The 9 Best Gaming Earbuds for Gamers in 2024

The 9 Best Gaming Earbuds For Gamers in 2024

Gaming Earbuds are a solid alternative for gamers who want a sound piece that is lightweight, portable, and are just plug and play. Compared to bulky and heavy gaming headphones, gaming earbuds give more room for your head to move around and to “breathe” especially when you’re in a place that’s too warm and hot to wear headphones for extended periods of time. Not to mention, its lightweight nature reduces the strain you feel when gaming for long periods of time with their heavier counterparts, the headphones.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the 9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2024 that I have tried, along with their pros, cons, and everything else you need to know before purchasing one.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Gaming Earbuds instead of Gaming Headphones

Before we jump straight into my list of must-have gaming earbuds in 2024, let me separate the pros and cons of having and wearing earbuds for gaming first over gaming headphones.

The Benefits of Wearing Gaming Earbuds:

1. Gaming Earbuds are Lightweight and Portable

First and most important is that they’re infinitely better than gaming headphones when it comes to weight and portability factors. If you’re a gamer who is frequently on the go or would like something that won’t make you sweat after an hour of gaming, then getting gaming earbuds are a no-brainer. It’s no secret anyways that although gaming headphones have the quality and immersion, at times, they’re just too bulky and heavy to bring around or to even wear.

2. The Average Price of Gaming Earbuds is Cheaper

As they’re smaller and cost less to produce, your average earbuds are also cheaper than your average gaming headphones. These are perfect for budget gamers who are looking for something that works well enough for prolonged gaming sessions but doesn’t want to break the bank by getting top-of-the-line gaming headsets.

3. Gaming Earbuds are Universally Compatibility

Lastly, gaming earbuds aren’t only made for “gaming”. After you’re done grinding some ranked games, you can also use them to listen to music on your phone or even on your tablet. That’s the beauty of Bluetooth/3.5mm jack – you can connect your ear buds to any other device that supports this! It doesn’t matter if you’re gaming on your PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox—you’re always welcome to use your earbuds on any device that supports and has Bluetooth or a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Cons of Wearing Gaming Earbuds:

1. Gaming Earbuds tend to produce subpar sound quality

The main tradeoff for using gaming earbuds is that their sound quality is subpar as compared to your average headphones. This is because gaming earbuds have smaller sound drivers and physical space to fit in more features such as better bass, treble, and more.

This makes gaming earbuds difficult to recommend to hardcore FPS players and enthusiasts who need every little audio clue to hear vital footsteps and info about incoming enemies. This subpar sound quality also makes it difficult to fully immerse in these beautiful virtual worlds and spaces.

A case in point – I was trying out one of these earbuds in Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West, and I couldn’t help but notice how much sound quality and detail I lost compared to when I was playing using my usual Logitech G733 Headset.

2. Gaming Earbuds tend to have subpar build quality

The gaming earbuds’ build quality is another major concern that I noticed during my time of gaming with them. Although I didn’t really break any of them, I did notice how thin their wires and cables can get that some gamers may accidentally damage them or worse, cut them in half without even noticing.

Of course, you can always go for high-end earbuds with the best materials and build, but for their price, it’s hard to not just go for gaming headphones instead.

The 3 main technical factors to observe when getting Gaming Earbuds in 2024

Shopping for gaming earbuds is not as easy as shopping for a new mousepad or a new set of keycaps as the end product that you want to receive is something that sounds good in the ears and not something you can just look at from photos.

So, for your guidance, here are 3 main technical factors to check and consider before getting your pair of gaming earbuds:

1. The Sound Quality and Drivers

As I mentioned earlier, the sound quality and drivers are a vital part of why you would want a good pair of gaming earbuds. After all, these two factors work hand in hand in providing you with an immersive gaming experience.

Although gaming earbuds’ sound drivers are smaller and weaker compared to the big, bassy drivers of gaming headphones, it’s still important to read the spec sheet and check what features are baked in along with the drivers.

Do the drivers support Dolby Atmos? Or perhaps they have customizable EQs that you can tweak in an included software for the earbuds? Those are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself when checking out gaming earbuds, but you also shouldn’t worry as I’ll be answering all of these in all the earbuds that I have featured below.

2. The Build Quality

As earbuds are prone to breaking due to their thin wires and cables, it’s important to invest in a pair of earbuds that have braided cables or another type of protection so that they won’t just cut in half without you even noticing.

Fortunately, most spec sheets will list and tell you if a pair of gaming earbuds have tough cables along with the housing of the earbuds themselves. Plastic is fine of course, there’s really no way of getting around plastic as most budget and mid-range options will use plastic for the housing of the earbuds themselves.

But, it’s important to check reviews and feedback of other people on how they feel on the ears and if they break with just weeks or months of usage.

3. Its Compatibility

Although most earbuds should have a 3.5mm headphone cable that you can plug and play into your PC or device in a jiffy, some may have their own cables or just Bluetooth/wireless compatibility that may not fit with your device.

Before purchasing, always check and be sure that the earbuds you’re getting are usable with your devices. As a general rule of thumb and for the sake of universal compatibility, get a pair that has a 3.5mm headphone cable so no matter if you’re gaming on your PC, listening to music on your phone, or chilling on your PS5, there won’t be any issues with compatibility.

The 9 Best Gaming Earbuds for Gamers in 2024

Alright, it’s time for a deep dive on the 9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2024 that I have used, tested, and gamed on for weeks! I will be basing this review on the technical factors that we discussed earlier, but if there’s any standout feature of the earbud that needs to be mentioned, I will be sure to include them for your knowledge.

1. The Best Gaming Earbuds for its Price-to-Quality: HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Best Price-to-Quality: HyperX Cloud Earbuds

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

  • Immersive sound output
  • Decent build quality
  • In-line mic for chatting while gaming

We’re starting off this list strong with the HyperX Cloud Earbuds. These earbuds sport an appealing design that simply boasts its status as a pair of earbuds focused on gaming use.


  • Immersive sound output
  • Decent build quality
  • Comes with three earbud sizes
  • In-line mic for chatting while gaming


  • Triangular earbud shape may feel uncomfortable to use for other users
  • Earbuds tend to fall out when not fitted properly
  • Not comfortable for prolonged usage

First, I really appreciate that the HyperX Cloud Earbuds come with a case in order to further protect your pair of earbuds. It also comes with various earbud sizes that you can replace so that these earbuds can fit perfectly inside your ears.

Gaming-wise, the unique triangular shape of the earbuds promotes immersion and creates a very clear sound output. I’ve tested these earbuds on my Nintendo Switch and played Fortnite for this test. I have to say that for a pair of earbuds, this entry by HyperX performs very well, especially in shooters. Elements such as gunshots and footsteps are very clear and do not exactly feel like you’re using a pair of earbuds.

However, I have noticed that even playing for about 30 minutes, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds began to feel uncomfortable. This may be because of the triangular shape of the earbuds, and although the sound output is very solid, comfort may be compromised.

That being said, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds do not cost a lot, which in my opinion is the perfect price for gaming earphones that is reasonable and solid for the immersive audio output you’re going to get.

Get your HyperX Cloud Earbuds today.

2. The Best for Console Gamers: Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Best Earbuds for Console Gamers: Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

  • Crystal clear sound and audio output
  • Powerful mics that picks up your voice clearly
  • 3 lightweight earbud sizes

The next contender entering this list is the Turtle Beach Battle Buds. This pair really appealed to me as its design is unique, sporting a dedicated microphone that is good to have especially if a pair of gaming headphones does not fit your budget. For this test, I gamed on my PS5 and played GTA Online.


  • Comes with a dedicated microphone that has a crystal clear output
  • Superb audio output that feels like a pair of gaming headphones
  • Comes with three earbud sizes
  • Detachable microphone


  • Bulky feel and uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds certainly impressed me with its performance. Audio output feels very immersive and elements such as gunshots, footsteps, and tire skids feel natural with these earbuds. Microphone output also impressed me.

When I tested the microphone output, the audio feedback had a very clear output. This makes the Battle Buds a good choice if you value voice communication while gaming on your console, especially if you play competitive titles like the Call of Duty franchise.

If you think having a microphone that sticks out from the earphones compromises portability, you’re wrong. The Battle Buds’ microphone is detachable, and these earbuds also come with a pouch that you can use to place your Battle Buds for protection whenever you decide to bring them with you outside.

One thing I don’t like about these earbuds is that it feels heavy on the ears while wearing them. If you play for about 4 hours, you would feel that it can cause a bit of stress on your ears due to its bulky build.

Regardless, the Battle Buds are a solid choice for console gaming if you don’t want to splurge too much on a pair of gaming headphones.

Get your Turtle Beach Battle Buds today!

3. The Best Earbuds for Budget Gamers: KLIM Fusion Earbuds

Best for Budget Gamers: KLIM Fusion Earbuds

KLIM Fusion Earbuds

  • Very affordable
  • Noise cancellation with memory foam for a comfortable fit
  • Good build quality for higher quality audio output

Making its spot on this list is the KLIM Fusion Earbuds. This pair is also my personal favorite, mainly because of what it offers at such an affordable price. For this review, I played my favorite game while using this pair of gaming earbuds – League of Legends on my PC.


  • Affordable
  • Noise cancellation with memory foam for a comfortable fit
  • Good build quality
  • Good audio quality for its price
  • Comes with a case to store the earbuds


  • Mediocre microphone audio output

My first impressions are that I like how these earbuds came with noise cancellation. With memory foam fittings, these earbuds are comfortable enough to allow me to better focus on my game. Although these earbuds are not on par with the typical pair of gaming headphones, the KLIM Fusion Earbuds do not feel cheap at all with regard to their sound output.

It’s also worth noting that these earbuds come with a microphone, however, the output is mediocre but at least you’d be getting a microphone on a pair of considerably really cheap earbuds. It is also worth noting that these earbuds come with a sturdy case to protect your earphones, and replaceable buds, which are definitely great to have.

The KLIM Fusion Earbuds are definitely a bargain at its low price point. In addition, this pair of earbuds is jam-packed with a number of additional great perks that are great to have. Namely, noise cancellation, reliable build quality, and a built-in microphone. At that price point, you’re certainly getting a lot of value with this pair.

Get your KLIM Fusion Earbuds today!

4. The Best Midrange Earbuds: 1MORE Triple Driver

Best Midrange Earbuds: 1MORE Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver

  • Supports bluetooth, ideal for mobile gaming
  • Noise canceling support
  • Sound output is tuned by a Grammy Award winning sound engineer

This is pair of 1MORE Triple Driver earbuds supports both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack. The real standout for me is that this pair of earbuds are connected to a neckband, which contains the battery as well as prevents entanglement between the wires of the earbuds, providing overall convenience. For this test, I played played PUBG Mobile on my iPhone 12 Pro.


  • Supports bluetooth, ideal for mobile gaming
  • Noise canceling support
  • Three drivers deliver clear audio output


  • Mediocre build quality
  • Mediocre battery life which is not optimal for prolonged gaming

During my gameplay experience, the 1MORE Triple Driver is able to deliver a very solid audio output. Not only does this pair have noise-canceling, but also because its triple driver feature makes the audio output feel natural. This is especially ideal with games like PUBG Mobile, as hearing gunshots and footsteps from a distance will certainly give you an edge in your gameplay and potentially earn your chicken dinner.

Although this pair is able to perform well in terms of audio quality, there are a few drawbacks as well. For instance, the battery life is not the best with these earbuds. I have found myself constantly charging these earbuds as it starts dying after around 5 hours of use.

This makes it even a great choice for mobile gaming as mobile phones last that long in gaming use. The build quality is not the best as well. The wires of the earbuds feel very easy to snap, and the neckband feels fragile as well.

These earbuds come with a premium-feeling leather pouch though, so just make sure to place your earbuds in there to protect them.

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5. The Best High-End Earbuds: Sennheiser IE 80S

Best High-End Earbuds: Sennheiser IE 80S

Sennheiser IE 80S

  • Amazing soundstage quality
  • Guaranteed comfort during long hours of gaming
  • Great bass output for a pleasurable audio experience

The Sennheiser IE 80S is arguably the most premium pair of earbuds in this list, and that is to be expected as it is a Sennheiser, a well-renowned brand in the industry of audio equipment. Because of that, the IE 80S has a number of features unique to this pair. For this review, I used this earbuds while playing VALORANT on my PC.


  • Detachable cables
  • Amazing build quality
  • Comes with memory foam tips of three sizes
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Amazing soundstage
  • Great bass output on default setting


  • Bass adjustment feature makes audio output “bloated” rather than provide actual bass
  • Bass adjustment feature is also a bit difficult to use
  • Very expensive for a pair of earbuds

First, the Sennheiser IE 80 S has a bass adjustment feature. Initially, I was excited to test this feature out as it is uncommon among earbuds. However, I was quite disappointed that the changes it provides are insignificant. It only makes the sound muffled which is not what you would really call ‘bass’.

Instead, it made my gaming experience with these earbuds even harder as the audio output was not as clear as I wanted it to be. I recommend that you do not touch the bass adjustment in order for you to enjoy the natural bass output it provides.

Being a Sennheiser branded pair of earbuds, it definitely came with more pros. For instance, the build quality is amazing. Detachable cables promote durability, which makes you worry less about your cables snapping. The memory foam tips of these earbuds feel very comfortable in terms of usage. These do not have a fatiguing sound, and the foam tips fit perfectly in my ears which is great for prolonged gaming.

Overall, these earbuds are indeed expensive, but you’re getting comfort, an amazing soundstage, and reliable build quality to elevate your gaming experience. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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6. Best Earbuds for Gaming & Music: Razer Hammerhead Duo

Best for Gaming & Music: Razer Hammerhead Duo

Razer Hammerhead Duo

  • Premium build quality
  • Superb sound output quality
  • A brand that’s well known with Gamers

Up next on this list is the Razer Hammerhead Duo. In Razer’s lineup, you may be familiar with their iconic headphones, the Razer Kraken, which is a popular choice among gamers and even streamers. But in the form of a pair of earbuds, how does the Hammerhead Duo compare?


  • Premium build quality
  • Appealing to gamers
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sound output provides natural audio quality


  • Poor microphone quality

First, I was impressed with the aluminum frame that supports the pair of earbuds. This is great to have, as earbuds are generally easy to break with the thin wires connected to them. This makes for an overall reliable pair to use not only in gaming but also for listening to music outside.

With regards to its audio quality, it felt like I was listening on a pair of gaming headphones. While it may not be as sophisticated as a Razer Kraken, this pair of gaming earbuds has an audio quality that feels almost natural and crisp. It’s very similar to what you’d expect from a pair of decent gaming headphones. Impressive stuff.

When I played CS:GO on my PC, the Razer Hammerhead Duo gave me a heightened sense of where my opponents were, as I heard their footsteps and gunshots spatially. I instinctively then knew where the direction of noise was from.

In addition to its performance, the Hammerhead Duo is actually very comfortable to the ears. I was able to play for about 7 hours with these earbuds on and it certainly does not feel fatiguing to use.

Probably the only downside with the Hammerhead Duo is the microphone quality. Background noise can be heard everywhere with its microphone output, but that is okay to compromise when you’ve got a pair of earbuds that are durable, comfortable, and have great sound quality.

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7. Best Earbuds for Competitive eSports Gaming: ASUS ROG Cetra II

Best for Competitive eSports Gaming: ASUS ROG Cetra II


  • Very detailed audio output
  • Decent microphone quality
  • Noise-canceling features

eSports enthusiasts and pros will be very pleased with the next entry on this list, the ASUS ROG Cetra II. When I first saw this pair, the Cetra II looked like standard earbuds that one would use to listen to music on their phone. However, there’s definitely more to this pair in terms of performance. For this test, I played VALORANT on my PC.


  • Very detailed audio output
  • Decent microphone quality
  • Noise-canceling
  • Large 10mm drivers that deliver a natural audio output
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Expensive

The first feature that needs to be mentioned is its active noise canceling. This is a rare feature to see in a pair of earbuds, as it is normally featured in headphones sitting at the higher price ranges. With the active noise canceling, I was able to fully focus on my game as I could hear details such as footsteps, projectiles, and abilities used in VALORANT.

In addition to this, I have noticed that the bass really kicks in well. Again, this is uncommon among earbuds. Regarding its overall sound quality, its large 10mm drivers do deliver very well as it outputs a very natural sound, which promotes immersion in gaming.

I am also amazed that the microphone quality with this pair is very clear. No background noise, just a smooth output of your voice that allows clear communication with your teammates.

While the ASUS ROG Cetra II has a pretty steep entry price point, you’re actually getting back tons of valuable features from mainstream headphones such as active noise canceling. This is definitely a solid pick if you prefer something lighter to use in competitive gaming.

Get your ASUS ROG Cetra II today!

8. The Best Wireless Gaming Earbuds: Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (2nd Gen)

Best Wireless Gaming Earbuds: Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (2nd gen)

  • Wireless feature make it a solid choice for mobile gaming
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Active noise canceling

Next up is the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless. A brand that is omnipresent in the gaming space, these Razer Hammerheads sport a sleek, appealing design that actually looks similar to the Apple AirPods Pro, sharing similar earbud shapes and a charging case as well.


  • Wireless feature make it a solid choice for mobile gaming
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Active noise canceling
  • Dual environmental noise canceling that allows concentration in gaming
  • Very comfortable
  • Decent 4-5 hours battery life with RGB mode active


  • Razer Audio App is complicated to use (it’s something that I could do without)

Along with the aforementioned features, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless also features RGB lighting, which makes it an overall aesthetically pleasing pair of earbuds. For this test, I played Call of Duty Mobile on my iPhone 12 Pro.

Performance-wise, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless sounds amazing. Like the ROG Cetra II, these earbuds also supports active noise canceling, which I found very effective when I played Battle Royale mode, as it allowed me to focus on details such as footsteps, gunshots, and vehicle engine sounds, giving me a heightened sense of direction.

It also worked wonders with its dual environmental noise canceling feature. I tried playing Call of Duty Mobile at a coffee shop and it was able to block background noise. The battery life is surprisingly decent as well, as I was able to play for about 4-5 hours given that the RGB mode is active.

Perhaps the biggest drawback with these earbuds is the application that is intended to use with the Hammerhead True Wireless. I found it difficult to pair these earbuds with the app on my phone, which can cause hassle if you want to get started with gaming right away.

Get your Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (Gen 2) today!

9. The Best Earbuds for Bassheads: Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710

Best Earbuds for Bassheads: Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710

Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710

  • Amazing bass output
  • Quasi-surround system that allows an immersive gaming experience
  • Comfortable to wear for prolonged periods

Last but not least is the Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710. The design of these earbuds looks like a generic pair, but when I tested the MH710, it certainly packed a punch in terms of performance. For this test, I played Assetto Corsa on my PC.


  • Amazing bass output
  • Quasi-surround system that allows an immersive gaming experience
  • Large 10mm drivers that produce a natural audio output
  • Very comfortable


  • Short cable

I have to say, the engineering done on the Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710 is impressive. First, the bass output with this pair is amazing as it blends in naturally with my gameplay, with a bit of extra kick to it. This brings me to the next point – its quasi-surround system. With this feature, it made my gaming experience with the MH710 very immersive, as if I were actually inside the car racing on the track with other drivers.

This feature also blocks background noise, which also allows you to focus on your game. Sound quality-wise, the audio output feels very natural as it is equipped with large 10mm drivers, which is also especially ideal in FPS titles.

These earbuds are very comfortable when plugged into your ears as it is very lightweight and the buds fit my ears perfectly. It also comes with various bud sizes, so you are given the option to adjust the buds depending on your comfort level.

I do wish that these earbuds come with a longer cable. When I plugged the MH710 into my PC, it was barely long enough to stretch up to my sitting position, so it is recommended to get an extension port for these earbuds.

Get your Cooler Master Masterpulse MH710 today!

My Top Gaming Earbuds Pick in 2024

And that wraps up my 9 Best Gaming Earbuds Picks in 2024! This year, there are definitely a lot of new players in the gaming earbuds market, and amongst them are the household brand names like Razer and HyperX. These brands that cemented their title as one of gaming’s most reputable manufacturers of gaming accessories.

If you want something that has both a fantastic audio output and a build quality that will last you years on end, then our price-to-performance beast, HyperX Cloud Earbuds, is quite the offering. That’s not even forgetting about its low entry price point that makes it way cheaper than most gaming headsets out there.

If wireless and convenience are what you’re finding for, then the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (Gen 2) is definitely the perfect gaming earbuds for you. With its wireless capabilities similar to that of the Apple AirPods Pro, connecting to multiple devices and switching between them has never been made easier. Its audio quality is also superb thanks to Razer’s years of expertise in the sound and audio department.

Which gaming earbuds are you picking up? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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