17 Best Fighting Games In Roblox To Play If You Love Combat

Check out these top 17 Roblox fighting games to play. (Image by Roblox)
Check out these top 17 Roblox fighting games to play. (Image by Roblox)

17 of the Best Fighting Games in Roblox + Reviews

Roblox is a well-known online game that debuted in 2006. It is a game that is primarily designed for children and teenagers, but anyone of any age can play it. Alongside Minecraft, the game boasts roughly millions of active monthly players, making it the world’s second-largest gaming community.

Players can play a wide range of games of all genres on Roblox – including anime, racing, role-playing, building, and the favorite genre of most players: fighting games!

This is good news for fighting and combat game fans! The fighting games genre of Roblox is quite diverse with a vibrant community that continues to grow at a fast rate. With most children and teenagers growing up playing fighting and arcade games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat, Roblox is a safe haven for both diehard and casual fighting game players.

Most of these Roblox games in this list will also have an anime inspiration on top of it that adds to the excitement and fun, so anime and fighting games fans should look forward to that. 

And yes—all of these 17 fighting games are completely free to download and play. Let’s now check out the curated list of the 17 best fighting games to play in Roblox!

1.  Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone

The first Roblox fighting game on our list: Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone.
The first Roblox fighting game on our list: Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone.

If you enjoy anime and fighting games, then you’ll surely love ‘Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone’. It’s exactly as its name suggests: a fighting game featuring all of your favorite anime characters, like Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and more. Not only that, it also comes with the extra spice of a story mode and dungeons mode where you can test your strength against NPCs.

Anime Fighting Simulator isn’t just a simple fighting Roblox game that comes with an anime twist. As mentioned earlier, it also has a fleshed-out story mode, quests, dungeons, skins, and a slew of other features that make it feel like a complete RPG game.

This game is undoubtedly one of the most refined in the fighting game genre, with simple controls and a plethora of things to accomplish. Finding matches is also simple and quick with over 1.1 billion visits and millions of monthly participants.

Head on over to the dedicated training area and hone up your combos before taking on real players in Roblox's Anime Fighting Simulator.
Head on over to the dedicated training area and hone up your combos before taking on real players in Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator.

You can also practice combinations, moves, and other characters in its dedicated training area. And if you got an itch for the perfect anime and fighting game in Roblox, then Anime Fighting Simulator will be the most satisfying scratch you’ll get.

Why play Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator:

1. It has great fighting mechanics and notable anime characters.

Whatever anime you’re a fan of, one of your favorite characters like Saitama and Naruto are certainly featured and playable in Anime Fighting Simulator. The amount of work that went into importing these characters and giving them unique moves and combos is incredible.

On top of that, movement and combo execution is also well made. Sadly, Saitama doesn’t “one-punch” his opponents, but he does have some amazing manoeuvres that make your enemies feel hopeless.

2. This Roblox game has a big and welcoming community of players.

This particular Roblox game has over 1.1 billion monthly views and thousands of players everyday. With such a large player base, it’s practically impossible not to meet new people and make new friends.

It also has a devoted fan base following which often submits recommendations and comments for the developers to consider and improve. All in all, it’s a thriving community of active players ready to welcome you into their arms.

3. Story mode and progression system are fun and rewarding.

There aren’t many Roblox games that comes with a refined system like Anime Fighting Simulator. You’d think that with stats integration, a story mode, skins, and even login incentives, this game would be a stand-alone game made by a huge company, but it’s not!

It’s simply an incredible game created by Roblox gamers like yourself who are dedicated to providing you with the best fighting experience possible.

The game is also updated on a regular basis to correct problems, balance out overpowered characters, and more.

2.  Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios

The second Roblox fighting game on our list: Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios. (Image by Scriptbloxian Studios)
The second Roblox fighting game on our list: Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios. (Image by Scriptbloxian Studios)

Ninjas, fighting, combat, and adventure game elements? This is surely a combo made in heaven.

Step into Ninja Legends, created by the awesome Roblox game developers from Scriptbloxian Studios. Ninja Legends is a fighting game that heavily relies on quick reaction times, flashy plays, and skills mastery all in one adrenaline pumping game.

On top of that, players may also grind and unlock weapons to aid them in their battle. There are signature features such as double jumping, shrunken throwing, and Naruto-style running present as well!

What makes Ninja Legends special is that it has a big player community that is steadily growing as we speak. With over 1.3 billion visits and over 15,000 daily players, there’s no denying that every corner you look at contains a potential foe (or friend).

Master up your combo moves and execute them in swift and deadly ninja fashion in Roblox's Ninja Legends.
Master up your combo moves and execute them in swift and deadly ninja fashion in Roblox’s Ninja Legends.

The game also has some MMORPG elements built into it like pet-owning, skill paths, element combinations, and more. It is still a fighting game at the end of the day, so mastering your combat combinations and honing your reaction time is key to winning.

Why play Roblox’s Ninja Legends:

1. The Ninja element and gameplay adds on a layer of depth and fun.

Ninjas are cool — everybody is probably aware of that already. Shuriken tossing, double jumping, Naruto running, and teleportation are just some of the cool things you can do as a Ninja in this game. And it surely brings you right into the action of a ninja-packed game in Roblox.

2. Regular featured pack updates keep the game fresh and exciting.

Every update that the devs have put out so far for Ninja Legends has patch notes that are lengthy and packed with new content to enjoy. It’s not always that we see devs push hard to make their Roblox game this fun and refined. This is one of the main factors that I feel makes this game more premium than the other Roblox games of the same calibre.

3. This Roblox game can be pretty challenging when played competitively.

Since the game also features duels, it can be quite hard to master the combat mechanics. Most of the moves that you’ll pull off will require fast reaction times and smooth input from you, so train your hearts out and show your friends who’s the most Ninja out of all Ninjas!

3.  Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez

Check out Roblox's Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez as our 3rd game of this list. (Image by Project Baki 2)
Check out Roblox’s Project Baki 2 by SquidyCakez as our 3rd game of this list. (Image by Project Baki 2)

Project Baki 2 is perhaps also one of the most refined adventure-fighting games on Roblox. It incorporates some of the features of a standard Roblox game, namely world exploration and player interaction, but it stands out more as it allows you to customize your fighting techniques, combos, and other aspects.

Combat is also very responsive and fast paced, which means your reaction time matters. It also takes inspiration from games like Tekken 7 for its rage art system which players can activate when their character is low HP.

Engage in a combat system that is similar to Tekken 7 in Roblox's Project Baki 2.
Engage in a combat system that is similar to Tekken 7 in Roblox’s Project Baki 2.

The controls are also pretty simple to grasp. Project Baki 2 gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with its massive landscapes and unique worlds. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to kill foes, fight your friends, or try out new fighting strategies. The sky is truly the limit with this game.

Why play Roblox’s Project Baki 2:

1. Mastery of combat and skill gets you huge rewards.

Project Baki 2 rewards you for being a good PvP player, not merely for being a competent mob and NPC slayer. The game is designed with the expectation that you would experiment with different fighting combo styles on other players. When you try it out for yourself, it can be challenging at first, but after you get the hang of button smashing your powerful combinations, it’s a lot of fun!

2. Reminiscent of Tekken and Street Fighter.

Project Baki 2 borrows aspects from classic fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter. The rage mechanic, as well as blocking and dashing, are all present. Given that the game was just published 9 months ago in January 2021, the developers accomplished quite a feat in such a short amount of time. Who knows what other adaptations we might see in the future?

3. Roblox’s Project Baki is sure to unleash your true combat potential.

Unlike other games, Project Baki 2 does not confine you into a single fighting style. Rather, it challenges players like you to push their skills to their limits and adapt to different fighting styles by learning combinations and perfecting the timing of dodges, blocks, and other moves.

4.  Dragon Blox Ultimate by Pengo 

The 4th Roblox fighting game on our list - Dragon Blox Ultimate by Pengo.
The 4th Roblox fighting game on our list – Dragon Blox Ultimate by Pengo.

If you prefer fighting with a good mix of adventure, then this is the game for you. Dragon Blox Ultimate is a fun fighting game first and adventure game second that you can play in Roblox, with a fully-realized Dragon Ball Z theme.

It’s up to you whether you want to challenge your friends to a one-on-one battle or a free-for-all arena war. Choose your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters, such as Goku, and battle some of the world’s most powerful fighters!

Super Saiyan forms are also available, allowing your character to achieve levels of power far beyond your wildest dreams. You can play the game’s adventure mode, which allows you to freely travel community-created maps while brawling with your buddies whenever you want.

Go Super Saiyan in Roblox's fighting game - Dragon Blox Ultimate.
Go Super Saiyan in Roblox’s fighting game – Dragon Blox Ultimate.

It also offers a large player base community, with over 170k+ monthly players and subscriptions, where you may play with strangers and have fun. Whether it’s chilling and exploring or duking it out to the death with your pals, Dragon Blox Ultimate is a challenging fighting game that will put your skills and DBZ knowledge to the test.

Why play Dragon Blox Ultimate:

1. It comes with a perfect blend of fighting, combat, and adventure.

Dragon Blox Ultimate is as entertaining and fun as it sounds. It’s a fantastic aspect of this game to be able to fight strangers and friends while also exploring areas created by other players. And to think that Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus are included? What could be better than an actual Dragon Ball Z game in Roblox?

2. A legit adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

You will not be disappointed with this game especially if you ever had the desire to fly, crush buildings, see Goku eventually defeat Beerus amongst many other things. It’s difficult to grow bored of a Roblox fighting adventure game like Dragon Blox Ultimate with so many upgrades present, forms to unlock, and fighters to combat.

3. The game controls are noob-friendly and easy to master.

Learning and mastering the controls and movement of Dragon Blox Ultimate will only take a few minutes. As a result, the game’s total learning curve is flat as it can get.

This also means that your buddies who wish to experience Dragon Blox Ultimate will have a fun time exploring realms and brawling to their hearts’ content instead of struggling to grasp the game controls.

5.  Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors

Making the fifth spot on our list of Roblox fighting games - Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.
Making the fifth spot on our list of Roblox fighting games – Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.

Anime Warriors is a fighting-adventure game that includes characters from prominent anime series including My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and more.

The controls of this Roblox game are relavitely simple to pick up and the game is simple to play. A Gacha system is also used in the game where players can roll for characters ranging from 2 stars to 6 stars, with 6 being the most powerful.

Each tier of stars has its own set of characters, with two having supporting characters like Krillin and six having formidable characters like Broly and Urahara. After you’ve created your character, you can use experience points, equipment, and other objects to level them up and make them even more powerful.

Charge up your Rasengan and release that ball of energy towards your foes in Roblox's Anime Warriors.
Charge up your Rasengan and release that ball of energy towards your foes in Roblox’s Anime Warriors.

It’s also worth mentioning that its devs are seasoned veterans when it comes to Roblox game development, so look forward to further updates that will enhance your in-game and combat experience.

Why play Anime Warriors:

1. Even while AFK from the game, you can earn rewards and gifts.

This is a feature that compensates players for being AFK, and it isn’t found in many of the other Roblox games on this list. That’s why Anime Warriors’ AFK awards encourage players to keep the game running even when they’re not playing in order to earn free gifts and crystals. It’s an easy way to clock in the extra in-game currency and items.

2. Comes with a wide variety of characters to summon and play as.

Because the game uses a summon/gacha system, players will have to rely on the Random Number Generator (RNG) for their favorite characters to appear. However, the system is exciting and engrossing because there are so many characters like Goku and Luffy to summon  and play. Regular redemption coupons are also given out by the developers, which may be used to obtain free crystals for use in summoning and other games.

3. Its combat system is engaging and smooth to play.

Because Anime Warriors relies primarily on combat, a clean and fluid combat system is a major factor in making this game enjoyable. This game is highly responsive and easy to play because your motions are promptly registered, combined with the lovely animations.

6.  Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn

Taking the 6th spot on our Roblox fighting games list, Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn.
Taking the 6th spot on our Roblox fighting games list, Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn.

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game that gets you training your mind, body, and reaction time in order to rise up through the ranks. And you can practice your moves with friends or by yourself, travel to new islands off the usual path, and gain strong powers to demonstrate your actual strength.

This Roblox fighting game mainly focuses on combat, quick reaction skills, and leveling up. Because of this, players are encouraged to train daily, complete quests, and surpass their limits by mastering combos, enhancing their reaction time, and more.

The game also features an open-world system where you can chat, interact, or invite other players to a duel to test out your skills and character’s strength. Finally, it has a ranking system that places you according to your wins, kills, and reputation.

Most players start at F-class but can eventually grind to the highest rank called XYZ-Class. So if grinding and being powerful is your thing, then Super Power Fighting Simulator is the game to play.

Grind your way to the higher ranks in Roblox's Super Power Fighting Simulator.
Grind your way to the higher ranks in Roblox’s Super Power Fighting Simulator.

Why play Super Power Fighting Simulator:

1. Grinding is fun because of the ranking system.

Ranking systems in Roblox games is typically frowned upon since it turns games that could have been fun into competitive wastelands. Fortunately for Super Power Fighting Simulator, this wasn’t the case as the ranking system only encouraged players to play more as the rewards like in-game credits and items are enticing.

2. Frequent updates with lots of content to enjoy.

The game is often refreshed with new updates that introduce new items, maps, transformations, features, and more, that keep it exciting and fun to play. For new players, there’s also a lot of content to enjoy ahead that can keep you company for months.

3. Interactive combat and fighting styles.

The animations of this game are very smooth and responsive to the touch. Even if you are playing with a low-spec device, you will be able to enjoy Super Power Fighting Simulator without any hiccups due to its good optimization and fluid combat.

7.  Anime Cross 2 by Rimuru

Engage in action-packed fighting in Roblox’s Anime Cross 2 by Rimuru

The gameplay and mechanics of Anime Cross 2 are similar to those of Anime Fighting Simulator, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve that distinguishes it differently.

It’s a fighting game with a plethora of anime characters to choose from, as well as combos and talents to master. The fighting mechanics are also polished as well, giving it a smooth combat experience that makes it fun to play with friends and strangers alike.

What sets it apart from Anime Fighting Simulator? To use in battle, you can build and personalize your own character! If you want to play as a character from Tekken, Street Fighter, or an anime protagonist, you are more than free to do so.

Create your own fighting character in Roblox's Anime Cross 2 - play the game entirely your way with its vast personalization options.
Create your own fighting character in Roblox’s Anime Cross 2 – play the game entirely your way with its vast personalization options.

It’s both exciting and terrifying to see your character go up against well-known anime characters like Naruto and Vegeta. With over 118 hairstyles, 88 accessories, and a large library of skills to master, Anime Cross 2 offers a wide range of personalization options on top of its fluid combat system.

Why play Anime Cross 2:

1. Challenging combat system and combo moves to master.

Anime Cross 2, like the other fighting games on this list, has a slightly steeper learning curve for the various characters you can play. Each character (even your own customized character) has its own set of techniques, unique abilities, skills, and other abilities that you can use in the field.

2. Craft your own protagonist and pit them against iconic characters like Kaneki.

You can construct your own character with its very own tricks and looks. It’s quite similar to NBA 2K’s MyPlayer Builder, and you can then use your character to battle against your favorite anime characters. You can even compete against the characters of your friends to see who comes out on top!

3. Big arenas with beautiful animations and details.

Anime Cross 2’s maps are also highly detailed and expansive. It’s not difficult to fall in love with this game, which features particle effects and high-quality scenery, as well as ample room to battle it out with all of your pals to see who comes out victorious!

8.  Boxing League by kenami

Take on rounds upon rounds of boxing in Roblox's Boxing League by kenami.
Take on rounds upon rounds of fist boxing in Roblox’s Boxing League by kenami.

As its name suggests, Boxing League is a Roblox fighting game that primarily focuses on boxing as its main mode of combat. It’s a unique and fresh take on the fighting game genre as most of the games I’ve featured so far are Tekken style or open-world style.

If you loved playing games like Fight Night as a kid, then you’ll feel right at home in Boxing League! In Boxing League, players can duel other players to a boxing match and test their fists against each other.

It’s not an easy game though, as the controls can be clunky and weird sometimes. You may need a few tries and several hours to get the full hang of it. But once you do, it’s a smooth boxing experience from there and out.

Fight it out with other boxers in the ring in Roblox's Boxing League.
Fight it out with other boxers in the ring in Roblox’s Boxing League.

Players can also earn cash, experience points, and rewards when they win boxing matches which they can then use to purchase new gloves, cosmetics, and more for their character.

Why play Boxing League:

1. It’s a refreshing take on a Roblox fighting game.

Since Boxing League doesn’t fall into what you’d normally expect in fighting games, it can come as different and refreshing to some. But don’t let that intimidate you since the game being unique give it an upper hand on the already oversaturated fighting-adventure game genre of Roblox. Throw your fits in the Roblox boxing ring and come out on top!

2. Cosmetics and upgrades allow for continual game progression.

Though the game has a leveling system, it still heavily relies on you being able to land punches onto your opponent consistently. Because of that, players don’t really take the leveling system too seriously and rather invest their time and cash into shiny gloves and other cosmetics that they may flex on their friends and strangers. All in all, you will feel that the game has progression, and that there is always something new to unlock and try out as you progress on.

3. It’s a very fun game to play with a friend. 

If you and your friend love having a good and casual time on Roblox, then killing some time while playing Boxing League can be a fun outlet. Since the game relies heavily on 1v1 battles, it’s the perfect setup for you and your pal to duel in and knock each other’s teeth out.

9.  Anime Battle Arena by Dogs Studios: South

Pick your favorite anime character and battle it out in Roblox's Anime Battle Arena.
Pick your favorite anime character and battle it out in Roblox’s Anime Battle Arena.

Anime Battle Arena is yet another anime-inspired fighting Roblox game that features some of anime’s most iconic characters like Ichigo, Goku, and Naruto. Its controls are easy to learn but have an extra layer of difficulty due to transformations and special attacks.

Additionally, players may also use skills on top of their basic attacks to inflict heavier damage and turn the tides of the battle. The game is quite simple in scope and doesn’t make things complicated, which makes it beginner-friendly. There are also numerous maps in which players can duel, all having their own design and architecture that makes them feel unique from each other.

Whether you play as Kenshin Himura from Samurai X or Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto, the game never fails to keep you on your toes from your opponents. (Image from Roblox's Anime Battle Arena)
Whether you play as Kenshin Himura from Samurai X or Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto, the game never fails to keep you on your toes from your opponents. (Image from Roblox’s Anime Battle Arena)

Finally, matchmaking is quick as the community is big enough that there are thousands of players (as we speak) who are battling it out in Anime Battle Arena. This makes the wait time in between games as short as possible, adding more plus points to the game experience factor of this Roblox fighting game.

Why play Anime Battle Arena:

1. Choose from various anime characters to play and master.

Just like the other anime fighting games on this list, there are numerous characters that you can choose to play as like Goku and Naruto, with each of their own combos, moves, skills, and special abilities to master.

2. The game focuses on combat, and combat alone.

Compared to other fighting games on this list, Anime Battle Arena gives total emphasis on combat and less on grinding and experience points. This means that, for the most part, your mastery of a character will rely solely on your skill and not how much time you spend grinding. This sets the novice players apart from the advanced ones clearly.

3. It makes a great game to play even when you’re alone.

If you love being a lone wolf, then Anime Battle Arena is still a great fighting game because of its huge community. Finding players to battle, strangers to meet, and enemies to make is made easy because of the in-game chat and interaction menu that is easily accessible.

10. My Hero Mania by PoppaPengo

Adapted from My hero Academia, check out this Roblox fighting game - My Hero Mania by PoppaPengo.
Adapted from My hero Academia, check out this Roblox fighting game – My Hero Mania by PoppaPengo.

My Hero Mania is a fighting game that is a straight adaption of the My Hero Academia anime. It includes all of the oddball characters, such as Tsu and Shoto, as well as their superpowers and legendary abilities.

Of course, you can take on the roles of Ochako and Deku and explore the My Hero Academia universe. On top of exploring is also the combat system where the characters’ unique abilities and skills truly shine.

My Hero Mania’s gameplay centers primarily around exploring the game area and grinding experience points and goodies. Players are asked to go through the stages and defeat adversaries in order to get stronger and more difficult. After completing quests, they may turn them in for rewards to get stronger. Players can also grind to gain other abilities known as “quirks,” which are so powerful that they can clear stages with a single press, exactly as in the anime.

Defeat the mobs thrown your way with your special combo attacks as you explore the universe of Roblox's My Hero Academia.
Defeat the mobs thrown your way with your special combo attacks as you explore the universe of Roblox’s My Hero Academia.

Lastly, the combat system truly shines in PvP where you can showcase your quirks and skills against other players of your level.

Why play My Hero Mania:

1. Bustling player count with full support from the community.

Because this game is still new to Roblox’s fighting game collection (at this time of writing in Oct 2021), it may have some problems like bugs or balancing issues. However, this is a beneficial situation because it allows the game to improve and flourish from here on out.

My Hero Mania’s popularity and player count are only expected to grow as it currently clocks in over 76 million daily views and 3000 concurrent players.

2. The game devs took a faithful approach in adapting the anime.

My Hero Mania’s developers spent a lot of time in making areas super detailed by integrating actual locations from the anime like U.A. High School and Heights Alliance. If you’re picky over the little details, then you’ll definitely a blast in My Hero Mania.

3. A great game to play when distressing.

It’s not too demanding or difficult to play because the gameplay focuses on exploration and fighting enemies. Because of its calming vibes, My Hero Mania is one of those games you should be playing when you’re feeling overwhelmed or upset.

It also makes for an ideal game to play when catching up with old friends or meeting new people. Just invite them to a casual PvP match while laughing at each punch and skill thrown at each other!

11. Muscle Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios

Battle as a buff man from Roblox's Muscle Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios.
Battle as a buff man from Roblox’s Muscle Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios.

From the creators of Ninja Legends, we have yet another fun fighting game called Muscle Legends. If Ninja Legends were made for Ninjas, Muscle Legends were made to pay homage to all you Musclemen and bodybuilders out there. The important thing to know is that the game is a little weird but very fun and so entertaining.

You take control of buffed men with a strong physique that radiates a Super-Saiyan-Esque aura that may remind you of Dragon Ball Z. Though the characters may look strong when you’re starting out, you are really beginning with just the bare bones requirement of a playable character.

It’s then your job to level them up, master their combos, train your muscleman, and unlock new gyms. After an intense training session, you should have improved your stats by now then challenge other players to a PvP fight where you can test out your immense strength and abilities.

Put your buffness and combo mastery to the test as you battle it out with other musclemen in Roblox’s Muscle Legends.

Furthermore, just like Ninja Legends, Muscle Legends also features an in-game pet system, arena system, and frequent updates to keep the game running smoothly and full of fresh content.

Why play Muscle Legends:

1. Devs are decorated veterans with numerous games under their belts.

If you care about dev reputation and playing a game that is backed up by high standards, then Muscle Legends and Ninja Legends are both great games made by great devs. These devs work hard every day in delivering players a fun, healthy, and wholesome fighting experience in Roblox.

2. The game’s fighting and combat mechanics are top-notch.

Just like its sister game, Muscle Legends’ combat system is also satisfying and smooth to operate. You won’t feel like the game is slowing you down at any point in time, in fact, you’ll feel like the game always works beside you in making sure that you kick your friend’s butt in a 1v1 in style.

3. Leaderboards and stats are a great way to gauge your strength vs other players.

If you have a knack for being the strongest player in the lobby, then you’ll be delighted to know that Muscle Legends has a lobby and global leaderboards as well as stats. Leaderboards are a great way to see if you’re actually strong as you think, and stats become the guide that you follow in order to get stronger.

12. Deadly Sins Retribution by Invincible

Overcome adversaries with your magic powers and weapons in Roblox's Deadly Sins Retribution.
Overcome adversaries with your magic powers and weapons in Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution.

Do you find the idea of magic, combat, and battling particularly appealing? Then Deadly Sins Retribution, an adventure-fighting game based on the popular anime series The Seven Deadly Sins, is the Roblox game for you.

Your mission in Deadly Sins Retribution is to defeat adversaries with magic and weapons. The more you level up, the more powerful your magic becomes and the more weapons you unlock. It also includes some of the most well-known characters from the series, such as Meliodas and Zeldris, for you to play as or against.

Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution does not neglect its traditional fighting combat moves even when magic is designed to be the focal point.

Though its main focus is magic, the game still features a well-built combat system that you can use in tandem with other players’ skills and moves. It’s a different take on the fighting game genre but it should be good enough to spark interest in those who want to witness a magic-centered fighting game.

Why play Deadly Sins Retribution:

1. It’s a very exciting and unique game to try out with friends.

This is true of every game on this list, but what makes Deadly Sins Retribution so fun to play with your friends is that you can combine your magic with theirs to destroy bosses even faster. The interplay between your talents and fighting is unique, and it’s something that other games should aim to imitate if they want to make fights more interesting.

2. Tired of traditional fighting and combat games? Then you’ll love this game.

Because there isn’t much magic in the games on our list, Deadly Sins Retribution stands out as unique and entertaining. You acquire experience points as you fight more foes, which translates to more magic that you can use to combat stronger monsters and mobs!

3. Occasional events that keep players coming back for more.

If you enjoy events like XP boosts and the like, you’ll enjoy this game as well. Because the game is still young, the developers will host events like these on a regular basis to tempt new users to come in and play.

13. CRITICAL STRIKE by EpicCritical

Embark on a battle arena style fighting game in Roblox’s CRITICAL STRIKE by EpicCritical.

Critical Strike is a battle-arena-style fighting game in which players choose from a vast roster of 71 different classes; to name a few: assassin, tank, specialist, brawler, mechanic, medic, mage, and marksman.

These classes have each of their own play styles and compete in various formats in free-for-all or team-based combat. On March 31st, 2013, Critical Strike was released to Roblox and players got a first look at what would become one of the biggest games in the platform to date.

There are additional cosmetics in this game, as well as events and powerful bosses to face. Of course, the main reason you’d want to play Critical Strike is for its fun arena-style PvP where you face other players and out-skill them with your weapons, class skill, and wit. If you love class-based arena-style fighting games, then give this game a try.

This Roblox game is definitely fun to play within groups of friends to see which one will last the longest in a bloody bottle of Critical Strike.


Choose and deploy your skills wisely, while keeping in mind your skill's cooldown to secure a victory in Roblox's CRITICAL STRIKE.
Choose and deploy your skills wisely, while keeping in mind your skill’s cooldown to secure a victory in Roblox’s CRITICAL STRIKE.

1. Arena-style PvP gets chaotic but still really fun.

Got a thing for chaotic, messy, and loud fights? Critical Strike is made exactly for that, and the fun just begins there. Once you get in-game and feel the adrenaline rush of owning the entire lobby, you’ll be addicted in no time.

2. Indulge in flashy animations and character design.

The animations of Critical Strike are distinct and clean as well. If someone is charging an attack, then you’ll know that they’re charging an attack. It makes things easier for both beginners and veterans to predict fights and dodge attacks.

3. This Roblox game has a learning curve that may take weeks to overcome.

Since arena-style fighting games aren’t your Tekkens and your Street Fighters, they got a different kind of learning curve to them. They’re not necessarily difficult, but to be good, you should be attentive to everything that is happening around you and also be aware of what certain classes’ moves do.

14. Arsenal by ROLVe Community

Fight in first person shooter fashion in Roblox's Arsenal by ROLVe Community.
Fight in first person shooter fashion in Roblox’s Arsenal by ROLVe Community.

Arsenal is a first-person shooter and fighting game made by the great devs at ROLVe Community. It is based on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode Arms Race. While it’s a first-person shooter, it has fighting game elements built into it like PvP, abilities, gunplay, and more. It’s definitely not your traditional fighting game but still counts as one nonetheless. It’s also worth mentioning that Arsenal has one of the biggest game communities in all of Roblox, with over 3.2 billion visits (yup, billion!) and 30k daily players on average.

Players must get kills or assists every round until they reach 32 kills (or 16 kills if the game modes are not Standard, Gun Rotation, Competitive, Laser Tag, Automatics, and Railgun Royale). The Golden Gun is used for the 31st kill, while the Golden Knife is used for the 32nd (and final) kill. With the exception of the fisticuffs, which are already gold, the golden knife is a gold version of the player’s equipped melee.

It's Counter-Strike in Roblox fashion. Play this Roblox fighting game like how you would play a first person shooter!
It’s Counter-Strike in Roblox fashion. Play this Roblox fighting game like how you would play a first person shooter!

The Golden Knife kill sound effect from Team Fortress 2 plays once the player with the Golden Knife gets a kill with it (no assistance is permitted), and the game finishes. The golden rifle and golden knife both turn the player who was killed with them into a solid gold statue in the stance in which they were slain. It’s truly unique but has tons of fun and entertainment value. Totally worth checking out.

Why play Roblox’s Arsenal:

1. The fusion of FPS and Fighting game genres makes this game pretty unique.

A lot of things can happen during a game of Arsenal which may get confusing at the start, but this is completely part of the game once you know the basics. Imagine players rushing at you from multiple directions, and the rising sea of punches and kicks crashing your way. It makes for a unique take on a fighting game in Roblox!

2. One of the biggest gaming communities in Roblox.

Having 3.2 billion visits and an average daily player count of 30k means that this game is alive 24/7. It has no downtime in servers, player count, player support, and everything else that comes with that. If you love playing against a lot of people while also making new friends, then you won’t regret playing Arsenal.

3. Clutching rounds and shocking the enemy team is one of the best feelings ever.

If you’ve been put in a clutch situation where you had to go 1v5, it’s definitely one of the most stressful yet adrenaline-rushing situations you’ll ever be in that not even triple-A games can provide you with.

15. KAT! by Fierzaa

Throw knives like a pro in Roblox's KAT! by Fierzaa.
Throw knives like a pro and eliminate your opponents in Roblox’s KAT! by Fierzaa.

KAT or Knife Ability Test is a unique fighting game that centers around throwing knives at people. It sounds plain and boring at first, but it becomes one of the most fun and also addictive games you can play.

In KAT, players are put in a lobby with other players where chaos and war will ensue. Knives are thrown everywhere and everyone is freaking out—it’s hard not to laugh and have fun while playing. Though some people play KAT in a competitive manner, most just play it as a comfort game where they can destress and talk to other players.

Find out who's the best knife thrower in Roblox's KAT!
Find out who’s the best knife thrower in Roblox’s KAT!

Of course, like in all Roblox games, the presence of in-game currency and cosmetics are here. Players can buy better knives to use and kill people with, but it’s up to you whether you want to grind or just relax.

There are also other game modes like Murder when players can hide from the Murderer who is bound to kill them when found. It’s simple yet super exciting especially in a lobby full of people you know and love.

Why play Roblox’s KAT!:

1. Unique approach to how fighting games should be.

It’s obvious from the get-go that KAT is not your typical fighting game. It doesn’t have any standard moves or combos, but you rely on knives to do your bidding. Though that may sound boring to some, it’s completely funny to see when people are being killed left and right.

2. Art and design style are quirky and cute.

The overall art style of KAT is anime-ish (though no references to any at all) and soft. If you like aesthetically pleasing games but with bloody gameplay, then KAT is the real deal.

3. Tons of cosmetic options and items to unlock.

KAT features a respectable amount of cosmetics and items to grind for. Though these don’t really boost your damage or help with killing other people in-game, they do let you show off your taste in design and in-game fashion.

16. Car Crushers 2 by Car crushers official group

Fight and demolish other players' cars in Roblox's Car Crushers 2 by Car crushers official group.
Fight and demolish other players’ cars in Roblox’s Car Crushers 2 by Car crushers official group.

Car Crushers 2 is a sequel to Car Crushers, which has the same premise as the first game: to fight and demolish other players in a derby using monster trucks, otherworldly vehicles, and more.

Players can destroy vehicles in a variety of ways in the game, earning money to acquire more one-of-a-kind vehicles and parts to unlock more ridiculous ways to destroy vehicles. In addition, there is a derby game in which players can smash their cars into each other in unusual places.

While it’s not a 100% fighting game in nature, its elements of being able to kick other people off tracks with your sheer iron will just shouldn’t be ignored. And while the game does not present any form of fighting combos, players can simply fight it out by ramming their cars onto other players’ cars.

And although the primary goal of Car Crushers 2 is to ruin other cars, it can also be played as a fighting game since you can smash your car into the cars of other players to diminish their chances of winning.

Fight other players by ramming them up with your vehicle in Roblox's Car Crashers 2.
Fight other players by ramming them up with your vehicle in Roblox’s Car Crashers 2.

It’s utterly chaotic and exciting, but it’s also presents players with an exciting twist on Roblox’s fighting and racing game genre.

Why play Car Crushers 2:

1. Fighting other players in cars is a uniquely different fighting experience.

Duels can be spiced up even more by the game’s in-depth demolition features, which add to the already difficult circuits and levels. It’s more enjoyable than your regular fighting games because you have to be extra careful not to have your vehicle damaged or rammed off the tracks by your pals. You may also modify your vehicles by adding nitro boosts and even rocket boosts to some of them.

2. The mechanics and system of item destruction are breathtaking.

The destruction mechanics in Car Crushers 2 are unique in that the developers went to great lengths to ensure that they were intricate and clever. You may virtually demolish whatever vehicle you want while still feeling fulfilled in the game.

3. This game is just a stress reliever on its own.

If you love destroying virtual objects as a way of distressing, then Car Crushers 2’s derby mode will do a good job at that. In derby mode, you’ll be put in a pit against other players and duke it out. And of course, the last man (or car) standing wins.

17. Jailbreak by Badimo

Explore this ultimate sandbox fighting game in Roblox's Jailbreak.
Explore this ultimate sandbox fighting game in Roblox’s Jailbreak.

If you are a big fan of Grand Theft Auto V, then wait till you hear more about Jailbreak. Jailbreak is an open-world sandbox game with over 5 billion visits that has fighting elements built into it due to the said sandbox nature. It can get messy at times and even overwhelming, but being able to roam around as either a criminal or a cop is straight-up something else.

As a criminal, you can choose to rob banks, cars, or intimidate cops. The fighting element of this game kicks in when you choose to handle situations with your fists or basic weapons like bats and crowbars. You can earn money by completing quests, robbing banks, etc. As cops, it’s your duty to arrest these criminals using your gun or your fists as well. On top of that, it’s not just a fighting game, it’s also a huge world with lots of things to do and locations to see.

You can choose the criminal life and fight it out with the police in Roblox's Jailbreak.
You can choose the criminal life and fight it out with the police in Roblox’s Jailbreak.

It’s truly your world that you shape, as long as you know what to do with other players who may interfere with your plans.

Why play Jailbreak:

1. Cars make a sweet addition to the open world.

Because Jailbreak is a sandbox game, you can have any car you desire. All you have to do is approach the car you want to ride and rob it from the NPC and it’s yours. Of course, all the luxury and supercars will be kept behind a paywall, but earning money in the game isn’t too difficult. You can earn cash by completing quests, killing other players, and more.

2. It’s easy to understand and to play.

All you need to know is how to punch and rob cars. Once you learn those basics, it’s really up to you what you want to do next.

3. Fighting Mechanics are fantastic for an open-world game.

By now, you should be aware that Jailbreak is not a fighting game first, but that doesn’t mean it skipped out on delivering satisfying combat mechanics. Fighting and punching in Jailbreak feels heavy and satisfying that it puts other fighting games to shame.

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