17 Roblox Racing Games for Everyone Who Loves to Race

17 of the Best Roblox Racing Games that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Roblox is a popular online game that was founded in 2006. It is targeted at children and teenagers, but it may be played by anyone of any age. The game has around 30 million monthly active users, making it the world’s second-largest gaming community behind Minecraft. On Roblox, you may play a variety of games, including anime games, fighting games, role-playing games, construction games, and of course, racing games, which we shall discuss in this article.

Roblox’s racing games genre is highly diversified and has a community that is constantly growing at a steady pace. Since most children and teenagers grew up playing racing games like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, most of its player base should feel right at home when selecting fun racing games Roblox. All of the games that we will go through are free, simple to install, and enjoyable to play. So let’s dive right in and play some of Roblox’s best racing games. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Jailbreak by Badimo

Break into and steal cars and live the life of a car jacker in Roblox's Jailbreak.
Break into and steal cars and live the life of a car jacker in Roblox’s Jailbreak.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Roblox list without a copy appearing first. Yes, you read that right, there is a version of the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games on Roblox—and it is named Jailbreak. Though it may seem like a blatant ripoff at first, it can be a fun alternative to those who don’t have powerful enough PCs to run the real deal. 

If you’ve got a squad of friends who are down to being chaotic and just racing recklessly around the city, then Jailbreak is a really fun game to do that. Sure, it doesn’t have the graphics or the scope of Rockstar Games’ version, but it’s enough to keep you occupied for hours upon hours. 

In Jailbreak, you can basically do anything that you want. You can rob cars, get weapons, attack other players, ride with other players, and of course, race! You may also choose to become a criminal and do heists, or be on the side of justice and become a police to capture said criminals. Its racing system is not as complex as the other games that we will feature on this list, but drag racing is one of the most fun activities in Jailbreak.

There is also a cash system similar to the real game which you can use to purchase weapons, snacks, and gain access to some areas, but you don’t have to grind for it at all.  There isn’t really any specific progression system in this game, and that is what makes it fun. It’s mindless, easy to play, but has lots of entertainment value behind it.

Standouts of Roblox’s Jailbreak by Badimo:

1. It’s hours upon hours of mindless fun in Roblox.

It doesn’t take that much time to get used to the controls and the overall idea behind its gameplay. It’s a free roam sandbox that basically gives you everything you need to have fun and get crazy.

2. The cars are easily accessible by all players.

Since Jailbreak is a sandbox game, it allows you to get any car that you want. Whether it’s from an NPC or another player, all you have to do is go near the car that you’d like to ride and press the designated hotkey for it. It’s simple and removes the grinding process that irritates a lot of players in other racing games. 

3. It’s drag racing at its finest.

Though there is no established racing system in the game, you can drag race with your friends to see who is the better driver. It’s one of the most popular activities that you could do in the original game, so having the liberty to do that in the Roblox version? Yes please!

2. Speed Run 4 🌘 by Vurse

Be the car in Roblox’s Speed Run 4, and put your racing skills to the test.

Speed Run 4 is not your typical Roblox racing game. You don’t have any cars or vehicles to ride and race against strangers and friends. Instead, your character is THE car and you control it to get across hurdles, obstacles, and be the victorious racer.

Speed Run 4 is also one of the most popular racing games in Roblox with 1 billion visits and 10,000 daily active players. Though it isn’t what you’d typically expect from a racing game, a lot of people still enjoy its concept and log in every day to see what’s new.

Speed Run 4 has 30 unique and fresh levels that you can explore and use to race against your friends or strangers. Be warned: reaching level 30 is not as easy as it looks. You also have the choice to race against a timer which for some, is even more difficult than racing your friend! It’s challenging, fun, and refreshing to see a game with such difficulty yet diverse levels. 

Standouts of Roblox’s Speed Run 4:

1. It’s a game that is easy to learn, yet difficult to master.

Speed Run 4 is one of those games that is easy to grasp and get used to, but hard to master. It will take some time before you can finally beat a level or even race the timer. However, it does feel super rewarding to finish a level that you’ve been practicing for a long time though, so there’s that. 

2. Each level in the game has a unique design and obstacle course.

Every level of Speed Run 4 is also different from one another. You won’t find yourself racing at the same level or getting bored because of repetition because you have the choice on which levels to complete and race on. Each level gets increasingly harder but also more fun since it is challenging and rewarding to complete. 

3. Speed Run 4 has a massive community to play with and against.

Lastly, the community behind this game is overwhelmingly positive. With over 1 billion game visits, it’s not hard to find a stranger to play with or against. It only takes seconds to find a match and once you’re in one, you feel the adrenaline right away. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to race with your friends, strangers, or by the clock, but meeting new people in a game like Speed Run 4 is just fun and special.

3. Deathrun 🍅 by Team Deathrun

Race with your character in Roblox’s Speed Run 4 and win the race.

Deathrun is somewhat a similar concept to Speed Run 4. There aren’t any vehicles or cars to control, so your character becomes the vessel that you use to win laps in. It also has a large variety of traps, obstacles courses, and tricks that you should watch out for when racing. 

What makes Deathrun different is that you do not only race, but you also have an objective: to avoid the killer’s traps! In Deathrun, players are randomly grouped into racers and a killer. Once the game starts, the racers’ job is to avoid any of the killer’s tricks that may spell doom for them.

This is what makes Deathrun unique and so much fun to play especially with friends over on Discord. Hearing them panic while you try to kill them is just hilarious. Deathrun is a round-based racing game which means there only won’t be one static killer in a game. So yes, that means that you can plot your revenge on the former round’s killer once you get the killer role. Wink wink.

Stand outs of Roblox’s Deathrun:

1. It provides players with a challenge that’s both chaotic and fun.

A typical lobby of Deathrun is loud, chaotic, and full of energy. Since all of the racers will have to escape the killer’s wrath, it’s not a rare sight to see one racer completely lose it when they get targeted by the killer. Also, don’t forget the many obstacles scattered throughout the map of every level! On top of the killer’s traps, the levels also have their own sets of obstacle courses that racers have to clear. Good luck with that.

2. Deathrun is a very fun game to play together with friends.

Since the game is divided into the racer and killer categories, being the killer and watching your friends panic over your actions is priceless. They will definitely hate you after that round!

3. It’s an evolving game that’s constantly updated and refined by devs.

Though the game was released in 2015, Deathrun is still being refreshed with constant updates and fixes by the developers. The game has also been awarded multiple times by BLOXY and BLOXCon, proving its spot in this list and being one of the best games in Roblox, period.

4. Pacifico 2: Playground Town by UrbanSector

Pacifico 2 is a sandbox racing game developed by UrbanSector (founded by Collect1ve). Due to its unique vibe and design, Pacifico has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the West Coast! The city is jam-packed with activities and sites to see, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Pacific 2’s nature of social and sandbox racing game style enables you to do whatever you want. From roaming the most beautiful locations in the US to setting up a real race with friends and strangers, you will never run out of things to do and locations to see. And in case you’re wondering: yes, there are cars and vehicles that you can control! 

The cars that you can obtain range from electric cars to sports cars, whichever one you fancy. The game doesn’t only offer racing activities. You can also buy homes, enter clubs, and visit fantastic views to mesmerize yourself in. The graphics of Pacific 2 are also superb, with high-quality textures and dynamic lighting, it’s easy to get hypnotized by the game’s visuals.

Finally, the game also has a bustling community that you can interact with inside of the game world. Just like Jailbreak, you can basically do anything you want with your friends and the people you meet.

Standouts of Roblox’s Pacifico 2:

1. It’s a sandbox racing game that’s so relaxing to play

Pacifico 2 is that type of game that is perfect to play when you’re feeling stressed and would like to relax in a virtual world. You can set up a friendly race with your friends while overlooking the stunning bay area or just chill out in the club. Totally your decision.

2. There are a wide variety of vehicles and cars to choose from.

This game also has a very diverse selection of cars to obtain and drive. From luxury cars to electric cars, you won’t run out of choices and cars to try out. Oh, and did I mention that the game also had motorbikes? I mean c’mon seriously, what more could you wish for in a racing game?

3. It’s easy to meet new people and make friends in the game.

Since Pacifico 2 is also a sandbox game, interacting with strangers is made easy and encouraged. Meet someone who has a cool avatar in the club? Invite them over to sightseeing or duel them in a race. It’s truly up to you what you’d like to do in-game, and having many people to enjoy the game with is the cherry on top

5. Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands by TwentyTwoPilots

Roblox’s Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands by TwentyTwoPilots

TwentyTwoPilots has collaborated with GameFam Studios to create Ultimate Driving, a free-to-play open-world racing universe. The first Ultimate Driving game was released on August 7th, 2008 (that’s 13 years ago!). And in 2021, Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands, which was published on June 25th, 2011, is now the flagship game in the current version. Though this game is old, it is constantly being refreshed and updated by the devs due to demand and its unique take on the racing genre. 

Players begin their journey by exploring and racing in their first car in incredibly detailed open landscapes. The more people who drive, the more money you’ll have to spend on cool automobiles like sports, muscle, super, and hypercars.

Players will have something new to drive with over 300 different vehicles to choose from. Additionally, players may also partake in jobs and races to earn money to get even more vehicles. If that wasn’t enough, there are also regular community vehicle rewards that players can claim for free. It’s a fun racing game to enjoy and wreak havoc in.

Race down intricately detailed landscapes in Roblox’s Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands.

Standouts of Roblox’s Ultimate Driving – Westover Islands:

1. This racing game is Competitive nature of the game.

If you are someone who’s into challenging and competitive racing games, then you’ll find Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands very much enjoyable. Since the game can get quite grindy at times, players often race hard to reach first every time to gain the maximum rewards and in-game cash.

2. Over 400+ vehicles to choose from.

Similar to Pacifico 2, Ultimate Driving also has a plethora of vehicles and cars to choose from. Ranging from trucks to muscle cars, and of course hypercars, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find the perfect vehicle for your racing needs. 

3. Ultimate Driving is more than just a racing game.

Ultimate Driving is also more than just a racing game. It features elements of a sandbox game due to its jobs systems where players can partake in in-game cash and rewards. Of course, you may also invite your friends to play with you or interact with strangers to make new friends.

6. Speed Race by MasterDaniel

Roblox’s Speed Race by MasterDaniel (Image by Uploaded by: ImaFlyNmidget)

Speed Race is a game in Roblox created by MasterDaniel. It shares some similarities to Vurse’s Speed Run 4, but it has some unique design and mechanics built into it that separate it from the rest. Just like Speed Run 4, you control your character to get them to the finish line the quickest. You may also compete against the clock, race with strangers, or invite your friends in a friendly battle.

One of the aspects that set Speed Race apart from its counterparts is the aesthetic and design route that the devs took for this Roblox game. Each level is different, colorful, and vibrant. Additionally, players may also spend their in-game cash on cosmetics like trails and mystery boxes. 

Speaking of levels, there are a total of 50 levels in the game and as expected, each level is increasingly harder than the one before it, with higher levels having more obstacles and requiring parkour skills to overcome It will take some time before you master your way in each level, but it’s also the game’s best aspect.

Experience different maps filled with different obstacles and challenges in Roblox’s Speed Race.

Lastly, there are occasional in-game events that players may participate in to gain rewards. With over 130 million visits and a constant barrage of updates, Speed Race is a challenging and entertaining racing game to learn and have fun in.

Standouts of Roblox’s Speed Race:

1. Speed Race’s aesthetic is unique and fresh.

Players who have a keen eye for aesthetic and colorful levels will love Speed Race’s art style.. Though it’s nothing innovative, the levels are easy on the eyes and will attract a lot of players who may have never tried a racing game on Roblox before.

2. Plenty of seasonal in-game events that keep the player base active and healthy.

As mentioned earlier, Speed Race also releases seasonal events that players can participate in to garner rewards for their character. These rewards can be in the form of crystals and in-game currency that you can use to purchase mystery boxes.

3. The game has a community-driven support and plenty of updates.

Although Speed Racer is handled by one person (MasterDaniel), the game constantly takes the map ideas and design of the community. It’s wholesome to see that people gather together to form new levels and maps for a game that is run by one person.

7. Vehicle Simulator by Simbuilder

Roblox’s Vehicle Simulator by Simbuilder is a one-of-a-kind driving and racing game. You have a wide range of activities to choose from, including races, auto exhibitions, flying planes, and even yacht excursions!

There is a plethora of vehicles, boats, and planes to pick from, as well as numerous modification options such as camber, color, nitrous, and even adding working C4 to your vehicle! Beginners have the option of starting with one of three cars: the Subaru BRZ, Chevy Camaro, or Corvette Stingray. All iconic real-life vehicle inspirations. 

All players also begin with $40,500 in cash if they wish to buy a new car or modify their initial vehicle. Following that, all players can advance by driving to gain money and increase their distance. You can also increase your earnings by competing against other players and strangers.

Finally, it’s hard to not mention this: Vehicle Simulator has perfected the driving mechanics in Roblox which can be clunky for some games. It’s amazing how the devs have found their way to make a racing and driving game that is smooth to play in Roblox. So, get started on your Vehicle Simulator adventure and have fun!

Standouts of Roblox’s Vehicle Simulator:

1. The driving experience in Roblox’s Vehicle Simulator is always on point.

Generally, vehicle and driving mechanics in Roblox can get clunky and rough at times. Fortunately, Vehicle Simulator does exactly what its name suggests: it has perfected (in relevance to other Roblox racing games) driving and car mechanics. It’s not the absolute best but in terms of a Roblox game? The driving in this game is fantastic! 

Navigate those bends and turns like a boss, and feel the rush when you floor your accelerator – this game has ironed out all possible hiccups in a racing game, providing you with a racing experience that’s almost as smooth as silk!

2. It comes with a diverse selection of transportation options.

Though Vehicle Simulator’s main focus is on cars, there are also planes and yachts that players can drive and enjoy maneuvering in. Oh, and did I mention that there are flying cars in the game that bears a heavy resemblance to DMC DeLorean? How sick is that?!

3. Feel a sense of achievement when you upgrade your cars.

Vehicle upgradability isn’t something that is present in the other games I’ve mentioned so far, so having that feature in Vehicle Simulator makes it one of the most in-depth and fun racing games in Roblox.

Since there is a huge selection of vehicles to own, this also means that the grind doesn’t end there. You’ll still need to upgrade them to reach their maximum potential and cruise around the city looking like a boss. 

8. Car Crushers 2 by Car crushers official group

Car Crushers 2 by Car crushers official group, Roblox.

Car Crushers 2 is a follow-up to the first game, Car Crushers, which also shared the same premise: to race and destroy. The game offers a vast destruction facility where players can destroy vehicles in a number of ways, earning money to unlock more exotic vehicles and parts to unlock more insane methods to destroy vehicles. In addition, there is a derby game in which players can smash their automobiles into one another in bizarre locations.

Though the main gist of Car Crushers 2 is to wreck other vehicles, it can also be played as a racing game where, of course, you can smash your vehicle against other player’s vehicles to reduce their chances of winning. It’s completely fun and chaotic, but also a unique take on the racing game genre of Roblox. 

Pit your car against the super drill and watch it get wrecked! (Image by Roblox’s Car Crushers 2)

Standouts of Roblox’s Car Crushers 2:

1. The game’s destruction mechanics are fun to play around with.

Car Crushers 2’s destruction mechanics are unique for how deep the devs went to make sure that it is complex and sophisticated. You can virtually destroy any vehicle that you want in the game while feeling satisfied. 

2. The races are fun due to unique car upgrades.

Since the game has in-depth destruction mechanics, races can have extra spice on top of the already challenging tracks and levels. You have to be extra careful not to get your vehicle destroyed or be rammed off the tracks by your friends which makes it more fun than your typical racing game. On top of that, you can also upgrade your vehicles by putting nitro boosts on them and even rocket boosts in some. Totally crazy. 

3. The racing game’s derby mode is a great way to relieve stress.

If you love destroying virtual objects as a way of distressing, then Car Crushers 2’s derby mode will do a good job at that. In derby mode, you’ll be put in a pit against other players and duke it out. And of course, the last man (or car) standing wins the game.

9. Driving Simulator by Nocturne Entertainment

Indulge in some open world racing fun in Roblox’s Driving Simulator (Image by Seniac)

Not to be confused with Vehicle Simulator, Driving Simulator is an open-world racing game that offers a big in-game world for players to explore, tons of customization options, and upgrade options for your beloved cars.

Because Driving Simulator is a car-driving game, cars are the most crucial aspect to look cool in-game. Automobiles are classified into various categories. Cars have different specs and stats than others and are priced dependent on them, particularly based on the manufacturer and top speed. 

A typical lobby of Driving Simulator can be filled up with up to 100 players, which means a full lobby will have 99 other people for you to interact and race with.

Driving Simulator doesn’t particularly have the best driving mechanics or destruction mechanics, but its fun and entertainment value comes from its open-world nature and the ability to race anyone you’d like in a lobby.

Pick, customize and race off in your favorite car in Roblox’s Driving Simulator.

Standouts of Roblox’s Driving Simulator:

1. Race to your fullest potential in a bustling open-world.

Driving Simulator is an excellent racing game for how detailed the cars look and feel, but it is further complemented by an open world that is huge and full of life as well. Once you see 100 players gather up and to socialize and ace, it’s hard to turn back. 

2. Customization of your race car goes quite deep as compared to other racing games.

Another reason why you’d prefer Driving Simulator to other racing games is their commitment to customization. You can customize any vehicle you own by tweaking their color, adding accessories onto them like hats (yes, that’s a thing), and even completely turn them into another beast.

3. 100 servers to play in and constant attention from devs.

The game’s 100 servers are also worth noting. This means that if one server goes down, there are still 99 other servers that you can play in and have fun with. The game also receives constant updates from the devs, the latest dating back Sept. 4, 2021. This translates into bug fixes, smoother performance, new cars, and new accessories to put into your beloved automobile. 

10. Full Throttle by Horizon Entertainment™

Race in an open world in Roblox’s Full Throttle (Image by ItsMatrix).

Full Throttle is another one of the many open-world racing games on this list. It doesn’t offer anything unique that other racing games on this list don’t already have, but it has this relaxing charm to it. Just like Driving Simulator, it has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, ranging from basic sedans to supercars. Additionally, objects are also destructible within the city which makes it even more fun if you’re the type who loves wrecking stuff in a virtual world. 

The map of Full Throttle is respectable in size and scope with decent graphics helping it to feel alive. Of course, it is also populated with other players with whom you can race, interact, or just chill with. Though it is mainly an open-world game, Full Throttle does feature racing modes where you can go through obstacles, zoom through the city, and more.

Players may also earn in-game cash to purchase even more luxurious cars. Driving mechanics are alright, though not the game’s main focus. Overall, Full Throttle does a good job in delivering hours of content and fun especially with friends and a lobby packed with other players.

Go full throttle, literally, as you floor your accelerator and speed through beautiful maps inRoblox’s Full Throttle.

Standouts of Roblox’s Full Throttle:

1. You won’t get bored with the car selections.

Since the game features a ton of vehicle and car selections, it won’t get boring and stale that easy. Every time you log in, just hop onto a new car that you’d like and test the waters with it.

2. The game feels alive once you get to play in a full lobby.

If you’re a sucker for games that make you feel like you live in a world that is truly alive, then Full Throttle won’t disappoint. Since the game is constantly updated and has a modest amount of visits, you won’t ever run out of people to meet and race. 

3. Destructible objects in the world add extra spice when free-roaming.

Lastly, having objects that are destructible just makes everything even more fun. Is that mailbox’s color pissing you off? Just ram it down and see it get wrecked. It’s the beauty of these types of games and it will never get old.

11. Heavy Clutch by Kxvito

Roblox’s Heavy Clutch by Kxvito.

Heavy Clutch is a new type of game in this list. It’s still an open-world and a racing game, but its main focus is on drifting and car meets. These two aren’t something that I’ve featured yet on this list, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see a game that focuses on what possibly could be the most fun thing when playing car and racing games. Of course, there is still a wide variety of cars you can choose from, but it’s up to your skill to beat your friends in a drifting battle.

Players may also participate in said car meets, where their customized vehicles are shared with everyone in the community. It’s a wholesome way of sharing your creation with other players. On top of that, You can still race normally if you want. Just invite your friends over and ask who dares to challenge you in a drifting or racing game!

Learn to drift like a pro in Roblox’s Heavy Clutch (Image by jennnywakeman404).

Standouts of Roblox’s Heavy Clutch:

1. The drifting mechanics in Heavy Cluth are superb.

As mentioned earlier, drifting is the main focus of Heavy Clutch. That also means that it will require some skill, time, and effort to master the drifting mechanics of the game. So if you want to show off your mad drifting ways to your friends, you gotta put in some with your drifting skills. 

2. Duels and races in the game pose a fun challenge for players.

Since the game focuses more on drifting, races can be quite challenging since you’ll have to take into account drifting mechanics. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for players who are looking for an extra challenge, then this is the game to play. 

3. Heavy Clutch is a community-backed game.

Heavy Clutch is also backed up by the game’s devoted 4.3 million followers and hundreds of players. Devs listen carefully to players and also do their best to implement any improvements that can be made to make the game more fun and smooth. 

12. Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO by devGem

Roblox’s Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO by devGem.

If you’re a big fan of arcade racing games that have that Tokyo vibe, then you will gush over Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO. It is yet another open-world racing game but with heavy inspiration from games like WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, and more. It’s a unique take on the racing game genre as most of the games in this list are based on locations from the USA. 

The game features over 130 unique vehicles that you can customize and upgrade as well as 5 different maps to race on and explore. The vehicles of the game feature some of the most iconic cars to date like the Supras, 350z, and more. This game also features one of the deepest customizations and upgrade options of any racing game in Roblox. From colorways to body kits, you won’t run out of things to tweak in Midnight Racing.

Lastly, the game is fairly young, being only 2 years old, the game is only in ALPHA. Though that may be a turn-off for some, many players should look forward to what Midnight Racing can bring to the table as it grows even bigger and eventually makes its official release.

Race down your favorite streets of Tokyo inRoblox’s Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO.

Standouts of Roblox’s Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO

1. The Tokyo vibe in the game is intact and well-represented.

Not a lot of racing games in Roblox are able to represent the arcade and Tokyo vibe of the past. If you were one of the kids who loved playing arcade machines and were addicted to these subgenres of racing games, then you’ll find it hard to not give Midnight Racing a try.

2. Players get to enjoy many forms of car customization and upgrade options.

The devs also put a lot of time into making sure that vehicles are tweaked to perfection according to the players’ liking. This means that no vehicle on the road will ever look, sound, and feel the same since players are able to dive deep into customizing their cars and making them their own.

3. Midnight Racing’s young age means it has more content to provide.

Since the game is still in its early days or ALPHA stage, this means that the devs have more to share and deliver to the community. Alpha stages of games shouldn’t be frowned upon, but rather should be tested and played since it is the most important stage of the game. It is where players like you can spot bugs, suggest quality of life changes, and more.

13. Accelerate X by Accelerate™

Roblox’s Accelerate X by Accelerate.

Accelerate X is a realistic open-world racing game in Roblox that focuses on detailed interiors and exteriors of cars. The graphics are spot-on, and you can see the attention to detail that went into creating this game. Accelerate X is a dark horse that is rapidly gaining popularity with over 450k views so far, this game will undoubtedly see a significant increase in traffic throughout the coming months.

For the time being, it’s exclusively playable on PC Roblox. Due to a sensitive chassis feature on the cars, driving might be challenging at times so we recommend that you hook up a controller while learning the game. But once you get used to it, the game is pure fun and excitement to play. 

Players may use in-game cash that they earn from races and quests to get better cars along the way. Customization in this Roblox racing game is not as in-depth as other racing games on this list, but if you love realistic games, then seeing the intricate details of the interior might just excite you. The interior is as real as it can get in Roblox!

The best feature of this game is its first-person mode which, of course, enables you to see the detail and effort that went into making the interiors look fantastic. Whether it’s racing your friends or just strolling around the city, Accelerate X doesn’t fail in delivering realism and graphics that are out of this world.

Drive in a first-person perspective in Roblox’s Accelerate X.

Standouts of Roblox’s Accelerate X:

1. The attention to detail in this Roblox game is simply stunning.

There aren’t a lot of Roblox games that pay attention to detail and the little things, but Accelerate X does. From the shiny interior to even speedometers that actually move, you won’t find a game that does it better than this one. The developers have taken the block game to a whole new level.

2. Accelerate X’s graphics are breathtakingly awesome.

The graphics of this game are beautiful as well. Though it still retains the Roblox vibe to it, its distinct textures and high-quality maps help it stand out against the competition.

3. The game’s in-game world is huge and filled with stuff to do.

As an open-world game, Accelerate X also has a respectable map size with activities on the side. Got bored of racing? You can challenge your friends to an impromptu drift competition. Or you can simply relax in a parking lot and watch the sunset. It’s fully your call to make.

14. Ion Formula Racing 2021 by AVENUE VANCE EMPIRE

Roblox’s Ion Formula Racing 2021 by Avenue Vance Empire.

If you’re into F1 Racing, then this is the game to check out. ION FORMULA RACING 2021 takes another direction to bring a realistic and heart-pumping racing experience to Roblox. Featuring some of the most popular Formula One cars like the Brawn BGP001, you can race with your friends, strangers, or just practice on your own and master the maps. 

Besides realistic racing and F1 cars, the game also features a weather system, fuel modes, car damage, controller support, car upgradability, and more. It’s a featured pack game, perfect for F1 enthusiasts who want to enjoy racing in its best form. Players may also choose from 20 different teams, from Mercedes to McLaren, to represent in their races, keeping that F1 feel intact and alive.

Bridging the gap between in-game and real life, this Roblox racing game introduces weather in its F1 races.

Standouts of Roblox’s Ion Formula Racing 2021:

1. It’s a faithful adaptation of real-life prestigious F1 Races.

Since the game has successfully imported F1 cars like the Williams FW14B and the complex mechanics of racing in F1, ION FORMULA RACING is the best adoption of the F1 genre within Roblox. 

2. There are constant in-game updates that keep the game fresh and fun.

The game also has constant attention from the devs, with the latest update being on Sept. 1, 2021. This means that the game, as well as its community, is alive and kicking. That means it won’t be hard to find matches and strangers to play with.

3. Ion Formula Racing comes with in-depth customization and upgrades.

Despite F1 racing being about skill, its Roblox counterpart offers a degree of customization and upgrades to make your F1 car feel yours. Players who love standing out and making their F1 car look like it’s from another planet will love ION FORMULA.

15. Driving Empire by Wayfort

Roblox’s Driving Empire by Wayfort.

Driving Empire is one of the biggest racing and car games in Roblox to date. With over 129 million visits and thousands of daily active players, it’s truly an empire to behold. Just like the other open-world racing games on this list, Driving Empire has a wide variety of cars to choose from and customize. Supercars, hypercars, to classic ones, there’s no shortage of cars and vehicles to ride and enjoy.

Though Driving Empire is mainly a racing game, we can’t ignore its vast open-world and beautiful graphics. It’s one of the best-looking games in Roblox, with high-detailed textures, colorful landscapes, and breathtaking sceneries. Its racing modes are plentiful as well, from racing with your friends to beating the clock and strolling around the city, it’s your choice on what your path will be inside Driving Empire.

The main downside of this game is how big it is. Since it’s graphically intensive and has huge maps, some players with weaker devices and PCs might not be able to play the game properly. But other than that, Driving Empire is one of the best racing and car games on the platform. 

Drive through a vast open world in your customized car in Roblox’s Driving Empire.

Standouts of Roblox’s Driving Empire:

1. It has beautiful maps and vibrant night cities to accompany.

The maps of Driving Empire are vivid, colorful, and lively especially when populated with players all around the globe. Considering the fact that the game’s size is huge—because of its inspiration from cities like Los Angeles, it’s only right that the maps are detailed and well-built. Players will definitely love its high-definition textures! 

2. Driving Empire’s community and player base are plentiful.

Driving Empire is also one of the biggest games in Roblox. This means that servers are often packed with players who are looking to race, interact, and meet other people. 

3. It’s a great way to relax with friends and to meet new people in-game.

Finally, Driving Empire is one of the best games to just chill and relax. You can invite your friends to a casual and friendly race or talk to strangers to see what upgrades they’re working towards.

16. Eight Driver Car Racing by Eight Stu

Roblox’s 8Driver Car by Eight Stu.

Eight Driver Car is another racing and drifting-oriented game. Its main focus is to deliver racing and drifting mechanics that are realistic and satisfying. The game features a first-person mode to help players drift better and race with style. On top of that, it also features detailed interiors, body kit modifications, speedometers, and more. 

The game is only a few months old, but devs promise more updates and features to come. The goal is to gain exp and cash to get better cars and increase your driving level in-game. Just like Driving Empire, the devs suggest that players with weaker devices lower their graphics as the game has a lot of moving parts and mechanics that only mid-range to high-end PCs may enjoy.

Standouts of Roblox’s Eight Driver Car Racing

1. This racing game is packed with realistic and satisfying drifting mechanics.

The drifting mechanics of Eight Driver Car isn’t perfect because of how clunky it can be at times, but it’s still definitely one of its strongest points. If you love drifting around and making donuts on the road, then give this game a try. 

2. The first-person mode makes you feel like you’re one when playing the game.

Not a lot of racing games in nature feature a first-person mode, so seeing it in Eight Driver Car Racing is simply great. It provides players with a whole new perspective in racing – as racing games are traditionally played from a third-person perspective. That being said, the first-person mode isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as it can get quite trick, but to some, it is their favorite way to race.

3. The game’s rewards and progression systems can be get addictive.

If you love grinding for rewards, XP levels, and in-game cash, then Eight Driver Car will also fill that void. These rewards and the grind are easy because of how generous the game is – but keep in mind that this game is still young. So if you are expecting a lot of rewards and content further down the road, you may need to recalibrate your expectations.

17. Project Trackday by devGem

Roblox’s Project Track Day by devGem (Image by ItsMatrix)

Finally, the 17th racing game is Project Trackday by devGem—the creators of Midnight Racing: Tokyo DEMO! As we already discussed how great of a game Midnight Racing is, we think that you already know what to expect from Project Trackday. Although Project Trackday is a far cry from Midnight Racing’s arcade and Tokyo vibe, it is still one of the better racing games out there in Roblox.

Project Trackday is a realistic racing game that takes inspiration from NASCAR races as opposed to F1 racing from other games in this list. It features a variety of real-life vehicles as well as community-made ones. You may also play as safety officers who roam around and observe races.

It’s a refreshing take on NASCAR racing and fans won’t be disappointed with the amount of things to do in-game. There are numerous tracks in the game that are a real-life adaptation of actual NASCAR racing locations.

The driving mechanics are on par with some of the best racing games I’ve featured before, and you won’t be let down with how smooth the racing experience is. Win races, earn in-game cash and buy even better cars to top the leaderboard against your real life and in-game friends.

Standouts of Project Trackday:

1. The whole game is a great adaptation of NASCAR racing.

Due to its realism and the adoption of racing cars like the Ford Mustang GT, fans of NASCAR will be delighted to know that this adaptation of their favorite race is well-made and built by a developer with an excellent background in making racing Roblox games.

2. Driving in Project Trackday feels satisfying yet competitive.

As it takes inspiration from one of the world’s most prestigious races, Nascar, the attention to detail when it comes to mechanics like smooth drifting and precise acceleration is definitely there. That said, it does take time for players to master the nuances and controls, but it’s no doubt worth it once you beat your friends in a race. 

3. The game’s progression system is fun and addictive.

Project Trackday’s progression system is fun and interactive as it encourages players to race every day with their friends and strangers. Rewards range from cash to exotic cars that you can use to beat your strongest friends in-game. 

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