Make money while trading in Roblox

The Investor’s Grand Guide to Making Money Trading Roblox Items

Making Money Trading Roblox Items

Making money on Roblox is easier than ever, and we’re going to show you how in this comprehensive guide. Whether you want to make a quick buck or looking to make Roblox trading a business, this article will cover everything you need to know about the lucrative world of Roblox trading.

The introduction to trading Roblox items

1. Why trade Roblox items?

Before we get into the specifics of the trading process itself, let’s explore why you might want to start trading your Roblox items first.

In essence, trading in Roblox is similar to how you would trade items in gaming platforms like Steam. You find a user who wants something you have and has something you want, just like in real life. Then, you can eventually trade an item for Robux and turn that Robux into cold hard cash later on.

What’s enticing about Roblox items is that you can actually make big bucks when you get your hands on limited and limited unique items. Moreover, it also gets you closer to the Roblox community itself, making you an all-around notable and well-respected user, player, and trader. If these are things that you value, then starting your Roblox trading journey right now might just be what you’re looking for.

2. What sort of items do people normally trade?

You can only trade two types of items in Roblox: Limiteds and Limited Uniques (Limited Us), which we’ll discuss further later. You may also trade Robux, but be wary that Roblox will get a 30% cut from your transaction. There are prerequisites to be able to start trading which we will also discuss later, but as long as there is someone to trade limited collectibles with, you are good to go. If you do not have any limited collectibles or items to trade with, you can have some by buying from the Avatar Shop using Robux.

However, do note that things such as Roblox Premium and Roblox Game Passes are NOT tradable. The only way for you to acquire these is by purchasing them directly from Roblox and other methods that are not trading.

3. What are the requirements and/or limitations of trading on Roblox?

As of writing, the only way to be able to trade in Roblox is by purchasing a Roblox Premium membership.

The lowest tier of Roblox Premium, which is Premium 450, will cost you $5.00/month. Besides unlocking trading, you will also get other benefits with Roblox Premium such as monthly Robux, access to early premium-only items and discounts, premium-only games, and many more.

As mentioned earlier, there are also limitations to Roblox’s trading mechanics. Although you can trade any item you have in your inventory, you are not allowed to trade or sell your Robux, Roblox Premium membership, and/or Roblox Game Passes.

4. Who can trade on Roblox?

Anyone with an active Roblox Premium membership can start trading. However, we heavily advise that players under 18 years old have their parents’ consent in purchasing Roblox Premium.

How do you trade on Roblox?

To initiate a trade on Roblox, follow the steps below:

Make sure that you have the prerequisites/requirements first, mainly an active Roblox Premium membership, before proceeding.

Go to your Account Settings, then Privacy, and then enable “Trading” to open your account to trading.

Then, go to the profile of the player that you wish to trade with.

Click the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of that player’s username and friends information. 

Click “Trade Items” on the pop-up menu.

This should open a page of the items that are available to trade from you and that player, similar to the trading page that you will see on Steam. 

Now, click on the items that you want to give away. These should appear on the “Your Offer” list which is beside your available items for trading. 

Then, click on the items that you want to have from that player. These will appear on the “Your Request” list which is beside their available items for trading instead. 

You may also include Robux in your trade, but be reminded that Roblox will get a 30% cut from your transaction. The amount of Robux you may trade cannot exceed 50% of your item(s) value as well. E.g. if you trade an item worth 500 Robux, you cannot give more than 250 Robux on top of your offer. This is how other traders make money in the trading community. 

Carefully review your trade and make sure that you are getting a good deal. Roblox CANNOT reverse trades, so take your time in researching your and the other player’s item values before confirming the trade.

Once you are sure about your trade, click on the “Make Offer” button to submit and notify the other player about your trade request. This will let the other player know about the item that they will receive and the item that they will lose in the process. 

Note: You may also trade using third-party websites such as RblxTrade, but do note that websites as such are not handled and managed by the official Roblox team. Trade at your own risk.

Limited vs Limited Us

As we talked about earlier, there are only two types of items that are available for trading: Limited and Limited Us. Both of these have “limited” in their name so that should give you an idea of their rarity, but what’s with the U? What about Limiteds only? Let’s talk about them in further detail.

Limited Items

Limiteds are initially sold as regular, non-limited items in the Roblox shop. However, these are later on picked by Roblox themselves to be labeled as “limited” and are consequently removed from the Roblox shop.

For example, you bought a hat from the Roblox shop that costs 200 Robux. A week later, it is picked by Roblox to become a “limited” item and is removed from sale from the Roblox shop. This now makes your 200 Robux hat a limited item which may (or may not) increase its value and qualified for trading with other Roblox Premium members.

Supply and demand—that is what makes them limited and good for trading. Not everyone can get them anymore, so players with Roblox Premium can participate in trading to get items that not everyone can simply buy from the Roblox shop.

Limited Unique (Limited Us)

What about Limited Us, you say? As the name suggests, Limited Uniques (or Limited Us) are even rarer limited items. These are items that were also sold as regular, non-limited items in the Roblox shop, but in a fixed quantity, making them even harder to get.

For example, you bought a pair of wings from the Roblox shop for 500 Robux. However, these weren’t any ordinary wings. These were Faerie Wings that only had 5 stocks in the Roblox Shop. What this means is that out of the millions of Roblox players in the world, you and 4 other players only have access and ownership of the Faerie Wings. This now skyrockets your Faerie Wings’ value to absurd amounts, way beyond the initial 500 Robux you paid for it, making it one of the best items for trading as a lot of players will be on the lookout for such a rare and prestigious item.

Typically, the lower the stock number/supply the item has (like 5 stocks in our example), the higher the value of that item will be when it becomes a Limited U. The Limited U market is where you will also see the most experienced traders in Roblox as these players are constantly seeking out for the rarest items they can get their hands on. Feel free to read more about Limited and Limited Us here at Roblox’s official wiki page.

Which Limited Items should you be buying? The 3 factors to look out for

When buying limited items, we should always check first if they’re going to be worth something in the future. Similar to how stocks work in real life, limited items can lose or gain value, depending on real-life trends and wants of Roblox players. Thus, it’s always vital to check whether the items we are planning to buy and eventually trade fall under these three categories and factors:

1. Items coming from a series

First are items coming from a series, franchise, or other popular Roblox games. These items are typically the most sought Limiteds and Limited Us as they represent something or someone from popular movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Some notable examples of items like these are the Korblox Deathspeaker, Secret Kid Wizard Glasses (Harry Potter), and Claw Brawler (Wolverine).

2. Holiday items released seasonally

Next up are holiday items that are released on a yearly basis. These are items that you will only see on sale at the Roblox shop come Christmas time, New Year’s time, and other seasonal and holiday events yearly. These items become limited because of their seasonal nature, meaning they only come back once a year.

Typically, the version of the item that comes back yearly is different from the year before it, which makes a specific version or year of that item more unique and rare than the others. Other holiday and seasonal limited items do not even come back at all, putting their value way beyond their initial price. An example of this would be the 2011 Thanksgiving Turkey Cap only being available for 1 day from Nov. 24, 2011 to Nov. 25, 2011.

3. Cool looking items

Last but not least is plain and simple: limited items that you think look cool. This category and factor is purely subjective, of course, but if you think that a limited or limited unique looks cool and is something that other Roblox players would want to rock, then grabbing the opportunity to buy it and trade it later would not be a bad idea.

The strategy to making money while trading in Roblox

Similar to real-life stock strategies, the same principle will apply to Roblox trading. If you want to make money and big bucks trading Roblox items, you need to have a strategy. Blindly buying and trading items isn’t sustainable as this strategy mainly relies on luck, not on well-thought planning and thinking.

For the uninitiated on how stocks work in real life, here’s a simple explanation that we will translate into Roblox’s trading mechanics:

  1. Scout for an item that you think will be popular in the coming days, weeks, or even months.
  2. The best way to do this would be to check trends both in-game and in real life.
  3. For example, if there is a big update incoming for a big Roblox game with millions of players in its community, then buying an item that is related to that game to trade later on would not be a bad idea.
  4. The same applies to real-life trends. If there is an incoming series or movie of a Roblox item that is from that series or movie, then buying an item from that franchise may turn into big money later on.
  5. The key here is to enter early and have a strategy. Buying an item and then trading it after the hype has died down will, of course, net lower gains and profits. (the amount of money you will get).

The 3 key metrics to look out for in a limited item

Now that you know the basics of Roblox trading, let’s talk about 3 key metrics to keep in mind when looking for a Roblox item to buy and trade later on.

Key Metric #1: An item’s popularity

An item’s popularity goes a long way when it comes to making big bucks in Roblox trading. To notable traders in the community, an item’s popularity is enough of metric and factor when deciding to get a limited item.

Knowing an item’s popularity is now easier than ever thanks to websites that let you see an item’s recent price and demand. Sites like Rolimon’s are a trader’s best friend since it lets you see an item’s best price, recent average price, recent sales, and more. This is where your pricing will come in, so be sure to price your items competitively! Pricing your items way too low will undervalue them and net low profits while pricing them too high will overvalue them and make them hard to sell.

With these stats and data, you can already deduce whether an item is popular or not. If recent sales are doing great, then that means that an item is sought after and will sell well. However, keep in mind that a popular item will also mean that you will have a lot of competitors in the trading community.

Another factor to consider when it comes to popularity is a factor we already mentioned earlier: real-life trends. If a movie or series is doing well, then you can expect that an item related to that movie or series will also do well in terms of sales.

Key Metric #2: An item’s demand

Another factor to consider is an item’s demand. Take note that this is different than popularity as popularity pertains to how many people know and are keeping tabs on an item. Meanwhile, demand pertains to how many people are actually buying/trade (and want to buy/trade) an item.

Using Rolimon’s, you can see an item’s demand as well. Although not all items have a number or figure for their demand, most items should. High demand will usually translate to higher sales as long as you get your pricing right, while low demand will mean that not a lot of people are currently looking to buy or trade that item.

Key Metric #3: An item’s price history

We also cannot forget to mention an item’s price history as this will usually also give you an idea of how you should price it when you put it up for trading. Using Rolimon’s again, you can check an item’s recent average price and price history with fitting graphs that make it easy to analyze and understand.

With all this information in mind, you should be able to know and confirm whether the item you are buying is overpriced or priced just right. For example, if you see a limited hat that’s priced at 500 Robux in the trading community, it’s better to check at Rolimon’s first whether that 500 Robux price is overpriced or not. If the recent price history shows that the average price of the limited hat sits at around 250 Robux, then you’re overpaying for that item.

How you should price your items

Now that you’ve got your targets set on a few Limited items to start trading on, it’s time to pull the trigger: it’s time to trade. Since we have already discussed the specifics and steps on how to trade on Roblox, let’s now talk about how you should be pricing your items.

Although we have already tackled this shortly in the paragraphs above, there are more things we would like to share regarding this topic as we believe that your pricing will ultimately dictate how well your sales will do.

Most beginning Roblox traders fail to make profits because they do not know how to price their items right. Most forget about the 30% cut that Roblox takes from the transaction, while some just want to make a quick buck and price their items lower than 50% of the initial value they bought the item for. As these are beginner mistakes, we are giving you a heads up to not fall victim to them as these will greatly discourage you from making further trades because of your huge losses.

So, how do you and should you actually price and trade in Roblox? As mentioned earlier, it’s vital that you always use websites such as Rolimon’s to check an item’s price history and recent average price so that you don’t undervalue or overvalue your item.

To make a profit, you ultimately need to take note of these things:

  1. If you price your item too high, nobody or only a few people will only be able to buy it. This also makes it harder for your item to get the exposure it needs as Roblox always lists the cheapest item first, similar to how the Steam marketplace does it.
  2. If you price your item too low, it will be undervalued and you will most likely lose money in the process. For example, you buy a limited item for 1000 Robux, but decide to sell it for only 300 Robux to make a quick buck. Besides your item already losing 70% (700 Robux) of its value, you also have to account for the 30% cut that Roblox will take from your 300 Robux sale, meaning your net profit (after calculating for the 30% cut) will only be a measly 210 Robux.
  3. High popularity is always a good sign, so take advantage and buy items that fall under these categories. However, take note that items as such will be priced lower as popular items mean high demand.


Thanks to the optimizations, updates, and help of third-party websites such as Rolimon’s, trading and profiting off Roblox has never been easier than ever. The key takeaway to making money while trading Roblox is to strategize and plan as things will always go bad if you’re just going to base on your gut and instinct.

Thus, our closing statement and last advice would be to remember the steps on how to trade, the factors to look out for in an item, and to keep track of an item’s 3 metrics before biting the bullet.

Good luck on your trading journey!

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