Best Anime Games in Roblox 2021

2024 Ultimate List: The 17 Best Anime Games in Roblox

Roblox is an online game platform that has been around since 2006. It is marketed towards children and teenagers, but anyone of any age can play it. The game has over 30 million active monthly players, making it the second-largest game community in the world next to Minecraft. There are different genres of games on Roblox, including adventure games, combat games, role-playing games, construction games, and even anime games which we will be talking about in this article. 

The anime games genre of Roblox is quite diverse and has a lively community. Since Roblox caters to children and teenagers, most players are also interested in anime, making Roblox a safe haven for gamers and anime fans! It’s also worth noting that the anime games genre has its dedicated subgenre of games which ranges from tower defenses, third-person shooters, fighting games,  adventure games, and more—all wrapped up in the styles of your favorite anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

All of the games that we’ll walk through are free, easy to install, and fun to play. So let’s hop right in and explore the best anime games in Roblox!

1. All-Star Tower Defense by Top Down Games

All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox, by Top Down Games.
All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox, by Top Down Games.

If you are into the tower defense genre, then All-Star Tower Defense is the game to play. Filled with your favorite anime characters like Luffy, Goku, and Kirito, All-Star Tower Defense is the perfect game for strategists who love anime. 

Test your limits and see how many waves of monsters you can clear in All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox.
Test your limits and see how many waves of monsters you can clear in All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox.

The objective is pretty simple: to defeat incoming enemies with your tower, which in this case, are anime characters. As you keep playing the game, foes will get tougher to kill, so you are encouraged to try out new characters, combine ones you think will synergize well with each other, and to upgrade them all. There are tons of hours to pour into this anime game with 80+ anime characters to choose from and a hefty amount of levels. Did I forget to mention that it also has an infinite mode to test your true skills? It is paired with a story mode where you can experience the game the way it’s meant to be played.

Stand outs of All-Star Tower Defense:

1. Tons of anime characters to play with and explore.

With 80+ choices of anime characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Punch Man, and more,  you’ll be spending a lot of time experimenting with which characters are good (or bad) against specific enemies and levels. 

2. A built-in progression system that encourages you to keep playing.

The Gacha system means endless possibilities for players as there are tons of variations for characters. Example: You may have gotten your favorite character, Zio, but sadly, he’s only a 3-star variant. Gotta earn those summons for that 5-star Zio! 

3. An ever-growing community that is welcoming.

All-Star Tower Defense has one of the biggest communities in all of Roblox—not just the anime games genre. Because of that, the community of this game is well and alive. Hundreds of thousands log in every day to play with or against their friends or other people and defend their base against enemies. If you want to be a part of a big family, then this is the perfect game for you. You also won’t run out of content creators to watch as there are tons of YouTubers who upload daily All-Star Tower Defense content like SnowRBX and Noclypso.

2. Dragon Blox Ultimate by Pengo

Dragon Blox Ultimate by Pengo

If adventure and fighting games are more of your thing, then this game is the one. With a fully imagined Dragon Ball Z theme, Dragon Blox Ultimate is a fun adventure fighting game that you can play in Roblox. Challenge your friends with a 1 versus 1 or a free for all arena battle—it’s your call! 

Attack your opponent with your special abilities in this 1v1 match up in Roblox’s Dragon Blox Ultimate.

Select your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters like Goku and go head to head with some of the strongest warriors! Super Saiyan forms are also present which means you can go even beyond your imagination in terms of power level. You can also play the game’s adventure mode where you can freely roam community-made maps and also brawl with your friends whenever you feel like it.

With over 170k+ monthly players and subscribers, it also has a big community that you can play with strangers and have fun with.

Stand outs of All-Star Tower Defense:

1. It’s a game that combines Adventure with a Fighting genre.

Yup, it’s exactly as fun as it sounds. Being able to fight strangers and friends whilst also exploring maps made by other users is an amazing feature of this game. And to think that characters like Beerus and Broly are included? What’s more to ask for a Dragon Ball Z game in Roblox.

2. Its controls are easy to learn.

The controls and movement of Dragon Blox Ultimate will only take minutes to learn and master. Because of that, the overall learning curve of the game is steep. This also means that your friends who want to try Dragon Blox Ultimate out won’t have a hard time trying to master the controls but instead, having a good time exploring worlds and brawling to your hearts’ desire! 

3. A faithful adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z vibe.

If you ever wanted to fly, smash buildings, see Goku finally beat Beerus, and many more, then you won’t be disappointed with this game. With tons of upgrades, forms to unlock, and warriors to fight, it’s hard to get bored of an adventure fighting game like Dragon Blox Ultimate. 

3. Swordburst 2 by AbstractAlex

Roblox’s Swordburst 2 by AbstractAlex

We’ve all had a Sword Art Online phase. Whether it was Season 1, or Season 2 (GGO), it’s hard not to recognize the impact of SAO in anime culture. If you’re one of the people who are still big fans of the popular anime, then no game will come close to Swordburst 2 when it comes to SAO inspiration. Though it isn’t a direct adaptation of SAO and Aincrad, there are obvious references to the anime and its world system. 

Unleash your sword slashing combos in Roblox’s Swordburst 2.

So, how is the gameplay itself? It’s everything you’ve ever imagined how SAO would be played like! Not in a Virtual Reality or Nerve Gear of course, but through a hack and slash and adventure genre. You fight enemies that get stronger with each successive floor you complete.

The goal of the game is to become the strongest swordsman, and you can achieve that through upgrades, experience farming, mob farming, and many more. Of course, you can also play with your friends and meet strangers along the way. Maybe you can even meet your Kirito or Asuna on one of the floors, who knows? 

Stand outs of Swordburst 2:

1. It’s mindless fun.

Hack and slash games are generally what a gamer would consider mindless fun, meaning you don’t have to think much about your actions and just kill anything you see along the way. This is exactly what Swordburst 2 is, it is fun, it has tons of content, and is an excellent time killer!

2. Tons of unlockable new content through grinding. 

Not everyone is a fan of grinding and long hours of fighting bosses for items, but in Swordburst 2, it is made interactive and fun since you get to clear floors and mobs with strangers and friends! Experience farming and mob grinding are also encouraged since the higher your level is, the stronger you become and the better items you can acquire. 

3. The world of Swordburst 2 is full of depth and enemies to kill. 

The word of Swordburst 2 is beautiful and big. Not every floor is the same, not every enemy looks the same, and the overall vibe you get when exploring the game just makes you feel like you are really inside SAO. Of course, it’s not as detailed as real MMORPGs out there, but it gets the job done by having tons of content for you to grind, people to meet, and enemies to slash. 

4. Downfall [Sandbox] by Films

Roblox’s Downfall [Sandbox].

Attack on Titan (AOT) is one of the hottest anime and manga around, especially with its Final Season Part 2 coming up in a few months, it’s bound to be trending again. If you are an avid AoT fan, then you definitely have seen the Season 1 Battle of Trost scenes where the Survey Corps were killing titans and parkouring off rooftops.

It’s also that scene where Eren carries the giant boulder to cover the entrance to the wall! Anyhow, Downfall [Sandbox] is the best reimagining of those scenes in Roblox.

Protect your village! Rush towards the incoming titans and take them down in Roblox’ Downfall [Sandbox].

The gameplay of Downfall [Sandbox] is the adventure-type genre where you are free to explore the world whilst discovering its secrets and wonders along the way. Of course, you are equipped with the 3D Manaveur Gear which you can use to parkour, scale off walls like Spiderman, and zip around the city to kill Titans!

The controls for the keyboard and mouse can be a little hard to master since you are in the manoeuvre gear most of the time, so it is advisable to connect a controller/joystick first before playing the game. But once you get a hang of it, the game is super smooth and fun to play.

There are tons of combos you can execute, moves to learn, and lots of Titans to practice them on. It is the bonafide Attack on Titan experience in Roblox. 

Stand outs of Downfall [Sandbox]:

1. The game rewards you for learning the combos and moves.

The better you are at controlling your manoeuvre gear, the smoother the gameplay will be. There aren’t many games in Roblox that will make you think and work hard for mechanics, but this one definitely has some learning curve to it. If you want to become like the Ackermans, then just keep playing until you get the hang of it. 

2. Fantastic animations that add to the fun.

If you’ve seen footage of Downfall [Sandbox] on the internet then you definitely know what we’re talking about. The amount of effort that went into making the animations smooth is insane. The way your character smoothly glides through the air while slashing the napes of mindless Titans; it’s just great.

3. You can slay Titans with friends and strangers alike.

Once you enter a session of Downfall [Sandbox], it can literally look like the anime at times. It’s a mess but it’s that kind of mess that is fun to be a part of. Got any trouble killing the Colossal Titan? Build a strategy and plan out your attack just like a real soldier. Someone in your team is really good with the controls? Let them be the captain Levi of the session.

It’s the little things like that that make these anime genre games exciting and fun, and we’re not even scratching the surface on this one. Keep reading for more!

5. Ro-Ghoul [ALPHA] by SushiWalrus

Roblox’s Ro-Ghoul [ALPHA] by SushiWalrus.

Tokyo Ghoul was once the biggest anime in the community for its notable characters like Kaneki and his other forms. That is why it is not a surprise to see an adaptation of the anime in Roblox; namely Ro-Ghoul, an RPG that has cops and robbers elements in it. It’s simple, but can be endless hours of fun when played with the right people like your friends. 

Choosing to play as a Ghoul, players can either live peacefully or engage in genocide.
Choosing to play as a Ghoul, players can either live peacefully or engage in genocide.

Players can choose either side and do tasks for their allegiance to gain points and win the game. The game also has the models of Kaneki and members of the Anteiku clan that players can choose and play as. The creator(s) of the game also gives out codes that players can use to boost their stats, upgrade their characters, and many more.

Please note that the game is still in its alpha stage. There might be bugs, glitches, or hiccups here and there, but they shouldn’t stop you from having a pleasant gaming experience. Overall, Ro-Ghoul is a unique take that can appeal to a specific audience, but who’s to say that you can’t have fun playing it? Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Stand outs of Ro-Ghoul [ALPHA]:

1. It’s something different from the other games listed so far.

If you’re a gamer who’s into slow-placed strategy games, then Ro-Ghoul is a good start. It’s a far cry from the adventure and hack and slash games we’ve jotted down, but its unique gameplay and approach make it compelling to try out. 

2. It a diverse range of character customization options. 

Ro-Ghoul also allows its players to customize their character at their heart’s content. If you want to look like the show’s protagonist, then go ahead. If you want to be a mysterious member of the Anteiku or Aogiri clan, you can do that too with masks.

3. It’s a good place to relax with your friends.

The Anteiku cafe is also present in this game. It’s a cute and calming place where you and your friends can chill while catching up over Discord or waiting for another friend. Not to say that the other games in this list don’t have a spot where you can chill, but the Anteiku cafe is just something else. 

6. Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games

Roblox's Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games.
Roblox’s Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games.

Alas, One Piece fans! It’s your time to shine! Grand Piece Online is an action-adventure game that takes place in a universe that is heavily inspired by the long-running anime series, One Piece. With your favorite characters like Luffy onboard, you can explore the game’s vast and lively world that stays close to the lore of the anime. 

Sail and explore the vast world around you in Roblox's Grand Piece Online.
Sail and explore the vast world around you in Roblox’s Grand Piece Online.

As an action-adventure game, the goal is to play through the story mode and discover hidden treasures, defeat pirates, and enjoy the world in its full glory. Of course, you can also play with your friends and other strangers!

Grand Piece Online also has a progression system that encourages players to grind for levels and items. It has some MMORPG elements in it, but it is still an action-adventure at heart since the story is the main objective of the game. As you go deeper into the story, the more your stats grow and the harder the bosses get. What more can you ask for in a One Piece adaptation in Roblox?

Stand outs of Grand Piece Online:

1. It has a whole world waiting to be explored.

If you haven’t figured out the GTA reference in the title yet, then you’ll definitely see it once you play the game. Grand Piece Online is an open-world sandbox that allows players to do anything that they want. Whether it’s killing enemies, farming bosses, fooling around with your friends, the reimagined universe of One Piece in Roblox is an amazing game to be in.

2. It comes with a progression system that keeps you playing.

Cool items and insane stats won’t come easy if you don’t put in the hard work. That’s where the grind comes in. Fortunately, the grinding mechanics for this game isn’t boring or repetitive since other players and your friends can join in on the fun. You also get to share the items and XP from killing the bosses so it’s a win-win for everyone! 

3. Even players who are unfamiliar with One Piece will still appreciate the game.

You don’t have to be a big One Piece fan to enjoy Grand Piece Online. Sure, it’s cool to get all the references and to enjoy playing as Luffy and gang, but the overall vibe of the game is beginner-friendly and easy-going. It’s a feel-good type of game that is perfect for relieving stress, chilling with friends, and meeting new people. 

7. DUNGEONS!🏯 Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone

Check out Roblox's DUNGEONS! Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone.
Check out Roblox’s DUNGEONS! Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone.

Love crossover episodes and the fighting game genre? Then you’ll be surprised with what Anime Fighting Simulator offers. It is exactly what its name suggests: a fighting game that features ALL of your favorite anime characters like Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and more! 

Anime Fighting Simulator isn’t only just a fighting game though. It also features a story mode, quests, dungeons, skins, and a lot more stuff that you would mistake for an RPG. With easy controls to learn and tons of things to do, this game is definitely one of the most polished games in the anime game genre. With over 1.1 Billion visits and millions of monthly players, finding matches are quick and easy. There is also a designated training area where you can practice combos, moves, and other characters out. What’s not to like in a crossover episode as epic as this? 

Practice your combo wombo in the designated training area in Roblox's DUNGEONS! Anime Fighting Simulator.
Practice your combo wombo in the designated training area in Roblox’s DUNGEONS! Anime Fighting Simulator.

Standouts of DUNGEONS!🏯 Anime Fighting Simulator:

1. It features every mainstream anime character you could imagine.

Saitama, Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, no matter which anime it’s from, it’s probably playable in Anime Fighting Simulator. The amount of effort that went into importing these characters and having different moves and combos for them is stunning.

And no, Saitama doesn’t “one-punch” his enemies, but he does have sick moves that really make you feel you’re turning your enemy into a punching bag.

2. It comes with a polished story and progression system.

Not a lot of games in Roblox have a polished system like this game. With stats integration, a story mode, skins, and even login rewards, you would think that this game was a standalone game, but nope! It’s just an amazing game built by developers who are passionate about bringing you the best anime fighting genre experience. The game also gets regular updates to balance out overpowered characters, fix bugs, and many more. 

3. It has one of the biggest communities in all of Roblox.

DUNGEONS! Anime Fighting Simulator has over 1.1 Billion visits and millions of players logging in monthly. With this big of a player count, meeting new people and making new friends is almost inevitable. It also has a dedicated fan base that constantly puts up suggestions and comments for the devs to see and polish. Seriously, they should just make their own game now! 

8. Anime Cross 2 by Rimuru

Roblox's Anime Cross 2 by Rimuru
Roblox’s Anime Cross 2 by Rimuru

Anime Cross 2 somewhat resembles Anime Fighting Simulator’s gameplay and mechanics, but it has a few things up its sleeve that set it apart. It falls under the fighting game genre, it also has tons of anime characters to choose from, and it has combos and skills to learn. 

But what’s different about this game? You can create and customize your own character to put into battle! If you feel like being the protagonist of the game, then you are more than welcome to do so.

Unleash your powerful slash attacks using your sword in Roblox's Anime Cross 2.
Unleash your powerful slash attacks using your sword in Roblox’s Anime Cross 2.

Seeing your character face off against the most famous anime characters like Kaneki and Vegeta is both fun and daunting! Anime Cross 2 also offers a very diverse customization option with over 118 hairs, 88 accessories, and a massive library of skills to master. It’s an anime game that will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Standouts of Anime Cross 2:

1. Create your own character and face off against the most powerful characters.

Akin to NBA 2K’s MyPlayer Builder, you can create your own character with their own tricks and looks and face them off against your favorite anime characters. Furthermore, you can also brawl it out against your friends’ characters to see who comes out on top. It’s quirky, fun, and crazy! 

2. Challenging combat and moves to master.

Just like the other fighting games in this list, Anime Cross 2 offers a learning curve for the different characters you play. Each character has its own sets of moves, special abilities, skills, and many more that you can take advantage of when in the field. 

3. Big arenas with beautiful animations and details.

The maps of Anime Cross 2 are also detailed and huge. With particle effects and high-quality terrain, it’s easy to fall in love with this game, paired with enough space to duke it out with all of your friends and see who comes out at the top! 

9. My Hero Mania by PoppaPengo

My Hero Mania game in Roblox by PoppaPengo.
My Hero Mania game in Roblox by PoppaPengo.

My Hero Mania is a direct adaptation of the My Hero Academia series to Roblox. It features all the quirky characters like Tsu, Shoto, along with their superpowers and legendary skills. Of course, you can play as Ochako and Deku and explore the fun world of My Hero Academia.

Pick your favorite anime character ad unleash your superpowers and skills in Roblox’s My Hero Mania.

The gameplay of My Hero Mania mainly revolves around the exploration of the game world, and the grinding of experience points and items. Players are encouraged to navigate the levels and defeat enemies to get stronger and tougher. Players can also grind to unlock other skills called ‘quirk’ that can be so powerful they can clear levels in one button, just like the anime.

Standouts of My Hero Mania:

1. Interactive gameplay that resembles the anime closely.

The devs of My Hero Mania really took their time to make sure that players like you will feel at home when playing the game. Places like the U.A. High School and Tartarus are present along with explosive quirks that make you think you are playing your own anime story. 

2. It’s a fantastic game for chilling out with friends.

Since the gameplay revolves around exploration and defeating mobs, it’s not too demanding and hard to play. My Hero Mania is one of those games you would love to play when you feel overwhelmed or stressed because of its relaxing nature. It’s the perfect game to play while talking to your friends about their day and meeting new people. 

3. It has a growing community paired with constant game updates.

This game is relatively new to the Roblox library, with it only being a year old, players may encounter some bugs or glitches. But that is also a positive thing since it gives the game room for improvement and for growth. With over 76 million visits and 3000 concurrent players daily, you can only expect that My Hero Mania will continue to grow in popularity and player count. 

10. Guess the Anime by Tyler’s Script Fighting

Play Guess the Anime by Tyler's Script Fighting in Roblox.
Play Guess the Anime by Tyler’s Script Fighting in Roblox.

Guess The Anime is a different take on the anime game genre. It’s not a fighting game or an adventure one, it’s just a simple, laid-back trivia game where players need to guess what the anime is based on the photo in front of them. 

Test your anime recognition skills in Roblox's Guess the Anime.
Test your anime recognition skills in Roblox’s Guess the Anime.

It’s a very barebones anime party game genre, but it can get fun (and tough) if you don’t know your anime well! Challenge your friends to a game of Guess the Anime and see who’s the real Otaku amongst your group.

Standouts of Guess the Anime:

1. Guess the Anime’s gameplay is fresh and different.

So far, most of the games on this list are either action-adventure or fighting. To keep things fresh, Guess The Anime is a party game with the anime charm on top of it. Whether you have friends who are into anime or not, you can go solo and challenge your anime knowledge with other people. 

2. It’s a game that gives you a something to flex about.

It also rewards you if you are a player who has been binge-watching anime since the start of time. If you have successfully reached the end of Guess the Anime, then you can flex your honed anime knowledge with your friends and let ‘em know who’s the best Otaku in the group! 

3. It can be a fun game to interact with your viewers if you are a streamer. 

We haven’t tackled much about content creators and streamers in this list, but if you are one, then Guess the Anime is an excellent game to set up and play with your viewers over a live stream. It’s easy to install, easy to play, and easy to get lost in.

11. Blox Fruits by go play eclipsis

Play Roblox's Blox Fruits by go play eclipsis
Play Roblox’s Blox Fruits by go play eclipsis

Blox Fruits is another action-adventure genre game where players have an open world to explore and do whatever they want in. Similar to Grand Piece Online, it got its inspiration from One Piece, but what makes it different is that it also includes references and characters from other animes like Attack on Titan and Bleach. 

Dive into this action-adventure game and unleash your special skills on your opponents in Roblox's Blox Fruits.
Dive into this action-adventure game and unleash your special skills on your opponents in Roblox’s Blox Fruits.

In Blox Fruits, the main goal is to make your character stronger by collecting fruits, killings mobs, bosses, and finishing levels. These fruits become the main weapon you use to gain different powers that are effective against specific types of bosses. You can also buy fruits using the in-game currency. Leveling up is easy as there are tons of quests and levels to grind which also means that there are hours of content to enjoy and play in Blox Fruits.

Standouts of Blox Fruits:

1. Progression/fruit system will keep you hooked.

Once you get your first fruit, your power level will only go upwards. The higher your level and damage gets, the more items and fruits you’ll need to keep grinding. It’s a similar system to some of the games here on this list but something with Blox Fruits just makes it fun and addicting.

2. Solid player base that makes it feel like an MMORPG.

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular games in Roblox, not just the anime game genre. Having 2 billion visits and a daily concurrent player count of 100,000+ means that every corner of the game will have another person for you to meet and interact with.

3. Constant updates keep the game fresh and polished.

The devs of this game also put out constant updates to make sure that players have something new to discover and play with.. The most recent update bumped up the level cap to 1525 while also adding the Rumble Awakening feature, new islands, cyborg enemies, and more. The quality of these updates are top-notch as a typical release of an update gets the player count to 200,000 and above.

12. TITANAGE by Expel Studios

Play Roblox's Titanage by Expel Studios.
Play Roblox’s Titanage by Expel Studios.

TITANAGE is another Attack on Titan-inspired game in Roblox that was just released a few months ago. It combines elements of the fighting and adventure genre which makes it one of the more unique games on this list. 

Kill all the attacking Titans and protect your city in Roblox's Titanage.
Kill all the attacking Titans and protect your city in Roblox’s Titanage.

In TITANAGE, you get to be part of the Survey Corps., along with other players, and kill the Titans who have made their way in the city. You can customize your character and choose mods that enhance your skill and damage. Of course, you also have a 3D Maneuver Gear that you can use to outpace the Titans and reach for their nape. Since the game is still in its early stages, we can expect more to come and maybe even the ability to play as Eren Yeager and transform into a Titan. 

Standouts of TITANAGE:

1. Complex controls and satisfying animations.

Just like the other AOT game on this list, Downfall, the controls for this game come with a little bit of a learning curve to master. The game does support controllers though, so if you have one laying around, we suggest that you use one for easier navigation. It is mainly for the 3D Maneuver Gear, but most of the time, you can just ride your horse to explore the levels. On top of that, the animations of the Titans and attacks are super clean and satisfying. It is evident that the devs really put a lot of effort into building this game, and it is just in its early stages too. I’m definitely excited to see what’s in store for the future of this game.

2. Constant updates to give way to the game’s official release.

TITANAGE also receives weekly or monthly updates to keep the game bug-free and fresh. There is no estimated date yet regarding its official release, but even in this early stage, players can already see its value and potential to grow.

3. The skill level is high and rewarding.

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of the game yet, it’s not as easy as it looks. Even the devs have warned that it’s not for “common players” and it is evident with how tough the Titans can be at times. There aren’t a lot of games in Roblox that have a high skill ceiling like TITANAGE, but it’s definitely a breath of fresh air whenever there’s one. Once you become like Mikasa or Levi, don’t hesitate to show your friends your sword and 3D Maneuver Gear mastery!

13. Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors

Play Roblox's Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.
Play Roblox’s Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.

Anime Warriors is an action-adventure game that features all of your favorite characters from popular anime titles such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and more. It’s fairly new, released only a month ago, but it shows promising gameplay with fun mechanics and combat where you can be creative. 

Play as the 4th Hokage and unleash your powerful Rasengan on your foes in Roblox's Anime Warriors.
Play as the 4th Hokage and unleash your powerful Rasengan on your foes in Roblox’s Anime Warriors.

The controls are easy to learn and the game is easy to pick up. The game also makes use of the Gacha system where you can roll for 2 stars up to 6 stars characters, 6 being the most powerful. There are also different characters for each tier of stars, 2 having supporting characters like Krillin, while 6 having powerful characters like Broly and Urahara. After getting your character, you can grind your way up and make them even more powerful with experience points, items, and more. 

Standouts of Anime Warriors:

1. Tons of characters to summon and play as.

Since the game makes use of the summon/gacha system, players will rely on the luck of the Random Number Generator (RNG) to obtain their favorite characters. However, there are tons of characters to summon, collect, and play, makingthe system fun and engaging. The devs also give out regular redemption codes that you can use to get free crystals for use in summons and more.

2. The combat system is smooth and fluid.

Anime Warriors heavily rely on combat, so its smooth and fluid combat system is a key criteria to make this game palatable. Having your moves instantly register, paired with the beautiful animations, this game feels very responsive and so easy to play.

3. You can get free rewards and crystals even while you’re AFK.

Not a lot of games on this list have a feature that rewards you being AFK. That is why AFK rewards in Anime Warriors encourage players to keep the game running even when  they’re away for free rewards and crystals. This feature may not stay for long though as it is common for games in the early stages to have a reward system like this to entice new players to stick around.

14. Deadly Sins Retribution by Invincible

Play Roblox's Deadly Sins Retribution by Invincible.
Play Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution by Invincible.

Does the concept of magic, combat, and fighting all sound good to you? Then look no further with Deadly Sins Retribution, an adventure-fighting game that is heavily inspired by the popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins. 

Engage in melee combat with your chosen weapon, in this case, a sword in Roblox's Deadly Sins Retribution.
Engage in melee combat with your chosen weapon, in this case, a sword in Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution.

In Deadly Sins Retribution, your job is to defeat enemies using magic and weapons. As you level up, the more your magic will hurt and the more weapons you can unlock. It also has some of the anime’s most notable characters like Meliodas and Zeldris for you to play as or play against. Though the game is in its early stages, it shouldn’t stop you from banishing your enemies with witchcraft and magic!

Standouts of Deadly Sins Retribution:

1. If you’re tired of swords or katana, then this is the perfect game to play.

There isn’t much magic featured on the games on our list, so Deadly Sins Retribution being centered around it makes it unique and fun. As you defeat more enemies, the more experience points you gain which translates into even more magic that you can use to defeat tougher bosses and mobs!

2. It regularly hosts events like 2X EXP boosts.

If you’re a sucker for events like XP boosts and the sort, then you’ll also love this game. Since the game is new, devs will push out frequent events like these to entice new players to come and grind the game out. 

3. It’s a fun game to try out with friends.

Every game on this list has this going for them, but what makes Deadly Sins Retribution a sweet game to try out with your pals is that you can combine your magic with their magic to kill bosses even faster. The interaction between your skills and combat is one of a kind and something that other games should try and replicate as it makes fights more engaging. 

15. Mother: TPN by Tower of Generations

Check out Roblox's Mother: TPN by Tower of Generations.
Check out Roblox’s Mother: TPN by Tower of Generations.

Mother: The Promised Neverland is the only game on this list that makes use of the round-based game mechanics. It’s a distinctive game which requires teamwork, some critical thinking, and evasion skills to get away from Mother and the plant. 

Are you able to escape from Mother in Roblox's Mother: TPN?
Are you able to escape from Mother in Roblox’s Mother: TPN?

Think of it as something similar to Among Us, but The Promised Neverland-themed. Escape detection from Mother by acting as an NPC and blending in with the non-player characters in the game. As Mother, it is your objective to find out who these pesky children are and identify them at night to foil their plans of escaping the plant.

Standouts of Mother: TPN

1. If you’re a big Among Us fan, then you’ll immediately be hooked.

Like mentioned earlier, this game will heavily remind you of Among Us’ gameplay. It’s a game of decept and disguise, where the goal is to act normal and not raise the attention of Mother so you and your friends can escape together.

2. A great game to play with friends.

Since it is a round-based game that has two factions (Mother and the escapees), it can be quite entertaining to play with friends especially when you’re all on Discord. Hearing the nuances in their voice while they do everything they can to act normal is just too funny! It gets even funnier when you’re Mother and you try to find which one of your friends is trying to escape from your evil clutches.

3. It’s a game that is easy to learn and grasp.

Mother: TPN is an easy game to recommend to Roblox players even if they’re not TPN or anime fans. It can also be a good game to recommend to your viewers as a streamer so that you can have some interaction with them while also inviting people to your stream. 

16. Volleyball 4.2 by unlimited bolg works

Volleyball 4.2 by unlimited bolg works.

Volleyball 4.2, as the name suggests, is a volleyball game inspired by the popular anime series Haikyu!!. As a sports game, it focuses mainly on having smooth movements and controls so that players can serve and spike in fashion. 

Inspired by Haikyu!!, now you can play a game of volleyball in Roblox's Volleyball 4.2.
Inspired by Haikyu!!, now you can play a game of volleyball in Roblox’s Volleyball 4.2.

This is one of the few sports games in Roblox that are actually good and fun at the same time. If you’re a sucker for Haikyu and sports games in Roblox, then give this game a shot. It is also being updated constantly with new characters, areas, costumes, and more.

Standouts of Mother: TPN

1. It’s a game that is easy to learn and master

As it is a sports game, most people would know and grasp the concept of how to play volleyball. It doesn’t need any level-ups, experience points, and abilities. Just some good old raw skill and quick movements are all you need.

2. Extensive cosmetics and auras to level up your looks.

If there is anything to grind in this game, it’s the cosmetics that you can collect. These in-game cosmetics make your character stand out in the court. Additionally, you can also apply auras that give your characters a super-saiyan-like look when you’re on fire with the volleyball spikes.

3. A quick game can be enough to destress and have fun.

The majority of the games on this list are something you could play for long sessions and grind, but as a sports game, a quick round of Volleyball can be enough to get you in the mood again. It’s really simple yet interactive especially when you hit that spike against your friends!

17. Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez

Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez.
Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez.

Finally, we have the final game on our list, Project Baki 2. Project Baki 2 is a sandbox-fighting game that revolves around the character Baki. It has some elements of a normal Roblox game built into like world exploration and interaction with other players, but it is fairly unique with how it lets you choose your own fighting styles, combos, etc. 

Fight your way through angry mobs in Roblox's Project Baki 2.
Fight your way through angry mobs in Roblox’s Project Baki 2.

The controls are very easy to learn too. With huge maps and diverse worlds, you can do anything you want in Project Baki 2. Kill enemies, battle your friends, try out new fighting techniques, it’s entirely up to you.

Standouts of Project Baki 2:

1. It gives the player freedom on choosing combat styles.

Project Baki 2 doesn’t lock you in one fighting style like other games. Rather, it encourages players to explore the limits of their skills and adapt to new styles of fighting by mastering combos and knowing the perfect timing of dodges, blocks, and more. This gives you so much room to explore what the game truly offers.

2. The game is less about the grind and more about mastery of combat.

It also rewards you for being good at the game, not just good at killing mobs and bosses. The game is specially built on the promise that you will experiment with combos. Once you try it out yourself, it can be really tough at the start, but fun once you get the hang of button smashing out your powerful combos!

3. It reminds you of games like good old Tekken and Street Fighter.

Some of Project Baki 2’s elements are gathered from great fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter. The Rage mechanic is present as well as blocking and dashing. It’s quite a feat what the devs achieved with very little time, considering that the game was just released 9 months ago.

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