Best Pokemon Games in Roblox to play

Top 14 Pokemon Roblox Games You Must Play

The Top 14 Pokemon Games in Roblox In 2024

Roblox is one of the biggest game platforms around. Roblox itself isn’t really a game but think of it as a game store where you can download games or what they call “experiences” and spend hours and hours on end. These experiences are often free, but some require a fee to be paid in order for you to join. However, don’t let that dismay you as Roblox has one of the biggest game selections out there. In Roblox, you may play a variety of games, including anime, fighting, tycoon, RPG games, and of course, Pokemon games in Roblox which we will go through one by one in detail. 

The Pokemon games in Roblox are extremely diverse and it has a thriving community of players that flock to the game for its colorful selection of game genres. Because Roblox caters to children and teenagers, the bulk of its users are drawn to games with the Pokemon archetype; meaning catching animals, monsters, or whatever creature it is to breed, level up, and put out in battle—making it a safe haven for gamers wishing to immerse themselves in vast worlds and imaginative tales! 

If you enjoy games like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, or any of the Pokemon games, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ll go through the 17 Best Pokemon games in Roblox that you wouldn’t want to miss. Ready your Pokeballs and healing potions because it’s going to be an interesting one for all gym trainers like you out there!

Disclaimer: Note that as the Pokemon intellectual property is heavily protected by Nintendo, we can only write about and review games that contains the Pokemo inspired elements that you love.

1. RoPets by Supersolid

Pokemon games are known for their flashy, attention-catching monsters and attacks. But what if I told you that there is a Pokemon-inspired game in Roblox that turned that concept into something more family-friendly and adorable? 

That’s exactly what Roblox’s RoPets is. RoPets is an adventure based pokemon inspired game where you are given a huge, colorful world to play with your Pokemon—a.k.a pets in this Roblox game! 

RoPets’ gameplay isn’t anything difficult or complex. Since it focuses on being family-friendly, all you really need to care about is which pets you choose to own and what adventures you’ll be taking on. These so-called adventures are reminiscent of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver’s era where you could physically see your pokemon behind your character.

In addition to that, these adventures have so much variety too—from obstacle courses, bringing your adorable pets to the grocery store, riding a vehicle with them, and many more! If you thought that was all, just wait until you hear about the pets themselves.

You can obtain pets by simply purchasing them in the in-game store, but you shouldn’t worry about lacking the cash for them as they are relatively cheap. Once you own a pet, you can do whatever you want with it—even more so what you could do with your Pokemon in traditional Pokemon games.

You can take them to the aforementioned adventures, give them hugs, take photos of them, dance with them, and give them all the food and love they need so that they could evolve. The types of pets you can own in RoPets can vary from cats, dogs, tigers, to flying elephants, unicorns, and even dragons. It’s truly a wonderful and colorful world to be in!

Why play Roblox’s RoPets?

1. It’s a tamed and toned-down version of your typical Pokemon game.

RoPets is best known for its family-friendly approach in the game’s entire design and gameplay. There won’t be any Pokemon battles or gym leaders to defeat, your main job is to just take care of your pokemon or “pet” so that they could evolve to their final evolution! This makes this Roblox game the perfect game to unwind with after a long day.

2. The Pokemon-like adventures you can go along with your pets are magical and relaxing.

If you’re a sucker for relaxing adventures and strolls in the park, then RoPets will be an excellent choice to play. In Pokemon games like HeartGold and SoulSilver, the game allows you to see your main Pokemon’s model behind you. Thanks to RoPets, you can now relive those days and go on intimate adventures with your pets in the park, forests, or wherever your heart desires.

3. The game world is huge and filled with life, like in a Pokemon game.

One of RoPets’ best features is its game world. The devs put a heavy emphasis that it’s a beautiful and magical world, and they weren’t kidding. Starting with the lush landscapes to the cold, snowy regions, there’s a lot to uncover and appreciate in RoPet’s world. 

Play Roblox’s RoPets here.

2. Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors

Anime Warriors is a role-playing game with hints of Pokemon gameplay in terms of how you can gather characters in the same way you collect Pokemon (and catch em’ all).

All of your favorite anime characters, including Deku, Goku, Luffy, and others, appear in this game. It’s still new, having only been released a few months ago, but it has a lot of potential in terms of gameplay, with fascinating RPG elements and combat that allows you to be creative.

The controls are simple to learn and the game is simple to play. In the game, you can use the Gacha system to select characters ranging from 2 to 6 stars, with 6 being the most powerful.

Think of this range as 2 being your common, low-level pokemon and 6 being the legendary ones that you can only capture during the endgame. Each tier of stars has its own cast of characters, with two tiers featuring supporting characters such as Krillin and six tiers featuring powerful, legendary characters such as Broly and Urahara.

After you’ve created your character, you can level them up and make them more powerful by using experience points, equipment, and other items. If you truly want to delve into the Pokemon aspects of the game, you can grind for crystals and collect the most powerful characters there are to play as. 

Why play Anime Warriors?

1. Who would’ve thought that you could get rewards for being AFK?

Many of the games on this list lack a feature that pays you for being AFK. In fact, some of these games even kick you out of the server when you’ve been AFK for quite some time. As a result, the AFK bonuses in Anime Warriors encourage users to keep the game running even if they aren’t playing for free rewards and crystals. 

2. Many anime characters from your favorite series are here.

Players will have to rely on chance to receive their selected characters because the game uses a summon/gacha mechanic. However, because there are so many characters to call, acquire, and play as, the system can be a bit frustrating at times. However, regular codes are provided by the creators, which can be used to gain free crystals for summoning and other uses.

3. Controls and movement are responsive and interactive.

Input commands must be smooth and fluid because anime warriors rely heavily on battle and exploration. Because your movements register quickly and are supported by beautiful visuals, the game feels snappy and simple to play. It’s further enhanced with a massive and breathtaking game world.

Play Roblox’s Anime Warriors here.

3. Arena X by Scrumptious Studio

Arena X is another excellent Pokemon experiential game that tries its best to stay true to the franchise. Although it’s not as in-depth and sophisticated as the other pokemon games in this list, it still has the basic elements of a Pokemon game that you can expect. There’s a large world waiting to be explored as well as a variety of pocket monsters you can capture, battle, or just flee away from. 

There are also gyms and bosses that you can face off with to test your skill as a Pokemon trainer. Of course, these aren’t easy and will force you to focus during its intense battle sessions. The game is also turn-based, meaning it doesn’t follow your traditional fighting combat system but instead, you and your enemy take turns in battle.

PvP is also present in the game if you want to duke it out with your friends and see who’s the best Pokemon trainer there is on the server.

Why play Arena X?

1. It stays faithful to the Pokemon games vibe.

If you really want Roblox games that stay true to your favorite Pokemon games, then Arena X is not a bad choice. It has a turned-based combat system, gyms to conquer, monsters to capture, and many more that you’re already familiar with. 

2. The monster designs take a creative spin to be different.

Although its inspiration for its monster designs is really close to Pokemon games, they’re still different enough that players like you can appreciate its uniqueness. Some monsters are cute but strong, while others appear huge and tough, but can be taken down with one crit. 

3. Frequent server events to keep the game exciting.

The game devs also put out frequent events like 2x XP and others, to keep players constantly excited for every log in. It’s not something that you would see with your typical Pokemon games, so having these in-game events are a huge plus.

Play Roblox’s Arena X here.

4. Legends Of Space by somegreatgamestudio

Although Legends of Space is not the most unique Pokemon inspired Roblox game out there as some may see it as a blatant ripoff of Pokemon. But that’s not a bad thing in itself.

Not Roblox gamer has an Nintendo device, or the latest version of Nintendo Switch to play Pokemon games on. With that being said, having an almost exact copy of Pokemon on Roblox is a welcome addition that players will appreciate. 

Just from the get-go, its huge similarities with Pokemon games can be spotted with its monster design. There are monsters that look very similar to Charizard and Squirtle, and it even has the G-max or Gigantimax evolutions present on Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Overall, this game presents Roblox games with a cool execution though since some of these features aren’t even present with Loomian Legacy — our best recommendation for a Pokemon game in Roblox.

As expected from a Pokemon game, you can capture monsters, battle NPCs, explore a huge open world, and even trade monsters with other players. 

Why play Legends Of Space?

1. Really close resemblance and inspiration for Pokemon games. 

Legends of Space is the only game on this list that does everything to take inspiration from Pokemon. From its art style to world design, the resemblance is uncanny and a welcome addition to players who don’t have a Nintendo console to play the real deal.

2.G-max battles can be fun and thrilling with friends. 

If you’re unfamiliar with G-max battles, they basically turn your Pokemon into these behemoths and titans that shroud the battlefield. Their movement is compromised, but their damage is essentially doubled or even tripled at times due to their sheer size. You have to try this out in-game for how gigantic and chaotic battles can be! 

3. A healthy player base backed with devs that push out frequent updates. 

In a span of just 2 months, Legends of Space was able to accumulate 2 million visits and 5,000 average daily players. The demand for a genuine Pokemon game in Roblox is real, and it shows with their healthy player base and committed developers. 

Update: This game is no longer available to play

5. Monsters o Etheria by @Uglypoe

Monsters of Etheria is a Pokemon game spin-off with semblance of Pokemon games scattered throughout the game. This includes its terminologies, game and world design, and also its gameplay.

This Roblox game calls its monsters “Etherians” and its region the “Alchas” region which does sound like an interesting world to indulge yourself in and let loose. In this game, you can expect your typical pokemon gameplay by starting off with a weak set of Etherians and gradually making your way up to the story to prove you’re worthy of being called the very best. 

What sets Monsters of Etheria apart, however, are its unique moves, Etherians’ design, and approach to battles. For its moves, it still features some of the well-known moves from Pokemon like Mega Drain and Earthquake, but it has also incorporated some of its own like Electro Punch, Pyroclasm, and more.

The design of its monsters, or Etherians, is also quite distinct. There is a monster called Ovelin and it’s literally inspired by an oven. The game’s designs are a bit quirky and odd, but this gives it a unique flair with a novel gaming experience.

It strays away from the typical flashy design of Pokemon games and takes a rather humorous yet creative way with their Etherian designs. Lastly, for its battling system, Etherian types are all similar to Pokemon types. There are fire types, water types, grass types, and the whole lot. The three-level evolution system is present too.

For players who love PvP, you won’t be disappointed. enabling you and your friends to test out your Etherians’ strength in intense duels. What’s different though is that you can freely switch between your human character and Etherian whenever you want. Your human character walks and runs faster, but your Etherians could fly, swim, jump high, and many more that can help you traverse the detailed world of Monsters of Etheria.

Why play Monsters of Etheria?

1. The game has a quirky and amusing monster design.

Its monsters or Etherians, as the game calls it, all have distinct designs that set it apart from the traditional pokemon games and even other pokemon games in this list. Some monsters are inspired by home appliances, while some are inspired by mythological and conspiracy creatures like the Maltion who has a resemblance with the infamous Lochness Monster. 

2. PvP gameplay allows players to take levelling up and strengthening their Etherians seriously.

With a PvP system and leaderboards, players will be incentivized to actually trying their best in keeping their Etherians strong and ready for battle. If you really want to show off to your friends who’s the very best that there ever was, then work hard to get your Etherians to level 100!

3. The game has amazing dev support and even an in-depth Wiki page

The devs of this game went all out in making sure that Monsters of Etheria is designed as a fresh and well-balanced game due to its regular updates and patches. Another reason why you might want to give this game a try is that it has a full, in-depth wiki page where you can read all about the game’s lore, the monster’s stats and evolution tree, and everything under the sun. This is rather an underrated and overlooked aspect of a Roblox game that should be considered more often when choosing a Roblox game to play.

Play Roblox’s Monsters of Etheria here.

6. Project : Kaiju by The_BladeNinja

This is the game for the people who enjoy fighting games with sprinkles of the Pokemon vibes. Although Project: Kaiju draws heavy inspiration from the Godzilla franchise, it should remind recent players of Pokemon (those who have played Sword and Shield) the feeling of Gigantimax battles.

You play as giant monsters in this Roblox game, which serves as a more intense alternative to those Gigantimax battles that you are used to while playing Pokemon’s Sword and Shield. 

Furthermore, element types are also present in this game – each Kaiju or monster has its own unique set of elemental types that make them more effective or weaker against a specific element.

For example, Godzilla’s atomic breath is heavily effective for bug-type monsters like Mothra. However, if you try using Godzilla’s atomic breath on King Ghidorah, it won’t do much good since King Ghidorah has a tough skin that could easily tank the ability. In essence, the elemental concepts that you were already familiar with in Pokemon games are also omnipresent in this game! 

It’s also important to point out that Project: Kaiju is not a turn-based game. It is a real time fighting game that will require you to master and execute combos on the fly.

But this shouldn’t be that difficult since most of the time, you’ll just be happily smashing your keyboard while spamming your monsters’ abilities as every move is flashy and cool.

Why play Roblox’sProject : Kaiju?

1. The game’s controls are noob-friendly and easy to master.

It will only take a few minutes to fully learn and master the controls and movement of your monster in Project: Kaiju. As a result, the overall learning curve for the game is gradual. This also means that your friends who want to play Project: Kaiju will have a great time exploring undiscovered cities and islands and brawling to their hearts’ content instead of fumbling with the controls. What a perfect way to enjoy what the game has to offer!

2. It has the perfect mix of fighting, adventure, and exploring.

Just like a Pokemon game, the perfect balance between exploring, adventure, and fighting exists in Project: Kaiju. If you would prefer to just explore the secrets of a destroyed and abandoned city, you’re more than welcomed to do so. But instead, if you wish to mess with Kong’s territory and invite him to a duel, you can also do just that.

3. It presents a different yet enjoyable alternative to Pokemon’s Gigantimax battles.

If you were a big fan of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Gigantimax battles, then you will love Project: Kaiju. Since you will be taking the form of Japan’s most famous Kaijus or monsters, you can basically tower over everything and destroy everything you step on in the game. Similar to Gigantimax battles, you move slower and your mobility is compromised, but you deal heavy damage with each move and attack.

Play Roblox’s Project : Kaiju here.

7. Digimon Masters by nakata1609

In case the name of the game didn’t give it away, Digimon Masters attempts to take a shot at adopting Pokemon’s counterpart: Digimon. But good news to all Pokemon lovers out there: Digimon Masters is still closer to a Pokemon game than a Digimon game (despite it’s name) and has all the basic mechanics you should expect from one!

I’m referring to the collection of cute and intimidating pocket monsters to traversing hellish underworlds, the world of Digimon Monsters is filled with life and different kinds of foes that you would be meeting. 

Being an open-world Roblox game, you can freely explore its world with your friends or even strangers that you meet along the way. This exploration is further complemented with the game’s diverse list of digital monsters to collect, from the starter ones to the epic and legendary types.

You can even ride your collectible monsters as mounts. Skim through the game as you bombard your enemies with your most powerful attacks and level up together with your monsters. Relive your glory days as an 8-badged character who casually one-shots the Elite 4.

For players who’d rather chill back and relax, there’s also a dedicated area in the game for that too, with the game’s hundreds of healing centers and cafes where you and your friends can destress while your monsters rest.

Why play Roblox’s Digimon Monsters?

1. Lovers of both the Pokemon and Digimon franchise will be surprised.

For our Pokemon and Digimon lovers out there, this is the perfect mix of those games that you’ve been waiting for. The mix of both games’ monsters, the breathing world, and the amazing art that takes inspiration from both games’ best designs. 

2. Monster battles are intense in their own unique way.

The game’s turn-based combat system is also interactive and intense. Some battles can only last a few seconds, but for the most part, these battles could take minutes especially when your opponent has the perfect resistances for your monster type. Because of that, it will really make you think and strategize well. 

3. It’s so much more than just a Pokemon game in Roblox.

It’s also a standalone RPG. There are different sets of armors and weapons to unlock as well as evolution forms for your monsters. There are also plenty of hidden chests that you can discover while exploring the huge game world which contains rare loot and items for you and your monster.

Play Roblox’s Digimon Monsters here.

8. Zoo Tycoon by Loaded Studios

Zoo Tycoon is another Pokemon-type game that revolves around animals and dinosaurs! You’ll be able to create your own zoo in Roblox, filling habitats with your favorite exotic species that are rarely seen in the wild. Now you can build up a Roblox zoo that you call your own! 

Because not everyone who played Pokemon games before may have enjoyed its story or intense gym battles. Some play it for the sake of completing the Pokedex, raising the Pokemons with love, and treating them to one-of-a-kind adventures. If that describes you, then Roblox’s Zoo Tycoon may just be the game that floats your boat!

The same principle is present here in Zoo Tycoon. There aren’t any battles or throwing of Pokeballs of that sort, but since you can build your own Zoo, your animals and pets are like your own Pokemons. And once you collect them all, you’ll feel the same satisfaction that you get from collecting them all in a Pokemon game.

The range of wildlife present in Zoo Tycoon is plentiful — from dogs, monkeys, and birds, all that reminds you of your starter Pokemons. Roblox’s Zoo Tycoon even consists of unique animals and fantastic beasts, these are the unicorns, killer whale aquariums, and even dinosaurs similar to that of Tyrantrum to add your collection if you have enough money.

Expand your zoo to allow your visitors to travel all around it as you build the best zoo on the Roblox server. Building and expanding isn’t easy, though, because you’re limited by your tools if you’re starting from zero. However, once you’ve started the game, adding more enclosures and attractions will only attract more clients and tourists from all over the world to your zoo.

But once you see all your pets and animals thriving and having fun, it is where it really emotionally pays off. 

Why play Roblox’s Zoo Tycoon?

1. You dictate how your Zoo is going to feel and look like.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a manager and park owner is being able to direct the placement of amusements and enclosures. This means that gamers with an eye for beautiful layouts and parks will have a lot of fun creating an aesthetically pleasing Zoo.

2. The game is like a relaxing Pokemon nursery simulator.

Some players were a big fan of Pokemon’s collection aspect and the ability to take care of Pokemon with all the love they give. If you are one of those people, then Zoo Tycoon is a must-try since it shares the same concept of giving your pets and animals a diverse and big home to play in. 

3. The variety of wildlife in the game sets the bar higher than a Pokemon game.

In Zoo Tycoon, the variety of potential attractions and animals is infinite, ranging from mammals to unicorns and even dinosaurs. Exotic animals need a lot of effort in order to obtain, but they are well worth the effort. As a result, Zoo Tycoon keeps you on your toes by ensuring that your wildlife collection is in good form.

Play Roblox’s Zoo Tycoon here.

9. Monster Planets ALPHA by Monster Planets

Monster Planets is a different take on the Pokemon games genre for where it’s set: in outer space!

It’s not every day that you see a Pokemon inspired game take place in space, so having access to a game of this scope is an entirely new experience. In Monster Planets, you take the form of a space soldier on the planet of Genova Prime. You are then tasked to exterminate, capture, or befriend monsters that you encounter on the planet, the choice is ultimately yours to make. 

Another different mechanic that Monster Planets contains is that you, the player, are equipped with guns that you can use to exterminate monsters. These guns can then be upgraded and exchanged for other stronger guns in the game as you progress on. But once you capture monsters, you will primarily be using the guns to help out your monster in battles.

The planet of Genova prime is huge as well, meaning that the variety of monsters you’ll encounter and the nooks and crannies to discover are well beyond your expectations.

If you have a knack for space games like Alien: Isolation and are a huge fan of the monster capturing system from Pokemon, then Monster Planets will be your cup of tea. It’s a mysterious yet entertaining game that brings you and your friends to the darkest sides of Genova Prime, all while containing elements of a Pokemon game that you’re already familiar with.

Why play Roblox’s Monster Planets?

1. There is a whole, entire planet in Roblox for you and your friends to explore.

Monster Planets takes place in space, specifically in Genova Prime where there are hundreds of treasures to collect, easter eggs to find, and monsters to capture or battle. Half of the fun only begins there and there are more ways this game can get chaotic. 

2. The grind for better weapons and gear in the game isn’t stressful at all.

Since the game incorporates a few RPG elements here and there, there is a grind that you can do to get the best gear there is. The good news, however, is that it’s not really the main focus of the game and thus, Monster Planets is very generous with giving players cash, materials, and XP to get stronger.

3. The variety of intergalactic monsters is outstanding.

The different kinds of monsters that you’ll encounter vary heavily depending on the area you’re in. An example would be that if you are exploring the lush jungle fields of the planets, expect monsters who are sneaky and quick to attack. And on the opposite side of the planet where it’s dark and cold, expect monsters which are big and slow, but do heavy damage with each swing.

Play Roblox’s Monster Planets ALPHA here.

10. My Dragon Tycoon by Dosmas Studios

Although it advertises itself as a tycoon game, My Dragon Tycoon has so many Pokemon game elements that we feel it has to be included in this list. From giving birth to cute, little dragons to seeing them grow into legendary beasts, it will remind you of the evolution system of Pokemon games. On top of that, by striking the right balance between rearing the countless dragons and finding a place to live, you’ll be able to easily purchase farms where you may grow crops and find a place to live. 

Similar to Roblox’s Zoo Tycoon, the collection aspect and “nursery” aspect are what you’re looking for here. My Dragon Tycoon puts a heavy emphasis on giving your dragons a sweet home while also helping them evolve to their next form. The dragons present in this game also bear some resemblance to other dragon-type Pokemon like Salamence and Charizard. My Dragon Tycoon also includes battle features similar to that of Pokemon games as there are foes and enemies to slay with your character and dragons. 

Your dragons should be able to gain talents that will make them stronger later in the game, and you will be able to attach weapons to your character that you may use to fight dangerous monsters. With your dragons, you’ll soon be able to take on bosses and reap the benefits of being a skilled dragon farmer. There are also many different types of dragons just like in the Pokemon games. There are fire types, flying types, water types, and more that we won’t spoil as it would ruin the fun for you. Now this is a Pokemon Roblox game that you can definitely rave about!

Why play My Dragon Tycoon?

1. It has a simple and responsive gameplay in Roblox.

Because of its tycoon and Pokemon game mechanics, My Dragon Tycoon may appear to be a difficult game to play, but it is actually quite simple. You only need to construct a farm on which to raise dragons that you may use to fend against adversaries and foes.

2. The game’s design is easy and pleasant on the eyes.

My Dragon Tycoon’s game design, as you can expect, appeals to people of all ages, with its cuddly and colorful dragons. Furthermore, these dragons do not mature into full-grown dragons. They simply maintain their baby shape, which makes them even more adorable! 

3. Its combat will make you feel like a true Pokemon Trainer.

There aren’t many tycoon games with a subgenre, but when they do, it’s usually defense and fighting types. The fighting parts of this Roblox game, fortunately, are lively and responsive. Your character’s weaponry is also frightening, and your attacks against your enemies carry this oomph especially when those juicy crits hit them. 

Play Roblox’s My Dragon Tycoon here.

11. Bakugan Studio D by BKG Development

Bakugan Studio is catered towards players who are fans of the Bakugan franchise which also bears some resemblance to the Pokemon franchise. As a Bakugan Master, your task is to collect every Bakugan there is and use them in battle to become the best there is. Of course, this is easier said than done as you are bound to encounter strong opponents as well as Bakugans that will be hard to capture and control. 

Some notable Bakugans and characters are also present in this game, like Dragonoid and Dan Kuso. Both of them become integral parts of the story and will guide you in conquering gyms, battles, and opponents.

You are also free to play this Roblox game with your friends where you can both team up and win battles together or become the biggest enemies ever. 

Why play Roblox’s Bakugan Studio D?

1. Both Bakugan and Pokemon fans will appreciate the references present in the game.

Since the game is heavily inspired by the Bakugan series, there are a lot of references present, from characters like Dragonoid and Protagonist Dan Kuso and even its overall aesthetic. If you want a game that is both Pokemon and Bakugan inspired, then this is the game to try.

2. You can really make your character your own with its customization options.

The game is also generous with its options for customization, with lots of clothing choices, hairstyles to choose from, preset faces to rock, and more.

3. The game has frequent updates that keep it fresh and alive.

As a huge game in Roblox, the devs do their best to make sure that it gets frequent updates to give new life and content. These updates also aim to fix any bugs and balancing issues that some Bakugan may have. This is important as there is continuity for the game, and a concrete roadmap of future content for all Roblox players.

Play Roblox’s Bakugan Studio D here.

12. Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios

Ninja Legends is a fighting and open-world role-playing game in Roblox that emphasizes quick reactions, stunning moves, and skill mastery. Ninjas, combat, role-playing, and adventure are all crammed into one chaotic but thrilling game.

Teleport behind your opponents and surprise them with a Naruto-inspired attack, or better yet, climb a tree and surprise them at an inopportune time. It’s entirely up to you. The Pokemon game aspect of this game shines with its capturable pets that you can level up and use in battle to assist you. 

It is the players’ choice to grind for gears and weapons or to focus on their pets for a more Pokemon-style gameplay. The main focus of the game, however, is still with its swift and cunning combat where players are encouraged to take advantage of their fast reaction times along with combos that get their inspiration from games like Naruto and Assassin’s Creed.

Finally, its pet system is also fleshed out with tons of choices for you to choose from. These pets also have their own sets of moves that they can use while in combat to help you become the best ninja there ever is.

Why play Roblox’s Ninja Legends?

1. PvP in this Roblox game is encouraged and highly intense.

One of the best features of this game is its PvP battle system where you can invite strangers and friends to an arena and test your skills out. Of course, you can bring along your pet with you and defeat your opponent to show them who’s the real Ninja Legend.

2. Frequent updates from the game’s creators keep the game new.

The updates and changelogs for Ninja legends are frequent and jam-packed with new stuff to discover like maps, pets, gears, and more. One of their most innovative and exciting updates were the addition of battle pets which also aligns with the Pokemon element of this game. The devs really do their best to push out weekly or monthly updates to keep players coming back.

3. The pets are adorable and powerful.

The pets that you will obtain are adorable yet powerful. They have unsuspecting strength that won’t seem obvious at first glance but is apparent once they assist you in combat. Some examples of these are their special abilities that can often turn the tides of battles.

Play Roblox’s Ninja Legends here.

13. Pet Swarm Simulator by GameLegion Shamrock

Check out Roblox's Pet Swarm Simulator, a cute version of a Pokemon-inspired game.
Check out Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator, a cute version of a Pokemon-inspired game.

Pet Swarm Simulator is an adorable take and variant of the Pokemon game genre held entirely in Roblox. It has the basic Pokemon game elements that you already know of and love, but going further than that,  it’s also an adventure and open-world game that you can play with your friends. 

It also doesn’t have the turn-based combat system that some of the games on this list have, so if you’re into different approaches to combat, then Pet Swarm Simulator may appeal to you.

In Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator, you collect eggs that eventually hatch into pets! These pets range from cute, cuddly, and furry friends to legendary flying beasts that rule the land, air, and sea. As you can imagine, not all pets can be obtained via eggs. Some are caught in the wild while some play an important role in the story and thus, cannot be captured, but those are only a few exceptions—chances are, if you can see it, then you can capture and own it.

As a pet owner, your job is to make sure your eggs are in tip-top shape so that once they hatch, you’ll get a monster that is strong, unique, and charismatic. You can also trade with other players if you’d like to try out or own their breed of pets. It’s a living world full of players to meet, pets to capture, eggs to hatch, and everything else under the sun.

Why play Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator?

1. This Roblox game’s egg system game mechanics is generous with rewards.

If you think that the egg system is just another word for “gacha”, then you may be mistaken here. What will come out of your eggs will be highly dependent on how you take care of them. If you don’t feed them good food, then chances are you’ll get a subpar pet. However, if you take the time to take care of your eggs, then you might even get lucky and hatch a legendary monster.

2. The player-to-player trading system means there’s an economy present in the game’s community.

Having the ability to trade pets with other players means that there will be no shortages of finding the pet you want. Of course, it’s still up to the player whom you’re trading with to see if they think your offer is worth it. But if it’s your friends who are up to trade for a couple of in-game cash, then that’s a good deal!

3. The game’s huge community means you’ll meet new people in every area you discover.

Boasting 85 million visits and an average daily player count of 5,000 players, Pet Swarm Simulators is one of the biggest Pokemon games in Roblox out there. This means that there are tons of people to battle, befriend, trade with, and explore the game world with. 

Play Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator here.

14. Loomian Legacy by Llama Train Studio

This is the pinnacle of Roblox’s Pokemon games. Loomian Legacy is by far the best Pokemon inspired game on Roblox, with a large environment to explore, true turn-based fighting that is pulled straight from the mobile games you know and love, and enough innovative ideas to spend several days of your time. It isn’t even close—with over 700 million visits, it may be one of the best Roblox games of all time.

You start your Loomian Legacy just like how you start any Pokemon games: you begin humbly in a small town, meet your best friend, and meet a professor who’s going to introduce you to your equivalent of a Pokedex. From there on, you are left alone to explore the living and breathing world of Loomian Legacy accompanied by its vibrant roster of monsters to capture, level up, and use in battle. 

How Loomian Legacy really shines is how the gameplay feels like the real deal while still having its own identity. The game world is vast and big, ranging from the harsh deserts to the cozy sceneries of the forest and even featuring a slums area that Pokemon games were scared to experiment with. Its monsters are also revamped to look and feel different from the rest. Finally, there are dialogues that are present in the game too which adds to its layer of narrative and story-building. There is a conflict that needs to be solved by you—the so-called Loomian Champion, and the only way you can start your adventure is to hop in and give the game a try.

Why play Roblox’s Loomian Legacy?

1. This is by far, the best Pokemon game experience that Roblox has to offer.

Loomian Legacy is currently the Pokemon games champ in Roblox due to how similar the game feels to the real deal. From the world design to even the creatures, you really feel the similarity and inspiration that it got from your favorite Pokemon games.

2. The gyms, bosses and battle can get intense.

Some gym battles and bosses towards the end of the game can really push your skills to the limit. These bosses will typically make use of dragon-type monsters that are difficult to counter, so a heads up for you to prepare early on and have the best team locked in!

3. The lush environments and colorful sunsets make the game feel alive.

Lastly, the environmental detail in Loomian Legacy is truly stunning. It’s a huge open-world that you can explore anytime, anywhere, and it’s not even procedurally generated—the devs actually took their time and handmade all of these levels and areas just for you. 

Play Roblox’s Loomian Legacy here.

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