinking

Rise of Nations does have a learning curve, but if you enjoy strategic tactical challenges it will be worth it. It is a steal to play Rise of Nations for free on Roblox. Hone up your negotiation tactics, test out your war time strategic deployment of troops and capturing of territory. Anything and everything is possible in this game.

You won’t get bored replaying this game again & again

There are many strategies for you to discover with many different countries in their various locations. Every new game will be different from your last – think MOBA meets strategy. As such, the game is extremely replay-able. You can also find many online guides for various strategies players have cooked up to win the game. 

Relive real-life history 

As the world you play on is quite geographically accurate, it is very possible to reenact real-life historical wars and events through this game. This is a great potential platform to relive such historic moments with your friends on a private server. There are also cosmetic skins on sale for your units, giving the game a more authentic blast to the past. 


Lack of a competent AI

Its only flaw is the lack of a competent AI to play against, so you are forced to play against other players. It’s also one of the Roblox games that’s better to play with a keyboard than on mobile due to the many useful hotkeys.

Overall, it’s still a great alternative to a classic war-themed game, especially for those who enjoy the challenge of micro-managing armies and world domination.

Check out Rise of the Nations here.

2. Conquerors 3 by BrokenBone

Incepted back in 2009, Conquerors 3 is one of the most polished RTS games you’ll find on Roblox, even more so with its latest update this year. If destroying enemy units and buildings (strategically) are your thing, this game is the one for you.

The Conquerors 3 by BrokenBone
The Conquerors 3 by BrokenBone


You assume the role of a war commander, and your only goal – to destroy all enemy buildings and units. Anything that stands in your way must be annihilated.

Each player starts off with a base, one that is usually situated near an energy crystal landmark. Energy crystals are an important area resource as it allows players to construct buildings near them. These buildings include power plants, barracks, research centres etc. Some buildings, such as income buildings (can be viewed as a power plant), are limited to 1 building per energy crystal.

Build up your base and your army before invading your enemies!

Players are split into 2 or 3 teams, based on the game mode picked. During gameplay, no formalities are needed to start a war; players are automatically at war with opposing teams from the start of the game. Players then start building and recruiting units immediately after the game starts. 

The general strategy would be to rush a decent economy to amass a reasonable army to launch an attack quickly. Attacking enemy income buildings early is usually the best way to gain a significant economic advantage to recruit a bigger army and to cripple the opponent.

Similar to Rise of Nations and other games of this genre, Conquerors 3 has other nuanced mechanics to manage, such as: 

1. Research: After a research building is built, players may start researching powerful units, or research to increase the maximum units they can have at a time. Building multiple research buildings speeds up the process of researching. 

2. Healing: Damaged units can be healed by the hospital building or medic units. Sustaining your units’ health is a good way to get your money’s worth from recruiting them. Also, remember that selling and replacing units in awkward faraway locations may be more worthwhile than having them travel all the way back to your home base. 

3. Construction Workers: Buildings can be constructed on any valid areas, but Construction Workers can build special construction buildings anywhere they can walk on. As all buildings (besides income buildings) must be built near another building, special construction buildings allow for more unorthodox strategies, such as building on an otherwise inaccessible cliff. The most obvious use for this is to build a shipyard, since shipyards must be near water, where it is difficult to build normally. 


Visually represented, yet challenging enough

Conquerors 3 has a similar play pattern to Rise of Nations. However, part of Rise of Nation’s difficulty stems from the small scale of its game objects, such as cities being represented by red dots and squares.

Due to Conquerors 3’s smaller map scale and clearer visibility of units and buildings, it is relatively easier for a new player to pick up the game mechanics through visual cues. 

Each new game is definitely different from your previous

Conquerors 3 has many units with more diverse roles outside of combat compared to Rise of Nations, these include scouts, construction workers, and medics. This game also places a greater emphasis on naval units as compared to Rise of Nations.

In addition, there have been many maps created for different game modes, such as Conquest (the main mode and the most popular), Survival, and Territory. As such, different strategies arise from various combinations of troops and maps.

Every new game that you start will be starkly different from your previous – providing you with a refreshed gameplay every time.

Flexibility of roles

Unlike Rise of Nations, players are not really given specific countries to represent, and maps are not geographically accurate.

Players in Con have more generalised roles and less obligations to commit to a role, which may be more appealing if you aren’t too serious about roleplaying. 


Lack of a playable AI

This game doesn’t have any AI to play against, so you will have to play with at least 1 other player, up to 10 players in total per game. 

Overall, Conquerors 3 will satisfy your bloodlust of wiping your enemies off the map. Look forward to an enjoyable time building, strategising and conquering your opponents in this multiplayer RTS game. Begin your conquest here!

3. War Universalis by Faelsel, Fred’s Studio

If Paradox’s Europa Universalis ever piqued your interest, then War Universalis on Roblox is the game for you. The game is heavily inspired by the Europa Universalis series, and on Roblox you can try it out for free! Unlike the other games on this list, War Universalis does have a campaign mode with an AI to fight against, so you can play this game by yourself if you want to.

War Universalis III by Faelsel, Fred's Studio
War Universalis III by Faelsel, Fred’s Studio


You play as a leader of a nation. Similar to Rise of Nations, you first choose a country to represent, with some territory automatically assigned on some flat continent. If you are playing the campaign, you only need to complete the given goals; otherwise take over all provinces.

Manage your income by constructing buildings, then, build your killer army for war.
Manage your income by constructing buildings, then, build your killer army for war.

The map is divided into provinces, some of which you will own from the beginning. By selecting the province, you can construct buildings that improve your income for various resources. 

You will also be given a starting army. By default, the game automates your army’s actions for you, but when you get into a war it is better to manage your army yourself, for a more coordinated attack.

Manually build up your troops and ready them for battle!
Manually build up your troops and ready them for battle!

Similar to Rise of Nations, there are some formalities in declaring a war. You must declare yourself to rival the nation before declaring war. All of this will take some time. 

During a war, take over provinces owned by other countries by moving your army to that  province. Over time, both your army and the province will suffer from attrition. If your army has enough power, the province will eventually be taken over, and the province’s space will be colored in stripes.

When you're ready with your army, declare war on your rival and begin the invasion!
When you’re ready with your army, declare war on your rival and begin the invasion!

Once the war is over, you can annex these provinces, so they become officially yours. 

The game also has other nuanced mechanics to manage such as research and policies to gain some benefits, including small boosts of military power and economic growth. 

Seal your victory by annexing the provinces that you conquered.
Seal your victory by annexing the provinces that you conquered.


A great single player RTS experience

War Universalis provides multiple single player campaigns of increasing difficulty to reenact some real-life historical scenarios. 

Great in-game atmosphere

The UI for the game looks very well polished, and the maps look very much like a board game mixed with cool 3D visual effects.

Gentle learning curve, with a diversified gameplay

War Universalis has a gentle learning curve for new players, as the mechanics are mostly simple enough to pick up on the basics. Because the game is a not difficult to learn, there are many ways to improve by learning new ways of min-maxing when replaying.

Build your armies and conquer enemy lands in War Universalis today!

Start your war adventures on War Universalis here!

Best Strategy Board Games in Roblox

For fans of classic board games, you can now play digital online versions of your favorite board games on Roblox. No matter how physically far apart you are from your loved ones, Roblox can be the online, safe place where you all connect over a great board game. Here are some of ones I love the best.


In BOARD LIFE, the game creator has kindly digitalized some popular classic board games. These are Checkers, Hungry Hippos, Chess, Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, BattleShip, and CrossFire. This is one solid collection of the classics that you can play digitally, with your loved ones anywhere in the world.

BOARD LIFE by MarineMike826
BOARD LIFE by MarineMike826


Upon entering the game, you will see the various board games scattered across your screen. Simply aim your avatar to the game you wish to play, and walk there. You can choose to play with a random stranger on the server, or invite your friends to play together with you.


A good variety of board games available

If you’re just looking to unwind with some classic board games, this Roblox game is for you. These are classic strategy board games of varying difficulty and skill – so when you play with your family and friends, you can be sure to find a game that’s up to everyone’s mastery.

Make online friends by playing board games 

If you don’t have any family and friends who share your interest in classic board games, then at the very least you can be sure anyone online will be. As with all Roblox games, you will have access to the server chat room to request for a game. And while indulging in your favorite board game, it’s also a good opportunity to know your team mates better.

Say goodbye to the woes of a physical board game

As with all things digital, there is no need to waste time setting up, packing up and moving physical pieces on a game board. Simply select the game you’d like to play and dive right in. No more knocking pieces over by accident. In this aspect, digital makes things better.

Play Battleship on BOARD LIFE (Image by BOARD LIFE).
Play Battleship on BOARD LIFE (Image by BOARD LIFE).

Kickstart your board games on BOARD LIFE here.

2. BANKRUPT by ApolloGamingMain, Apollo Gaming

BANKRUPT is a Monopoly spin-off that takes place in Roblox. In this digital board game, there are multiple maps available for players to play on. As with the physical board game, take caution that your relationships are at risk! The consolation here is that you can’t cheat in this digital version.

BANKRUPT follows all the basic rules of the original Monopoly board game, but each map has their own characteristic twists and themes to differentiate them.

BANKRUPT by ApolloGamingMain, Apollo Gaming


This game play is similar to the original Monopoly board game, but the map layout differs. Like the physical version, players take turns on rolling 2 dice, which decides on the tile where their avatar ends up on. This process is done automatically by the game, all the player has to do is to press the ‘Roll’ button during their turn.

In addition, as per standard Monopoly rules, rolling a double (the same number of both dice) grants the player an extra turn. However, rolling 3 consecutive doubles sends the player straight to jail. 

There are many different tiles on the board, the most common being property tiles – although different maps may call these tiles a different name. Landing on an unowned property tile allows players to purchase the property at the predetermined cost, causing the player to become the owner.

When the player lands on a property tile that is already owned by him, he may pay money to upgrade the property, increasing its value. Landing on a property tile owned by others will incur a fee (equal to its current value), payable to the owner of the property tile.

One of the many boards in BANKRUPT that you can play on, each coming with its original theme and traits.
One of the many boards in BANKRUPT that you can play on, each coming with its original theme and traits.

However, the player can also pay the owner a large cost to buy over the property, becoming the new owner and maintaining the property’s value. In the Roblox version, this action cannot be refused. 

As mentioned earlier, players can go to jail for rolling 3 consecutive doubles, but there is also a jail tile on every Monopoly map, where players will go directly to jail upon landing on it. While in jail, they can either pay a fine, or roll a double to get out – failing which they must end their turn. 

Depending on which version of Monopoly you have played, you may be familiar with its objective, which is simply to make every other player bankrupt – a very long and arduous task in the physical board game version.

Fortunately, for every map variation in BANKRUPT, the objective has been simplified to simply owning at least 3 full sets of colored properties. This is a much more reachable goal, and doesn’t cause the game to drag on endlessly. Of course – if you wish to maintain the satisfaction from the physical game – along the way, you can still force other players to go bankrupt.

You can switch to view the game in a unique 3D perspective.
You can switch to view the game in a unique 3D perspective.


A good variety of board game maps

Choose to play good old Monopoly from a good variety of maps – your gaming experience will leave you craving for more.

Play in 3D visuals

Every map has its own unique theme and with it, comes a matching Monopoly board environment. The game also allows players to switch to a close-up third-person view from behind their avatar for an interesting visual perspective. This is something you don’t get from a physical game of Monopoly.

Enjoy the game without the headaches of a physical game

It’s a digital version of Monopoly, where there aren’t any physical pieces. And as everything is digitally logged, there is virtually no way to cheat in the game. Over 50% of players confessed to cheating in Monopoly, by taking extra money from the banks, moving extra tiles, and even making up fake rules to their advantage. If you genuinely enjoyed Monopoly but have been spoiled by cheaters, the digital version will prevent cheating.

You can start your digital Monopoly game on BANKRUPT here.

Board Game Insanity by Valtkins, 2GO

Board Game Insanity is a unique turn-based board game, requiring a minimum of 2 players for a short map, and supporting up to 6 players for a large map. It is quite likely inspired by Pummel Party, another party game released on Steam in 2018.

Board Game Insanity by Valtkins, 2GO


The game is a race to the finish, with mini-games, shops, and sabotages in-between. Each player takes turns to roll the dice. Similar to Monopoly, the number rolled determines the number of tiles the player’s avatar will move, and rolling a double will grant the player an extra turn. 

There are several unique tiles in this game. After a player lands on these tiles (only from rolling the dice), an event from these possibilities may occur:  

  1. Empty Tiles: Nothing happens here. 
  2. Pro Cards Tiles: The player may choose 1 of 3 pro cards to activate immediately. These card effects affect all players and are completely positive, but the player who landed on the tile gets the benefit in greater amounts. 
  3. Shop Tiles: The player may purchase items with coins at this tile. 
  4. Stop Tiles: The unfortunate player who lands here loses their next turn. 
  5. Music Tiles: Allows the player to change the soundtrack being played in the game. Has no real in-game impact, but for a party game can change someone’s groove! 
  6. Mini-game Tiles: After any player lands on this tile, a random mini-game will take place where every player will participate. The mini-games include soccer, mini-races etc. The winner gets a prize: either some coins or an item. 

Coins are also scattered on random tiles, which players can acquire by landing on those tiles. 

There are items in this game, that are one-time use only and comes with varying effects:

  1. Food Items: Moves the player forward a specified number of tiles when consumed. 
  2. Weapons: Allows the player to target other players to kill. Killing a player just forces them to lose their next turn. 
  3. Lasso: Allows the player to target another player to pull, moving them to their own tile. 
  4. Protection: Protects the player from various harmful effects. Gets consumed in the process. 

Besides protection items, players may use one of their items after they have rolled the dice. And the first player to reach the finish line wins the game!

One of the players consuming a food item, which brings him forward by a specified number of tiles in 'Board Game Insanity'. (Image by Board Game Insanity)
One of the players consuming a food item, which brings him forward by a specified number of tiles in ‘Board Game Insanity’. (Image by Board Game Insanity)


Makes a great party game to play with your friends

With elements of sabotage, counters to said sabotage, and mini-games to get the competitive spirit going, Board Game Insanity is the perfect party game to hype the group up. 

Multiple modes to play

The game supports 2-6 players, allowing the flexibility for players to organize themselves into 2 teams and play on a suitably sized map.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and ears 

Not only does the game have a pleasant grassy atmosphere, the soundtrack you get to choose from on the music tiles are diverse in genre with great tunes.

Explore & play Board Game Insanity here!

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