15 Roblox Horror Games to Play in 2023

15 Best Roblox Horror Games in 2024

15 Best Roblox Horror Games in 2024

15 Roblox Horror Games to Play in 2023
15 Roblox Horror Games to Play in 2024

Roblox has taken the gaming world by storm, offering a unique platform where players can not only play games created by others but also create and publish their own games.

With millions of games from all genres available on the platform, Roblox provides an endless variety of experiences for players of all ages. Among these games are a wide selection of horror games, perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of being scared.

Most of these horror games on Roblox are created by the players themselves, which sets it apart from other platforms in the gaming industry. Players can use their creativity and imagination to develop their own unique games with their own scary storylines, settings, and characters.

To support these game creators, Roblox offers a broad range of tools and features for game creation. This allows developers to add custom music, sound effects, and even jump scares to their games.

The best part about these games is that they are completely free to play. Players can choose from a wide range of horror games, from eerie and suspenseful to downright terrifying. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic haunted house or a zombie survival game, Roblox has got you covered.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 15 best Roblox horror games in 2024, ranging from spine-chilling to downright horrifying.

1. Geisha by BDStudios

Play Roblox's Geisha Game

Based on the “Teke-Teke” urban legend, this horrifying Roblox game is packed with terrifying encounters that will instill fear in even the most ardent horror enthusiast. Your family is nowhere to be found when you return to your childhood home.

Geisha keeps their players at their toes by having realistic and immersive sound effects that make it sound like the player is actually a part of the game. Every sound of footsteps, scream, yell, and deaths is accounted for. As you progress this horror game’s story, you will be unraveling the secrets of how Geisha became the monster that she is.

Just beware of the abundance of jumpscares, puzzles, and scares that you’ll get from this game: they are not for the faint of heart.

Why play Roblox’s Geisha Game?

Play Roblox's Geisha Game

1. The game contains a deep lore behind all the scares.

Not all scary games are created equally. Some rely on cheap scares while others have a complex story behind them. For this game though, it’s fortunate that not only does the game have really good jump scare timings but also an actual story and lore that avid horror game players will appreciate.

2. It’s a short and concise game – but filled with lots of fun.

Roblox’s Geisha is not that long of a game. In fact, it’s something that you can probably finish in around 2-3 hours straight of gameplay. What that means is that most players will have the time and capacity to fully understand the story and also get some solid scares in just a couple of hours.

3. Its puzzles and soundtrack add on to its thrill factor.

Another contributing element that adds to the spooks of Geisha is the goosebump-inducing soundtrack and its time-limited puzzles. Picture this: you need to finish a puzzle to move on to the next level while Geisha is slowly creeping her way towards you… all that while a scary background music is playing.

Play Roblox’s Geisha horror game here.

2. Dead Silence by @DoomX10

Play Roblox's Dead Silence

Dead Silence is without a doubt one of Roblox’s most popular terrifying games, and it’s easy to see why. Players must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who haunts the local village in this game based on the spooky horror film of the same name.

The game’s outstanding music and level design are what set it apart from other Roblox games. Walking through one of the game’s poorly lighted passageways is an unnerving experience in and of itself. Doors will really squeak and floorboards will creak along with your footsteps, but you should be most concerned about the ghost who awaits in the shadows.

On top of its amazing sound design, you can also play Dead Silence with your friends and try to solve the puzzling disappearance of Mary Shaw together. But to really feel alone, helpless, and scared, one must try to play and complete the game with no help from the outside.

Why play Roblox’s Dead Silence?

Play Roblox's Dead Silence

1. The game has immersive sound design and levels.

The sound design and levels of Dead Silence are what make it one of the best horror games in Roblox. For one, the sound of footsteps, wood creaking, doors closing, and the ghost creeping by are all here.

The levels and areas are complemented with these creepy sounds as well as the vignette that covers your screen as you try to solve the game’s mystery.

2. You can team up with strangers or friends to solve the horror mystery.

If going solo isn’t your thing, then we got good news for you. Dead Silence has full support for multiplayer, so if you want to be spooked along with your friends and hear their screams on Discord, then this is the perfect game to play.

3. The game has a gradual buildup of horror elements, into the finale.

Dead Silence does not put you at the forefront of its scary story right away. In your first 20 minutes, you’ll be put in a rather relaxed situation where you are guided and helped by the game with controls, tips, and more.

But once you discover the next area, the spooks and the buildup of suspense start to accelerate as the ghost awaits.

Play Roblox’s Dead Silence here.

3. Alone In A Spooky House by @Umamidayo

Play Roblox's Alone In A Spooky House

This game’s setting is a classic horror one, with you finding yourself alone in a dark house, collecting clues in order to track down a murderer. This is a fantastic game in its own right, with several endings, a plethora of mysteries, and stunningly evocative lighting.

Every corridor gives me an uneasy feeling that I might be jump scared as I walk down it. Each room presents a mystery waiting to be solved, and every corner of the house hides a terrifying horror. Once you see a pair of glowing red eyes lurking in the shadows, it’s time to run.

To get the full horrifying effect from the game, it’s recommended to play by yourself. Although, if your heart is unable to take it, you can also choose to play with 20 other people.

Because the game contains blood and a generally uncomfortable atmosphere, this Roblox game is probably best suited for teenagers and pre-teens rather than the younger children.

Alone in a Spooky House is also a Best Single Player Game Nominee of the Bloxy Awards 2020, further cementing its place as one of the scariest and best horror games ever made in Roblox.

Why play Alone In A Spooky House?

Play Roblox's Alone In A Spooky House

1. Every part of the house has its own unique horror element.

As you explore the dark, haunted house, you eventually find out that each room has its own horror story. An example would be one room upstairs where you see clues of a man being killed during his sleep and hints of scratches on the wall.

2. There are multiple endings that can only be achieved through the decisions you make in-game.

Alone in a Spooky House has several endings in which a player can only achieve through their decision-making in the game. Let’s say you miss an important clue or mystery along the way, the outcome of the ending might be completely different to a player who picked up on that clue.

This variation does not only give this game solid replay-ability, but also a layer of complexity that no other Roblox horror game has.

3. Playing it with the people you know may be more fun than scary.

If you’ve got a couple of friends who are also into horror games, then suggesting them to join you in your Alone in a Spooky House adventure could give you guys lots of laughs. There would be arguments and funny quarrels about who checks a certain room or who becomes the sacrificial lamb.

P.S. You can even lock someone in a room and watch them scream as the monster feasts on their fear!

Intrigued yet? Play Roblox’s Alone In A Spooky House here.

4. Murder Mystery 2 by @Nikilis

Play Roblox's Murder Mystery 2

Everybody enjoys a good murder mystery, and it appears that Roblox players are no exception. The fact that this Roblox game has been played more than 6.6 billion times just shows that horror and social deduction games akin to Among Us are an automatic hit.

Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2 is a social deduction game in which a group of 12 players must work together to identify and apprehend the murderer. Each game contains a single sheriff, who is responsible for apprehending and eliminating the 1 murderer, while the 10 remaining players will prove their innocence unless they want to be taken as guilty.

If you want to endure the hardships that lie ahead, you’ll need to use your wits and cunning to get through it all. Despite the fact that Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2 is not as frightening as the other games on our list, it will certainly get your blood pumping and your heart racing!

Why play Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2:

Play Roblox's Murder Mystery 2

1. Each game of Murder Mystery 2 will always be different.

Just like Among Us, each time you fire up Murder Mystery 2, there will be a different path that lies ahead. Even if you keep playing with the same group of friends each game, there will always be a different sheriff and murderer that only those who have the best social deduction skills can figure out.

2. You can finesse other players and pretend to be the sheriff or murderer even when you’re not.

One of the best elements of Murder Mystery 2 is bluffing or faking your role out. If you use your wits and cunning to fake out your role, then you can essentially create chaos within the game and get other people to scratch other people. Who is the real killer, sheriff, and innocent? Nobody really knows until the end.

3. It forces players to interact, engage, and be creative with their alibis.

Murder Mystery 2 makes it so that every player does something to contribute to the success of the game. Interacting, talking to people around you, and being slippery with your alibis are just some of the few ways you can socially immerse yourself in this game.

Play Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2 here.

5. Project Lazarus: Zombies by @logitech101

Play Roblox's Project Lazarus: Zombies

Upon entering the realm of Roblox’s Project Lazarus: Zombies, you will find yourself in the midst of a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by terrifying zombies and unknown beasts. Your mission is to locate the few remaining humans who are still alive and join forces with them to fight and kill zombies as quickly as possible.

Of course, the people you find in-game are other gamers who are suffering the same plight that you are right now. Because the fate of mankind rests in the hands of you and your team, it is critical that you all contribute to the abolition of zombies.

The in-depth weapon system, which allows you to attach mods to your guns and has 70 weapon levels, ensures that you will never be caught in the open without the proper equipment. The well-known weapons such as the AK-47 and M4 are all present, however, they are complemented by bizarre ballistics such as an RPG and cluster grenades.

All of these can be unlocked by completing tasks and killing zombies and then using the money earned to purchase weapons from the store. Furthermore, you can play with your pals and form an invincible team with them in order to preserve humanity from the wrath and horror of zombies.

Why play Project Lazarus: Zombies?

Play Roblox's Project Lazarus: Zombies

1. One of the most immersive and best horror and zombie experiences in Roblox.

There aren’t many games on Roblox that can match the atmosphere and experience that Project Lazarus: ZOMBIES provides. Because of the game’s terrifying landscape, from the dark and lifeless plains to the zombie-infested sections, it’s easy to become lost in it—especially when you consider that the first-person perspective adds to the horror aspect.

2. The game boasts a very rewarding weapons system.

It is possible to upgrade your weapons up to a total of 50 levels while attaching mods to them. All sorts of things may be accomplished with these tweaks, from increasing the damage of your bullets to including AoE explosions in every shot.

3. Having your friends as helping hands decreases the game’s difficulty.

If you have friends who enjoy zombie survival and horror games, then you should absolutely ask them to check out Project Lazarus: ZOMBIES. This is a game that places a strong emphasis on teamwork and the formation of groups in order to exterminate swarms of zombies. Even if you believe you are capable of fighting on your own, having a few more hands to assist you is not a terrible thing.

Play Roblox’s Project Lazarus: Zombies here.

6. The Mimic by @MUCDICH

Play Roblox's The Mimic

The Mimic is one of the scariest Roblox games on this list, and its horrific game design keeps the community coming back for more. It takes you back to high school as you delve into a horror-filled environment in quest of a bunch of your lost classmates, with four chapters of updates to work through alone or with friends.

Each chapter has its own quirks and objectives to complete. For example, in Chapter I, you are immediately thrown into a haunted school with your classmates, so your job is firstly to get to know the people you’re with, know who to trust, and uncover the mystery behind the horrors of the area.

Each player is given a flashlight, but no weapons to really envelope you in the eerie aspect of being a helpless victim. You must tread lightly as you explore every corner, every room, and every floor of each area. You never know where the Mimic is waiting for you…

The Mimic can be played with up to ten people, and it’s packed with spooky, immersive audio effects, lighting, and jump scares. It’s needless to say that even the bravest ones will be reaching for their blankets in this game.

Why play Roblox’s The Mimic?

Play Roblox's The Mimic - One of Roblox's scariest games created

1. The game has 4 long chapters to immerse yourself in.

Compared to other horror games in this list, The Mimic is relatively a long game with 4 full chapters that players can experience right now. Each chapter has different areas to explore, different quests to complete, and unique mysteries to solve.

2. Enjoy full multiplayer support for gameplay sessions with friends.

The Mimic has full 10 multiplayer support. That means that you can bring along your friends with you in exploring the barren lands and dark forests of The Mimic. However, it is still advised to give the game a try while you’re alone for the full horror experience.

3. You can expect unforgiving jump scares accompanied with realistic sound effects.

This game has a lot of jump scares and unexpected turns. These horror elements are further complemented by immersive sound effects that mimic (no pun intended) the real world’s sounds, meaning each footstep, each door knock, and each scream will make it seem like it is happening all happening around you.

Play Roblox’s The Mimic here.

7. Stop it, Slender! by @Kinnis97

Roblox’s Stop it, Slender! is based on the 2011 creepypasta craze of Slenderman. Similar to other Slenderman types of games, you are left to fend for your own in a dark, eerie forest in Stop it, Slender. You are only given a flashlight and a camera to capture the horrors that you witness.

You can also sprint, but not for too long. Your goal is to take a photo of every note that you find in the forest that pertains to the happenings around the area. These notes contain very dark and creepy messages that hint at the third kind that is following you.

As you collect more notes, the scarier the game gets and the faster your heart will beat as you find it hard to look behind you. After all, the Slenderman is watching and following. Stop it, Slender! Is purely single-player to add to the creepiness of the game.

Why play Roblox’s Stop It, Slender! ?

1. It pays homage to the 2011 classic, Slenderman.

If you were there to witness the Slenderman craze back then, then you’ll know that the likes of PewDiePie and Markiplier were all crazy for it. This game is built exactly around that foundation, so if you’re looking for good scares from the Slenderman, Stop it, Slender! Is right up your alley.

2. The game can be challenging, as Slenderman is omnipotent.

Completing the game and collecting all 8 notes is quite a feat as the Slenderman is omnipotent. This means that the monster knows where you are no matter the circumstances. The only way to run from him is to never look back and to just keep going with your quest to collect all notes.

3. It’s easy to learn the overall gameplay and concept.

Stop it, Slender! Is relatively an easy game to learn and its concepts aren’t too complex compared to other horror games. There are no extra levels, no other areas to explore, and no puzzles or mazes to solve. The only thing to accomplish is to collect all the notes and once you do that, you’ve basically beaten the whole game. This opens the game up to players who may be new to horror games, to Roblox, or even to gaming as a whole.

Play Roblox’s Stop it, Slender! here.

8. The Maze by @HyperSlica

If being tossed into a dark maze with only a flashlight and a camera to your name sounds like fun, then this terrifying Roblox horror game might be for you. The Maze, unlike regular mazes, is positioned underground with only one way to escape: find your way out of its confusing pathways.

This not only helps to utterly confuse the gamer, but it also makes things extremely terrifying when your flashlight runs out of batteries. When your flashlight eventually runs out of juice, just close your eyes and hope for the best.

The good thing is that in hidden corners of the Maze, there are batteries that you can use to replenish your flashlight’s power. As long as you have your flashlight, you can protect yourself from the unassuming creatures of The Maze.

The Maze also has full support for multiplayer, with up to 12 people in one lobby. That may sound a lot, but this underground Maze is bigger than you might think.

Why play Roblox’s The Maze?

1. The Maze is open for exploration and not just story-driven.

Unlike other horror games in this list, The Maze opens its area for exploration. Since the maze is big, players can stroll around and see the horrifying place they’re in. The game doesn’t force you to do this and do that, so you’re essentially given the freedom to do whatever you want as long as you don’t die to the creatures of the underground.

2. Flashlight mechanics add on to its horror elements.

The Maze is only the game on our list that features a flashlight that can run out of battery. This means that even though players are given the freedom to stroll around and explore the maze, they’re also in a time crunch as their flashlight power won’t be going on forever.

3. 12 people lobbies are fun and scary at the same time.

Having a lobby full of players is fun to be a part of since there are 12 people trying to find their way out of the Maze. It also adds to the horror factor as these players can spook you with the immersive sound quality of their footsteps and flashlight flickers. They can also steal flashlight batteries away from you if you aren’t quick enough.

Play Roblox’s The Maze here.

9. Survive the Killer! by Slyce Entertainment

Roblox’s Survive the Killer! Is heavily inspired by games like Dead by Daylight where 5 players attempt to escape the 1 killer with their slipperiness and cunning. In Survive the Killer!, you can choose to queue up as either survivors or the killer.

As a survivor, your goal is to work with 4 other people to create traps, disorient the killer, and ultimately escape their hands. If you, unfortunately, get caught by the killer, it’s not going to look too good on your end. You won’t die immediately, but you’ll be put in a cage where only your teammates can save you.

If you choose to be the killer, then your goal is to either capture all players or to kill them right off the bat. Doing the latter isn’t advisable though as you can use one survivor to bait and lure the other 4 into your knife.

Survive the Killer! Doesn’t have the horror elements like jumpscares or mystery puzzles that the other horror games have on this list, but it’s one of the best horror-party games that groups of friends can play in Roblox.

Why play Roblox’s Survive the Killer! ?

1. It provides a different take on horror games.

Survive The Killer! Isn’t story-driven or quest-driven, but rather player-driven as the people in the lobby are the ones that move the game forward. It’s also cool to see that the villain or the monster in this game is also played by a real human as opposed to an NPC or AI which can make things even more fun and exciting.

2. The best Dead by Daylight game clone in Roblox.

If you’ve always wanted to give games like Dead by Daylight a try, then this is finally your time to do so. Although the graphics and the mechanics are a bit different, Survive the Killer! Is still an excellent clone of survival-horror games like Dead by Daylight for its 5 player and 1 killer mechanic.

3. Everyone can take turns being the survivor and killer.

As the game allows players to choose their roles before they queue, everyone is given the chance to be the survivor and the killer. There won’t be an occasion where you’ll be playing as the survivor for ten times straight as you can just opt to queue up as the killer instead and instill fear into the hearts of other players.

Play Roblox’s Survive the Killer! here.

10. Among Us: Hide And Seek by luandun games fans

Among Us: Hide And Seek is a social-deduction and a high and seek type of horror game that is inspired by Among Us. It takes the visual elements of Among Us but the gameplay elements of Hide and Seek.

In this game, there can be 1 or 2 impostors but everyone knows who they are. After these impostors are revealed, the survivors or innocents have a bit of time to run away and find a good hiding spot. There won’t be any emergency meetings or body reports in this game, but the impostor will still be able to turn off the lights to make the game scarier for the innocents.

Once an innocent is found, the impostor can kill them and proceed to find the other innocents. The goal as innocents is to finish the tasks before the impostor can finish all of your other friends, while impostors will only win once they kill all of the innocents on the map.

Just like the actual Among Us game, Among Us: Hide And Seek features different maps like the Spaceship where innocents and impostors can play games in.

Why play Roblox’s Among Us: Hide And Seek?

1. It’s a social deduction horror game with a twist.

This game is like Among Us, but not exactly. It takes a twist on turning it into a hide and seek game that is creepy and heart-pumping. Every time the impostor kills someone, it is announced to everyone in the game and makes the game scarier for everybody. Just don’t make any noises when the impostor is around, or else…

2. The Among Us theme keeps it beginner-friendly.

As the game is heavily themed after Among Us, it keeps the game open to all ages and demographics. It’s no secret that Among Us is still one of the biggest games out there, so having the crew mates themed into cute little blobs makes the game feel different.

3. Players are encouraged to be creative with their hiding spots.

The hiding spots in Among Us: Hide and Seek are obvious, but there are ones that really take the crown for “unsuspecting”. There are hiding spots that you won’t ever think of as a hiding spot, while there are still obvious ones that even the best impostors miss at times. It’s the little things like this that keep the game refreshing and different every time.

Play Roblox’s Among Us: Hide And Seek here.

11. 3008 by @uglyburger0

3008 is a Roblox survival horror game created by “Uglyburger0” in which the player must try to stay alive in the Infinite IKEA. The player must survive in an infinite IKEA landscape filled with other players and the “Employees”—faceless monsters that walk the Ikea at night, killing anything they see, according to the SCP Foundation account.

Will you be able to create a base and stay alive? Or will you fall to Ikea’s or its employees’ horrors?

In 3008, players can build using the materials they find in the infinite IKEA. Similar to games like Fortnite and Minecraft, players can choose to make houses, structures, or even build vertically to be as far away from the monsters as possible.

Although this won’t guarantee your safety as there are monsters that can phase through walls, fly, and outright teleport in front of you. Think of 3008 as Minecraft, but hardcore mode and with a horror mode on top of it. Definitely a unique take on horror Roblox games that everyone should try out!

Why play Roblox’s 3008?

1. Familiar mechanics with games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Although Minecraft isn’t a horror game on its own, it can be turned to one with mods or by simply turning the difficulty up to Hardcore mode. The same gist applies to 3008: it’s basically Minecraft but in an infinite IKEA as its setting and monsters instead of Endermen and spiders. Players can gather materials, use them to build structures to defend themselves from monsters, and many more.

2. Massive multiplayer scene that gives the game of feeling alive.

In 3008, there are other players like you who share the same fate: you must all find materials and build defenses to guard yourselves against the monsters. This means that entering a 3008 server puts you with several hundred players who you can talk to, make friends with, betray, or straight up kill for their materials. It’s a harsh world out there, and the monsters that roam at night aren’t the only ones you need to worry about.

3. One of the biggest and best horror games in Roblox.

With over 280 million visits and an average daily player count of 20,000, 3008 proves itself to be one of the most popular picks for horror games in Roblox. Add the fact that it’s a multiplayer game, this translates into every corner of the game having at least one person to meet, befriend, or betray.

Play Roblox’s 3008 here.

12. Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra

Zombie Attack is a multiplayer horror zombie-wave type of Roblox game that capitalizes on slaying hordes of zombies with your weapons of mass destruction. It is similar to Call of Duty: Zombies style of gameplay.

When you join a game of Zombie Attack, you’ll be welcomed inside a well-designed map that has dark accents and this eerie concept. After all the players have connected, you will be given weapons that can range from pistols, SMGs, rifles, to weapons of mass destruction like RPGs, missiles, and more. You will be using these weapons to kill hordes and waves of zombies coming your way and the goal is to not let them destroy your base and kill you.

It’s easier said than done though as a game of Zombie Attack can have several waves before you eventually reach the final boss where the game gets really hard. Of course, the boss won’t be attacking your base alone. It will be accompanied by zombies and other creatures too which will make it difficult for you to defend.

However, as you kill more zombies, you will be collecting their gold and using it to upgrade your defenses, buy new weapons, and more. The only downside to games like Zombie Attack is that it can get repetitive at times since you’ll be basically doing the same thing over and over again.

But if you’re looking for reckless fun and that doesn’t need much thinking, then this horror game is well-suited for you.

Why play Roblox’s Zombie Attack?

1. It provides you with effortless hours of fun.

Zombie Attack is a very easy game to play and understand. You kill waves of zombies and win if you kill the final boss. It’s also hours of fun since you can test your skills and see if you can survive waves with certain types of weapons, strategies, and approaches.

2. There are wacky weapons that keep the game from being stale.

Zombie-wave types of games are known for being repetitive and boring when overdone. However, Zombie Attack combats this by releasing new weapons every update. Weapons like a railgun, a legendary sword, and even a wand are present in the game and can be acquired by players who grind for gold.

3. Strategizing and communicating with your teammates is a must.

This is one of the few games where you will be encouraged to talk to other people. It’s important to be strategizing and choose which player does what since the game can get hard past Wave 3.

Play Roblox’s Zombie Attack here.

13. BEAR by @Cheedaman

This Roblox game has a really simple premise – one user plays as a killer bear who has five minutes to kill the other gamers. The bear can travel a little faster, but the survivors can fight back with weapons, thus the game is beautifully balanced.

It’s a little bit like Dead by Daylight again, but with a unique twist that the killer is a stuffed toy Bear possessed by a demon. There are several maps in BEAR where players can choose to play like the backrooms, the sewers, and more. You can check all of these maps out and see which one gives off the scariest vibes, but from first impressions, the sewers really look dark and eerie.

That said, this game is not recommended for children who still like teddy bears – the game’s environments are scary enough even without the murderous bear.

Why play Roblox’s BEAR?

1. The unsuspecting stuffed toy Bear adds to the layer of horror.

Imagine growing up with a stuffed toy Bear, putting it alongside you when you sleep, then you play this game. You might not be able to look at your Bear the same way again, and it’s a brilliant tactic that the devs used to keep the Bear looking friendly when it’s the deadliest thing in the game.

2. The game is well-balanced and gives equal opportunities for both the Bear and survivors.

Since the Bear moves faster than players but players can stun him with weapons, the game is well-balanced as it gives both the Beat and survivors equal footing when it comes to winning the game.

3. Survivors can work closely to eliminate the bear and win.

As survivors have weapons, they can choose to strategize and come up with plans on how to kill the Bear. One survivor can act as a sacrificial lamb while the other survivors wait for the Bear to gang up on him and bash him with weapons. This basically means that the Bear can also be the one who’s hunted if the survivors are wise with their methods.

Play Roblox’s BEAR (Alpha) here.

14. Scary Elevator! by @MrNotSoHERO

It’s possible that we all have a fear of elevators, which is understandable. Who knows what you’ll find on each floor? Scary Elevator for Roblox takes advantage of this bleak predicament by stopping the player at random floors where he would encounter terrifying situations.

There will be no hugs or presents, as the majority of the situations will include monsters attempting to kill the player’s character.

Players should also be wary of other players they’re with in the elevator as the game allows friendly fire and the games get a lot more complicated. Once the lights go out, two things can happen: you either get killed by monsters or killed by your “best buddy”.

Either way, you have to keep your guard up or die an anticlimactic death.

Why play Roblox’s Scary Elevator?

1. The use of elevators as a horror element is a great tactic to keep players on their toes.

Not everyone is fond of riding elevators. The overall eerie vibe it sometimes gives, especially when you’re alone or with a stranger you’re not comfortable with. The same premise applies to Scary Elevator. You don’t know the people you’re with, but you’re trusting them in case a monster pops out of a floor.

2. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.

The variety of monsters in Scary Elevator is wide too. With monsters like Michael Myers, Jigsaw, White Lady, and the Ring Monster just to name a few. Definitely enough to get some shivers out of you!

3. Each floor has its own horror elements.

Every floor in Scary Elevator has different themes. For example, some floors may be familiar to scenes from horror movies like The Saw. This gives the game a wider feel of variety and keeps it from being boring with every play session.

Play Roblox’s Scary Elevator here.

15. FNAF Five Nights by Digital Destruction

Roblox’s FNAF Five Nights gets its inspiration straight from the infamous Five Nights at Freddy’s game. In this game, you are a security guard who is tasked to watch over Freddy’s Diner. Doesn’t sound scary at first, right? Wait until you meet the moving and seemingly alive animatronics of FNAF Five Nights whose job is to exterminate you.

You can watch over these animatronics using a CCTV camera, but be careful with overusing them as you are limited by your resource which is electricity. Once you run out of electricity and the lights go out, it’s only a matter of seconds until the animatronics swarm you and put you to eternal sleep.

The animatronics in FNAF Five Nights are characters that you might be already familiar with: Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxxy just to name a few. It’s definitely up there when it comes to the scariest and bone-chilling Roblox horror games as the unexpected animatronics jump scaring you is the last thing you would want at 3 AM.

Why play Roblox’s FNAF Five Nights?

1. The good old Five Nights at Freddy’s that you know and love.

FNAF Five Nights is almost a perfect clone of Five Nights at Freddy’s, meaning all the characters like Chica and Bonnie as well as places such as the dining room are present in the game. The same gameplay mechanics like the CCTV cameras and electricity gauge are all here too, making the game a different kind of approach to other horror games in Roblox.

2. You have to be resourceful and efficient with electricity.

The last thing that you would want to happen in this game is running out of electricity to keep your lights and cameras running. To do that, players need to be efficient with their use of cameras and lights and only attend to them when really needed. There are hundreds of strategies on how to do this, but it’s advisable to go in blind for your first game to get the full experience.

3. Genuinely the scariest game in Roblox that you can play.

There are a lot of horror games in Roblox that claim to be the scariest of them all, but the formula of FNAF Five Nights has been tried and true by the original game already—and it just works. The eeriness and silence of the setting, the fact that you’re alone, and being scared to put the CCTV cameras off in the chance of having an animatronic jump at you is just spine-shivering and blood-rushing.

Play Roblox’s FNAF Five Nights here.

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