A Beginner's Guide to 'Adopt Me!'

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Roblox’s ‘Adopt Me!’

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Roblox’s ‘Adopt Me!’

Imagine a game where you could own pets, collect items and toys, build your own house, and show off your creations to millions of other people in the world. But, hold on—you don’t even have to imagine. Enter “Adopt Me!”: currently the biggest game in Roblox. 

If you’re someone who’s into the things I just listed above, then Adopt Me! might just be the next Roblox game that you’ll sink hours into. The cool thing besides everything I just mentioned? It’s fun and easy to get into! With this guide, you will be introduced to all the things that you can do in Adopt Me! From owning pets, and building your own home, to even trading pets with other people. There’s no running out of things to do, see, and experience in Adopt Me! With that said, let’s start your Adopt Me! journey here, shall we?

Earning Money

The first step to enjoying Adopt Me! is by earning that sweet moolah. Without money, or “bucks’ as called in-game, you won’t be able to buy the things that you need and want, so it’s important that you at least have basic knowledge of how to earn cash in Adopt Me!

When you create a new character and begin a new story in Adopt Me!, you will be introduced to Daily Tasks which you can access from Task Board.

Funnily enough, even though it’s one of the first things that you get to do in Adopt Me!, it’s also one of the best ways to earn money in-game. By simply visiting the Task Board every day and completing your Daily Tasks, you can expect to earn around $75 to $100 in-game.

Taking care of your pets also reward you periodically – so remember to show some tender loving care to your furry friends!

Just always remember to do these and to be consistent with them as most new players get lazy to do the Daily Tasks or don’t even know that they exist in the first place. 

In addition, here are more simple tips that can help you maximize money making in Adopt Me! so you can start focusing on pets and owning your first home:

  • Play as a baby so you earn double the rewards. This is because as a baby, you get to complete tasks for both you and your pet. Double the win, double the money.
  • Orange Tasks = Easy money. If you see orange tasks such as school or camping tasks, don’t think twice about taking them. Do them right away as these will give you the most amount of cash once completed. 
  • Make effective use of your grappling hook and Magic Door. These two go hand in hand in making your character mobile and fast. With your grappling hook, traversing around the open world becomes a breeze as you will be able to reach objectives much faster. Then, with the Magic Door, accomplishing tasks that are assigned at your house becomes much easier as you will be able to teleport instantly, shaving off precious seconds of travel. 
  • Be cautious with needless spending. Just like in real life, if you can afford to be frugal and save a few bucks to get something basic rather than expensive, then do so. This is because in the long run, these items, like a bed or crib, don’t need to be flashy as all types of beds will function the same no matter the cost. 
  • Speed is your best friend. When accomplishing tasks such as food and water tasks, speed will be your best friend. Always try to do these tasks quickly as doing so will net you a better reward and ultimately give you more time to do other tasks for even more money. 
  • Learn to stock up on essential items at home. Items like food should always be available as mundane tasks such as feeding your pet can be annoying if you’re met with the message that you don’t have any stocks of food left. 

Alternatively, you could also get a job at the many stores in town. Do note that each store and role pays differently, and you’d wish to find the role that gets you the highest buck per hour if you’re in a rush.

There is also a maximum amount that you can earn per day, so be sure to do this every day should you wish to amass a large amount of money.

The star of the show: pets!

Once you have enough money to go around, you will eventually need to shift focus to the main attraction of Adopt Me!: its plethora of pets. As the game’s name suggests, Adopt Me! focuses on your ability to raise and take care of a pet. This pet is someone who you will be with for the most part of the game. They will be your sidekick, best friend, partner, and everything in between, so it’s important that you choose one that suits your needs, wants, and taste as well. 

Types of pets

Before locking your choice in, let me discuss the types of pets that you can choose from in Adopt Me! There are 5 main pet types (or ranking) that you can expect your egg to hatch with: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary. As you may have figured out from the name, pets in Adopt Me! function using a rarity system. Of course, the chances of getting a pet that is Ultra-Rare and Legendary are low at the start, but as you save cash and buy more expensive eggs, these rarities and types of pets will be easier to obtain. 

However, as you are a beginner, you will most likely get a pet that is of the Common and Uncommon type. Don’t let that put you down though as no matter the rarity, these pets are still your pets, and they are still adorable nonetheless!

What does this rarity system mean?

As mentioned earlier, Adopt Me! uses a rarity system for its pets. What this means is that not all players will be roaming around with the same type or rarity of pet as you do. Although you may have the same kind of pet as another player (let’s say a Panda), yours might only be Uncommon but theirs might be of the Legendary rarity. 

If you’re still confused as to what the rarity system means, it’s basically like Pokemon. If you have played any Pokemon game in the past, you may be familiar with the type of Pokemon you get during the early game. However, as you get to the later stages of the game, you will be greeted by even rare types of Pokemon and eventually, Legendary Pokemon.

The same premise is true for Adopt Me! With a Common pet, there isn’t really much to see as there isn’t anything special about your pet. It’s something that most, if not all, players already own and have. However, once you get your hands on an Ultra-Rare or heck, even a Legendary Pet, you will see its difference from Common pets thanks to its color, size, and behavior. 

If that is still confusing for you, here is a simple breakdown of each pet type and rarity:

  • Common – Nothing special about the pet’s size, color, and behavior. These are pets that you will see almost everywhere you go in the game. 
  • Uncommon – Small differences and changes in pet size, color, and behavior. Still something you will see everywhere you go in-game. 
  • Rare – Notable differences from the pets of other players. May be slightly bigger, or a different shade of color. Finding this type of pet is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. 
  • Ultra-Rare – Major difference in size, color, and behavior. Definitely bigger or smaller, and shinier than other types of pets. You will only encounter these types of pets by chance.
  • Legendary – Stands out from the rest of the pets. Completely different build, color, size, and behavior from the previously mentioned types of pets. Bumping into a player with a Legendary pet is once in a blue moon.

Apart from these pet types, there are also Neon and Mega-Neon pets. These are pets that share similarities to Shiny Pokemon. These types of pets give a different glow and color shine than other pets, making them one of the best-looking pets in the game. 

To obtain Neon pets, go to the Neon cave and merge four fully grown pets of the same species. For Mega-Neon, you will also go to the Neon cave, but instead, merge four fully grown Neon pets of the same species. Do note that obtaining Neon and Mega Neon pets will take some time, although for their aesthetic and novelty, they are truly the pet types that you will be looking forward to once you are experienced. 

How to get pets and types of eggs

Now that you’re familiar with the types of pets in Adopt Me!, it’s time to discuss how to actually own one. Luckily for you, it’s a pretty simple process. 

As a beginner, you will be gifted a starter egg that can hatch into a dog or cat. It’s purely by chance which pet you will get, but either way, dogs and/or cats will be your first-ever partner in Adopt Me! From thereon, you may obtain eggs for pets by purchasing them in the game, participating in events and limited-time events, and trading with other players (which we will get to shortly).

You may also claim cracked eggs from completing daily tasks or logging in successfully for 30 days consecutively. However, don’t expect anything special from these eggs as they are cracked. 

Speaking of eggs, there are also types of eggs to take note of. Here’s a neat table that will summarize currently available eggs in Adopt Me! for you.

As you can see, egg types are far more varied than pet types. Ultimately, it is the egg type that you will get or purchase which will decide what pet type you will get. For veteran players, a Legendary Pet is almost certain and easy to get as all you need to do is log in for 180 days and/or 380 days straight to get a Golden and Diamond Egg. 

For players like you who are just starting out, trying your luck out with egg hatching can be worthwhile as some players have already gotten a Legendary Pet from egg types like a Cracked Egg (1.5% chance!). Don’t get your hopes up though as these chances are very low. The best way to get an Ultra-Rare or Legendary is to simply keep playing the game, saving bucks, then buying eggs to hatch in hopes of getting a Legendary pet. 

How do I take care of my pet and let it grow?

As these are your pets, they will need your attention, love, and care all the time. This can be done by simply playing with your pet or giving it food. Giving it food seems to work the best as this increases your pet’s overall mood and behavior. 

On the topic of how your pets grow, this is also done by doing the things mentioned earlier. Just by playing the game, you will witness your pet grow into its full size and glory. However, if you want to speed up the aging process of your pet, you can do so by fully focusing on tasks that improve their mood and by feeding them constantly. 

Collecting items

Apart from pets, you can also collect and get items in Adopt Me! These items will complement your overall in-game experience and improve your and your pet’s quality of life. 

Items may range from toys, food, gifts, clothes, furniture, eggs, and more. There are hundreds upon hundreds of items to collect in Adopt Me!, but some of the necessary ones are most definitely food, clothes, furniture, and eggs: 

  • Food is something you should always have stock with as this becomes essential if your pet gets hungry while you’re out and about. Some of the types of food available in Adopt Me! are pizza, burger, cake, water, etc. 
  • There are also clothes that you can use to show off your taste in outfit and aesthetic while playing. 
  • Eggs, as already explained earlier, are items that will eventually hatch into the cute, cuddly pets that you see all around the game. Be sure to get lots of these and try your chance to get a Legendary while you’re at it!
  • Furniture is an item that you can equip and display in your house. 
You can then access all your items by bringing up your backpack interface.
You can then access all your items by bringing up your backpack interface.

Items are usually obtained from completing tasks and buying them using bucks in the shop, but they can also be obtained by participating in events and of course, trading!

Trading pets and items

Owning pets is one thing, but trading them is another. Similar to how you would trade items in Roblox, Adopt Me! has its very own economy of trading that has opened up the possibility of getting some of the rarest and unique types of pets and items in the game. 

If have a pet or item that has a decent rarity and is something you want to be traded on the market, then follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click on the player that you want to trade with.
  2. Click on “Trade” from the interaction menu.
  3. The other player should receive your trade request. They can choose to whether accept or decline.
  4. If they accept, you will both enter the trading menu and the transaction will begin.
  5. You can add an item by selecting the green plus (+) icon. 
  6. Then, select the items or pets that you want to trade away. 
  7. After both parties lock their choices for trading in, a countdown will start from 5. Adding or removing an item resets this timer. 
  8. Once the countdown finishes, the “Accept” button will turn green and both players may commence the trading process. Both players must press the “Accept” button to confirm the trade.
  9. Ta-da! You have successfully traded an item or a pet with another player.

Note: You will receive an “unfair” notice if the game thinks that the trade offer you got is unfair. This happens when the value of your item and the other player’s item does not match or are far from each other. Proceed with caution when trading!

Owning and decorating your house

Another layer of fun that all players, including you, will get to experience is owning a house/home! It’s definitely one of the best things about the game as your house is something you have full control over. This is where you first spawn when you log in to the game, and also the place where you can chill with your pet and feed them with the food that you have. 

Let’s talk about owning one first. To buy your own house in Adopt Me!, you must first know which type of house you want. There is actually a huge variety of house types in Adopt Me!, but to make it easy for you, some of the popular house types are:

  • Castle (1599 Bucks)
  • Futuristic House (2500 Bucks)
  • Party House (3575 Bucks)
  • Celebrity Mansion (800 Robux)
  • Hollywood House (4500 Bucks)
  • Fairy House (1100 Bucks)

As a beginner, you have access to a 1-story Tiny Home. You can view and browse for the other houses in the game shop, but as you can see, houses are not cheap. Some even cost Robux, but if you grind daily tasks and get enough Bucks, you should eventually be able to get a nice house like the Futuristic House for 2500 Bucks. 

Do note that not all houses are built the same. Some houses are 2 stories tall while some are 3, or even 7 stories tall, like the Apartment! Your decision and preference will ultimately come down to your needs, wants, and budget. If you’re a beginner, then settling for the simple yet functional 2-story Estate for 972 Bucks should be enough for some time. If you’re someone who wants to have friends all the time, then the massive Party House may be something of interest to you. 

Locked in with your choice? Then it’s time to start get decorating your very own home sweet home. Just like with any item in the game, you can look at and buy houses and furniture by accessing the game’s shop. Before mindlessly buying everything you deem cute and cool in the store, however, do note that furniture is one of the most important aspects of owning a house, and each piece of furniture serves a different function like the following:

  • Chair – allows you and your pet to sit down
  • Sofa – allows multiple people or pets to sit down
  • Pet Bowl – a place where your pet can eat and drink
  • Water Bowl – a place where your pet can drink
  • Bed – allows you and your pet to sleep
  • Lanterns/Light – shines light around the area
  • Shower – allows you and your pet to wash and shower
  • Fridge – for decoration

Just from this short list of items and their functions, it’s already evident that not all items are alike. Some serve critical functions at your home like a Water Bowl and Bed, while others are purely for cosmetics, such s the Fridge. Take note that more expensive items can serve more people or pets. E.g. a more expensive Sofa will be able to seat 3 people/pet instead of only 2. Ultimately though, it’s up to you if you want to prioritize form over function or vice-versa, but as a beginner, I heavily advise that you purchase items and furniture that give you function first more than anything else.

Apart from furniture, you can also decorate your house with walls, floors, and other sorts of cosmetics-only and decoration-only items like a tree, a table, and more. 

Playing with toys and other items

Once you have your house all decorated and set, you can start thinking of ways to play with your pet and entertain them. What better way to do this than using the items and toys that you have!

Toys are items that you carry around and can use to interact with and play your pet with. Most of the time, toys only function as an object to entertain your pet with, but some toys like the Star Balloon will give you power-ups and allow you to jump higher. Of course, there’s also the Grappling Hook that I mentioned earlier which will entirely change how you play the game as it makes you mobile and faster. 

Just remember to use your toys and play with your pet from time to time so that they don’t get bored. As with any other item in the game, you can purchase toys from the in-game shop using Bucks.

Other fun things to do in Adopt Me!

Role Playing 

As Adopt Me! is one of the biggest games in Roblox, it has also become the role-playing capital of the platform. If you’re a beginner who has never tried role-playing in Roblox yet, then Adopt Me! is perhaps the best game to get started.

It has everything you can ask for in a role-playing game: you have pets, your home, ways to earn money, ways to interact with your pet and other players, places to go and visit with other players, meet new people, and more! There are a hundred ways to enjoy Adopt Me! as a role-playing game, but my personal suggestion would be a family role-play. If you have a friend, then trying out this kind of role-play and making your own story in the game is something that may bring you two closer than ever. It’s even better when you realize that you can use your pets as your imaginary babies or child, and you two are their parents! Who doesn’t want to be furparents, right? 

Hide and Seek

As Adopt Me! is an open-world game, it is an expansive game with many areas and places to see and visit. With this in mind, you can essentially play a makeshift Hide and Seek in the game with your friends. You can visit a place like the School and have one player be the “seeker” and the rest of the gang hiding. You can even visit a player with a big house, like the 7-story Apartment, and play Hide and Seek there with your pets. 


Adopt Me! definitely deserves its title of being the biggest game in Roblox thanks to its plethora of options to have fun and enjoy. There are pets, houses, furniture, items, toys, and more that I can’t list since there are just really too many things to do in the game. If its pets aren’t something you’re interested in, it’s still a solid game with huge potential for role-playing (as mentioned earlier) and other ways to have fun. There are just honestly tons of ways to be creative with this, with some people even doing their own twists and integrating games such as Among Us in Adopt Me! 

At the end of the day though, the pets and their community is what makes Adopt Me! an amazing game for both Roblox noobs and veterans alike. 

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