Best Roblox RPG Games

The 17 Best RPGs in Roblox That You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

17 Best RPGs in Roblox – A Comprehensive Guide for Roblox Gamers

17 of the best RPGs in Roblox that you should try this year!

Roblox is a popular gaming platform where gamers of all ages and kinds can gather and find games that suit their wants. Roblox itself doesn’t offer much gameplay, but once you dive deep into its experiences (Roblox’s term for games), you are greeted with a plethora of options that you can spend hours or even days in.

You can play a wide range of games on Roblox, including anime, fighting, anime, tycoon, and of course, Role-playing games (RPG) which we will dissect in this list.

Since Roblox has a very big community, you can expect that its genre of RPG games is also filled with players like you. Not every RPG is created equally in Roblox though, so if you’re looking for the best ones that give the satisfying feeling of exploring open worlds and defeating bosses, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a big fan of games like Skyrim, Fallout series, Dark Souls, and more, then you’re in the perfect place as we will go through the 17 best RPGs in Roblox that you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games

Roblox's RPG game, Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games.
Check out Roblox’s RPG game, Grand Piece Online by Grand Quest Games.

For anime and One Piece fans who are also RPG fanatics, Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that is right up your alley. Grand Piece Online is an action-adventure and RPG with an excellent progression system and a story mode which you can play along with your friends and strangers. 

The purpose of the story mode in Grand Piece Online is for players to find secret treasures, kill pirates, and explore the land in all its grandeur. Its RPG elements truly shine with its progression system where players grind for levels and shiny items.

You can either play with your own Roblox character or choose a preset of in-game characters that resemble the anime’s most popular figures like Luffy and Nami. Since this Roblox game is One Piece-inspired, you’ll be exploring its huge world with ships and boats that really capture the pirate vibe. In your own ship and boat, you can also launch attack other players, or just leave them be — but where’s the fun in that?

Traverse the far reaches of the oceans in different ships and boats in Roblox's Grand Piece Online.
Traverse the far reaches of the oceans in different ships and boats in Roblox’s Grand Piece Online.

Why play Roblox’s Grand Piece Online?

1. Interactive grinding gameplay and progression system that is addictive

As an RPG, it’s important that the grinding doesn’t feel repetitive and boring. Fortunately for Grand Piece Online, it’s the opposite of boring. Because other players and your friends can join in on the fun, the grinding mechanisms for this game aren’t dull. Your friends or strangers can take part in finishing your quests and you can share your rewards equally with the team.

2. You will enjoy the game even without any anime or One Piece knowledge.

To enjoy Grand Piece Online, you don’t have to be a big One Piece fan. Sure, it’s fun to recognize all the references and play as Luffy and the group, but the game’s overall mood is laid-back and welcoming. With its turquoise waters and windy seas, you can just hop on your ship and watch the sunset from there. 

3. Its breathing and vivid world in Roblox is a delight to play in.

If you haven’t noticed the GTA reference in the title yet, you will once you start playing the game. Grand Piece Online is an RPG-sandbox game in which players can battle monsters, guild up with other players, and even set sail with their friends.

2. Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors

Roblox's Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors
Check out Roblox’s Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.

Anime Warriors is an RPG game in Roblox that includes all of your favorite anime characters such as Deku, Goku, Luffy, and more. It’s still a relative new Roblox game, having only been published a few months ago (at this time of writing), but it shows promise in terms of gameplay. It’s a Roblox game that comes with engaging RPG and combat features that allow you to be creative in finishing quests and defeating bosses. 

Its controls are simple to pick up, and the game is simple to play despite it being an RPG. The Gacha system is also a cornerstone feature of the game, where you can roll for characters ranging from 2 stars to 6 stars, with 6 being the most powerful. 

Each tier of stars has its own set of characters, with two having supporting characters like Krillin and six having formidable characters like Broly and Urahara. After you’ve created your character, you can use experience points, equipment, and other objects to level them up and make them even more powerful. 

If you really want to get deep into its RPG game elements, you can grind for crystals and obtain the most powerful of characters to make the game easier and more fun to play. Not to say that having 2-star characters won’t make the game entertaining, but having a 6-star Broly just propels you to higher grounds than the rest of the players!

You can even pick your favorite characters like Naruto, and unleash powerful ninja jitsu like the Rasengan in Roblox's Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.
You can even pick your favorite characters like Naruto, and unleash powerful ninja jitsu like the Rasengan in Roblox’s Anime Warriors by Project: Warriors.

Why play Roblox’s Anime Warriors?

1. Its commands and move inputs are smooth and responsive.

Because Anime Warriors rely largely on fighting and exploration, input commands must be smooth and fluid. This RPG Roblox game feels snappy and easy to play because your character’s movements register promptly and are accompanied by gorgeous animations. It is further complemented with a game world that is big and breathtaking.

2. The game gives players free rewards even while AFK.

A feature that compensates you for being AFK isn’t found in many of the games on this list. As a result, Anime Warriors’ AFK benefits incentivize users to keep the game running even when they’re not playing, in exchange for free rewards and crystals. 

This feature may not last long, as it is customary for early-stage games to use a reward system like this to attract and retain new players — but it’s still a welcoming move. This is especially when the gameplay of Anime Warriors can get quite grindy due to its gacha system.

3. There are a large variety of anime characters to play as.

Because the game deploys a summon/gacha mechanism, players will have to rely on chance to obtain their desired characters. However, the system is exciting and engrossing because there are so many characters to call, acquire, and play as. The developers also provide regular codes that can be used to obtain free crystals for such summons and other in-game purchases.

3. Swordburst 2 by AbstractAlex

Check out the next highly popular RPG - Roblox's Swordburst 2 by AbstractAlex.
Check out the next highly popular RPG – Roblox’s Swordburst 2 by AbstractAlex.

If you’re a big Sword Art Online fan, then Swordburst 2 is the next best RPG to look out for in Roblox. Set in the heavily inspired world of Aincrad, its vast setting accompanied by flashy combat makes it one of the best RPGs in Roblox.

You don’t even have to be a big fan of the series to appreciate the craft and hard work that the game developers have put into making Swordburst 2. 

As Swordburst 2 is SAO inspired, you play as a swordsman whose goal is to finish all of the game’s levels to become the strongest there is. As you level up, you can acquire more powerful swords like Kirito’s Excalibur and Elucidator to slash your foes with.

There are numerous bosses in the game to fight like Ilfang the Kobold Lord, areas to explore like the town square, and items to unlock like the aforementioned legendary swords. It’s just difficult to get bored in such a Roblox game with such huge scope and ambition like Swordburst 2. It’s also brimming with life due to its active player count and 128 million page visits!

Engage in high octane sword fights with hack and slash action in Roblox's Swordburst 2.
Engage in high octane sword fights with hack and slash action in Roblox’s Swordburst 2.

Why play Roblox’s Swordburst 2?

1. There is a huge world with lots of enemies to kill and NPCs to interact with.

As Swordburst 2 is heavily inspired by SAO’s RPG world that is Aincrad, its world is full of mysteries and depth as well. There are hundreds of levels to explore, tons of things to see, and a huge scope of land to traverse—all packed in a breathing world that you can play with your friends.

2. Its hack-and-slash elements make it an easy game to play.

The combat of Swordburst 2 is mainly hack and slash with a sprinkle of a combo system. As you spam your light attacks, you can weave in your special abilities and special attacks to deal even greater damage. You can also dodge your enemies’ attacks by either parrying and rolling, making fights a satisfying yet challenging experience.

3. Grinding in this Roblox game is both rewarding and satisfying.

Grinding is made fun and satisfying because of its handsome rewards like rare swords and armor for turning in a quest. In the town square, players can access the bulletin board where timed quests are up for grabs. These timed quests will only be available for a short time, ranging from 3 hours up to 24 hours, but the earlier it gets accepted and finished, the better the rewards you’ll get.

4. RPG World by Crackop

Roblox's RPG World by Crackop awaits you as one of the highly popular Roblox RPG that you shouldn't miss out on.
Roblox’s RPG World by Crackop awaits you as one of the highly popular Roblox RPG that you shouldn’t miss out on.

RPG World is an open-world Roblox game that, as the name suggests, is a breathing utopia for RPG lovers. Although RPG World had been succeeded by RPG World 2, this version of the game remains popular for how simple, fun, and straightforward its gameplay is. It is still being played by thousands of players every day with over 50 million visits in its 2-year-old lifespan.

In RPG World, you start the game by choosing your class. You can be a paladin, a healer, or an all-out warrior who can deal massive damage in battle. As you traverse the game world, you are bound to face enemies like Anubis in the Ancient Egypt Area, or the God of Death, Thanatos in later stages that I won’t spoil.

Of course, these won’t be the only type of enemies you face early on, but expect that the game will get more difficult as you progress further. It’s not entirely about combat though. There are leisure activities that you can engage in, like having pets and gearing them up to assist you in battle, customizing your characters’ swords with weapon trails, and rebirthing—a unique feature that allows players to reset their characters’ progress in exchange for better stats and drops.

Become a mighty warrior and slash away at all the criminals in Roblox's RPG World.
Become a mighty warrior and slash away at all the criminals in Roblox’s RPG World.

Why play Roblox’s RPG World?

1. Its rebirthing feature heavily contributes to the game’s replay value.

RPG World is the only RPG in this list that has a rebirthing feature, and we’re happy to report that it adds a lot of complexity and replay value to the game. If you do play RPG World and finish its story, you can rebirth your character to reset its progress in exchange for better stats and drops. You can do this as many times as you can and this means that no playthrough of the game is going to be similar. 

2. Its world, levels and areas add on to the game’s combat intensity.

Because of its large scope, RPG World has some levels and areas that really add to the “boss fight vibe”. For example, the Ancient Egypt area is wonderfully populated with pyramids, references like the Sphinx, and features Anubis—the area’s big bad. While battling Anubis, the area around you will be covered in a sandstorm while he utilizes his mummification and magic against you. When a game pays attention to the little details like these, it’s hard to not appreciate. 

3. It still receives continuous updates and dev support despite RPG World 2 being released.

Although RPG World 2 is the newer version, the game devs pay their homage and thanks to the supporters of RPG World by still pushing out frequent updates and big patches that keep the game playable and balanced. 

5. Knight Simulator by Core Productions 2.0

Roblox's Knight Simulator by Core Productions 2.0 is a massive Roblox RPG that you shouldn't miss out on.
Roblox’s Knight Simulator by Core Productions 2.0 is a massive Roblox RPG that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Knight Simulator is a massive Roblox RPG with over 200 weapons and close to 100 distinct armor sets to obtain. The game stays true to its name by having a knight and warrior-themed game aesthetic design, with heavy armor, the use of swords, and an overall medieval vibe throughout its entire Roblox world. 

Knight Simulator was previously known as “Limitless RPG” and was just relaunched under its current name in 2020. Although it’s been barely a year old, it has had three million unique hits and nearly 50,000 favorites since then. This makes the Roblox game a huge success despite its relatively young age.

Thousands of players flock to Knight Simulator every day to explore its uniquely built words, grind levels by swinging their swords at foes, and cladding shiny armor to defend themselves against tough bosses. 

Swing your swords at your foes and take them down in Roblox's Knight Simulator.
Swing your swords at your foes and take them down in Roblox’s Knight Simulator.

Why play Roblox’s Knight Simulator?

1. There are hundreds of weapons and armors to obtain and play with.

Knight Simulator offers its players a plethora of options when it comes to weaponry and armory. It has all types of weapons you can imagine: swords, axes, daggers — you name it, this Roblox game has it. Each of the 100 armor sets all have different bonuses and stats too, making it a unique experience every time. 

2. The medieval world transports you back to the golden age of Europe.

With sculptures of knights that tower the small towns and architecture reminiscent of the Roman Empire, it sets itself apart from the game worlds of other Roblox RPG games that take place in more modern times. 

3. It’s gameplay is story-driven, rather than progress-driven.

Knight Simulator focuses more on the storyline and narrative rather than the loot and rewards. Although this Roblox game has 231 unique weapons like Epee, and 91 unique armor sets, it gives players the opportunity to experience what the story entails rather than grinding their way through mobs and bosses. 

6. Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios

Roblox's Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios is an open-world fighting RPG that comes with dazzling moves and quick moves.
Roblox’s Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios is an open-world fighting RPG that comes with dazzling moves and quick moves.

Ninja Legends is a fighting and an open-world Roblox RPG that emphasizes on quick reactions, dazzling moves, and the mastery of skills. It contains ninjas, combat, RPG, and adventure all packed in one complete and exciting game.

You get to execute moves like teleporting behind your enemies and surprising them with a Naruto-inspired Jutsu attack. Or better yet, you even get to climb up a tree and sneak up on your enemies in a very ninja-like move.

Players can grind and earn weaponry to help win battles easier. Everything ninja, from double jumping, shuriken throwing, to the classic Naruto-style running are all present as well.

Ninja Legends is a unique Roblox RPG in that it has a large and active community that is still growing till today. With over 1.3 billion visitors and over 15,000 daily gamers, there’s no disputing that you’re bound to meet a potential friend (or foe) in every corner of the game.

Pet ownership, skill routes, element combinations, and other RPG aspects are included in this Roblox game as well. If you love Roblox RPG games that have a deep focus on combat, then there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy playing Ninja Legends.

Show off your feisty combat skills in Roblox's Ninja Legends.
Show off your feisty combat skills in Roblox’s Ninja Legends.

Why play Roblox’s Ninja Legends?

1. There are constant updates that keep the game fresh and timeless.

Patch notes for Ninja Legends have always been extensive and packed with fresh content to enjoy in every update that the developers have released thus far. Each update has brought about new character skins, new weapons like Kunais and Katanas, new Jitsus like summoning beasts. There are much more waiting for you to explore when you play and experience the game. 

2. Ninjas are cool.

Ninjas are cool, as most people already know. But, given that there aren’t much good ninja-themed Roblox RPGs around, Roblox’s Ninja Legends is a game that checks all the boxes. Jutsus that you’ve seen from Naruto, Kunais that break the laws of physics, and shurikens that can ricochet. Check, check and check.

3. It’s a Roblox game that’s perfect for those who have a knack for competitive games.

Because the game includes PvP elements, these combat techniques usually have a high skill ceiling. Most attacks in this game, such as throwing shurikens, have very fast projectile speeds, meaning that the only way to dodge them is to either use your teleportation Jutsu or to deflect them using your katana. This is great for players who have the competitive itch and are looking for a game to sharpen and show off their quick reactive skills.

7. Deadly Sins Retribution by Invincible

Roblox's Deadly Sins Retribution combines the best of magic and fighting into an all-encompassing RPG that will rock your world.
Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution combines the best of magic and fighting into an all-encompassing RPG that will rock your world.

Do you like the idea of using magic, fighting, and embracing your favorite RPG elements all in one big Roblox game? Then Deadly Sins Retribution is the game for you. It’s an RPG-adventure Roblox game based on the popular anime series The Seven Deadly Sins.

In Deadly Sins Retribution, your goal is to use magic and weapons to defeat your opponents like members of the Giants clan or bosses from the series like Diana and King.

The more levels you gain, the stronger your magic becomes and the more weapons you unlock. You can also play as or against some of the most well-known characters from the series, such as Meliodas and Zeldris.

And as you can already expect, magic is the main theme of this game and the weapons can range from your bare hands to the coolest looking wands you’ve ever seen. You may also upgrade these weapons with the use of gold that you get from completing quests and slaying foes which can dramatically boost your damage. 

Despite the game’s focus on magic, it has a well-designed RPG system that you can utilize in conjunction with its fantastic combat system. A unique feature of Deadly Sins Retribution is elemental reactions that can be done by combining specific magic elements. For example, shooting a fire attack at an opponent who’s been electrified will cause combustion — dealing massive AoE damage in the process. 

Combine magic and combat, and take down your enemies in Roblox's Deadly Sins Retribution.
Combine magic and combat, and take down your enemies in Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution.

Why play Roblox’s Deadly Sins Retribution?

1. Its magic theme gives it a unique take, standing apart from other RPGs.

Most Roblox RPGs in this list puts you in the shoes of a swordsman, a paladin, or every other generic class. In Deadly Sins, however, there are no classes as everyone is a magician. The only way for your character to get stronger is to enchant your wands, learn new abilities, and find a clan that will back you up in battles. 

2. The ability to combine your skills and magic with other players is so much fun.

The way your abilities interact with certain elements creates a dynamic flow of combat that no other RPG in Roblox has. Combining fire and ice elements for example, will cause your opponent to melt which slows their movement down while also dealing a respectable amount of damage.

3. Bored of the traditional sword and shield RPGs? Then give this game will excite you.

Because the other Roblox RPG games on our list don’t have much magic, Deadly Sins Retribution stands out as unique and fascinating. As you defeat more enemies, you get experience points, which translates to more magic that you can use to fight tougher creatures and mobs!

8. Jailbreak by Badimo

Roblox's Jailbreak by Badimo brings to the table a GTA inspired game, fully operational in the world of Roblox.
Roblox’s Jailbreak by Badimo brings to the table a GTA inspired game, fully operational in the world of Roblox.

Of course, a Roblox RPG list wouldn’t be complete without a copycat of a Triple-A game, GTA. Though it may appear to be a blatant ripoff at first glance, it might be an entertaining RPG game option for people without powerful enough PCs to run the actual GTA V.

If you have a group of buddies who enjoy being crazy while role-playing as cops and robbers, then Jailbreak is a great Roblox game to play. It doesn’t have the perfect implementation of every single RPG element, but since the game allows you to choose a side (cops or robbers), you can essentially role-play in it.

You can choose to either pledge your allegiance to the craziest evil criminal gang in Jailbreak, or uphold the law of the land as a cop of justice. You can practically do whatever you want in Jailbreak. You can rob automobiles, acquire weapons, fight other players, and play alongside them.

On the flip side, you can choose to be on the side of justice and join the police force to apprehend all the criminals. If you’re big into relaxing RPGs that are perfect to just roam around and steal vehicles in, then Jailbreak is a solid RPG choice for your next Roblox game.

Steal a speedy car and race down your favorite roads in Roblox's Jailbreak.
Steal a speedy car and race down your favorite roads in Roblox’s Jailbreak.

Why play Roblox’s Jailbreak

1. This game gives you the absolute freedom on what you wish to do.

Because Jailbreak is a sandbox and an RPG, you can do anything you wish (within the parameters of the game). One prime example would be to get any car that you desire.

All you have to do is approach the car you want to ride in and press the designated hotkey, whether it’s from an NPC, another player, or even from a cop that you wish to mess with.

It’s so easy to play, and it eliminates the grinding aspect that is omnipresent in every other Roblox RPG game.

2. The game consists of light RPG elements that make it beginner-friendly.

Since Jailbreak is a sandbox game first and RPG game second, its RPG elements aren’t the most sophisticated. But that’s not all bad news! This simply means that it’s a beginner-friendly game that is suitable for Roblox players who have little to no knowledge of RPGs.

With these light RPG elements, players can focus more on having fun with hijacking cars while minding less about the game’s grinding and progression.  

3. The game has impressive car mechanics and a huge selection.

Being able to get any car you want means that as a robber, you get to live your heist dream to the fullest, by having the most luxurious cars at your disposal. Meanwhile, players as cops can gain access to military vehicles such as tanks, choppers, and more to overpower the robbers in the game.

This just adds to the immersion experience that overall, makes the game a solid RPG choice for those looking for a GTA-like gameplay in Roblox.

9. RPG Simulator by Astral Studios

Roblox's RPG Simulator is so extensively developed, it would take you months to get a fully decked out character.
Roblox’s RPG Simulator is so extensively developed, it would take you months to get a fully decked out character.

RPG Simulator is one of the more in-depth and complex Roblox RPGs on this list. It has all the bells and whistles that you’d typically expect from a standard RPG, but the devs took it up a notch by going the extra mile with items, levels, and more.

All items in RPG Simulator have specific sockets that you can fill up with enchantments, the level cap is 1300, and weapons have a rarity system where common is the lowest and legendary is the highest. This extends your items’ level of customization and allows players to work towards owning the best weapon in the game.

In RPG Simulator, you start off as a weakling with only a sword and a basic armor set to your name. But, as you progress through the story and discover new lands like its huge forests, you will eventually come across powerful bosses that will challenge your skills and strength.

The bosses in the game range from yetis, the infamous Big Foot, and even Gods like Zeus and Poseidon. Each boss you defeat will drop a specific weapon that will aid you in the next levels. For instance, upon defeating Poseidon, he will drop his legendary trident which is enchanted with the ability to breathe underwater. You’ll find that you eventually need this ability in the levels to come.

And if you ever find it difficult to overcome these challenges, you can always join a guild or call your friends to help you out, but remember to choose wisely on which player gets the best drops as only one instance of items drops with each kill. 

Deck your equipment out with full enchantments, and get slashing! (Image from Roblox's RPG Simulator)
Deck your equipment out with full enchantments, and get slashing! (Image from Roblox’s RPG Simulator)

Why play Roblox’s 2X Pet EXP RPG Simulator?

1. Its in-depth RPG elements makes it a pleasantly addictive game to play.

The game stays true to its name by being one of the most in-depth RPGs on Roblox by having a level system that goes up to 1300, hundreds of weapon choices, and breathtaking areas like Atlantis and Antartica. You can also build your character in different ways too, from your traditional paladin to a monster of a swordsman. 

2. There are tons of areas to explore and traverse in the game.

The world of RPG Simulator is also filled with enemies and NPCs that make each area feel unique. One area may have basic enemies like slimes, while others have Gods like Poseidon. Each area also gets progressively bigger than the other.

Your starting area will just be a small patch of land that you can finish in a few minutes, but in the later stages, areas like the deserts and Atlantis will take at least 40-60 minutes to finish—excluding finding out all of that areas’ secrets and easter eggs. 

3. It’s populated with a supportive community and new players.

Since RPG Simulator is one of the more popular games on this list, its daily player count reaches thousands and its 78 million visits prove that the game is worthy of your time and effort. If you don’t have any friends who are into RPGs, then don’t worry — you’ll definitely find one in Roblox’s RPG Simulator!

10. Electric State DarkRP by REDD DarkRP

One of the favorite post-apocalyptic RPG in Roblox - Electric State DarkRP by REDD DarkRP.
One of the favorite post-apocalyptic RPG in Roblox – Electric State DarkRP by REDD DarkRP.

Electric State DarkRP is an RPG-adventure game in Roblox that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Your job in this game is to survive, scavenge for food parts, or threaten other players to give up their items. 

In Electric State, you can accomplish a variety of objectives like stealing or working in a variety of jobs, ranging from being a black market merchant who sells weapons, to being a professional tracker who hunts down the money printers.

The game’s aesthetics and game-world are also unique as it has a dark tone to it that adds to the eerie vibe. You can construct your own base, and there are numerous options to approach it: construct your base in the open or in a well-hidden spot that is safe from other players.

The game also has some interesting game mechanisms, such as a karma system and a flagging system to prevent players from killing each other, as well as lock picks for stealing shipments and money printers. You’ll encounter a variety of bases and groups of people on each server you visit. This game is one of the more darker, yet realistic, approach to a Roblox RPG.

You can even don a jet pack and zoom through the air in Roblox's Electric State DarkRP by REDD DarkRP.
You can even don a jet pack and zoom through the air in Roblox’sElectric State DarkRP by REDD DarkRP.

Why play Roblox’s Electric State DarkRP?

1. Its mechanics are quite different than your typical RPG.

Most RPGs on this list have your typical progression system, drop RNGs, a levelling system, and much more. However, in Electric State, things are a bit different.

While the game retains the grindy levelling aspect with items to hunt and collect, it doesn’t present you with any quests. You can only acquire such items through trading with other players through voice chat or the world chat, or as a last resort, by killing them for it.

2. Base building adds a layer of depth that turns parts of the Roblox world into your own.

By having your own base and conducting your business inside it, it presents players with a feeling that they can expand and own a certain part of the Roblox world. And that’s the case for Electric State DarkRP. The bigger your base gets, the more you can do in it but the better your defenses also have to be as it attracts players to invade and conquer it.

3. Players can really indulge in the role-playing aspects of the gameplay.

If you love role-playing, then this is the perfect game to try. Although RPGs have the word role-playing in it, it has kind of lost its essence in the past decade since people don’t really “role-play” anymore.

However, with Electric State DarkRP, you’ll get to actually meet people who talk via voice chat and act like they’re in a post-apocalyptic world. It adds on a new layer of fun yet intimidating experience for new players, but it’s worth giving a shot. 

11. Driving Empire by Wayfort

Roblox's Driving Empire by Wayfort is a popular RPG that combines combines racing and RPG elements.
Roblox’s Driving Empire by Wayfort is a popular RPG that combines combines racing and RPG elements.

Driving Empire is one of Roblox’s most popular racing and RPGs to date. It’s an empire to see, with over 129 million visits and up to 5,000 daily players. Though it’s a racing game at heart, it has some RPG elements dug deep into it like a currency system, stats system, and more. If you love RPGs that give you a highly detailed world to drive around, chill around, and drag race on, then you’ll fall in love with Driving Empire. 

With high-detail textures, vibrant landscapes, and gorgeous scenery, it’s one of Roblox’s best-looking games. Its racing options are diverse as well, ranging from racing with friends to beating the clock and walking around the city.

Besides racing, players can also role-play and host car meetups where they can show off their customized vehicles, parking lot races, and more. Inside Driving Empire, you can choose your own path: grind cash to get more luxurious vehicles, or stick with your basic ride and spend time exploring the world instead? Its quests aren’t anything special, but they can be fun with friends and strangers. The storage size of the game is its biggest disadvantage. Some players with inferior devices and PCs may be unable to play the game correctly due to its graphically intensive nature and large maps, but other than that, Driving Empire is one of the best racing and RPGs present on Roblox. 

Race away into beautiful landscapes in Roblox's Driving Empire.
Race away into beautiful landscapes in Roblox’s Driving Empire.

Why play Roblox’s Driving Empire?

1. The community and player base is friendly and massive.

Since Driving Empire is an open-world RPG, it’s easy for players to pick up and stick with since its core gameplay is to drive around and explore the world. There may be occasions where you need to grind for that Lamborghini, but its huge player base will be there for you to help out with quests.  

2. Beautiful maps and vibrant night cities.

Driving Empire’s maps are vibrant, colorful, and active, especially when dotted with players from all over the world. Given the game’s massive size—and its influence from places like Los Angeles—it’s natural that the maps be comprehensive and well-constructed. The high-definition textures will definitely be catching the attention of every player! 

3. The perfect game to chill with your buddies. 

All RPGs in this list can be relaxing when you’re in the right area, but in Driving Empire, the whole game just has this chill vibe attached to it. From driving around the night city with your Mustang to parking at a random sidewalk and just watching the sunset, it’s truly a game that takes your mind off the intimidating combat and grinding of other RPGs.

12. RoCitizens by Firebrand1

Roblox's RoCitizens by Firebrand1 is an RPG about life - from earning money from jobs, to furnishing your dream home.
Roblox’s RoCitizens by Firebrand1 is an RPG about life – from earning money from jobs, to furnishing your dream home.

RoCitizens is a fantastic RPG that is akin to games like The Sims or Stardew Valley. It has health bars and mood bars that you can keep full, but you are not obligated to as you can live your jolly life in the city without worries.

It’s a town filled with places to roam around in and occupations to partake in. It has schools where you can roleplay as a high school superstar and a park where you can meet, greet, or even flirt with other players. On the occupation side, you can apply as a barista, gardener, cashier, teacher, and a lifeguard to earn cash you can use to buy luxurious things like sports cats and more.

You can use the money that you earn from jobs to build and personalize your home. For character customization, there aren’t many options other than the default body shape and hair, but it does have clothing and wardrobes. It has everything, including calendars and apps built into your phone, cars you can buy and drive, and places where you can go and meet people. It’s also one of the more popular RPGs in Roblox, with over 730 million visits and 10,000 daily players. 

Own a car, go to work, basically do anything you wish in Roblox's RoCitizens.
Own a car, go to work, basically do anything you wish in Roblox’s RoCitizens.

Why play Roblox’s RoCitizens?

1. It’s a relaxing RPG that doesn’t ask for much grinding from its players.

In RoCitizens, all you have to worry about is how your house looks and your character looks. Though there are stats that you can improve like your mood bars and fitness level, you’re not really forced to pay attention to them. Just live your life like it’s your last day and all is good in RoCitizens. 

2. There are tons of places to see and lots of people to meet.

From shopping malls, parks, and even schools, you won’t run out of places to explore and see people. For those who are social butterflies, go take the opportunity to go out and talk to people you don’t know—who knows if you meet your next best friend in RoCitizens?

3. The game is jam-packed with fresh content, providing you hours of entertainment.

There is just this general vibe about RoCitienz that has everything you can ever imagine in an open-world RPG. Feel like chilling in the cafe for a bit? No problem-o. Or maybe you want to work a 9-5 shift as a Barista? You can do that too. It’s all up to you to decide which path your character takes in this game.

You can head on over and start playing Roblox’s RoCitienz here.

13. Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition by WarriorCatsRP

Play as cute furry cats in Roblox's Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition by WarriorCatsRP.
Play as cute furry cats in Roblox’s Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition by WarriorCatsRP.

Warrior Cats is yet another unique take on the Roblox RPG genre as you don’t play the game as humans with swords, but instead, as cute furry cats! In Warriors Cats, your goal is to create your own story, meet other people, build your warrior as a healer or a warrior, and more. 

As you explore the big world of Warrior Cats, you are bound to meet other cats to befriend or to battle. The ultimate goal of this game is to expand your territory and build up your clan to be the strongest clan there is.

Of course, you can also choose to join an existing clan yourself, but the fun truly begins when you start your own clan and recruit members that have the same goals as you. You truly control your own path and story in this Roblox game, and every choice you make will affect every little detail you could imagine.

Befriend or battle other cats that you meet in Roblox's Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition by WarriorCatsRP.
Befriend or battle other cats that you meet inRoblox’s Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition by WarriorCatsRP.

Why play Roblox’s Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition?

1. The character models in Warrior Cats are just too adorable to resist.

Since you play as furry felines in Warrior Cats, the adorable characters that you play can’t be ignored. They’re just too adorable and the devs really did a good job in making sure that their textures, as well as the game world’s, are high-definition and crisp. 

2. The game has an interactive clan and territory system. 

The main focus of Warrior Cats isn’t with glamorous items or weapons, but rather to expand your territory and clan. You may encounter enemies (who are other players too) who may try to topple your kingdom, but it’s all up to you on how you defend your territory. 

3. It’s a nostalgic trip to fantasy worlds.

If you’ve ever played RPGs like World of Warcraft, Warrior Cats’ aesthetic may remind you of it since it primarily takes place in a fantasy world that is far from ours. It looks old, nostalgic, yet still eye-catching.

Play Roblox’s Warrior Cats here.

14. INFINITY RPG by The Sparkle Time Studio

Step into the dystopian Roblox universe in Roblox's INFINITY RPG by The Sparkle Time Studio.
Step into the dystopian Roblox universe in Roblox’s INFINITY RPG by The Sparkle Time Studio.

INFINITY RPG is an open-world RPG that is set in a dystopian Roblox future where monsters have taken over the multiverse. Your goal in INFINITY RPG is to become the strongest being alive by slaying all the monsters throughout its 50+ realms spanning across 3 universes.

Along the way, collect all of the flashiest weapons in the game – like King Arthur’s Excalibur and Star Wars-inspired Lightsabers. Since it’s a Roblox game that spreads over 3 universes, you can expect a really huge game world to play in. Clearing a planet only takes a couple of minutes, but for clearing a whole galaxy and a whole universe? It’ll take some serious grinding to complete them all. 

Each universe and galaxy has its theme, universe 1 being a futuristic void where monsters have mastered interstellar travel while universe 2 has fewer monsters for its focus is on galactic kingdoms who vow to take over that universe. Before you get all excited with that concept, you need to get strong first.

As the game is set in a dystopian future, swords are only half the fun. INFINITY RPG gives you access to a plethora of gunslinger options too like plasma beams and railguns that you can use to evaporate your foes. With that being said, INFINITY RPG mainly focuses on grinding and progressing, so for some players, this can be a major turn-off. However, if you love seeing your character one-shot bosses and mobs, then this game is worth a shot. 

Go on hunts for epic weapons and rare equipments in Roblox's INFINITY RPG by The Sparkle Time Studio.
Go on hunts for epic weapons and rare equipments inRoblox’s INFINITY RPG by The Sparkle Time Studio.

Why play Roblox’s Infinity RPG?

1. The signature RPG grind culture in the game is present and very much alive.

Even if you hate RPGs with an intense grinding and progression system, you should still give this game a try as its rewards heavily match the effort you’ll put into making your character strong.

2. There are many areas in the game to explore and secrets to uncover.

Since Infinity RPG is an open-world game, there are 50+ areas (or realms as they call it) wherein players can explore, battle, or just check for easter eggs. The maps are huge and are full of mobs and NPCs you can interact with in various ways. 

3. The game’s weaponry and armor system is diverse and plentiful. 

Infinity RPG also has a lot of weapons and armor. With over 400+ weapons that range from your typical swords to even shurikens, you won’t ever run out of builds to try out and experiment with.

Play Roblox’s Infinity RPG here.

15. Fantastic Frontier by Spectrabox

Embark on hours of exploration and adventuring in Roblox's Fantastic Frontier by Spectrabox.
Embark on hours of exploration and adventuring in Roblox’s Fantastic Frontier by Spectrabox.

Another adventure-RPG game on this list is Fantastic Frontier. Its main focus is on exploration and adventuring and less on the grind that can get tedious at times. Players start out with basic loot and items, but as you progress and battle, your character becomes stronger, and the more money you have. With all this power and money, you can build houses wherever you want or you can just keep fighting enemies to be the ultimate warrior. 

What’s going to attract new players to Fantastic Frontier is its design and game world. The game world is divided into islands that you can freely explore and meet people in. This is where you would also build your houses and potentially relax there for your whole playthrough, but where’s the fun in that?

Just like the other RPG games on this list, there are also numerous weapons, armors, and skills you can level up, but it’s not as complex as you would expect. The devs really want players to see Fantastic Frontier as more of an adventure RPG game rather than a grindy-fighting RPG game, so if you’re all up for that, this game is an excellent experience.

Explore unique islands and hunt for rare weapons (like this Ancient Treesword) in Roblox's Fantastic Frontier by Spectrabox.
Explore unique islands and hunt for rare weapons (like this Ancient Treesword) in Roblox’s Fantastic Frontier by Spectrabox.

Why play Roblox’s Fantastic Frontier?

1. It’s a relaxing feel-good type of RPG that focuses on housing and exploration. 

Fantastic Frontier is a great game to play if you just want to see your character build their own shack and watch the sunset. That’s one of your choices in this game, of course, you may still choose to grind and let your enemies know your wrath in the game world! 

2. The game’s world graphics and aesthetics are on a completely different level. 

The world graphics and aesthetics are top-notch as well. The islands are very detailed along with weapons that shine and glimmer. Truly an immersive experience. 

3. It’s really easy to get you and your group of friends started with this game.

Fantastic Frontier is an ideal starting game for you or your pals if you aren’t sold on the RPG genre’s grinding and intricate growth systems. Its basics are simple, yet it retains the RPG game feel of gaining strength with each kill and freedom to build your own houses whenever and wherever you want. 

Play Roblox’s Fantastic Frontier here.

16. Demon Slayer RPG by Shounen Studio

A manga and anime inspired RPG, Roblox's Demon Slayer RPG by Shounen Studio
A manga and anime inspired RPG, Roblox’s Demon Slayer RPG by Shounen Studio

Demon Slayer RPG is based on the popular manga and anime series of the same name. In this game, you must battle fierce adversaries, discover new locations, and learn new powers, arts, and methods to become the most powerful demon or demon slayer. 

The world of Demon Slayer is uncertain and unsuspecting as there will be characters who may seem lighthearted but are actually your worst foes. As a story that represents the struggle of the weak and how they turn their weaknesses into strengths, its narrative is just one part of what makes it a great RPG.

It’s a fun game for all ages and platform newcomers alike, set in a world filled with demons who must be defeated by you: the demon slayer. Meet and battle the characters you love like Nezuko and Tanjiro while also forging your own characters’ stories. As an RPG, there are numerous weapons to choose from along with demonic abilities that you can learn and unlock as you progress. There is also a vast world waiting for you to explore which is still inspired by the anime.

Set in a world filled with demons, you will get to level up your character, don the best equipment and purge them all in Roblox's Demon Slayer RPG.
Set in a world filled with demons, you will get to level up your character, don the best equipment and purge them all in Roblox’s Demon Slayer RPG.

Why play Roblox’s Demon Slayer RPG?

1. The game comprises of a breathing open-world accompanied by trademark characters like Nezuko.

Yes, it is as entertaining as it sounds. It’s a fantastic aspect of this game to be able to fight strangers and friends while also exploring areas created by other players. And to think that Nezuko and Tanjiro are included? What could be better than a Demon Slayer RPG in Roblox?!

2. The game’s controls and mechanics are very easy to learn. 

Learning and mastering the controls and movement of Demon Slayer RPG should only take a few minutes. As a result, the game’s total learning curve is low and is welcoming to Demon Slayer fans looking for a solid RPG.

3. It’s an excellent adaptation of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. 

Ever wanted to become a Demon Slayer like Tanjiro or a demon like Nezuko? Then this is probably the best game on Roblox that faithfully adapts the anime. With a world that closely resembles the world the siblings live in and characters that have so much personality, it’s definitely one of a kind anime RPG.

Play Roblox’s Demon Slayer here.

17. Ro-Ghoul by SushiWalrus

Roblox's Anime inspired RPG, Ro-Ghoul by SushiWalrus.
Roblox’s Anime inspired RPG, Ro-Ghoul by SushiWalrus.

For its prominent characters like Kaneki and his multiple forms, Tokyo Ghoul was once the most popular anime in the community. As a result, it’s not surprising to see an anime version in Roblox, specifically Ro-Ghoul, an RPG with cops and robbers themes. It’s simple, but when played with the proper people, such as your pals, it may provide infinite hours of entertainment.

Players can pick a side and complete tasks for that side to earn points and win the game. Players may also choose from models of Kaneki and members of the Anteiku clan to play as in the game. The game devs also distribute codes that players may use to improve their stats, enhance their characters, and so on. Overall, Ro-Ghoul is a unique concept that may appeal to a niche audience, but who’s to say you won’t enjoy it? Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Assume unique characters as you play Roblox's unique anime-inspired RPG, Roblox's Ro-Ghoul.
Assume unique characters as you play Roblox’s unique anime-inspired RPG, Roblox’s Ro-Ghoul.

Why play Roblox’s Ro-Ghoul?

1. There are deep character customization options in the game.

Ro-Ghoul also lets its players completely personalize their characters. If you want to look like the protagonist of the show, go for it. Masks can also be used to impersonate a mysterious member of the Anteiku or Aogiri clan.

2. It has cafes present in the game, great for relaxing with your friends.

This game also includes the Anteiku cafe. It’s a sweet and relaxing spot where you and your pals may unwind while catching up on Discord or waiting for another friend. Not to say that the other games on this list don’t have places to relax, but the Anteiku cafe is truly unique.

3. It’s a strategy RPG that feels different from other Roblox games.

If you enjoy slow-paced strategy games on Roblox, Ro-Ghoul is a wonderful place to start. It’s not even close to the adventure and hack-and-slash games we’ve listed, but its distinct gameplay and approach make it worth playing.

Play Roblox’s Ro-Ghoul here.

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