17 Best Simulator Games on Roblox to Play Right Now

Discover the 17 Best Simulator Games on Roblox for Endless Fun

Roblox is the home of millions of interactive games for all ages. It’s a place where players can meet up, embark on crazy adventures, role-play to their heart’s content, and many more. It’s also a place where simulator games are big. If you’re finding games where you can pretend to live in a world far from ours, then Roblox is the perfect platform to find just that.

From pet-centered games to shooters and free roam, you’ll find it difficult to run out of options to choose from in Roblox. Thanks to its massive community and countless devs who passionately make these top-notch simulator games, Roblox houses some of the best and unique games you’ll ever play.

Live a life you’ve always wanted and explore the wonders of the 17 best simulator games on Roblox right now. Let’s begin!

1. Strongman Simulator by The Gang Stockholm

Shape your own Hercules and train your way to become the next Strongman in Roblox. If you’ve ever dreamt of being able to move mountains and lift trees, then Strongman Simulator is the perfect game for you.

As a game that mainly revolves around physical strength, it’s important that your character’s physique and form are top-notch. So how do you train and get buffed? By partaking in exhilarating activities like workouts, pushing cars, lifting objects twice your size, and more! As you rinse and repeat these activities, your character will receive “energy” — the game’s meter and measurement of strength. Apart from grinding, you can also play with or against your friends to see which one of you deserves the title “Strongman”.

This Roblox simulator game also has a battle pass where you can unlock and collect rewards such as pets, bonus energy, and cosmetics. There are also leaderboards where you can compete against thousands of players who are aiming for the same goal as you: having the highest energy level and being the strongest man in the world.

Why play Strongman Simulator:

1. Explore your newly found superhuman strength.

Lift unbelievable weights, push cars, smash buildings, and do anything your heart desires as a Strongman. As long as your character has the energy and physique for it, you can probably do it.

2. Challenge friends and strangers to a workout session.

Want to test the strength and limits of your character? Why not do it in a competitive fashion by inviting your friends to a workout session! In a workout session, you will all be lifting objects twice your size and completing impossible tasks to see who’s really got it to be called a Strongman.

3. It’s a game that’s easy to learn and get into.

It’s no secret that tot all simulators on Roblox are easy to understand with one look. Some are bombarded with RPG elements that shouldn’t be even present in a simulator or mechanics that are just too complex. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Strongman. It’s really as straightforward as it gets: train, get more energy, get stronger, train again.

Play Roblox’s Strongman Simulator here.

2. YouTube Simulator X by indieuns

Ever wanted to get your own diamond play button? Now you can in Roblox’s YouTube Simulator X! YouTube Simulator X is an idle simulator where you will have to build your own YouTube career out of thin air. As an idle simulator, the game will continue to progress and play even if you’re AFK, so having content that is unique and fresh is paramount to success.

Of course, you start off with essentially nothing— 0 subscribers, 0 fans, and 0 videos. But as you progress and upload videos, your channel will gain traction and you’ll be living your YouTube dream in no time. The secret to gaining subscribers fast is to always invest the cash you get back to your channel by getting better cameras, equipment, and decorating your room. Trust me, your fans will appreciate the better quality and you will be rewarded rightfully.

The gameplay itself in Roblox is quite simple too. You get views and subscribes every time you sit down on your PC and click on it. You can also boost the number of subs and views you get per click by purchasing the stuff I mentioned earlier or by including content that is unique and trending on your channel. The faster you click, the faster you get those subs and views!

Why play YouTube Simulator X:

1. Live out your YouTube career dream.

Don’t deny it: you’ve had urges to be a successful YouTuber. Who doesn’t want to earn money by doing the things they love? If you’re into exactly just that, then this is the simulator on Roblox to play. Upload videos, get subscribers and share your content with the world.

2. Roleplay your favorite YouTubers’ career.

If you’d like to pretend and roleplay as your favorite YouTuber instead, then feel free to do so! After all, they also started with nothing and are self made successes.

3. Expand and build an empire out of your fame.

Once you’ve amassed a healthy amount of subscribers, you can look to hire new editors and artists to do your job for you, essentially automating the game and making your YouTube career in Roblox a breeze.

Play Roblox’s YouTube Simulator X here.

3. Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game in which you have to train your mind, body, and speed to advance through the ranks. You can train with friends or alone, travel to new islands off the beaten road, and obtain powerful abilities to show off your true might.

Combat, rapid reaction skills, and leveling up are the key features of the game. As a result, players are driven to train every day, accomplish quests, and push themselves to new heights by mastering combos, improving response time, and more.

There’s also an open-world system in the game where you can communicate, interact, or challenge other players to a duel to put your abilities and character’s strength to the test. Finally, there is a ranking system that assigns you a position based on your wins, kills, and reputation. Most players begin at F-class and work their way up to the highest rank, XYZ-Class.

Why play Super Power Fighting Simulator:

1. Fluid combat animations.

This game’s animations are really fluid and responsive to touch. Due to its good optimisation and seamless combat, you will be able to enjoy Super Power Fighting Simulator without any lags and glitches even if you are using a budget device.

2. Fun and rewarding ranking system.

In other similar Roblox games like these, ranking systems are often frowned upon since they transform games that could have been enjoyable into competitive wastelands. Fortunately, this was not the case with Super Power Fighting Simulator since the ranking system only pushed users to play more because of its appealing prizes, incentives, and equipment.

3. Push your mechanics and fighting game skills to their limits.

Test your fighting game knowledge and skills and be amazed at what you and your character can do together.

Play Roblox’s Super Power Fighting Simulator here.

4. Eating Simulator by YUM

In this world, there is nothing to do but, you guessed it: eat! In Eating Simulator, you will get to eat your favorite dishes with the goal of becoming the biggest player ever!

Eating Simulator is still your typical Roblox simulator: it has a leaderboard, it’s multiplayer and open-world, but it’s centered around food and your character’s size. The gameplay is straightforward: you can click on your character and they will eat food, which in turn will make you bigger and also give you coins on the side. You can use your coins to get more food, cosmetics, and pets, but in the early game, you will want to invest all of it in food as more food = more coins.

Once you’ve eaten a healthy amount of food, you’ll probably freak out at how big your character is. Yup, it’s weird, but it has its funny moments especially when you step on buildings and other players who look like ants compared to your belly.

Why play Eating Simulator:

1. Enjoy your favorite meals without consequences.

Do you love eating but hate getting fat? Then why not play a game where getting fat and big is good? In Eating Simulator, you can eat the food you love without any worries. Bon appetit!

2. Tower every player with your size.

Be a giant and tower over everyone with how big you’ve gotten thanks to the food you ate.

3. A chill and relaxed environment.

As Eating Simulator is more on the chill and non-competitive side of simulators, you can expect to meet players who are very friendly and are down to have fun eating with you.

Play Roblox’s Eating Simulator here.

5. Treasure Hunt Simulator by HenryDev

Uncover secrets and undig treasures in the mysterious world of Treasure Hunt Simulator.

In this Roblox simulator, it is your task to roam around its open world and scan the environment for possible spots of treasures and rare artefacts. It has some Minecraft elements built into it as you can mine blocks, but it isn’t the main focus of the game as you can’t really collect the blocks you mine or build anything out of it. As you are thrown into the game, you don’t start with high-tech and exquisite tools to aid you in your journey.

Hence, you may find it a bit difficult to find your first treasure and chests, but once you do, it’ll be smooth sailing from there as you get a lot of coins and XP for doing so. With these coins, you can unlock powerful tools such as a magnet and a diamond pickaxe to help you in your treasure hunt and find chests even faster.

Just remember to be quick as thousands of other Roblox players are treasure hunting in this game, just like you!

Why play Treasure Hunt Simulator:

1. Uncover secrets and mysteries of its vast open world.

Get coins, tools, weapons, and all sorts of crazy stuff out of the million treasures and chests hidden under the sand.

2. Minecraft players will feel at home with this game.

Treasure Hunt Simulator’s treasure hunting mechanics rely on blocks, which means Minecraft players will feel right at home while uncovering blocks and finding chests.

3. Race your friends and find treasures before they do.

Find the rarest of treasures first and flex the rewards to your pals and other people in the lobby!

Play Roblox’s Treasure Hunt Simulator here.

6. Ramen Simulator by Era Games

Make your own Ramen and all the Ramen you want in Ramen Simulator, Roblox’s ultimate noodles and Ramen game!

In Ramen Simulator, you are dropped in a world where you run and manage a Ramen shop—with a twist. Other players have their own shops too and they can raid your shop and cause mayhem if left unguarded. With that in mind, it’s your sole duty to hire bodyguards to protect your business and to always be on the watch for other players that may come and visit your shop.

Consequently, you can also visit other Ramen shops and choose to either eat their Ramen, damage their shop, or kill the owner if they are present. The game also has a town center where all players can meet, chat, set up alliances, or just try out each other’s Ramens. It may be a different Ramen game to what you may initially have imagined, but it sure is a lot of fun going all out vs a player who’s trying to take your Ramen shop down.

Why play Ramen Simulator:

1. Run and protect your Ramen shop.

Running your own Ramen shop is one thing, but protecting it from other players is another. It’s an intense war that can end with one side completely starting their business from scratch.

2. Set up teams and alliances with your friends.

If you feel vulnerable being a lone wolf, you can ask your friends or other players to team up with you and take turns in protecting each other’s Ramen shop. Also a cool way of making new connections!

3. Eat all the Ramen and noodles you want.

Of course, it won’t be a Ramen game if you can’t satisfy your Ramen cravings.

Play Roblox’s Ramen Simulator here.

7. Pet Swarm Simulator by Pet Swarm Series

If you love dogs, cats, and pets in general, then you’ll be drooling over this Roblox simulator game.

In Pet Swarm Simulator, you can collect eggs that hatch into cute pets. From cuddly, fuzzy pals to mythical flying animals who dominate the land, air, and sea, these pets are all adorable! As you might expect, not all pets can be gained through eggs.

Some are captured during your journey in its open-world while others are crucial to the story’s plot and cannot be captured, but those are the exceptions—if you can see it, chances are you can catch ‘em and make that pet yours. Your objective as a pet owner is to make sure your eggs are in perfect condition so that when they hatch, you receive a pet that is strong, unique, and charismatic.

If you want to try out or own another player’s pet breed, you can trade with them which gives the game a robust economy. It’s a living world with characters to meet, pets to capture, eggs to hatch, and everything else in between.

Why play Pet Swarm Simulator:

Huge and bustling community.

As one of the biggest simulators around in Roblox, you’d be hard-pressed to find areas and regions without any players. No matter where you are, you’ll be seeing other players catching pets, hatching eggs, and exploring the beautiful world of Pet Swarm Simulator!

Player-to-player trading adds complexity to the game.

Pet Swarm Simulator allows its players to trade their monsters/pets with other players, reminiscent of Pokemon trading back in the Gameboy days.

Interactive rewards system.

What comes out of your eggs is largely determined by how well you care for them. The more attention, love, and food you give to ‘em, the higher chance

Play Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator here.

8. Mining Simulator by Rumble Studios

Mining Simulator is a Minecraft-inspired sandbox simulator where you can mine blocks, build structures, and display your creativity through awesome creations! But it all takes place in the wonderful world of Roblox.

As a Minecraft clone, its got the basics down. You start out with practically nothing but your fists to mine blocks around you. Once you’ve acquired some material like wood and dirt, you can use those to build your very first pickaxe and get to some serious mining—just like Minecraft. You can also mine horizontally and vertically, essentially giving you the freedom to mine anything and everything you see (as long as you’ve got the right tools for it).

If you choose to mine vertically (downwards), you’ll be greeted with the game’s eerie underworld where lava and rare elements are present like Quartz, Gold, and of course, Diamond! Mining these are easier said than done as you’ll be needing a pickaxe, a lot of food, and definitely a dozen torches to get in and out of the underworld safely. Similar to Treasure Hunt Simulator, there are also chests and rare items to be found while mining, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

The only downside to Mining Simulator is that it doesn’t have any sort of creative mode where you have unlimited materials and god-like powers, but I didn’t find that to take away from the fun as mining and working hard for my own materials is part of what makes the game challenging.

Why play Mining Simulator:

1. The game is a unique and fun mirror of Minecraft.

Thanks to its building and mining mechanics, Mining Simulator feels like Minecraft all over again, just with a fresh paint of Roblox graphics and a massively multiplayer open-world.

2. Hone your trading skills as you trade items with other players.

If you’re having trouble finding one item, you can try trading with other players and see if they’d like something out of your inventory. A pretty cool mechanic that also lets you meet and talk to new people!

3. Quirky and creative mining tools that incentives players to keep mining.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to mine with a Poseidon’s trident or Zeus’ staff? Now you don’t have to because in Mining Simulator, those legendary weapons are mining materials. It’s weird, but it’s definitely fun to see weapons of gods being used to mine some diamonds.

Play Roblox’s Mining Simulator here.

9. RPG Simulator by Astral Studios

RPG Simulator is one of the more in-depth and complex simulators on this list of Roblox games. As an RPG, it has a complex leveling system, a fleshed-out combat system, a dedicated item and armour system, and a breathing world with lots of bosses and NPCs to discover and fight.

You begin with only a sword and a basic armor set in RPG Simulator. However, as you move through the game and discover new regions, such as its vast forests, you will encounter tough bosses who will put your abilities and strength to the test. Yetis, the iconic Big Foot, and real Gods like Zeus and Poseidon are among the game’s bosses.

Each boss you beat will drop a unique weapon that will aid you in completing following areas. Poseidon, for example, will drop his legendary trident once defeated which is enchanted with the ability to breathe underwater.

If you ever find it tough to overcome these obstacles, you can always join a guild or ask your friends for assistance, but remember to pick wisely who receives the greatest drops, as each kill only drops one instance of each item.

Why play RPG Simulator:

1. It has a populated gaming community with solid support.

You won’t run out of people to meet and guild up with in RPG Simulator thanks to its expansive community and supportive game developers who keep the game fresh with monthly and at times weekly updates.

2. It boasts of a vast world to explore and roam in.

The world of RPG Simulator is also filled to the brim with enemies and NPCs that make each area feel different. One area may have basic enemies like slimes and wolves, while others like Atlantis have literal Gods like Poseidon. Truly a breathtaking world to see for yourself.

3. It’s a true RPG with in-depth mechanics.

With a level system that goes up to 1300, hundreds of weapon options, and gorgeous settings like Atlantis and Antartica, the game lives up to its status as one of Roblox’s most in-depth RPGs. You can also customise your character in a variety of ways, from a typical paladin to a monstrous swordsman.

Play Roblox’s RPG Simulator here.

10. Factory Simulator by Gaming Glove Studios

Build your own version of an Ikea and be the world’s biggest factory and furniture manufacturer in Factory Simulator!

Factory Simulator is a bit different from other simulator games on this list as it feels and plays more like a tycoon than a simulator. In this game, you are the CEO of your own imaginary factory and it is your job to mine resources, gather materials, and build an empire that manufactures furniture. As you may have guessed, this is easier said than done as finding resources is difficult especially during the early stages of the game.

Just like Mining Simulator, you can mine blocks for resources, but you can’t really build anything on your own as the game already has preset structures for your factory. Once you’ve mined enough blocks for resources, you can finally choose a spot to start your factory on and get to work!

The game is a bit automated at this point as the moment your factory is up and running, it’ll make resources for you, but you’ll still be wanting to find and mine blocks as relying solely on your factory won’t be enough. As you get more resources and expand your empire, you’ll also earn some cash on the side that you can use to hire employees, buy trucks, buy machinery, and many more.

Why play Factory Simulator:

Build your ideal version of an Ikea.

Let your creativity and imagination run wild as you become the CEO of a factory that’ll soon be as big as a real-life Ikea.

Manage and lead your own team of employees.

As the owner of the factory, you’ll also be the boss of your employees who will await your orders and demands to expand your reach and dominate the market.

A calming automated tycoon game.

If action or multiplayer simulators are too tiring for you, then you’ll find Factory Simulator as a breath of fresh air. Since the game is, in some aspects automated, you can chill back and relax as you watch your business grow and mature.

Play Roblox’s Factory Simulator here.

11. Animal Simulator by ragnar9878

Fly as an Eagle, roar as a Lion, or run as a fox in the beautiful world of Animal Simulator in Roblox.

In Animal Simulator, you can play as a huge variety of animals. From birds, lions, foxes, and even gorillas and black panthers—you name it! And no, you don’t just get a character then an animal as a pet, YOU are the actual animal which is unique to see in a simulator game.

As it is an animal simulator, the world is set in a beautiful forest with lots of trees and turquoise blue rivers scattered throughout. The gameplay is pretty simple too.

There isn’t really much emphasis on combat or farming as the main focus of the game is roleplaying and free-roaming. There is a level and weapons system present, but like mentioned, the combat isn’t the main focus of this game as evident with its attack control which is only the left mouse click.

Speaking of combat, there are NPCs around the world that are also animals. You can defeat them in battle and unlock them as playable characters, or better yet, befriend them and roam the forest with their might.

Why play Animal Simulator:

1. Take the form of your favorite animal and roam the forest.

Fly free as a bird or dominate the land as a Black Panther. The choice is all yours.

2. Solid role-playing experience.

For players big into roleplaying, you’ll love Animal Simulator as it has the perfect scenery and animals you need for a fun roleplaying experience.

3. Aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Thanks to the game’s relaxing color palettes, beautiful environment, and calming atmosphere, Animal Simulator is the perfect place to be to clear your head and destress with friends.

Play Roblox’s Animal Simulator here.

12. Special Ops Simulator by Vanity Studio

Special Ops Simulator is an FPS game based on the Call of Duty franchise. In Special Ops Simulator, there are no story modes or free roam options, but you can choose from a range of game types that you’re most familiar with from the COD series: Domination, Free For All, Team Death Match and Search and Destroy.

You will certainly like this Roblox Special Ops Simulator if you enjoy Call of Duty. It may not have the same graphics or gun mechanics as COD, but it’s still a lot of fun to play, especially when trying to max out your loadout. Just like in COD, the weapons in this game can be leveled up and customized with skins. These modifications change the way your gun works and are necessary for it to become more powerful.

The purpose of every game option in Special Ops Simulator is to either get the most kills or the most points for your team to win the game. There’s also a ranked or competitive mode where you and your squad can test your aim against other players with similar abilities.

Why play Special Ops Simulator:

1. Gun mechanics and movement are close to COD-like mechanics.

Guns in Special Ops Simulator feel impactful as bullets have a certain “weight” and “oomph” to them that makes them feel more powerful than in other Roblox FPS games.

2. One of Roblox’s highly-coveted COD clones.

Thanks to its fluid controls, advanced weapon systems, and game modes including Team Deathmatch and Free For All, COD and non-COD players alike will feel at ease in Special Ops Simulator.

3. Competitive ranked environment.

Special Ops Simulator is a highly skilled-oriented game, so understanding some gun mechanics and movement controls will take some time, but it’ll be worth it if you and your buddies have finally earned the rank you’ve wanted for a long time.

Play Roblox’s Special Ops Simulator here.

13. Deliveryman Simulator by Delivery Inc

It’s not everyone’s dream to be a delivery man, but in Roblox’s Deliveryman Simulator, it’s made fun and interactive.

In Deliveryman Simulator, you’ll be delivering packages while trying to beat a timer. The quicker and stronger your character is, the better! It’s a pretty standard and straightforward Roblox simulator with all the bells and whistles you can expect. It’s got multiplayer, leaderboards, pets, and power ups to help you with those deliveries.

What sets this simulator apart is none other than its unique gameplay of carrying and delivering packages. These packages can range from easy ones like a bunch of small boxes and chairs, but it can get crazy and exciting when you get to the part where you’ll have to deliver a rock, a box that’s colossal in size, and a plate that’s unsuspectingly heavy.

Before you start any delivery though, you’ll need to train your character first and make them stronger. You can do this by starting with easy deliveries, purchasing powerups, working out, or finding codes online for free boosts. Pets can also be a source of strength and for the most part, they’re easy to get.

If you’re having a tough time levelling up your strength, you can ask for help from other players with your deliveries. Who said that you gotta do it all by yourself?

Why play Deliveryman Simulator:

1. Delivery made exciting and exhilarating.

Delivering packages in real life is tedious and boring, but in Deliveryman Simulator, it’s nothing short of intense and fun thanks to the game’s hilarious packages and intense countdown timers.

2. Put your time management skills to the test.

As you’ll be beating the clock in this game, you’ll be making use of your time management skills as well as some math skills on the side. Knowing how much you can carry and how long it’ll take you to deliver them is key to winning.

3. Race with your friends and see who’s got what it takes to be a Deliveryman.

Invite your friends over and challenge them to a delivery race! You’ll never know who takes the cake as it’s all about time management and strength numbers.

Play Roblox’s Deliveryman Simulator here.

14. Boss Fighting Simulator by Broken Wand Studios

Slay bosses, gods, wizards, and everything else in between in the intense world of Boss Fighting Simulator in Roblox.

Boss Fighting Simulator is a fighting simulator where you’ll be pitted against some of the most powerful beings known to existence. From wizards, ninjas, pirates, to the personification of death itself: The Grim Reaper. As expected, you’ll have to jump through a lot of hoops before you’ll be able to take down gods and death itself.

You will start with starter bosses like the Orc boss who you’ll be fighting with your basic sword and a small amount of attack power, but as you progress and grind, you’ll be unlocking more powerful weapons and be progressing the ladder. Your damage is mainly measured through the aforementioned attack power which can be improved by getting a better weapon, buying powerups, getting a pet, or unlocking boosts.

You can also invite other players to a PvP battle to test your gear or your dueling skills. The insane and perhaps funny thing with Boss Fighting Simulator is that thanks to its damage multipliers, you can have up to 100 million attack power and one shot of all kinds of bosses, no matter the type. It can take away the intensity and difficulty of fights for some, but it is satisfying to see The Grim Reaper fall in one swing.

Why play Boss Fighting Simulator:

1. Reminiscent of Sword Art Online’s intense battle scenes.

If you’re a big fan of the anime Sword Art Online (SAO), you’ll love this game as it gives off the same vibe of duelling a boss 1v1 in front of your friends and other people.

2. Get your attack power to extreme levels and one-shot bosses.

When you’ve grinded enough items and powerups, you can one-shot bosses you’ve formerly had a tough time with just to show them who’s the boss.

3. The game offers a competitive PvP experience.

As this is a fighting game, its PvP experience is fairly competitive and you’ll often see players testing their weapons and attack power out with other players.

Play Roblox’s Boss Fighting Simulator here.

15. Unboxing Simulator by Unsquared

Play in a world where unboxing is everything in Roblox: enter the Unboxing Simulator!

In Roblox’s Unboxing Simulator, you’ll be unboxing boxes that contain rare items and coins which you can use to get even cooler items. Starting out, you’ll be unboxing at a really slow rate due to your beginner tools.

But once you’ve attained some cash, you can get yourself some high-quality tools or cutters as they call it, and cut through boxes like a hot knife through butter.

What’s cool with Unboxing Simulator is that as you level up and get better cutters, the boxes also get tougher to unbox which means your progression feels satisfying and it doesn’t feel like you’re just skimming through the game.

With that being said, my main gripe with this game is that it could take a long time to grind everything to the max as unboxing can be tedious especially in the earlier levels.

Luckily though, you can make unboxing less boring by inviting your friends over or talking to other people in chat while you unbox to make it interactive and fun.

Why play Unboxing Simulator:

1. Live your unboxing dreams and cravings.

If you’re one of the many people who love the experience of unboxing new and shiny stuff, then you’ll find yourself addicted to Unboxing Simulator’s gameplay.

2. Grind to max levels and get the best weapons.

With a large number of cutters and power-ups available, you’ll be grinding a lot in this game to reach your maximum potential.

3. Easy-going atmosphere with relaxing vibes.

Unboxing Simulator is the perfect game to achieve your ASMR and unboxing cravings thanks to the game’s relaxing atmosphere.

Play Roblox’s Unboxing Simulator here.

16. Anime Fighters Simulator by Sulley

Play with your favorite Anime characters and live in the fantastical world of Anime Fighters Simulator in Roblox.

Anime Fighters Simulator has similar mechanics to Pet Swarm Simulator, but instead of pets, you take care of eggs that hatch your favorite anime characters! From the likes of Kakashi, Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, you’re going to be overwhelmed with the healthy roster of anime characters you can unlock.

It isn’t going to be as easy as it looks though as eggs will always contain a random character, so it’s up to RNG and luck if the egg you’re carrying is the character you’re finding for. Once you’ve hatched an egg and unlocked a character, they will play and walk alongside you. You can treat them as your “pet” whom you can feed and train to assist you in battle.

There is no limit as to how many characters can follow you around, so if you’re lucky enough to hatch eggs, you can have a literal army of Gokus and Narutos beside you 24/7.

Why play Anime Fighters Simulator:

1. See and play with your beloved Anime characters.

Thanks to the game’s huge roster of Anime characters, you can choose from the likes of Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, Kirito, and more to play and enjoy the game with.

2. You can finally catch them all.

As there is no limit on how many eggs you can carry at a time, you can keep grinding for one in the hopes of hatching the anime character you’re looking for. The literal definition of catch them all.

3. Have personal Anime bodyguards protect and follow you around.

Your unlocked anime characters won’t only stay in your inventory to rot, but they’ll be following you in the game world and will be assisting you in combat.

Play Roblox’s Anime Fighters Simulator here.

17. Candy Simulator by Babble Games

Eat candy all day without repercussions while building your own candy factory in Roblox’s Candy Simulator!

Have you ever dreamt of being able to eat candy all day without getting fat or bad teeth? Well, you don’t have to now because Candy Simulator is just the game for you! In Roblox’s Candy Simulator, you’ll be the owner of a candy store which you’ll run and manage.

To get started with your store, you’ll have to collect resources first, which in this game is candy. The cool thing is that it’s scattered throughout the colorful map and the more you eat, the faster you get which makes the game 10 times more fun to play compared to any other simulator.

When you’ve got enough candy to start a store, you can choose a spot to build on and start making your own version of candy. Yes, you can eat your own candy too—don’t worry!

The game doesn’t end there. There are also cosmetics and pets which you can unlock with Robux and candy. Pets are especially helpful in this game because they assist you in gobbling up the candy around the map.

Why play Candy Simulator:

1. Relive your imaginary CandyLand dreams.

We’ve all had our phases where we dreamt of being in CandyLand. Thanks to this game, you don’t have to imagine that anymore as you can eat all the candy you could ever want!

2. Own and manage your own candy shop.

Aside from eating candy, you’ll also be managing and running your own candy store that other people can visit and buy from.

3. You even get to zoom around the map like The Flash.

One of the unique mechanics of this game is that the more candy you eat, the faster you get. You can only imagine how fast your character is once you’ve gobbled up 100 candies.

Play Roblox’s Candy Simulator here.

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