Roblox Best 15 Outfits

Unique Roblox Outfits: Top 16 Best Standout Outfits

Roblox is the largest social platform for play, with over one million games being played by over 40 million people monthly worldwide.

Roblox offers popular games like Blox Fruits, an action role-playing (RP) game based off of the One Piece anime. Other popular role-playing game such as Welcome to Bloxburg and Adopt Me! lets you build and customise a house, like in The Sims franchise.

A snippet of Dragon Transformation’s game play in Blox Fruits.

Dress Your Avatar in Roblox To Get Noticed

In Roblox, players have free reign over how they jazz up their characters. And serious Roblox players place great thought in how their characters look. The appearance of an avatar is important because they are supposed to project who you are or what you would like to be.

Outfits remove the constraints in real life, and gives players the full creative freedom over every single clothing article – from wings, to halos to tutus, it’s entire up to the player.

Appearances in Roblox can be customised by buying items from the Avatar Shop. Players can even achieve a less boxy appearance with the right items. Like most games, the fancier items will cost you some hard-earned cash so get your credit cards ready if you want to look dashing.

Maximising Your Robux Via Roblox Premium

Roblox Premium is Roblox’s monthly paid subscription package that gives players a fixed amount fo Robux every month. It starts at $4.99/month for 450 Robux a month, and this goes up to $19.99/month for 2200 Robux.

The 3 subscription tiers of Roblox Premium, granting a fixed amount of Robux every month. (Image by Roblox)

On top of receiving a set amount of Robux every month, the player also gets several other benefits:

  1. 10% additional Robux when purchasing Robux.
  2. The ability to sell items in Robux, including their own Roblox creations.
  3. Ability to trade items with other Premium members.

Subscribing to the $9.99/month plan is enough to get you 2 complete outfits and some extra accessories. With that, you’re now ready to transform your Bacon Boy/Girl (the default Roblox avatar) into a fashion icon.

12 Paid Roblox Outfits That Look Great For Your Character

#1 Grunge Glamour

Inspired by TikTok celebrity Bella Poarch’s aesthetic, this outfit combines chic and goth all in one.  This outfit is perfect for role-playing games like Royale High if you want to portray a grungy high school student with an edge. You might even find yourself being the leader of the popular clique.

The Grunge Glamour Outfit in Roblox.
Stellar the Solar Scientist by RobloxHead: 250 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Flowy Updo w/ Side Bang by @EvilArtistHair: 80 Robux
{🖤} Butterfly Grunge by Sweet Lovely MommaClothes: 98 Robux
Angel Wing Necklace 3.0 by @AngiePletAccessories: 25 Robux
Stellar the Solar Scientist (Star effect) by RobloxAccessories: 0 Robux (Bundled)
Total Cost: 453 Robux

#2 Preppy and Popular

When I picture an International School girl, I think blonde and rich barbie girl. This preppy outfit captures all these characteristics while remaining modest. Many might misjudge your appearance as snooty, but your hamster handbag can help break the ice with new people you meet.

The Preppy and Popular outfit in Roblox.
Stellar the Solar Scientist by RobloxHead: 250 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Popular Girl Blonde Hair by @bunnexhHair: 80 Robux
darkness by rileyjones1717’s Fan Group!Clothes: 5 Robux
burberryblackcutoutwhitevans by URBAN STREETBALL ASSOCIATION. ~USBA~Clothes: 5 Robux
Hamster Purse by @Urbanize   Accessories: 25 Robux
Pom poms by @DieSoftAccessories: 50 Robux
Total Cost: 415 Robux

#3 Steampunk Assassin

Show everybody you mean business with this femme fatale sci-fi chick outfit. This is perfect for PVP games like Anime Fighting Simulator. You look straight out of Blade Runner 2049 with your electric blue hair and knee-high leather boots, complementing the trail of chaos you will leave behind fighting your opponents.

The Steampunk Assassin outfit in Roblox
Nitr0-Z by RobloxHead: 250 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Straight Bang Space Buns in Blue by @Erythia   Hair:85 Robux
grunge top by coded clothing   Clothes: 5 Robux
grunge skirt by coded clothingClothes: 5 Robux
Color Changing Aura – White to Black – Top by @RookVanguardAccessories: 25 Robux
White Cat Sleepy Buddy by @ErythiaAccessories: 100 Robux
Simple Black Glasses by @SoorbeetAccessories: 50 Robux
Total Cost: 520 Robux

#4 Celestial Goddess

This fantasy outfit is an absolute fit to the celestial theme of Royale High. With your brilliant sparkling headpiece and your expansive wings, you will be adored in all magical and fantasy RP games. It is the most extravagant female outfit in this list but what’s a few extra Robux when you look this majestic.

The Celestial Goddess outfit in Roblox.
Narrow by RobloxHead: 75 Robux
Star-Mist Fairy – Face   Face: 250 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Blonde Fashion Model Side-Part by @Sukimeki Hair:130 Robux
A n d ™♕ by Team R i g e LClothes: 5 Robux
Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen Queen by The_Clothing™Clothes: 5 Robux
Halo of Ascension by @LatchieAccessories: 70 Robux
Giant Angel Wings 2.0 by @supernob123Accessories: 300 Robux
Simple Black Glasses by @SoorbeetAccessories: 50 Robux
Erisyphia – Staff by RobloxAccessories: 250 Robux
Total Cost: 1135 Robux

#5 Restless Mare

If you happen to have built a haunted house in Bloxburg, complete the spooky aesthetic and greet your guests at your front door with this creepy outfit. Dim lighting and long hallways will help in enhancing the frightening experience for those role-playing with you.

The Restless Mare outfit in Roblox.
Woman by RobloxHead: 0 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Braids, Bangs & a Bandanna by @BeeismHair:140 Robux
sailor baby by Lost GardenClothes: 5 Robux
uniform skirt socks emo cyber vamp swag aesthetic by AFTER WORLDClothes: 7 Robux
Crowstorm by @supernob123Accessories: 200 Robux
Shadowed Head by @maplestickAccessories: 50 Robux
Total Cost: 402 Robux

#6 Dark Sorceress

This outfit is ideal for Blox Fruits, complementing your super powers when you’re fighting a raid boss or another player. The adolescent appearance might make other players underestimate you so always be ready for a battle.

The Dark Sorceress outfit in Roblox.
Paragon by RobloxHead: 250 Robux
Star-Mist Fairy – Face   Face: 250 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Mermaid Princess Black Hair by @SukimekiHair:130 Robux
broken by Aesthetic VibeClothes: 5 Robux
heart breaker by Aesthetic VibeClothes: 5 Robux
Mysterious Face Mask by @CryptizeAccessories: 30 Robux
Shoelace Necklace 3.0 by @Builder_BoyAccessories: 50 Robux
Shadow Lord Sword by @IDontHaveAUseAccessories: 100 Robux
Black Demonic Horns by @JunozyAccessories: 76 Robux
Nekomata Witch Hat by @Onigiri_TsukiAccessories: 100 Robux
Chained Antlers Of Darkness by @RynityRiftAccessories: 50 Robux
Spring Fairy by RobloxAccessories: 300 Robux
Red Flame Aura by @nezkoAccessories: 50 Robux
Total Cost: 1396 Robux

#7 Danny the Delinquent

Be the skaterboy of Brookhaven RP with looks good enough to attract plenty of potential suitors. The other boys in the server will pale in comparison to your bad boy charm. The tattoo sleeve will intimidate even the most influential players in the server.

The Danny the Delinquent Roblox outfit.
Denny by RobloxHead: 0 Robux
Woman by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Black Messy Side Swoop by @Rush_XHair: 75 Robux
Adidas with tatoos by Be A Hero (Group)Clothes: 5 Robux
💎🔥 Black Adidas Track Pants 💯 [STORMY] by [Stormy Clothing] (Group)Clothes: 5 Robux
Black Super Fanny Pack by @CodyDevvAccessories: 79 Robux
Luxury Chain in Silver 3.0 by @Martin_RbIx2Accessories: 50 Robux
| HER EYES | SKATEBOARD by @InjanityAccessories: 100 Robux
Total Cost: 314 Robux

#8 Mafia Underlord

Your dark ombre wings lets everyone know you’re a threat. This outfit is perfect for mini-games like Murder Mystery 2, especially if you opt to be the murderer each round. The black tracksuit could double as a speed suit for racing games like Driving Simulator as well.

The Mafia Underlord Roblox outfit.
ROBLOX Boy by RobloxHead: 0 Robux
Man Face by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
ROBLOX Boy by Roblox Body: 0 Robux
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People by RobloxHair: 95 Robux
🔥𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐋💯Black Offwhite Shirt💎 by EpicMoonClan       Clothes: 5 Robux
Black Jeans with White Shoes by RobloxClothes: 0 Robux
Evil Red Wings by @TheShipArchitectAccessories: 150 Robux
Bandit by RobloxAccessories: 40 Robux
Total Cost: 290 Robux

#9 Golden Warrior

Players in PVP games like King Legacy will be anxious to fight you as you are dressed to win any battle. Clad in gold from head to toe, with your buff physique emphasising the fact that you’re a formidable warrior. You may opt for a basic face if you do not want to splurge on the premium item.

The Golden Warrior Roblox outfit.
Ruby Archfey Visage by RobloxFace: 4800 Robux
Superhero by RobloxHead & Body: 230 Robux
Blonde Melancholy Hair by @IDontHaveAUseHair: 100 Robux
Muscle T-Shirt w/ Cuts by Venom HeartsClothes: 5 Robux
Suit new year goldby Gothic girl power!Clothes: 5 Robux
Pants new year gold by Gothic girl power!Clothes: 5 Robux
Curved Horns: Gold by @Olicai Accessories: 125 Robux
Kintsugi Oni Mask by @Onigiri_TsukiAccessories: 150 Robux
Golden Wings by @supernob123Accessories: 500 Robux
Gilded Triad Crown by RobloxAccessories: 160 Robux
Darklight Horns by @SofloannAccessories: 250 Robux
Total Cost: 6180 Robux

#10 King’s Guard

This is one of the most detailed outfits you could have. Every item was strategically bought to achieve this fully-armoured and inpenetrable look. Similarly, this would make a strong impression to potential opponents in King Legacy.

The King’s Guard Roblox outfit.
Narrow by RobloxHead: 75 Robux
Superhero by RobloxBody: 230 Robux
Black Cool Kid Curls by @MatthewDeIReyHair: 75 Robux
Armor Bottom by NeverblazeClothes: 5 Robux
Armor Top by NeverblazeClothes: 5 Robux
Dragon Claw Necklace by RobloxAccessories: 100 Robux
Black Fire Cloak by @VoidwoodsAccessories: 100 Robux
Void Head by @CodyDevvAccessories: 52 Robux
Shadow Blademaster’s Blade by @Onigiri_TsukiAccessories: 100 Robux
Ballsistic Mask by @FrancklinDayAccessories: 50 Robux
Dark Royalty Horns by @NauticaElurraAccessories: 80 Robux
Left Pauldron of the Void by @YouriusAccessories: 100 Robux
Dark Multi Horns by @NauticaElurraAccessories: 80 Robux
Black Fluffy Wings by@FennecpawAccessories: 100 Robux
Total Cost: 1457 Robux

#11 Robocat

If you want to escape society’s labels for gender, why not just be a Robocat? This outfit is for players who like to join fast-paced mini-games like Natural Disaster Survival where the main focus is the game itself – but still quirky enough for you to easily make new friends.

The Robocat Roblox outfit.
Astronyaut by @Onigiri_TsukiHead: 175 Robux
ROBLOX Boy by RobloxBody: 0 Robux
Pyrocynical Pyrocynical Pyrocynical Pyrocynical by Hoodie Plus™Clothes: 5 Robux
Adidas Sweatpants Adidas Sweatpants Adidas by Sponge Bob (vietnam group)Clothes: 5 Robux
Dark Grey Hoodie by @DieSoftAccessories: 100 Robux
Black Dog Tail by @WhoToTrusAccessories: 130 Robux
Total Cost: 415 Robux

#12 Demon Warrior

This is the most menacing and flashy paid look in our list. Definitely not for the faint-hearted and I wouldn’t recommend you to join Adopt Me! with this on.  You will be the sinister villain in games like Super Power Fighting Simulator.

The Demon Warrior outfit in Roblox.
Superhero by RobloxHead & Body: 175 Robux
Half-Dragon Heir Hair by RobloxHair: 250 Robux
Cursed Reapers Mask by @Reverse_PolarityFace: 30 Robux
Neon Red Power Armor Shirt by Blackbeard’s CompanyClothes: 5 Robux
Neon Swat Millitary Army Vest Neon Face Mask Red by Ayuwoki’s Hell 5.7Clothes: 5 Robux
Red Magma Armor by @inkwavesAccessories: 500 Robux
Red Void Cape by @IDontHaveAUseAccessories: 100 Robux
Red Vampire Wings by @nezkoAccessories: 100 Robux
Hood of the Blood Moon by @YouriusAccessories: 162 Robux
Red Dual Waist Mecha Machetes by @XeniusPrimeAccessories: 60 Robux
Red Evil Dragon by @nezkoAccessories: 120 Robux
Red Flame Aura – Top by @nezkoAccessories: 25 Robux
Red Flame Aura by @nezkoAccessories: 50 Robux
Total Cost: 1537 Robux

4 Free Outfits That Look Great For Your Roblox Character

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for users who do not want to spend money on Robux. Nonetheless, you can obtain cool and sometimes premium gear through various Roblox events. It definitely pays off to keep a lookout for these special events and mark them down on your calendar.

#1 The Pink Pyjamas Lady

Free doesn’t mean it’s bad. If you’d like to don a sleepy head style for your Roblox character, this mix of free items will float your boat.

The Pink Pyjamas Lady outfit in Roblox.
Linlin by RobloxHead & Hair:0 Robux
Sleepy Pajama Pants – Zara Larsson by RobloxClothes:0 Robux
Sleepy Pajama Top – Zara Larsson by RobloxClothes:0 Robux

#2 Oliver

Comfort meets adventure wear in this outfit bundle that dresses your character in a matching set of robust wear that exuberates comfort, all ready to take on the challenging tasks of the day!

The Oliver outfit in Roblox.
Oliver by RobloxBundle:0 Robux

#3 Summer

Clad in workwear, the Summer outfit brings about a sporty look that is very functional in real life. Whether you’re heading to the mall, or planning to work out in the gym, this Summer outfit in Roblox is the one for you!

Summer by RobloxBundle:0 Robux

#4 Junkbot

Sci-fi comes alive with this robot toy inspired outfit that give your character a mecha feel. Its olive yellowish-green color combination adds on a layer of realism to the entire outfit.

Junkbot by RobloxBundle:0 Robux

Customize Your Roblox Character with the Avatar Shop

The Avatar Shop is organised for the player’s easy browsing. Its Featured tab allows you to have a list of popular items being worn by millions of players now.

The catalogue has hundreds of pages to browse through so be ready to scroll through the categories for a few hours, especially if you’re going to spend Robux on premium items.

The Roblox Avatar shop where you can purchase costume items for your Roblox character.

Do not forget that Roblox is more than just your avatar’s appearance, so explore the huge plethora of games and have fun!

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