Roblox Blox Fruits Guide for Beginners

Roblox Blox Fruits 2024: Blox Fruits’ Beginner’s Guide for 1st Sea

Roblox’s Blox Fruits’: Beginner’s Guide for 1st Sea

Based off of the ever-popular anime series, One Piece, Blox Fruits is one of the most popular games on Roblox, being one of only a handful of One Piece-inspired MMORPG games in Roblox.

With a daily player count of over 100,000 at any given time, the newly released 3rd Sea and the new array of Fruits have brought in plenty of new players learning the ropes of this Roblox game. 

With the recent release of 3rd Sea and new fruits, it's time to grind and conquer in Roblox's Blox Fruits. (Image by Roblox's Blox Fruits)
With the recent release of3rd Sea and new fruits, it’s time to grind and conquer in Roblox’s Blox Fruits. (Image by Roblox’s Blox Fruits)

Blox Fruits has a scoreboard system as well, with Bounty being the main indicator of your skill level in the game. Each time you win a PVP battle between an opponent who is evenly matched with you in terms of level, your bounty will increase. Even after achieving the current maximum level attainable, I’m still regularly playing to increase my bounty, improve on my PVP skills and hunt bosses for the rare weapons. 

Being someone who does not religiously follow the anime series, rather a person who loves classic MMORPG games like Guild Wars 2 and Maplestory, thanks to the recommended games in the Roblox page, I was immediately hooked! It has all the elements you want in an MMORPG – different classes (fruits), bosses, party quests, clans, and my favourite being PVP.

Now let’s jump straight into the 2024 updated guide for Roblox’s Blox Fruits – with all the details from the latest patch updates.

A Beginner’s Guide to Roblox’s Blox Fruits in 2024 (Updated)

Buying Fruits in Blox Fruits

Fruits can be bought at any level form the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, or Ciro, in the Jungle, starting off at 25,000 Belis and increasing as your level increases. Fruits bought are given randomly – whatever it is, just hope you do not get Bomb!

Remember to buy your fruits every 2 hours from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin in Roblox to increase your chance of getting the fruits that you need.
Remember to buy your fruits every 2 hours from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin in Roblox to increase your chance of getting the fruits that you need.

Note that fruits can only bought every 2 hours, so be kind and give away any fruits you do not want to the needy people who usually gather around Ciro.

Busoshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki, or Buso Haki for short, is an ability which allows you to bypass Logia Fruits’ natural damage resistance while also increasing your damage for your swords, guns, and fighting styles.

Buso Haki is necessary for certain NPCs with Logia resistance, moreover during PVP. You can increase its level by killing NPCs with either melee or sword. The higher your Buso Haki level is, the more your body parts will be covered in the black armour. 

You can get Buso Haki from the Ability Teacher in the cave at the Frozen Village. Ability Keybind: J


Logia Fruits eliminate all damage from NPCs and players when they use swords, guns, or any fighting style. Starting off with any of the Logia fruits can make your life much easier when you’re grinding, even if you get subpar fruits like Sand or Smoke – just focus all your ability points on either melee or sword, then reroll your stats in 2nd Sea when you find the fruit you wish to use for good.

Don’t forget that the Logia’s natural damage resistance can be countered by players or NPCs with Buso Haki. 

Current list of Logia Fruits: Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand, Dark, Light, Magma and Rumble.

Observation Haki

Observation Haki, or Ken Haki, is a must-have ability for all players. It gives you to ability to dodge any attacks from NPCs or players, while also displaying their current health and energy levels within a certain distance – in simpler terms, a dialled down and legal version of a wallhack!

Always keep this ability turned on as you get more dodges with a higher Ken Haki level, the maximum being 8 dodges. 

You can purchase Ken Haki at Skypiea (Upper Yard) from Lord of Destruction at the top of the temple. 

Ability Keybind: E or K

Prerequisite: Complete the Shanks quest, mentioned under Gearing Up, Saber. You can refer to this tutorial on Shanks quest.

Location and Levelling Guide

For a comprehensive list of NPC levels and their locations, the link below even provides the required level to have your Logia Fruit evasion enabled.   

You can refer to this Blox Fruits Levelling Guide.

The 3 Best Fruits For Grinding In Roblox’s Blox Fruits 1st Sea

Many players go through a rut of changing fruits constantly to find the most efficient way to farm through the laborious low levels. These 3 fruits are a no-brainer if you’re just starting out. So, toss that Buddha fruit, though it may hurt a bit now, and change to any of these 3 fruits in the list below!

1. Light Fruit

Every new player’s dream is to be lucky enough to spin a Light fruit from the Random Blox Fruits Dealer’s Cousin. Though it may not be the rarest of fruits, the skillset and its travel speeds can aid you in sailing through the first 700 levels of the 1st Sea.

Skillset of Light Fruit:

Here are the skillsets for the Light fruit from Roblox's Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).
Here are the skillsets for the Light fruit from Roblox’s Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).

How to use Light Fruit effectively in combat

As Light comes with an in-built sword, it’s highly recommended to focus your ability points in Blox Fruits stats. The skills do not have any knockback effect – and that’s good news for grinding since you can aggro the NPCs to gather them into one spot. After that, focus all your skills’ damage on that single concentrated area and wipe them all out.

In addition, Light is a Logia fruit, this eliminates the need to dodge the NPC’s attacks as you are engaged in combat with them.

2. Ice Fruit

Ice is similar to Light, in the way that it’s quite underrated as it’s not a pricey fruit. Coincidentally, it also comes with an elemental sword, the only other fruit in Blox Fruits to offer an additional ‘weapon’ to use in combat.

While equipping the Ice Fruit, water around you immediately freezes when you walk on it. This eliminates the use of pesky boats when travelling between the islands – especially since they always get stolen by strangers when you leave it docked! And you also get to save on the Belis spent on these stolen boats.

Skillset of Ice Fruit:

Here are the skillsets for the Ice fruit from Roblox's Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).
Here are the skillsets for the Ice fruit from Roblox’s Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).

How to use Ice Fruit effectively in combat

Use your elemental ice sword to get up close and personal when fighting the NPCs, as the cooldowns for your skills can hinder your levelling process.

Ice’s Logia evasion also makes this much easier as well! When encountering NPCs that have Ken Haki, Glacial Epoch (skill V) allows you to stun your enemies around you so you can rush in and finish them off with your ice sword. 

3. Rumble Fruit

Rumble is one of the S-tier fruits in Roblox’s Blox Fruits as it costs 2,100,000 Belis whenever it is on stock in the shop.

Unlike the other two, Rumble does not come with a sword – but fret not, as the skills are quite effective when used in succession, allowing you to dish out amazing amounts of damage from its combo attacks.

The mobility skill of Rumble also allows the user to teleport anywhere around, and not just on solid surfaces. 

Skillset of Rumble Fruit:

Here are the skillsets for the Rumble fruit from Roblox's Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).
Here are the skillsets for the Rumble fruit from Roblox’s Blox Fruits (Image by Blox Fruits Fandom).

How to use Rumble Fruit effectively in combat

The energy usage for Rumble skills is quite high, and skill cool downs considerably longer than other fruits.

Thus, the best way to utilise the Rumble skills is to either pair it with a fighting style or a good sword.

You should also balance your character stats after levelling up, add 2 to Blox Fruits stats and 1 to Sword/Melee stat.

Rumble fruit also presents you with 2 stun skills, Sky Beam and Thunder Bomb, which are great when you are in combat with NPCs with Ken Haki. 

The 3 Best Swords in Roblox’s Blox Fruits1st Sea

1. Saber Sword

Saber is undoubtedly the best 1st Sea sword you could get in Roblox’s Blox Fruits. In addition to its high base damage, its two skills give a remarkable attack range if you’re ever caught in a PVP battle.

Visually, Saber’s skills look extremely daunting, especially when it’s coming right at you!

How to get the Saber Sword and Improve It

When your bounty climbs over 1 million, kill another player with your Saber and get it to Saber V2. This upgrades your skills with a longer range and wider AOE.

Where to get Saber Sword: Follow the Shanks quest video here. The entire process will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

2. Dark Blade

For those with deep pockets, Dark Blade, commonly known as Yoru, is definitely the sword to go for.

It costs a whopping 1,200 Robux, and it also comes with 3 unlockable cosmetic transformations, giving the sword skills different bewitching effects as you slash through your enemies. 

Yoru had the highest damage amongst the swords (until the 3rd Sea swords were introduced), and with a maxed-out sword stat, using both your skills in succession will lower an opponent who has 10,000 HP to almost half!

Dark Air Slash (skill X) is incredible when used correctly. Time your stuns properly and release your Dark Air Slash at the right moment to see your once-formidable PVP opponent begin to falter.

Where to get: Shop under the Menu Selection on the left of screen

3. Bisento

Many argue that Bisento’s skillset makes it better than Saber – I say use whatever fits your play style! Bisento has great damage on top of the knockback from its skills. It’s quite a commitment to make especially for beginners, since it’s 1,200,000 Belis, but it’s worth the investment since it is listed to have one of the highest damages amongst all the other swords.

If the skills are timed correctly, you will be able to land a combo using this sword during PVP battles. Alternatively, the knockback is great for escaping when nasty higher-level players are picking on your low-level self!

Bisento V2 entirely changes the skillset as well. You will have to kill the level 700 Raid Boss, Greybeard, which may seem impossible for beginners but there is always strength in numbers!

Where to get: Master Sword Dealer at Skypiea

The 3 Best Fighting Styles for Roblox’s Blox Fruits

It’s hard to pick which fighting style is the best, and each of the styles are special in their own way – sounds rather cliché, doesn’t it?

In Blox Fruits, it’s all about the combos when PVP-ing and how your selected fighting style can maximise in that department. Don’t feel too pressured about picking which fight style fits you the best. You can always change your styles and find the best fit for you as you progress along in the game. The good thing is that you can change your styles without losing any of your mastery levels attained – how sweet is that?

1. Dark-Step Fighting Style

Dark-Step is a great beginner fighting style. With a price of 150,000 Belis, you can get it very early on in the game to get it to a mastery level of 400, the requirement to obtain the V2 version called Death Step in 2nd Sea.

The skills focus on knockback and close-combat damage. Accuracy is key with this style! Pair it with your sword or fruit skills, you might be dealing some major damage to your opponents.

Location: Black Leg Teacher at Pirate Village

Dark-Step Fighting Style Combo Suggestion:

Dark-Step: Devil (skill V) > Ice Fruit: Glacial Epoch (skill V) > Dark-Step: Breakdance (skill X) > Dark Blade: One Thousand Slices (skill Z) > Dark Blade: Dark Air Slash (skill X)

2. Electric Fighting Style

Don’t be surprised if you see a hell lot of your 1st Sea peers using the Electric fighting style. With the new update introducing Electric Claw, the V2 upgrade, many players want to prepare themselves for the 2nd Sea upgrade.

Not to downplay the pretty robust skillset of Electric, the new update introduced Electric Claw, the V2 version, and its mobility and combo abilities are desired by avid PVPers.

A bit pricier and considered a 2nd Sea style, the 500,000 Belis you will be spending is worth the hole in your wallet. It gives you a decent amount of mobility and most importantly, Electrical Floor which stuns your opponents for a few seconds.

GIF 11

Location: Mad Scientist at Skypiea

Electric Fighting Style Combo Suggestion:

Electric: Electrical Floor (skill C) > Rumble Fruit: Sky Beam (skill C) > Saber: Deadly Rush (skill Z)

3. Fisherman Karate Fighting Style

This fighting style trumps the others in terms of skill range. You could even consider the fighting style as a watered-down (pun-intended) version of Ice fruit, Deadly Shower (skill X) being very similar to Ice Bird (Ice fruit skill C). Two of the skills covers quite a distance as well, giving you added mobility for PVPing and travelling.

Fisherman Karate can be bought in the Underwater City for 750,000 Belis, the most expensive fighting style in the list. Obtaining V2, Sharkman Karate, is quite difficult due to the prerequisites – something for you to worry about in the 2nd Sea! Of course, all that effort will be worth it as with the highest damage and great mobility, this style makes you one not to be messed with.

Location: Fishman Karate Teacher at Underwater City

Fisherman Karate Fighting Style Combo Suggestion:

Rumble Fruit: Thunder Bomb (skill V) > Fisherman Karate: Heavy Water Punch (skill C) > Fisherman Karate: Deadly Shower (skill X) > Fisherman Karate: Steam-Charged Fist (skill Z)

Conclusion: The Best Fruit and Fighting Style in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits gives you the freedom to choose any fruit that you are comfortable with using. And your first fruit is not set in stone, unlike other MMORPGs where the class you select sticks with you until the end.

As you progress further along the game, you will always have more opportunities to change your fruits, swords and fighting styles freely through the style teachers and your inventory.

There are many more adventures awaiting you once you reach level 700 and venture into 2nd Sea! Hopefully with this guide, you can fast-forward to the more intense and PVP-focused 2nd Sea, and eventually the daunting 3rd Sea. Good luck in conquering Roblox’s Blox Fruits!

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